tagNonHumanBound to My Mate Ch. 11

Bound to My Mate Ch. 11


The sun was long set by the time I pried my eyes open again. Joel had the balcony door open and I could see him standing outside surveying the dark forest. He had a pair of pants slung low over his hips, but his muscular back was bare. He looked edible. Hesitantly I moved one leg and then the other, the pain I had been expecting wasn't there. I slid out of the bed and walked toward the open balcony coming to rest beside Joel.

"How long were we asleep?" I asked him.

"You love, have been asleep almost a week, which is a good sign. It means the changing will probably start soon. I'm glad you are awake now. I've missed you."

"A week?" I shrieked, "Is that normal?"

I prayed I hadn't been pooping and peeing in our bed all week. I'd seen bed bound hospital patients. It got nasty really quick. I stuttered so bad I could barely ask him about it.

"No," he laughed, "it was more like you were hibernating."

Gripping my wrists he pulled me close and pulled my arms around his waist. "How do you feel now?"

I felt great. As his lips made a leisurely perusal of my neck I luxuriated in the feel of him so close. I could hear the wind in the trees outside and I could smell his heavenly scent. My growling stomach was not to be denied though.

Joel released me laughing, "Let me go call for some food."

It tasted wonderful and I ate ravenously when the food was brought up. The flavors were all so much stronger; I thought they had changed recipes at first. Joel assured me that was the werewolf senses starting to develop.

After I ate I was ready for bed again, nearly dropping off in front of the meal. Joel carried my limp body to the bed and curled up next to me. I was asleep in a matter of seconds.

When I woke up again it was still dark out and Joel was lying on his back with his arms over his head. I sat up and looked at him. He was so peaceful and relaxed. It was very different from the Alpha male he showed the pack every day.

I wanted him, needed him desperately. I felt an aggressive form of desire push into my mind. I didn't know where it was coming from and I didn't care. This male was here and I was ready. He was mine to use.

Slowly and quietly I pulled the sheet Joel was under out of the way. I was thrilled to find him naked. His cock lay limply against his leg. That just wouldn't do.

Leaning down I took the tip of his beautiful tool between my lips. I licked and sucked the sensitive tissue. He rumbled a little and threw an arm over his eyes, but didn't rouse. I crawled slowly between his legs and started to lick the shaft as I ran my fingers around the sensitive head. The organ was starting to thicken and pulse.

Rubbing my nose into his groin I enjoyed his scent, it was strong here. I ran my nose all over him and scented his sac. The skin got rougher under my nose and I licked the tissue, tasting him.

Slowly and carefully I took a ball in my mouth and sucked. Joel groaned slightly. Releasing him from my mouth I licked and nipped at the other side. I was about to give my attention back to his hard cock when he spoke.

"Love, what are you doing?" he asked perching on his elbows and looking down at me quizzically.

I licked the skin of his balls again and then ran my tongue up his shaft. Engulfing the head of his cock in my mouth I took him as deeply as I could. Joel fisted a hand in my hair and dragged me off his tool. It released from my mouth with a soft pop. He continued to pull until my face was level with his.

"Not that I'm complaining, but you should be resting. Your energy probably isn't back yet."

Suddenly if felt like I was watching this from the other side of the room. Not that I cared to stop, but I couldn't have if I wanted to. I was just along for the ride, someone else was running this show.

I felt a low growl rumble in my chest and Joel's eyes widened. I wanted him right now. There was now way he was denying me this. I shook my head and his hand relaxed, slipping out of my hair.

My hands seemed slightly foreign to me, less dexterous than usual. It took a moment, but I used them clumsily to aim his cock. I guided my body down and sunk onto him. I was more than ready for him and he slid in easily.

Pushing on his chest I forced him back down to the bed and rode him. I saw drops of blood start to form at the end of my fingers as I dug into his chest. Funny, I'd never noticed my nails were that sharp before.

I used him for my pleasure but too soon I felt him start to swell inside of me. I wasn't ready to be done with him yet, so I grabbed him around the throat and squeezed. Blood appeared in tiny rivulets running down his neck. Joel struggled to breathe and I felt his member relax slightly. Releasing my grip I returned to my prior activity.

