tagGay MaleBound to Happen

Bound to Happen


I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. Katie my girlfriend was out of town for the weekend and as I sat down for a drink at the neighborhood watering hole I felt mellow and relaxed. I had the night to myself with nothing really to do and was just going to enjoy it. I sat at the bar and the place was not too crowded for a Saturday night but there was activity with people playing pool and darts behind me. I was sitting with people on either side of me whom I did not know, a couple to my left and a guy by himself on my right. I talked a bit with him and just enjoyed getting a buzz going. He told me his name was Ryan and I really had no idea at the time that he might be gay; it never even crossed my mind.


The previous summer I was in California at my cousin Jessica's wedding and I stayed at their house in my cousin Brian's room who had moved out on his own. It was late on a Friday night and I was alone in the room after flying in the night before the wedding. I was a bit horny and rummaged around Brian's room to see if there were any Playboy's or other mags to get me off. Looking in all the nightstands and closets I came up empty till I spied a stack of magazines tucked in the corner. There was a huge pile of newsmagazines and geographics and I thought I was out of luck. I took a chance and pulled a few mags from the bottom of the pile. I scored! There was a Playboy, an old Oui and to my great surprise a mag that surely pure porn with two naked guys on the cover. It was called "Surfer Boy" and the two guys on the cover were handsome & blond with huge hard cocks sticking out and their arms around each other's waist.

Right away I knew it had to be gay porn but it intrigued me and I got undressed and into bed with the mags. I was so hard and horny looking at the naked girls in the Playboy & Oui that my curiosity got the better of me & I just had to peek at the gay magazine. I'm sure any horny young guy alone given the opportunity to look at gay guys get it on would at least take a look and I was no exception. Fuck, did I ever get harder as I opened the mag and the two slender, slim & tanned guys from the cover were now pulling on each other's cocks and kissing. My cock ached & I never knew such a taboo scene would excite me so. The photo spread continued with one guy getting on his knees and sucking on the other guy's cock.

I was mesmerized by this and jacked firmly on my cock as the photos showed the guy on his knees getting splattered by the other guy's cum all over his face. He then got over the other guy who sucked on his cock a bit before having his friend cum all over his handsome chest. I was breathing heavy and gasping for breath as the looked on at the next photo spread of three hot surfer boys on a blanket on the beach naked & playing with each others cocks. With the mag in one hand and my cock in the other I intently looked into this horny world of gay sex. They were kissing each other and jacking each other off and rubbing cocks together before moving on to a three-way suck off daisy chain.

I didn't even make it to the end of the photo spread as I felt my cock ache and tingle. I fisted myself furiously and again was gasping and breathing heavy as I climaxed and my cum came blasting out all over me and I hoped not to wake anyone with my "uhnnnn, ughnnnn ahhhhhhhhhhhs" that I tried to muffle. I fisted myself long after the cum stopped flowing and my cock ached a beautiful warm glow like I had never known and my stomach & chest were awash in huge puddles of thick warm cum. I held on to my cock for quite a while as I tried to catch my breath. With my cock still in my hand I tried to ponder what had just transpired. I had never had such an astonishing orgasm in my life by simply jacking off. Slowly I came down from my cum induced high. It was stimulating to be alone in a strange bed in a strange place and be naked and make a stunning sexual discovery.

With my underwear I wiped the cum off myself and dropped them to the side of the bed. I closed the magazines and slid them beside me on the bed as I pulled up the covers and turned out the light. My cock still ached a strange wonderful warm glow in its half hard state. Touching myself, I rubbed my cock again to feel it, enjoying the sensation of touching my cock again as it felt so fucking good though it was only half hard. I was actually pretty tired from the plane trip and the traveling and had no trouble falling asleep. As I fell asleep my erection wouldn't go away it seemed and my cock was still half hard.

At 3 in the morning after some bizarre dreams I awoke as one sometimes does when traveling, awoke in a flash not know exactly where I was or when or what was happening. As I realized that I was in California for the wedding I also realized that I hard a huge hard on again and I remembered about my fantastic jack off earlier. I got up and went to the bathroom and peed and when I got back in bed I felt the magazines next to me and my hard on swelled again. I turned on the light and nervously yet excitedly went straight for the "Surfer Boy" magazine to look some more at the gay porn. I felt guilty that it excited me so but I was so turned on by seeing the photo spread of the three hot guys on the blanket on the beach.

