tagFetishBound to Enjoy It

Bound to Enjoy It


For some time I had been having fantasies about bondage. Not the savage, painful stuff you can find on the Internet, but loving, exciting bondage that both parties enjoyed. The thought of a naked girl bound helpless for me to do as I pleased with would get my gonads aching. None of my girlfriends wanted to try it. They were all scared of what I might do while they were helpless. Some of them even sneered that I was perverted. Well, if that was perverted, I was anxious to be a pervert!!

Eventually I plucked up enough courage to put an ad in the classified section of the paper. PERSONABLE YOUNG MALE WANTS TO MEET A FEMALE PARTNER FOR SEX GAMES AND LOVE BONDAGE.

I didn't really expect any replies, so I was delighted when nine letters arrived. Six were from out of town, and two professed to be eager to try anything. One even went into detail about all the ideas she had---ideas so far out I'd never even imagined them. I replied to all of them and put most of them on hold, and chose one of th eager two. I liked the way she wrote her letter, and I hoped I would like the way she fucked. (You surely didn't think this as all about tying knots like a couple of Boy Scouts?)

We spent a few days e-mailing back and forth till it was evident we were both on the same wavelength, and then arranged to meet at a motel. On the way I realized I hadn't asked her for a photograph of herself. She could be a dogface or have no tits at all. Or even be a schoolgirl, which was not what I had in mind. But it was too late by then, so I hoped this girl wasn't going to be as nervous as I was, and pressed on.

I had arranged to get to the motel first and then phone her to tell her the room number. When she arrived I wasn't disappointed. She was no beauty queen, but she was an attractive girl of thirty one with chestnut hair, a trim figure and tits to die for. Vivacious, too, with a bright smile and frank eyes and no problems about what we were there for. "Hi, I'm Megan," she said as I opened the door. "I hope you're Mike, because if you're not her for fun I'm in the wrong place."

We shook hands, a rather formal beginning to a night of debauchery. And then she grabbed me and kissed me and said, "You did advertise for a partner in Love Bondage. Let's begin with the love." And she slipped a lively tongue into my mouth and explored. This girl was certainly not nervous. By the time we had explored each others' mouths for a while, I had done a little exploring myself and discovered that Megan was wearing very little under her summer dress, she had a delectable pair of buns which fitted well into my palms, and her legs parted readily as my hands moved down to the backs of her thighs.

I thought I'd better take the lead. "I can't wait to see you undressed," I told her. I really meant "naked," but I was still rather reticent. I had hardly finished talking before Megan was out of her dress and hanging it in the closet. My early reconnaissance had been accurate---she was wearing very little under the dress, brief lacy panties and a low cut brassiere that left little of her breasts to the imagination. I called them tits to die for, and I was to learn more later "Let me do the rest," I said as she turned toward me. "I have some more love kissing to do." She smoothed her hands down her sides and posed for me. "You're not disappointed with what your ad brought you?"

I let out an eager growl and reached for one side of her brassiere. I pulled the material down with my fingers, and with my other hand I eased her breast up and out from its confinement. It's creamy pink lower half surged out, thrusting itself proudly toward me. The nipple poked out of a broad aureole which was not entirely below the sunburn line. Certainly tits to die for. I had a decision to make. Should I fasten my mouth round that succulent baby feeder, or should I continue undressing this beautiful body?

Undressing? I wanted to make tender love to that body, but the idea of roughly stripping the clothes from her grabbed me more. I took the front of the brassiere in one hand and tore it away from her tits. And then as I disentangled it from her shoulders I was too close to those nipples for my will power. I opened my mouth and fastened it round one swollen aureole, and sucked on a hard nipple as if I could draw milk from it.

When I had to stop for breath I looked up at her. "No, baby, how can I be disappointed? That ad was the best ten bucks I've ever spent. Now imagine you're at the slave market. I'm going to strip the rest of you so the crowd can see your total nakedness." I ran my hands down her willing body as I fell to my knees and faced the panties that concealed and yet enhanced her most exciting parts. Megan spread her legs a little, and I was able to see that already there was a wet patch just above where her thighs joined "This is what it feels like to be stripped," I told her. I ripped the flimsy nylon from hem to crotch, and pulled what was left of her modesty down her thighs to her knees. Megan gave a little gasp, but closed her legs so that I could drop the rag to her feet where she could step out of it. I sat back and looked at her, stark naked and smiling down at me. But there was more to look at than her smile. Two aggressively upstanding breasts crowned by raspberry sized nipples that were already more swollen than a minute before. And as she spread her feet apart, two succulent lips peeping below a neatly trimmed chestnut bush.

