tagIncest/TabooBound: Late One Night Pt. 02, 2011

Bound: Late One Night Pt. 02, 2011


The Story Continues - Part II
, 2011

She wanted him to tie her up. She wanted him make her do things. She wanted him to touch her against her will.

Linsey quivered to the thought of Him being her father. The man she'd dreamt about for so long. The man of her fantasies, feeling her, touching her, fondling and kneading her swollen hot breasts. The man coming up behind her, pressing his hard cock into her panty covered bottom. Him lifting her short little skirt, rubbing his thick pulsing cock between her bare soft inner thighs, touching, so hot on her skin.

She was made herself wet placing the image of her father, his face, his eyes, scent, his hands, his ... cock, to the imagined lover who would come to her room at night.

She wanted to wake up in the middle of the night to her father in her bed, Him against her back, Him lifting her leg, her panties pulled to one side, Him sliding his cock inside her pretending she was asleep. His big hands wrapped around her thigh, her moaning out in a soft sleepy whisper "Nnn, Daddy, you're, you're making me so creamy slippery warm, Papa."

He understood her. She was safe with him. The taboo turned her on. When her she would say "My incestuous lover" the mere words made her quiver and become slippery hot wet. She loved her father's growling voice, the way he vibrated through her. Their secret so, so delicious, her own father fucking her, his arms around her, his cock deep in her belly -- her little pussy gushed, slippery wet, that feeling again, wanting him inside her.

The men in her fantasies, who had touched her, fingered her on the beach in her bikini, who had fucked her; all unconscious surrogates for her father. Binding herself in his Lycra suit, the smell of his sweat permeating her senses while she fucked her fingers into her warm soft slippery pussy.

Last night, her suspended from the ceiling, how he found her there, so hot she could barely stand it, on the verge of cumming, needing to cum, the way he walked around her like a wild animal, how he slid his hard cock into her, how he fucked her so mercilessly, so passionately, how he just whispered "shhhhh" to her pleas. She gushed out a hot breath, her eyes closed, rolling back, just thinking about it. How he'd made love to her, her dangling tied to the ceiling where he'd found her, bursting into her room worried something was wrong, seeing he was hard; her predicament had made her father hard, and making him hard made her feel so sexy, so feminine, she wanted to make him hard every time they were in the same room with one another.

"My father's cock" she whispered into the dark of his bedroom " ... was in me" her breath shuddering "my father fucked me" her entire body shaking "I, I sucked him, I sucked my father's cock" strumming her clit "I sucked Daddy's cock" she gloated, smiling "my handsome, sexy father" rubbing herself, her legs squeezing around her hands, her fingers pressing into her hot little cunt so deliciously creamy satiny slick.

"Daddy sucked my nipples" she panted. "Daddy ..." she could barely breathe "slid his fingers ... into my panties, into me" she gushed "my father, ... fucked me" spreading her legs wide, plunging her fingers deep into her hot little cunt, her father asleep next to her.

In that slight stillness between breaths she felt her father's the bed jostle. She'd slipped in during the middle of the nigh. Sleeping in her own bed now seemed almost impossible. She opened her eyes.

Her father was moving. His hand was slowly moving. His hand, around his cock. His cock, hard and jutting up from his fist, his hips lifting, His breathing. Shaking, she just stared, holding her breath, her fingers flicking over her clit.

She imagined herself before now, sleeping in his bed, having slipped in during a storm, in her father's bed waking to find him jacking off. His big hand wrapped around the thickness of that beautiful cock that had been inside her, his huge cock so swollen and hard, so mesmerizing, its shape, its design, made to slide inside her, stretching her open. She remembered how he had kissed her. His little girl, his daughter laying against his side, watching him pull on his cock, her mouth hanging open, feeling things inside she'd not felt before.

She imagined herself reaching out and touching it, hot, hard, throbbing, wrapping her fingers around it for the first time, helping Daddy, his soft skin so hot on hers.

She remembered looking down at her father's cock sliding insider her freshly shaven pussy, so swollen, so on fire, the feeling of her father's big thick cock pushing inside her, his holding her up, her arms stretched up to the ceiling, pulled up to the ceiling, her being bound, unable to stop him, the fear she felt.

She watched him pull on his cock in the dark, the way his hand rolled over it, and swept back down; she could feel it inside her, spreading her open, fucking up inside her as her breathing deepened, her father, his sex, so deep inside her, quivering hot-hard in his little girl's cunny, swelling, cumming inside her, his cum hitting so deep inside her, exploding inside her as she came so explosively on her father's lovely cock, in his arms.

