tagBDSMBound, Spanked, Ass Fucked, Loved

Bound, Spanked, Ass Fucked, Loved


The room is dim and I kneel yielding to his hands on my shoulders. Cold vinyl against my belly, pushed forward over the bench, arms stretched down in front, rough ropes around my wrists, tied tight. Feeling my weight on my knees and belly, breasts partially resting on the slope of the vinyl bench, partially hanging in space.

Blindfold slides over my head, silky darkness, feeling it tighten, hearing the sound of the knot, tighter, pressure against the back of my head. Warm hands on my shoulders, sliding down my sides, cradling my hips. Pulling me back. Hard cock sliding over my labia, up, down, teasing me, I grow slippery, silently begging put it in fuck me, pull on my hips, pressure on my cunt, oh yes. Feeling the wetness, the feeling of blood rushing to my groin, heavy, aching, barely stretching... and he is gone, cool air everywhere, on my wetness, shivering. Waiting, listening, aching.

Feeling the smooth cold edge of the riding crop trailing down my back, over my ass, losing contact and then WHAP feel it hit, sting comes next, warmth next, rush of arousal next, WHAP, hit, sting, warmth, pleasure, WHAP, hit, sting, warmth pleasure, over and over until every bit of my bottom is hot, I am glowing, then hands softly caressing, oh god touch me, my pussy is so full and aching, soft touch on my clit, SLAP hand hits my ass, ouch, heat, pleasure, surrendering, SLAP, heat, pleasure, going, SLAP, heat, pleasure, floating, SLAP hurts, pleasure from fingers softly massaging my clit in circles, circles, circles, each pain increasing pleasure, SLAP OUCH, too hard, too much, hands caressing, soothing, SLAP, ahh just right, sting travels straight to my clit, meets pleasure traveling from clit through body, aching, SLAP, sting, heat, pleasure SLAP, sting, heat, pleasure, floating, surrender, waves of pleasure moving through me, waves of heat, gone.

Hand soothing sting, cold wetness must be lube rubbed into my pussy, pressure, pressure AHHH aching, filled, cool smooth hardness filling me, stretching me, pushed as far as it can go, seeing it in my mind, how it looks, lips stretched around the glass dildo, sliding in and out, slowly, faster, slowly, faster, slowly, stopped deep inside, cool slippery finger circling my asshole, circling, circling, dipping in, burning stretch then just fullness, finger sliding out, coolness drenching my asshole, fingers sliding in, sliding easy, cool lube coming with it, fingers sliding in as dildo slides out of my cunt, in, out, in, out, blending together, shudders traveling up my body in wave, waves, wave, wave, feeling the tightness, ache, wave, about to crest... and movement stops, fingers slide out, then warm hands sliding over my ass, my hips, holding me, then pressure, firm smooth warmth pressing against my anus, pushing in, feeling myself stretch, the burning, ouch, burning, then in, so full, burning fading, fading, feeling so full, so good, glass dildo still deep, he is so still, motionless, feeling only stretch and pressure and pleasure.

I try to press back, bound, motionless, oh oh cock moving again, sliding deep, balls pressed against me, still again, feeling completely possessed, alive, soft finger gently massaging my clit, steady rhythm, oh yes, just like that, building, building, intense pressure inside, building, building, tighter, tighter, and exploding outward in waves, ache and fullness in my ass as I contract around his cock, can't stop, around the dildo, can't stop, muffled screaming, womb contracting, energy flowing outward, sparks in waves, pinpoints of light behind my eyes, slowing, slowing, shaking, dildo sliding out triggers another spasm, hands holding my hips pulling back as he thrusts deep, slides out, thrusts deep, harder and faster, over and over, god you're so tight gonna come, every muscle limp, open to him, yes fuck my ass, use me, come in my ass, shaking with aftershocks, spasms, contracting, pushed forward against the bench, pressure inside, his belly against me so tight, pushing so hard, warm skin and weight and heat against my back deep moan in my ear, feeling him jerking and pumping inside me, bathing me inside, pressure, pressure, so hot, whew.

Still weight against my, pressing me down, ass still full, sweat cooling, feeling myself stuck to vinyl, ready to get up. Kisses on my shoulder, cock sliding out of my ass, cool air, one wrist loosened, the other, going to take off blindfold, no, leave it on baby, arms around me lifting me up, resting my head on warm shoulder, snug in warm cocoon of chest and belly and arms, I love you, I love you too.

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