tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBound to Be Taken - Team Spirit

Bound to Be Taken - Team Spirit


I had fantasized it multiple times in the last few weeks. Today, my uncontrollable drive overrode the warning sirens in my head and I decided I would make it come true. I would allow myself to be taken, not once, but multiple times. My body would be used outside of my control and I would trade it for the unrehearsed and forced pleasures it would provide.

I was a freshman in a college away from home. I thought I would meet and make many friends and have boys asking me out. It was now May and I didn't have a boyfriend and had only made a few friends. I was determined to make things more exciting. That's what brought me here today.

I stood in the men's shower room. The baseball team was out practicing and I knew how much time I had to prepare as I'd observed their routine the days leading up to today in case I would decide to do it. The room had 18 showerheads in it, all open to the room.

In the attached locker room, I took the duct tape from my bag and unrolled a long piece and broke it. I also pulled out a blindfold and hid the bag in an empty locker. I walked back into the showers and chose one on the opposite wall just off center. I double-checked the slack I would need to hold my hands up over the lever on the side of the protruding showerhead. The height was good with a little slack, so my arms were fully stretched over my head.

I tied the blindfold around my head and I wrapped the tape around my wrists best I could, using one hand to finish the job. I lifted my hands up to the shower until I grabbed the head. I then tippy toed and moved my wrists up and down until I caught the tape on the shower head lever. I tested it and confirmed it would now take a great effort to escape.

I was shaking. I had put myself in a vulnerable position and now there was no going back. Tears unexpectedly welled from my eyes and I wasn't sure which emotion they belonged to. They quickly went away as I waited in silence with only my ears to guide me from here.

There I stood in my black skirt above the knees, knee high silk stockings, and wide heels. My button down white blouse was partially untucked from my skirt from being stretched up when I put my arms in position. I'd worn a pink bra and pink thong that partially covered the top of my ass. I had picked all of this out carefully the night before, unsure if I would chicken out.

Time went by. My arms were tired and heavy, and my wrists were getting sore. I moved my wrists to test if I could unhook them as I was beginning to think this was a foolish idea. My arms did not work well anymore and I was unable to raise them high enough to get the tape up off the lever. The tape was all wound up in the gap of the lever and stuck well. There was no getting out of it now, whether I wanted to or not.

I heard a door slam open and the bass of a voice in the distance. My breath escaped me and my heart started pounding. The pounding filled my ears as adrenaline rushed through me. Tears again escaped my eyes. Deep inside I knew the tears and tired arms would at least cover my trail so no one would believe I did this to myself. If they had doubts about the story I would tell them, it would ruin the fantasy and make my life hell.

I listened as the noises increased and more voices joined the first. Inside I was shaking and outside I was limp and frozen. My arms ached for someone to find me and my mind screamed for them to go away. I had conflicts inside of me I didn't have when I had fantasized about it. This was for real. I didn't know what would really happen. I was scared for the first reaction they would have to seeing me.

After surprisingly more minutes passed without being found, the moment finally came. My discovery happened in slow motion as I heard someone say "what the fuck" and bare feet walked on the tile.

"Hey Brad and Andy, come here!" he said loudly but not shouting as his shock caused him to be hesitant.

The footsteps continued to approach me.

"Holy shit," one of the other guys said entering the shower. "Hey guys you gotta see this!"

The barefooted voice asked, "What are you doing in here? Is this a prank or something? Who put you up to this?"

As I heard more guys shuffling in and voicing their surprise, unforced tears went down my cheek to aid my story.

"My so called friends did this," I said angrily. "They wanted to just come in and see what your locker room and showers looked like. I wanted to leave as soon as we got in here. They started to tease me and got a little mad that I didn't want to stay longer.

"As I was turning to leave they grabbed me. Then they started to pull me into the showers. They were just going to get me all wet. But then one of them pushed me to the floor and sat on me. She told them to get the duct tape from one of the rooms and a cloth.