"Little wolf, if you weren't finished all you have to do is ask," he said slipping his hand between our joined bodies.

He ground the pads of his fingers against my throbbing center and I exploded. I faintly heard a howl rip through the room as I lay down across his chest. My body clenched around him and it felt really good.

I continued to glide up and down his shaft while I licked his neck and face. His scent was strong over his neck and loved the taste, licking up the small rows of drying blood like it was fine wine. My senses couldn't get enough of the potent aroma.

He attempted to roll us and I growled at him. The savage part of me was tamed for the moment and I was comfortable. He was having none of it.

"I let you have your fun wolf; you don't want to do this."

Remembering those new sharp fingertips I drove them into his upper arms as I held him down. Let him have a taste of me and then we'll see who's in charge.

"Bad move, wolf," he warned.

Joel picked me up off his erection and threw me on the other side of the bed. I landed stomach down and tried to push myself up to my knees. Joel was on top of me, pressing between my legs before I could gain my balance.

A low growl left my throat warning him I wasn't interested anymore. I threw my head back and the crunch I got was satisfying. Joel grunted and lifted off me just enough. I slipped out from under him.

Moving across the bed I faced him and bared my teeth. Joel sat in a crouch watching me as he wiped a little blood away from under his nose. The tawny muscles in chest and arms were flexed, his whole body tensed to spring. He was a magnificent sight.

His contained strength was like an aphrodisiac and I crawled toward him. He growled low in his throat threatening, angry. I still approached him, now I wanted him.

I rubbed my face against his arm following the limb until I was rubbing against his shoulder. My nose ran across his collarbone toward his neck. I was lapping at the hollow of his throat when I felt a hand come up and stroke my back.

He came forward pushing me back, his face coming level with mine. I nipped at his lips playfully. He didn't stop pushing until I was on my back and he towered over me. My legs spread naturally around him. Crawling over me he settled between my thighs. I raised my hands to his back and he growled.

"Be a good wolf and keep your claws up by your head," he said looking down at me pointedly.

Raising my arms above my head I whined low in my throat, I needed him again. That magnificent bronze body settled slowly, pressing me further into the bedding. He teased me as his enlarged organ slid against my weeping slit. Although I tried, I couldn't capture him, so I moved my hand down to assist him.

A low growl rose out of his throat as he eyed my stray limb. I placed it back above my head and waited. I couldn't express my need. I wiggled my hips enticingly underneath him, planted my feet on the bed, and ground against him. When he wouldn't move I started to reach with my hand again and found my wrists pinned to the bed by one of his.

A glint came into his eye as he reached between us with his free hand and aimed his thick pulsating length.

"Do you need this?" he asked.

A sound of encouragement escaped my throat. If I could have formed words I would have been begging.

With a powerful thrust he entered me and then lay still on top of me. I groaned and writhed beneath him, trying to make him move.

"No, little wolf, I'll move when I'm ready," he stated flatly. "You denied me and raised your claws to me."

Joel was heavy and used that to his advantage, I could barely wiggle under him. The hand that wasn't restraining my hands he wrapped in my hair, anchoring me to the bed. I couldn't move. Until he decided to do something, I would just lay there full and horny.

He was really pissing me off now. I growled at him and showed teeth. He growled back, shifting his face slightly so his elongated canines were directly in my view.

I remembered watching Joel fighting Erik in the clearing. It felt like I was watching the fight with new eyes. It struck me the wolf mere inches from my face could be very violent. I started to feel uncomfortable with my position.

My neck was exposed the way I was being held and I didn't like it. I couldn't move my head to stop baring it. My wild side panicked when Joel brought his teeth down over the soft flesh. I tried to wiggle away, but he just increased the pressure of his jaws. Some deep instinct told me to stay still, so I did.

We lay like that for what seemed like forever. He would move just enough to keep himself hard and stimulated, but otherwise just pinned me to the bed. His dominance was overpowering. Something inside me melted and I accepted it. I was his; I couldn't deny him and I wasn't supposed to hurt him. Relaxing underneath Joel, I waited patiently.

Slowly he started to move his hips rocking gently as he stared down into my eyes. He must have sensed the change.

"Do you understand now?" he asked slowly picking up a rhythm.