The guys went from a three-way daisy chain blowjob to one guy getting sucked off by one of the guys and the third guy on all fours over him dangling his cock into his mouth. As the guy lying down sucked off the guy over him and was being sucked off my hand gently stroked my raging hard on. The scene in the magazine was fascinating and as most porn does the guy sucking off the guy over him got a face full of cum. The guy who was sucking him off then jacked him off with cum shooting out all over the hand and his stomach.

I couldn't believe it turned me on so to see the guy lying there with cum all over him spread his legs wide and have the one guy finger his tight hole. Soon it showed the guy press his dick into the tight hole and the guys began to screw and the third guy having his balls played with by the guy getting fucked. My cock ached so hard as I looked at the pictures of the guy getting fucked and then getting cum on again as his lover came in ropes of cum all over him.

My cock had never felt so hard, so warm, so tingly or so excited as I perused the subsequent photo spreads. There was one with two hot blond guys naked on the beach with their feet in the water and leaning against the rocks as one guy butt fucked the other before sucking him off. Another photo spread had two guys on a deck of a beach house making love on the cushions as two hot topless chicks watched the gay scene. My cock hurt so good as I set the mags down and again furiously jacked hard on my cock cumming with another mind boggling orgasm and my cum shooting out all over myself.

Exhausted, yet elated and quite satisfied I wiped the cum off again with my damp underwear from the side of the bed. I fell back asleep with my cock pleasantly sore but glowing and my erection finally subsiding most of the way. As the morning light crept in I awoke again with another massive boner like my cock just didn't want to not be hard. I was by this point totally mesmerized by the gay porn and I just had to look at it again before having to deal with the families and the wedding. I was a bit sore but my penis felt fantastic in my hands as I looked at both the gay porn and the naked girls.

Seeing all the cum from the guys cocks made me wonder what cum was like and I looked over at my cum soaked underwear by the bed. I picked it them up and they were partly damp and partly stiff and crusted. I knew it was strange but I brought them to my face to catch a scent of cum. I jacked off with one hand as the scent of my own cum from beneath my nostrils intoxicated and aroused me even more and I thrashed on the bed jacking myself off frantically.

I was a mess of guilt and emotions and as I was close to cumming again I tossed the damp cum laden underwear aside and surprised myself by fingering my tight hole with my legs spread wide with my other hand. Feeling my finger on my asshole was all it took to send my over the top. My third frenzied orgasm in a few hours was slower in cumming but spine tingling and intense and I felt possessed as my cum dribbled out in smaller squirts and my cock was pleasantly sore and tender. This time my hard on finally subsided and I wiped up and got up to hide the magazines that I had found. I fell back asleep for another few hours till all the commotion in the house woke me up and I became part of the family activities for the wedding.

At the wedding I was a tassel of emotions. I was guilty about having enjoyed the gay porn so much and elated about my scintillating discovery. My mind wandered continually till we got to the reception. We were all drinking and carrying on when I noticed Brian with a girl and another guy. It took a while to register but I was almost certain the guy was that the guy was one of the guys in the magazine. Deep down I felt that Brian was gay but I was a bit out of it and really not sure about the whole situation. Brian ended up involved with the wedding activities & I was left to hang out with his friend Kyle and the girl, Theresa.

I had quite a buzz going during some small talk and inadvertently and perhaps subconsciously asked Kyle if he was a "surfer boy". He grinned ear to ear as did Theresa and joked 'why, do you want to ride my surfboard"? I was a bit embarrassed but actually very aroused and Kyle broke the tension asking if I wanted to get high. We headed out side to the hotel grounds and smoke a joint in a gazebo by a garden. On the way back into the hotel we passed a storage room in a hallway that held the hotel's banquet chairs & tables. Kyle said, "let's check this out" and opened the door we went in but the lights were off and the only light was coming in through a glass window in the door. Before I had a chance to really realize what was going on Kyle had stopped and lifted my hand to his crotch. In my shock and excitement and huge buzz going it was totally exciting as his hard on grew to my touch and he soon had his hand rubbing my growing hardness in my pants.