"When they came back the three of them grabbed me and forced me against this wall while they tied me up and blindfolded me. Then they just left me there and told me I was a gift to the team and I better show team spirit.

"They are horrible. I thought they would return for me, but they didn't."

The guys responded in different ways, "holy shit" "that's fucked up" "Nice gift" "I'll take her"

I could not sense what the reaction was of the guy in front of me as he remained silent.

"Please free me," I pleaded. "Please. I just want to go back to my dorm."

He finally spoke, "What do you think guys? That wasn't very nice of her friends. Should I let her go?"

He grabbed my arm as if to start freeing me, but only made the partial motion.

It was silent. A few cleared their throats and one whistled a tune. After an uncomfortable silence, one wise guy got his courage.

"I think we should accept the gift," he announced. "We work hard to win games for the school, the least she could do is show some team spirit."

"I have an idea," the closest guy said, although now I could feel that most of them were pretty close. "I'll turn on the shower. If her wet shirt reveals a white bra, she is pure and can go. If her bra is pink, then she entertains us. Okay?"

I knew he could see through my shirt already and knew the color. I don't think it would have made any difference if he was wrong anyway.

"Yeah!" they yelled. "Fuck yeah!"

"Let's get this wet T-shirt contest started!" he yelled as he turned the nozzle on.

I braced for the cold water as I heard the sound of the lever and the water forcing through the pipe and shower head. It took what seemed like a couple long seconds and then sprayed down on my forehead and front. It was cold and I screamed as I wiggled my body in an attempt to get away from the cold water.

"Woo hoo!" they yelled and jeered.

My wiggling made no difference as I felt the front of my clothes getting soaked. My shirt clung to my stomach and my bra became heavier. My skirt lay wet against my legs and my panties felt cold against my stomach and pussy.

He turned off the water, to my relief. The water dripped off of me and all of my clothes felt thin and cold. I could feel my pussy lips against the wet cotton fabric of my panties.

"Looks like its pink!" he exclaimed.

There was a lot of yelling and celebrating. It wasn't long before hands were touching my breasts and my skirt was being lifted up repeatedly as they joked. Someone grabbed the opening at of my shirt and yanked it wide so that most of the buttons came undone. He finished the job with another pull near the bottom. A few buttons bounced on the tile floor.

Hands felt my wet stomach and squeezed my breasts through my bra. Very quickly they had had enough of the window dressing material and pulled it up. My breasts became exposed and hands quickly cupped them and played with my nipples. It was then that I finally felt some arousal above my feeling scared. It felt good as it overcame the feelings of fear. A mouth kissed my breast and quickly sucked onto my nipple. He used his tongue and his teeth to gently tease it. It was either the water or his mouth or both as my nipples became hard.

As soon as I had started feeling my upper half wake up my arousal, a hand grabbed at my skirt waistband and it pulled me back into my situation. My skirt was tight on my hips and would not just simply get pulled off. Hands searched my waist for the clasp and zipper. My arousal returned as the probing touched my skin and I could foresee my skirt being taken and revealing the rest of me.

He found the clasp and zipper and my skirt dropped down my hips to my feet, barely brushing my legs. The anticipation flowed through me in an erotic wave as it became real. I was now just in my wet thong panties and open shirt. My bra was up near my neck. My skin was all wet and tight as they felt all of my surfaces.

Someone felt around to my bare ass cheeks. Then it got even more interesting.

"Hey I think she's wearing a thong," he announced. "Turn her around."

They grabbed my waist and shoulders and spun me around on my toes as the tape wound around at the showerhead. My pink panties with teaser material at the top of my ass had done the trick. They were turning into a pack of dogs as I sensed their excitement picking up.

"What a nice ass," someone said as he felt it lightly with his hand.

Then he slapped a cheek and I jerked and gave out a yelp.

He laughed and did it again.

I couldn't help but give the same reaction.