She was so hot for him, her breath gushed out in little bursts as she slid her finger inside herself.

She pictured sucking him. She loved the way his cock tasted. Having him in her mouth made her squirm and writhe in heat, his moans urging her on, her eagerly wanting to please him. She wanted to make him cum just so she could taste and swallow him. Sucking him off was the most powerful thing she'd ever done. His big cock in her mouth. Sucking off her father.

Her breasts were swollen with excitement. She couldn't help herself, she spread her legs, her knee touching his thigh, her nipples aching into the dark of the room, her little pussy on fire.

The thought of him hearing her, seeing her, watching her touch her slippery hot cunt, her fingers feather soft opening her swollen slit, her looking at that hugely hard thing in her father's fist, watching him pull on it at the same time, watching him rock his pelvis in time with her own made her shake with excitement.

She could feel him, smell his scent, feel his ruggedness, his power. His silence pulled her to him. She wanted, what she'd previously fantasized being taken from her.

He looked into her eyes through the soft light. Neither said a word. Sharing the same fantasy; watching the other masturbate.

He was looking at her hands on her breasts. She squeezed harder, her fingers sliding inside her, she pushed deeper. She squeezed her tits together making them mound, her nipples so hard they hurt, the bare soft light from the hall illuminating her puffy swollen nipples. She wanted her father to see her breasts.

His hand moved faster, their breathing between them, their shoulders touched, heat, warmth, a surge.

Linsey felt her skin break out in a sweat, and saw the sweat dripping from her father. The room wasn't hot, and they were both perspiring like a pair of candles melting each other, the silence of the room, of the moment, the world come to a stop.

They both simultaneously leaned toward the other, shoulders touching, inching closer, close enough to kiss, hot breaths, sounds of excited breathing, their arms bumping, their breathing faster, louder, hot on each other's faces.

Linsey felt her father lean toward her, and heard her fathers voice, so sexy, so soft and rumbling quiet in the ringing silence, she paused.

"Kiss Daddy, baby" their lips touching, her father's tongue sliding hot and incestuous inside her mouth, her tongue meeting his, both gushing out a breath of profound excitement.

They kissed, touching themselves, their heat touching the other's, her father's hand stroking his throbbing aching hard erection, his hips lifting in a fast rhythm with hers, the bed shaking to his stroking his magnificent cock, their arms bumping. The sounds of his hand sliding with pre-cum, sounds of her tender little fingers sliding in and out of her creamy, dripping wet little slit, their tongues lashing, the feeling in each other's mouths so incredibly indescribably erotic they both gushed out breaths together.

As if under a spell, hearing her father's voice, Linsey moaned, pushed out in a hushed whisper "Ohhh god Daddy, pretend your at my door, watching me, touch myself."

"Daddy is so hard, Lins, you make Daddy so hard" her father growled. Linsey almost came.

"Nnn, Daddy, I'm so wet" Linsey mewled in answer, her voice quivering, her tongue seeking his, her voice so quivering soft; her father visibly inhaled her words.

"I was having a dream, baby, and I woke up, seeing you touching yourself."

Linsey drew in a breath. "What were you dreaming, Daddy?"

Linsey's whole body raised and shook, her imagination taking off, a million images at once. Her his daughter, his little girl leaning on her father's hip, watching him pull on himself, leaning forward, licking the head of his cock, putting her mouth on him, holding him in her hand, pulling, like he'd rubbed himself between her legs through her panties.

"At first, I saw you tied up" Linsey's little pussy tingled "like you were last night, baby. You struggled, and I just watched. I was so hard in the dream, baby, and you were looking at Daddy's cock. I wanted you to take me in your mouth, and then, you... were ... ."

Linsey's ears perked up. Her nipples tingled, she felt it in her groin. "Daddy, when I was ..." she could barely speak "Daddy?" she wanted her father to say something terribly naughty, she hung on every word.

"I saw us together, hugging, and then kissing, and then you were moaning, and I saw myself between your legs, licking you, mouthing your entire mound. You were so smooth and soft and you tasted so creamy sweet, baby, just like you did last night."

Linsey's knees involuntarily spread wider open. "Nnn, Daddy" she sucked in a breath, her knee bumping her father's thigh, the feeling of his hot skin on her's sending a wave of new excitement through them both.