It all happened so fast that he had my pants opened and was reaching in to feel my cock, which was by now as hard as it had ever been. His parts were soon opened too and we pulled on each other's cocks in the near darkness with Theresa gazing out the window, keeping watch I suppose. Again before I had time to register the situation Kyle slid down to his knees, pulling my pants down along the way and he engulfed my cock in his mouth. My knees nearly buckled from the pleasure and surprise as Kyle hungrily began to suck my cock. I was breathing heavy and involuntarily humping his mouth in rhythm to the plunging of his warm wet mouth over my cock. Just as I felt like I was getting ready to cum, he stopped and rose up to me. I was gasping for breath and hard and excited and another unexpected event happened as Kyle put my hand back on his throbbing cock -- he kissed me! It was such an organic, horny, forbidden thrill to kiss another guy that I had no idea it would be so electrifying.

We kissed madly like crazed dogs as we pulled on each other's cocks. Kyle broke the kiss and whispered in my ear "you try it", pushing me gently down to my knees. I pulled down his pants and breathlessly played with his cock in my hands. He rubbed my hair with his hands and I got brave and put my face on his cock. The scent was stimulating and my own hard cock urged me on as I slipped it in my mouth. Wow! I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed the taste and sensation of sucking a cock. My sucking was slow and tentative at first but my horniness carried me on and soon I was licking, kissing and sucking his cock with gusto.

Kyle was breathing heavy too and the whole covert sex-capade was like some horny dream. Before I had a chance to realize what was happening Kyle was breathing heavier and humping his cock into my mouth holding my head in his hands. I didn't have a chance to even think about it as his cock began to jettison huge gobs of cum into my mouth. I gasped in a bit of shock and pulled of for a split second as a spurt of cum landed across the side of my face but my mouth was soon back sucking his cock. It was such a horny, nasty scene and as his humping subsided to a slow pace I finally pulled off to catch my breath and register what I had just done. My own cock was still so hard and after a quick kiss Kyle got back on his knees and began to suck me off again. Theresa was watching by the window in the door and as Kyle sank his mouth back over my aching cock. I noticed her rubbing herself under her dress with one hand & fondling her titties through her dress with the other.

I was high and slightly drunk, yet I was more intoxicated from the clandestine and forbidden nature of our sexual encounter. My cock felt wonderful in his mouth and I could still taste and smell the aroma of his sex as Kyle hungrily licked and sucked on my cock. I saw Theresa glance over and could see her smile when all of a sudden I lost it and started cumming in Kyle's mouth. A huge gush of cum ejaculated out of my penis into his eager mouth. Kyle sucked me off totally & licked and sucked on my cock long after the last drops of cum had gone down his throat. He got and we both had our pants around our ankles. Kyle pulled on my cock as he pressed his body into me and he gave me a soft kiss, telling me I was delicious.

We pulled our pants up and got straightened up and calmly walked out of the storage room. They went back to the reception but I went into a bathroom to collect myself. I was tipsy & high but mainly I was shaking from the experience in the storage room. Looking at myself in the mirror I straighten up my tie & shirt. The taste and smell of sex was all around my face and looking closer there was a bit of dried cum on my cheek & chin. I washed up best I could and headed back to the reception. Kyle & Theresa both gave me evil grins and I proceeded to get pretty drunk.

When I ended up back and their home after the wedding and went to my room I dug out the gay mags and tried to masturbate again but was too drunk and passed out. My pants and boxers were around my ankles and my shirt was unbuttoned but my tie was still on. Laying there half dressed & passed out with the porn mags next to me I blearily heard the door start to open and aunt Margie start to talk to me. In terror I pulled the sheets up over myself just in time I hoped that she wouldn't see like that.