He was like a boy with a new toy. He spanked me again, waited for my response and spanked me again.

"Everyone spanks her once!" he proclaimed.

I'm guessing a line formed as each took a turn spanking my ass. Some were gentle or only hit one cheek. One of them yanked my panties down on his turn and they remained between my legs as I clenched my butt. Most were hard and hurt like hell. Tears again came from my eyes as I screamed out in pain. They enjoyed this reaction as well. It wasn't long for my panties to end up with my skirt on the floor.

One of them decided to playfully spank and rub my cheeks at the same time. As he continued to rub, I relaxed and took in his caressing touch. My hips went back a little involuntarily to feel more. The game had now changed.

I had not even realized I'd moved until he stopped and I discovered my back was slightly arched. He dropped his hand down between my ass cheeks and to my pussy. My butt unclenched naturally at this touch, as it had craved a man's touch all year. He didn't stop until he reached my pussy. He rubbed my lips until his fingers easily slid inside.

My legs and ass tightened up and I gave out a quick moan as the electricity darted through my body. He moved his fingers around and in and out. Then, too quickly he pulled them out. My body shook from the abrupt change.

"She's wet guys," he announced. "Very wet. She does have team spirit!"

Again it grew louder and many hands assaulted my body roughly as they prepared it for their needs. Someone turned the shower back on and now it doused my back and ass. After the initial shock, it turned warm and comfortable. My body was very confused as my mind knew what was coming.

It wasn't long before a cock to pushed up against my ass and then down between my legs. He slid it to my pussy and pushed back and forth against the lips until they opened up. From there the highly aroused cock roughly pushed against my pussy until my juices coating his cock and allowed it easy access.

He thrust his hips against me while his cock pushed shallowly inside. It soon moved in and out with ease and I could hardly feel it. He wrapped his arms around my waist and picked me up and pulled me back against him. My shoes fell off and I'd no longer be able to stand when he was done. He pressed me against the wall as he repositioned his cock inside me. This time, it went deep inside.

My arms now loose, I grabbed onto the showerhead and helped to lift myself up and down on his cock so my joints would not hurt so bad. The tape around my wrists had come off of the lever and I was free to move my arms as I pleased. My body began to shake not only from being tired, but by the impending orgasm that was quickly building. I let out moans as my pussy tightened. Very soon my orgasm hit full force and I nearly pulled my head up to the ceiling. I slowly lowered myself back down and moved slowly on his cock.

My ears rung and my body felt numb and light. I let go of the shower head and let my tired arms down in front of me. This applied added weight to my intruder who had also been working hard to bounce me. He panted as he let me down to so my feet touched the floor.

He had not cum yet and was anxious to finish himself off. He pushed my neck forward and I pressed on the wall with my hands to steady myself in the bent over position. He grabbed my hips and worked them in motion. His pace picked up and very soon, he was slamming me hard and fast. He let out a celebratory groan and quickly pulled out. Hot cum rained upon my back and ass and then down my legs. After 20 seconds of this he backed away.

It wasn't long before someone grabbed my arms and pulled me away from the wall. He pulled me down so that I was on my knees. He then pushed me forward and refilled my pussy. Within the first 2 thrusts another cock touched my mouth. I opened my lips and allowed it to enter. I closed my lips on it and allowed my mouth to be fucked while my hands supported me from the floor. I was rocked back and forth between the two cocks.

It wasn't long before the mouth-only technique was not working well enough. In one motion I lifted my hands and steadied myself against his stomach. A few more thrusts and my hand found its way down to his cock. I rubbed the shaft between my bound hands while I sucked it with my lips. His reaction was noticeable as he got harder.

Behind me, I could feel his cock enlarging as his cock tightened up for an orgasm. He pulled out and stroked it so cum landed all over my back. Another cock quickly took his place. The cock in my mouth came to full attention and cum quickly hit my throat and mouth. It oozed all over his cock and dribbled down my chin as I lightly took him in my mouth until the pulsing stopped.