"Did I" she breathed out "did I taste good? Did my little pussy taste good, Daddy?" she murmured, rubbing herself faster. "Did you, ... lick me, Daddy? Did you, ... lick your little girl, Daddy?"

Linsey had had so many fantasies rubbing herself off, him licking her, his daughter, his little girl, of having her swimsuit pulled to one side, of being licked for the very first time.

"Yesss, baby, creamy sweet" her father's whisper, a hissing affirmation. "You tasted so good, baby. Just like you did last night. You tasted so wonderful, baby. Daddy couldn't, I couldn't wait any longer, baby. Once I'd tasted you, Lins, I can't describe it exactly, Daddy needed, to be inside you."

"Daddy? I want you to, to lick me, Daddy" she whispered almost frantically, her fingers brushing over her creamy slick little cunny.

"Do you, baby?"

Linsey's knees involuntarily spread even further open. "Nnnn-hnnnn" taking a breath "yess, Papa" between another "yessssoogoood" Linsey poured out in a rush her fingers fluttering over her clit, her little hips undulating, rolling.

Their faces together, whispering in the dark, Linsey's father spoke hesitantly, asking again, hearing her repeat it, hearing her say it again and again making his entire body, his entire being shake with sexual excitement "Do you?" Linsey knew what he was going to say, and gushed as her father breathed out in staccato barrage of lust "want to be Daddy's little girl, baby?"

Linsey couldn't talk, her whole body erupting, writhing; her father had just touched on her deepest most secret fantasy, one she herself had only just become conscious of. She nodded, her fingers flying over her clit, her straining over her shoulder to reach her father's mouth with her's, straining to slide her tongue into her father's mouth, her legs spread so wide, her thigh on top of her father's hip.

Linsey's father sat up and looked down at his little girl, his warm hot hand suddenly on her inner thigh draped over his hip, his cock against her leg.

He leaned toward her and sucked her hot swollen nipple into his mouth. Looking up into his daughter's eyes, he leaned further, and Linsey quickly rolled her shoulder slightly toward him eager to have him suck her other breast.

"I dreamt, I was sucking my little girl's nipples" he whispered through the darkness. "I dreamt I slipped my finger inside you, baby. I dreamt you were sucking on Daddy's finger as I licked you, lil baby."

She felt her father's tongue first, then his lips as he kissed the underside of her breast, the soft warm swell of her tit, then his tongue trail a hot wet line toward her nipple until he took her in his mouth and sucked the whole nipple, filling his mouth with his daughter's swollen hot breast.

Linsey's hips raised off the bed. "Ohh god Daddy, mmmm, yesssss, suck my nipples, feels so good, Papa. Daddy, pretend with me, Papa."

"I dreamt you reached out and wrapped your hand around Daddy's cock" he breathed out in a rush as he sucked her other nipple back into his hot wet mouth. "I dreamt my lil girl, was jacking Daddy's cock."

Linsey reached out and wrapped her little hand around her father's hugely swollen, throbbing cock just like in her fantasy. "Like this, Daddy?"

"Yesss baby, just, like that."

"I dreamt I watched you jacking Daddy's cock, baby, so thick and hot in your hand, just like now, Lins."

"Nnn, Daddy" Linsey whispered. "You're so hard, Daddy, I can feel you throbbing. So thick and hot and hard in my hand, Papa."

"You were leaning on me, baby, on your side, facing Daddy's cock, watching your own hand slide up and down Daddy's cock. You had one knee up, and Daddy watched you slide your other hand inside your panties. I watched you lick my cock, tentatively at first, and then I watched you suck Daddy into your warm little mouth, baby."

All the while he was talking, her father licked and kissed and sucked her breasts, went back and forth between both her breasts making her imagine his mouth between her legs, and as if he could read her mind he moved from her breasts, still kneading them in his big hands, kissed his way down her belly until he reached her smooth bald mound.

His licks shot right up inside her, deep into her groin, her belly, her hips pushing up for her father's mouth.

His tongue was everywhere. His lips, his mouth, his hands on her inner thighs, spreading her open, her naked little pussy open to his mouth in the dark of the room, her father's room, in her father's bed, her father's incestuous mouth on her hot little pussy. The mere thought made her gush, her little pussy creaming in her father's mouth. Linsey held her father's head between her legs, fucked his mouth with her hot little cunt.

"Oh my god, Daddy, your tongue, ohhh Daddy" she gushed out in bursts. "So hot, on my little pussy, Daddy. Lick me, Daddy, your ... your little, your little girl."