"Like what you see?" Megan asked confidently.

"I'll show you how much," I said. "I've been saving a present for you. But whether you get it depends on whether you behave yourself. I stood up, undid my belt, unzipped my pants and dropped them before she could stop me. "I wanted to do that," she wailed, and grabbed the elastic of my briefs. In a moment they were round my knees, and my prick was eagerly reaching for her mouth, stiff, swollen, with all the tumescence that a naked beauty could produce. She took my prick in hand and squeezed and stroked it all over. "You had enough self control to postpone eating me," she said, "or at least I hope you're going to eat me some time soon. So I'll leave this lovely piece of meat till later. I guess you've got all the ropes and things in that bag?"

This girl was evidently really hot to trot. I got out the goodies I had brought from the sex shop. Special soft ropes of various sizes, handcuffs, chains, padlocks, whatever we might want. Megan was excited by them all. "They look wonderfully cruel and sadistic"

"They look it," I said, "but it's only in fun, I don't want to hurt that beautiful body of yours. Now, we could toss for who's going to be trussed up, but this whole thing was my idea, so I get to do the tying. I'd like to tie you to a tree in the forest, Leave you there for someone to find, while I watch from nearby. Or put a leash round your neck and keep you as a sex slave. But tonight I want you on the bed."

Megan got onto the bed, giggling. "I love the idea of being your sex slave. It sounds like the Story Of O, with a silken collar round my neck and otherwise completely naked for all your friends to look at when they come calling. I wouldn't want to be fucked by them, though. I'd have to be your slave."

"You like the idea of being fucked by me, than?"

"Ooo yes. Please."

"In whatever way I wish? Tied up?"

"Especially tied up.. But the way I'm feeling right now I want to start right away. You don't need to tie me up. Look." She opened her legs wide, and where her silky thighs should have joined, her outer lips had spread apart to reveal the drooling fleshyness of an eager cunt. It was all I could do to resist burying my face in its soft warmth. But that would have to wait till later. I tipped the contents of my little case onto the floor. "This is the end of your freedom for a while," I told her. "From now on prepare yourself for torture like you've never experienced before."

"Oo, that sounds lovely I've never been tortured before." Megan wasn't taking this seriously enough. I didn't want to frighten her, but I did think it might enhance her excitement if she wasn't quite sure about the torture. I chose some ugly looking handcuffs attached to ropes, and showed them to Megan. I didn't let her see that they had a soft fleecy lining. I showed her that it would be impossible for her to undo the handcuffs herself, and then fastened them to her wrists and fastened the ropes to the frames at the sides of the bed. "Bet you never thought you'd ever be crucified," I said. "I think I'll leave you alone in the room and send up the bellhop. It would be interesting to see whether he could resist fucking you."

"Be careful," Megan warned. "It's your turn next, and you may not like what I do to you." Still not taking it seriously.

I fetched a couple of cushions from the couch to raise her ass from the bed. More exactly, I wanted to raise her cunt to where it would be easier for me to get at it. I had plans for that willing looking pussy. She wasn't heavy, and she cooperated as I slid the cushions under two cheeks that I was determined to get to know better some time in the future. "Open your legs wide," I told her, and a black bamboo cane with ties at each end was the next torture toy. When I had laid the cane under her legs and fastened one of the ties at each knee, her thighs were effectively held as wide open as I wanted them.. A delectable sight. But her legs were still resting on the bed, and I needed them much higher, So I secured a rope to each end of the cane and ran it back to the bedhead to pull her knees and thighs up from the bed so that every intimate part of her, her clitoris, her labia, her vulva, her by now wide open vagina and her anus were all open, naked, spread and accessible.

I had more roping to do, but I couldn't wait to start filming. I got out the little camera. "This is to be a record of your punishment" I told her. "Don't smile at me. Look as if you can't stand the torture. That's good. Later you really won't be able to stand it, and I'll be able to compare the way you look then."