After showering and another day of family activities I couldn't wait to get back to my room alone that night, especially as all I could think about was the incident with Kyle. I dug out the "Surfer Boy" mag and had instant hard on the moment I pulled it out. My cock felt so good in my hands as I looked at the photo spreads of all the hot guys having sex. After looking through most of the spreads I settled on one where the guy who I was now certain was Kyle & my cousin Brian's lover was engaged on a beach blanket with another guy in a stunning 69 with the surf pounding behind them. Their naked bodies look delicious to me as I looked at my own naked body with my hard cock in my hand. I loved the feeling of being naked in a strange place with the forbidden pleasure of admiring hot, nude guys making love to each other.

My cock tingled in my hands as I looked at Kyle in the photo spread continue the hot gay 69 with the other surfer boy. Every straight guy loves a girl on girl 69 but this guy on guy 69 was as exciting a thing as I had ever seen. Wildly pumping my cock with my fist I came in a huff as the scene showed the two guys pull out from the twin blowjobs and gush cum all over each other's faces and lips before plunging back down on the cocks and tasting the last bits of cum. Cum squirted forcefully out of my cock all over me as my breathing was heavy and the warm spooge felt good on my stomach and chest, like I would like it if another guy came all over me. I decided to take the "Surfer Boy" mag back home with me.

All the way home on the plane ride my guilt overrode my bisexual feelings. Since last summer I repressed them the best I could though I figured that if I was to have an affair with another guy it was bound to happen on its own sweet time. My girlfriend Katie was a stone fox with a tiny waist and a drop dead gorgeous ass and though her titties were smallish they were well formed and luscious. We had sex often, sometimes in kinky places and she loved sex talk and would often ask me my fantasies. I was dying to tell her about a fantasy on a beach with me and her and a guy and finally got the nerve to tell her one-day when we were making love. She was very cool about it when I told her about getting naked with her and a hot surfer guy on a blanket on the beach. In my mind it was Kyle from the wedding that I was sure was my cousin's lover.

Katie seemed to really enjoy my little bisexual fantasy sex talk as I had my cock deep inside her warm, tight pussy. It was so exciting during love making to express in words what I had slowly been fantasizing about more and more. We both got off as I told her about feeling another guy's cock as he felt mine while she watched. We were both so aroused as I went on talking about sucking his cock as he sucked mine in a hot bisexual 69 as she watched topless in the openness of a secluded beach. We both came extremely hard and long and loud and Katie even commented what a hot little fantasy and that she could tell it really excited me.


Anyway as I sat at the bar that night Ryan and I really hit it off. We talked and laughed and slowly got a pretty good buzz going. He said he lived close and asked me if I wanted to come over to his place and get high. As we walked over to his apartment he told me he wanted to make sure that I knew he was gay. I said that it really hadn't crossed my mind, which it hadn't, but that I was cool with it. After he told me though my mind started spinning and I was a jumble of nerves and guilt and fear and to my surprise, extreme curiosity and exhilaration about another possible gay tryst.

We got to his place and there was a girl there that he introduced to me as his roommate Christine. She was watching TV with a guy on the couch. We all made small talked and Christine and the guy didn't pay us too much mind as Ryan and I sat at the kitchen table to get high. Christine came over to join us and, my oh my, was she ever a beautiful babe. She just had jeans on and a button down shirt that was open quite a way and her long straight brunette hair cascaded down her shoulders. I tried not to peek but I could tell she had no bra on. Standing by the table she took a few tokes with us before smiling sweetly at me and joining the guy on the couch that was not interested in getting high with us. He left after a while and Ryan and I joined Christine on the couch. It felt very strange and he was very straightforward about it when Ryan rested his hand on my leg as he sat between Christine and I. I guess he wanted to let me know he was interested in me and I felt a huge rush of anticipation and stimulation.

Christine got up to use the bathroom and Ryan asked if I was OK with this. My heart was pounding but I could feel my cock growing hard in my pants. In almost a trance I nodded affirmative as Ryan slid his hand into mine. The whole scene was totally electrifying and Ryan looked deeply into my eyes as we held hands. He said a soft "mmm" as he slid his hand over my crotch to feel my growing hard on in my pants. My mind was racing as he slid closer and I felt the strange sensation of starting to kiss another guy for the second time. Just as our lips touched and my whole straight world was crashing down around me we heard the bathroom door open and I broke the kiss. Ryan smiled sweetly at me and we heard Christine call "goodnight" to us as she walked down the hall to her room.

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