I grunted my answer into his neck laving the skin with my tongue.

He released my hands and I slowly moved them down to his sides, cautious that I wasn't using my claws on him.

He continued to rock above me as I lifted my legs and wound them around his hips. I tasted his neck kissing and biting the skin, enjoying his salty flavor. Something about the way he smelled and tasted was intoxicating.

Without notice Joel pulled almost all the way out then bottomed out with a quick thrust. The motion took my breath away and I raked my nails down his back as I arched my own. The scent of his blood filled the air. He never stopped thrusting as he moved his palm to the side of my face.

"Look at me," he commanded.

I did and watched him carefully. Some new part of me wasn't sure how dangerous the male on top of me was.

"The intention makes a difference, my wolf. Can you understand that?"

My tongue flicked out and moved against the corner of his mouth and he smiled. Whatever part of me was in charge right now understood.

I moved my hands to the nape of his neck and wound them into the hair there. He continued to rock forcefully into me and I felt my release building a second time. I came as he did, once again howling my release.

When he was done, Joel slipped off of me and pulled my back flush to his chest.

"You're a fierce little wolf, aren't you?" he asked holding me tightly and nibbling on my neck. When I didn't answer he chuckled and relaxed behind me.

I wasn't sure what to think of what had just happened, but at least Joel didn't sound upset. When I remembered how to talk, I'd have to ask him about it. For now, drowsy and sated I lay in his arms.

Slumber was coming quickly, but in that netherworld of sleep and wake, I had another surprise. I could see my wolf and she could see me. It felt like we were circling one another, getting closer and closer, but never quite touching.

I felt the wolf move under my skin. She would almost ripple the surface, only to draw herself back, unsure how to go further. I was solid, she didn't quite know how to make herself known.

This body was both of ours now, but she was unsure how it worked. Everything about me felt alien and strange to her. I felt her sifting into my mind attempting to know what I knew. She wanted to know more about all of this, but this last experience had been intense.

We were both so tired and this was all so new. It was the first conversation we had and it was very basic. Rest now, we agreed. It was my last memory before oblivion claimed me.

'This is getting old,' I thought to myself as I woke up with sun streaming through the windows. I didn't know how long I had been out, but it felt like a really long time. My body was stiff and felt ill used.

I pulled myself out of the bed and headed for the bathroom, but stopped short. Attached to my ankle was a thick silver manacle and chain. Inspecting the item closer I realized it was different from the first one. I wasn't entirely sure I knew how to open it without a key.

I tugged at the chain with all my strength but it didn't break. I growled and let out an unearthly howl. My feral nature was rising inside of me, furious at this turn of events. Breath rushed out of me in rapid little pants and I felt like something bad was going to happen if I didn't get control.

Instead of focusing on the chain, I focused on me. My bladder was full and my skin felt sweaty. I trudged to the toilet and then moved into the shower. Purposefully ignoring the device on my ankle I hoped I'd feel better clean.

I tried to spend my time in the shower thinking of ways to torture Joel. My skin was a major distraction, though. I was so sensitive. I stopped thinking about wanting to hurt him and started thinking of ways I wanted to fuck him.

When I was done and drying myself I couldn't stop rubbing my hand between my legs. I wrapped a big fluffy towel around my body to stop my own hands from wandering. I was so horny.

When I walked back into the bedroom I stopped short. Katrina was dutifully changing the sheets.

"What are you doing?" I asked her quickly followed with, "Hey, I can talk again!"

"You're changing, that's normal. The wolf has difficulty mastering speech and until you fully change you won't be able to communicate telepathically with anyone. It can be totally frustrating."

"Like this one week I couldn't talk at all, like seriously the whole week. Saul was so not helpful cause they hadn't had to change a human in a really long time and he had forgotten."

"So the Alpha told me to stay with you while he has some stuff to do. He also told me to clean things up a little if you get up, 'cause you like things clean. Oh, are you like really horny?"

The woman talked like a train wreck and I could barely follow what she was saying. I also realized I was rubbing my hand between my legs like a freak.

"Oh Katrina, I'm so sorry. I don't know what's gotten into me. I'm so upset and I... I can't control it," I was so frustrated I was ready to scream. The chain, the feelings it was all just too much. In addition, Joel had left Katrina here, so he wasn't coming back.