I started with a close-up of her face. She acted well, gasping and screwing up her eyes and rolling her head from side to side. Soon I wanted her doing that for real. I pulled back for a shot of her whole body, naked and bound. She played up well, writhing her body and straining her pelvis even higher off the bed, and I couldn't resist a close-up of her wide spread thighs and her obscenely opened genitalia. Obscene to many people, perhaps, but to me the most beautiful and prick-swelling sight I could imagine. Then the last shot of this scene had to be Megan's tits. Displaying herself was making her do more than act for the camera. By now she was breathing deeply, and with every breath her tits thrust out from her chest and displayed their fullness. She had evidently been sunbathing, but with a top that concealed little more than a small triangle of flesh at the tip of each breast. Her whole body except for the two triangles was evenly sunburned, but even those luscious parts of her were not pale flesh. They were almost completely taken up by large pinky brown aureola which swelled beneath projecting red nipples the size of finger tips.

I put down the camera, and realized that I had been so concerned with roping my slave---an activity that was certainly doing wonders for my prick---that I had neglected taking my pleasure of her. Her tits were made for caressing, and as I pressed my hands on them the breasts were firm yet soft, certainly not lying flat but not quite round. They had been standing proudly out from Megan's chest when she was standing up. Now they lay as proudly , capped by equally proud nipples.

. "Push those little darlings right out for me," I told Megan. "I want to se if I can make them any larger." She pulled her shoulders back and pushed her whole torso out to me as far as her bonds would allow, and I fingered those to-die-for aureola, both at once, squeezing them without touching their centers, running my fingers round and round the nipples to excite them without satisfying them.

"Suck them for me, please," Megan whispered. Or was it gasped? "I didn't realize all this would be so exciting, being at your mercy, and watching your naked body with your prick sticking out like a flagpole. My cunt's throbbing and my tits feel as if they're going to burst if you don't suck them. Pleeease, Mike"

"Sorry darling," I said. " This is for my pleasure. And it's part of the torture. What did you think I was tying you up for?"

"You're a beast! Just one little suck, please. I'll do anything you want me to, I promise, but this is agony."

I found a thinner rope, a soft one that the girl in the sex shop had explained---in considerable detail---could be bound round the tits and do wonders for the nipples. It was fun winding the rope round and round Megan's tit, starting at her chest, as tightly as I could without hurting her, transforming the perfect globe into a raspberry tipped pyramid. "It's not hurting you, is it?" I asked her. "Yes, you beast," she moaned, "I've never been in such agony. My lovers have always done their best to make me cum. They've never tortured me by not letting me cum. But I love it, darling. I must be a masochist."

"Maybe that makes me a sadist?" I said, and bound her other tit so that I had two engorged nipples begging to be eaten. I wanted to suck those raspberries as much as Megan wanted them to be sucked. I don't know how I had resisted them this far. I gave in. I grabbed one of spirals of rope and squeezed it till the aureole swelled and forced the nipple out like a little bullet. I pressed my open mouth to it to suck in the whole tip, and then pressed and explores the smoothness of the aureole with my tongue and nibbled the nipple with my teeth. Megan gave a shuddering gasp, and thrust her torso up as far as her ropes would allow. I found myself wondering what it would be like to suck the tit of a pregnant girl and taste the milk squirting from her nipple.

But there were better things to come. And to cum. The first was certainly going to be me. Like Megan, I hadn't realized it was all going to be so exciting, and my testicles were throbbing with the pressure of semen building up inside them. I pulled my mouth away from her raw red nipple and stood up, posing with my flagpole erect for Megan, to increase the throbbing of her cunt to match my own imminent orgasm.. I knew that I could relieve myself whenever the pressure became too great, but Megan's torture would continue for as long as I wished. By this time I knew the tension that Megan must be suffering. I had to take my prick in hand to ease my own tension. The moment I squeezed it I knew I was going to cum. There was no holding it back. As the first jet streamed out from the hole in my shining swollen knob I thrust my pelvis out over Megan's body. "Where do you want it?" I gasped, aiming the long, creamy white stream at her navel.