Before another cock could fill my mouth, the guy behind me pulled out and pushed me over so I fell on my side. He continued to roll me until I was on my back. He pulled my legs up onto his arms and pushed inside me. He pumped me hard and fast, my feet flailing in the air.

He had great stamina as the powerful thrusts went on for minutes. He grunted and pushed as if I was his daily workout. Some of his buddies egged him on. He went into hyper speed and finally I felt him tighten up as the orgasm drove from his cock to his brain. It spasmed inside of me and then he pulled out. I waited for cum to hit me. After a few seconds it rained all over my face, tits and stomach. There were yells of celebration all around.

I was pulled up off the floor and a shower was turned on. I was pushed under the water and twisted around a few times. Before the water could completely turn off, I was pulled back onto the floor and positioned for two cocks again. I quickly orgasmed again as I took in the overwhelming sensations on my body. It was as if the water had reawakened it.

The cocks, positions, and showers continued as the entire team took me. I had the feeling some of them went back for seconds and some had chickened out. The tape around my wrists were long gone as both sides found them to be a nuisance. When the last footsteps left the shower room, I lay on the floor too exhausted and too scared to move. I just glowed in my surviving my fantasy, my pussy tingling and my entire front covered in their juices.

After five or ten minutes, what sounded like the first guy who had taken me, talked to me from the entrance.

"You did great," he comforted me. "No one will ever accuse you of not having team spirit. If they do, they have us to deal with.

"Remember, this was the doing of your friends. We did not put you in this position. We only did what we were supposed to do."

His tone became harder, "We want you to meet us here next week, same day and same time. You will be our team's spirit ambassador for the rest of the season."

"No," I answered weakly, "I don't blame you this one time, but I can't do this again."

"Oh I think you can," he answered confidently. "Don't sell yourself short. Besides, we have about 5 different recordings of you while you were servicing us. You wouldn't want that to get out, would you?"

I panicked. I had not thought about this when I had come up with this plan. My mind had been too clouded with sexual desire. Fear tore through me as I realized I had no way out of this.

"No," I pleaded. "Please don't. This was okay and I won't tell anyone. But that was it. Please delete those. Don't show anyone please."

I started crying.

"I know," he said coolly. "You never asked for any of this; but, you are good for the team. We can't let you just go away now. You are initiated now as a part of the team. You will do whatever we want, however we want, whenever we want. You will be here next week or else those videos go anonymously onto social media and you would possibly end up the bitch of the entire school. Be here!"

The room went silent and after a few minutes I heard the outside door slam. I lay there thinking about the situation I had put myself into. I was scared. I had no free will anymore. This was supposed to be a onetime fantasy. I did not want to be their slave for the rest of the season. I get gangbanged every week for the next two months.

As my pussy continued to tingle, I realized part of me found this exciting. I would be taken in unpredictable ways and this was thrilling. They would believe I would never do the things they'd ask me to do normally, but I knew otherwise. I would love to be forcibly exposed and be taken by guys full of lust for me. The thought of being forced made me want to have one more cock inside me.

Gradually, I removed by blindfold, got up and rinsed myself off in a shower that was still running. I found my wet skirt, but my panties were gone. I buttoned my shirt as best I could, with some buttons missing. I pulled it tightly into my skirt so that the gaps would not be as apparent. My pink bra, now realigned, showed through the wet, thin fabric.

I gathered my shoes and went into the locker room and used the attached hairdryer at the sink to dry off my clothes and hair best I could. I retrieved my bag from the locker and headed out of the door. The breeze went under my skirt and kissed my pussy and ass. It made my pussy feel so cool and clean. Its stretched lips only made me feel it more. I'd never gone without panties before. Then again, I'd never done any of what I had done today. Not before I put my plan into motion.

And I certainly never expected there to be a long-term plan.

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