"Mmmm, my little baby, you taste so sweet, Lins. You're so wet for Daddy, baby. Daddy loves my little girl's taste. Daddy's going to fuck you with my mouth, baby. Make you cum with my mouth. I want my sweet little girl to cum all over Daddy's mouth."

Linsey could barely breath.

Her father licking her mons, and into the swell of her smooth little slit, he turned her body toward him. Linsey sank into the pillows behind her, hooking her arm around her father's leg stretched alongside her, and hung on as her father's licks and touches made her moan and cry out with humping little chirps and cries of pleasure.

He turned her hip, held her leg up, so her pussy was right at his mouth, his cheek resting on the inside of her other leg, his tongue making her pelvis roll, her push at his mouth, her fuck her father's tongue.

His waist in front of her, she looked at her father's cock, so hard, his hips pumping toward her. She just stared at it as her father tongued her, and finally as if in a dream, she inched herself over, turned just so, and his cock above her, leaned up and licked the underside of her father's swollen hard cock. She loved the fleshy satiny soft feeling of him, tasting his pre-cum, the way it bounced and jumped at her mouth.

Her father groaned.

"Ohhhh, lil baby, yessss., good girl, that's it, lil baby, lick Daddy, Lins. Just like in Daddy's dream" increasing the energy of his licks on her, focusing on her swollen clit, his tongue flicking, back and forth making Linsey moan as she opened her mouth, slid her mouth, her tongue over her father's cock.

She mouthed at it lovingly, hungrily, softly and slowly licked and kissed it, and then raised herself, aimed right at her, and plunged her mouth over her father's raging hard cock, her father so swollen big she could barely fit him in her mouth.

Neither of them had ever felt anything so weirdly, divinely amazingly powerful, pleasurable beyond words, her mouth over her father's hugely swollen cock, his mouth licking, sucking, fucking her swollen bald little cunny, his daughter's little pussy, their bodies intertwined, connected, a heat burning through them both, an orgasm building as they fucked into each other, thrust their sex into each other's mouths.

Her father feeling the torrent of his daughter's cum pour from her, his little baby's cunny, as Linsey felt her father's cock harden still harder, felt it grow in her hot sucking mouth, eager to please her father, eager to fulfill her fantasy.

"Cum in my mouth, Daddy" she hissed out "cum in your little girl's mouth" she moaned as her father brought her to another crashing, writhing orgasm, both of them licking each other in a sublime sensation, cumming in each other's mouths, torrents, floods of creamy salty-sweet cum flowing between them, through them.

Moving from each others sex, each other's cum on their faces, kissing each other's legs, belly's, panting, moaning exclamations of their satisfaction, Linsey's father wrapped her in his arms.

❖ ❖

Linsey woke up, her sheets wet with her perspiration, her pussy dripping wet, a mouth on her pussy, licking, sucking, strong arms spreading her legs open.

Surprised, a tongue quivering up inside her, licking, a mouth covering her entire cunt, her mons, her father expertly flicking her clit.

"Lay still, little baby" he growled smiling as his arms slid under her legs, her thighs on his broad shoulders, his hands, his hands gripping hers, his hands holding her hands down to the bed, him fucking her with his mouth, his tongue, his strength holding her down, pinning her to arms to the bed, gripping her making her cum. Her father releasing her arms, his warm-soft hands on her rubbing her belly, his kisses all around her sex, her bare inner thighs, his fingers touching so softly over her slippery wet mound, moving up, cupping and kneading her swollen aching breasts.

Linsey spread her legs, her torso undulating under his hot tongue, her father licking her again, her father's tongue touching her so softly, through her pink little slit, her juices flowing down between her legs, under her bottom, soaking into her father's linens; Linsey loved that her father's bed smelled of her.

"Baby? Daddy's, going to, take you to the beach today" her father said softly between licks. "I want you, to wear, your swim suit, that sexy one that's cut to curve out around your sides ... the one-piece, the white one."

Linsey knew her father was making himself hard with whatever he had in mind. He was grinding his hips, rubbing his cock into the bed as he licked her. He kneaded her breasts in his big hands, pulled on her hot aching nipples.

"It'll be like, when Daddy took you to the beach, when you were little, baby" he hummed. "Daddy has plans for you, lil baby, naughty plans" he again hummed against her hot swollen sex. Linsey felt herself grow hot, her pussy tingling. "You're going to be my good girl, aren't you, baby?"

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