"In my mouth. Let me taste it. Point it this way." Megan raised her head eagerly as high as her bonds would allow. I moved closer and aimed at her mouth just as the second stream left my prick. The third salvo was near its target, and Megan's busy tongue lapped at the creamy jism at the side of her mouth. And then I found the right range and elevation, and as I felt as though the pumping would never stop Megan's open mouth received load after load of thick hot cum.

When I had squeezed out the last drop of semen from my prick I grabbed a towel and gently cleaned Megan's face and the sticky pools on her body, and decided it was time to minister to the throbbing in her cunt. Megan's wide spread thighs had produced the effect I had wanted. Her outer lips were stretched apart, opening her vulva to reveal every detail of her salivating genitalia, from her nearly hidden clitoris to her welcoming love tunnel. That tunnel was too empty for comfort, I decided, so I found a small dildo amongst the toys.

"You belong to me," I told her. "Every delectable part of you, to do whatever I please with. I can masturbate you with these goodies between your thighs until you cry out for me to fill your aching cunt-hole. I can plunge this tumescent piece of meat deep into you and fuck you till you cum and cum and cum beyond the meaning of multiple orgasms. But right now I'm just going to keep you on the boil till I'm ready for you.

I gently inserted the vibe into the drooling entrance to Megan's fuck-hole. She began to squeal as I pushed it further in, and her pelvis heaved as the inside of her cunt felt the first contact since we had started playing. I slid the dildo further in, twisting it to make sure every sensitive part of her vagina was stimulated, and Megan responded with moans of "Oh, oh, oh, oh Mike." I didn't have push it in. It felt as though Megan's cunt was drawing it in, sucking it in till it could penetrate no further. And there I left it, her vagina well filled but not so full as I intended it to be later.

So far Megan had felt nothing but pleasure, even if it was a torment waiting for it.. The next toy was a vibrator. I was going to raise every excitable part of Megan's body to boiling point till she screamed to be fucked.. But first, I wanted to see if I could make her cum just by playing with her nipples. I switched on the vibe at low speed and started on her left aureole. It was showing how excited it was, but as I ran the vibe round the rough surface I could watch the pinky brown flesh rising from the smooth tit, swelling till its surface was as stretched and smooth as the knob on the end of my prick. If the aureole could do that, I thought, the nipple itself should be able to show even more response. Megan had been breathing hard, gasping, moaning my name and heaving and wriggling her breast. As I touched the vibe to the tip of her nipple she let out a little shriek. "Mike, Mike, you're going to burst my tit wide open. I can't bear it. Oh Mike, I'm going to cum. I feel as if my whole body's going to cum. Mike, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, oh god it's fantastic! I want to play with my clit but I can't. Play with my clit Mike, please. Please play with my clit."

So while Megan came and came and cried out, I took the vibe between her thighs and touched it to the tip of her clit. I had wanted to work on her clit with my mouth, but that could wait till the next orgasm. Or the next. Or the next. I was glad I had tied her thighs apart because they were opening and closing as far as they could, and her whole pelvis was heaving so much that I couldn't keep the vibe in place on her clit. So instead I found a small dildo and let her wriggling take it in little by little till it had all but disappeared. Anyway, I wanted to film Megan's face in the throes of her orgasm, so I stood up and looked down at her. Her face was contorted in the agony of cumming, her eyes closed tightly, her mouth opening and closing and uttering little cries and yelps. As I grabbed the camera I wondered what she would be doing if she were not bound and unable to move, and then I realized that it was partly being bound which made the orgasm so intense. I just had to film this exhibition of ecstasy.

She came down slowly, and eventually opened her eyes and smiled at me. "Oh Mike, that was incredible, It was the most wonderful cumming I've ever had. I thought I was going to die, it was so intense. Was yours as good as that?"

"Not quite,' I told her. "But the next one will be."

"Oo, can I watch it?"

"I don't think so. My prick will be so enormous, and piercing so deep inside your entrails that you'll be pinned down to the bed unable to move."

"That sounds lovely. I'm ready to go again, Mike. Why can't we do that now?"

"Because I need to recharge my batteries so I can fill your belly with sperm instead of squirting it all over you And besides. there's more torture to come before you get your jollies again, my darling.,"

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