"It's okay," she said, "that's why I'm here. It's also why he chained you back up. He said your wolf totally jumped him and got aggressive. He won't let the Omegas come in here. He's afraid she'll attack them or fuck them. You know, whatever."

"Uh, huh," I mumbled getting distracted by the fire burning in my nether regions. I really needed Joel. Even if I did really want to kill him, I figured I'd just have my way with him first.

Before I knew it Katrina grabbed me and threw me on the bed. My anger flared momentarily, but receded quickly. As I struggled to sit up Katrina knelt between my spread legs and started to lick. Then I did not want to stop her, ever. She could keep doing that until time ended.

Gently she ran her nails along the inside of my thighs and she lapped languidly at my entrance.

"More, please," I whispered pulling my towel open and touching my erect nipples. I was on fire as I ran my hands down my own body and opened my lower lips to her searching tongue.

She kissed and nibbled at my clit until I thought I would explode. Never taking the little nob in her mouth. She never did enough to leg me come before returning to tease the entrance to my slick channel.

"Please," I begged her and felt her giggle against my thigh. "Katrina, you're driving me nuts!"

"I live to serve, Madam Alpha," she said sucking the sensitive little nob into her mouth.

Did she ever. She tongued me until I came several times, eventually losing her own clothes and placing her dripping pussy over my face. I drew lazy figure eights across her clit with my tongue and she went wild on top of me. Her salty sweet cum ran over my lips and I thought I would drown in it. We ended up curled up on the bed together, naked and sweaty, after several hours.

My stomach made it's demands known in a none to subtle way and I was relieved Katrina had come prepared. She had a cart loaded with food waiting in the main room.

She wheeled the trolley into the bedroom we sat on the balcony to eat. The sun had set while were occupied in the bed, so we didn't even bother to dress. Oddly, I wasn't cold. My breath misted in the air, but I didn't feel uncomfortable. It was just peaceful and quiet.

"How come I'm not freezing cold sitting out here?" I asked Katrina.

"You are starting to shift. We aren't as sensitive to cold as humans are. During this time you'll start to exhibit more and more qualities of the wolf. At first, it's like she kind of invades your mind. Shifting completely will be difficult, Alpha Latro will teach you how to do it. For now you may grow claws or hair at odd times, but it takes time and training to learn to hold the other forms."

There was a measure of comfort with that answer. It explained the attitude and wicked claws I'd had with Joel the other night.

We ate quietly and I watched the woods hearing the occasional howl drift from them. I could imagine how the frosty ground would feel sliding under my feet. As I looked at the forest, I thought grudgingly of the chain on my ankle. I tugged at it experimentally.

"Oh no you don't," warned Katrina watching me. "That chain won't be easily broken and I'm not taking that thing off of you. If you jump from this balcony you'll just end up dangling. I don't think the Alpha would be very happy about that. He left strict orders about where you are supposed to go and not supposed to go while he was gone."

"Gone? Gone, as in not in the den? Where is he?"

"Big meeting with the other pack leaders. He left yesterday, not too happy about it, either. He didn't want to leave you, but it was necessary. The whole witch thing. He took all those spells she made with him. They are meeting to talk about what the packs should do to protect themselves," Katrina answered me.

I was beyond upset. Angry tears started to well up in my eyes and I dropped the roll I had been nibbling on. Katrina noticed and started to wipe the tears away.

"Don't be sad, it'll be fine. It's the change making you so emotional, you'll be all right. Shawna is coming up and we're going to stay with you."

She kept talking but all I could think was that he had left me chained up like a dog for who knew how long. For some strange reason that equated into him not loving me. He may never come back for me.

Although I knew rationally that wasn't true. It bothered me immensely and I barely noticed when Shawna came and they put me back to bed. As they stroked my back and shushed me I curled up into a ball and panicked. I had to get off this chain.

An annoying ringing started somewhere in the distance and I just wanted it to stop. I swung a hand out to hit the noisemaker, but was restrained by Shawna.

"It's your cell phone. I'll get it," she said as she flipped it open. I couldn't stop panting and lay miserably on the bed with Katrina still trying to soothe me.

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