tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBounty Hunter and the Jedi Ch. 01

Bounty Hunter and the Jedi Ch. 01

byJohn Blackhawk©

This is my first story on Literotica so any constructive suggestions are welcome.


Primeday the 11th, 5th month, 12:01, Coruscant, 19 BBY

Ahsoka Tano landing on a local Coruscant spaceship platform in her Delta 7-B Aethersprite-Class Light Interceptor after receiving a signal from the Jedi Temple to return immediately. By this time Darth Vader has already left for Mustafar to eliminate the Separatist leadership. When she exits her craft she is met up by a squad of clone troopers.

Ahsoka asked the squad leader "What's going on here sergeant?" The squad leader simply replied "We are executing order sixty-six commander." Then the entire squad of clone troopers then leveled their weapons at Ahsoka and started firing. Ashoka barely has time to ignite one of her lightsaber and fend off the blasts that would cause an instant fatality but she is pushed back by the sheer volume of fire and is sent flying over the edge dropping her lightsaber on the way down.

A lone female bounty hunter dressed in full body armor saw a body falling from the landing platform through the advanced optics in her helmet as well as a smaller object. The female bounty hunter tapped some buttons on the control on her bracer to run a trajectory calculation and after a brief double check ignited her modified Merr-Sonn JT-12 jet pack. Following the set path she intercepted the lightsaber first stuffing it in an oversized pocket on her armored pants. The female bounty hunter however only managed to intercept Ahsoka after an additional thrust from the jet pack and Ahsoka bouncing against a part of a slanted roof. The female bounty hunter cradled Ahsoka in her arms as the modified Merr-Sonn JT-12 jet pack finally shut down as it was programmed.

The female bounty hunter then opened a compartment on her utility belt and pulled out a cylindrical item which she gripped for dear life. Pointing the item down and switching it on it fired a range finding laser which displayed the distance to the ground in the optics of her helmet.

The female bounty hunter quickly fired the engine of the Merr-Sonn JT-12 jet pack in several short bursts to stabilize how they were falling and keep them parallel to the building next to them.

When the display finally read eighty meters the female bounty hunter fired a large grappling spike launcher built into the modified Merr-Sonn JT-12 jet pack into the nearest building and after ten meters started slowing the rate the liquid reservoir released the ultra strong cable. By the time the pair was about ten meters from the ground they had slowed down enough to just simply hang by the cable from the jet pack.

By the time they were five meters from the ground the female bounty hunter relaxed herself and managed to hit the button on her armor's left wrist to cut the cable from the jet pack and then land on the ground level of Coruscant with a dull thud.

After carefully setting the young togruta down on the ground she disengaged the locks on her neck securing her helmet in place she carefully took the helmet off and leaned on Ahsoka's chest and listened for a heart beat. She said quietly smiling "unbelievable she survived." She slipped the laser range finder back into its pouch on her utility belt and used a remote to summon her BARC speeder to their location.

Primeday the 11th, 5th month, 12:25, Coruscant

The BARC speeder arrived on automatic from above and then settled down reasonably close under power then extended its landing skids and finally landed and then switched its systems into standby. The female bounty hunter after slipping out of her jet pack secured it to its own pouch on the bike she dug around in a pouch on the left hand side and pulled out a medisensor from the on board medikit and then walked over to the unconscious Ahsoka and then proceeded to run the medisensor over her body.

The female bounty hunter spoke softly "Let's see, no organ damage." Two bones in her right arm are broken and her left wrist is dislocated. Three of her ribs are bruised and two more look questionable.

The bounty hunter then took off her arm armor and stored the removed pieces on her bike as well knowing she will need to roll the young togruta to get a clear reading on her medisensor for the young togruta's spine. As the female bounty hunter rolled the unconscious as much as she dared without attempting to hurt Ahsoka the young togruta started wincing and moaning a bit. Quickly finishing the woman laid Ahsoka flat on the ground and checked the read out on the medisensor. Breathing some sigh of relief that there was no serious damage to the young togruta's spine she whispered softly "I'm sorry for causing you any discomfort but I had to make sure I could move you safely."

The bounty hunter then dug through the medikit and pulled out an airsplint and carefully set Ahsoka's broken arm. After replacing the medisensor in the medikit the bounty hunter secured the medikit back in its place on the BARC speeder.

The bounty hunter went to work digging a package out of a different cargo bag on her BARC speeder and assembled a kind of repulsor stretcher that attached to the back of the BARC speeder. After it was assembled the bounty hunter carefully moved Ahsoka as she was onto it and laid a blanket overtop and then clipped a belt over the blanket to keep Ahsoka from slipping off.

The bounty hunter finally got on the BARC speeder slipping on a pair of glareshades. The bounty hunter then carefully revved the engine and sped off heading to a landing pad on the edge of the city where through some hard spent credits a newly acquired YT-1300 sat.

Primeday the 11th, 5th month, 13:15, Coruscant

As the bounty hunter pulled up to the landing platform she bit her lip as she encountered a guard at the entrance. The guard said plainly as the female bounty hunter stopped "I am going to need to see some identification before I can let you pass."

The female bounty hunter carefully moved her hand to her left waist pocket not to agitate the guard and then pulled out an identification card for Phara Black along with a standard bounty hunter certification card and handed them both to the guard. The guard then inserted both into a device he was carrying after brief moment the clone trooper said "ok this checks out, what about this person you are carrying?"

Phara said to the guard "the client I am working for wants to see the body before he'll pay the bounty." The guard handed back the identification card and bounty hunter certification.

Not having much time to waste Phara' drove her BARC along the underside of her YT-1300. She pulled out remote device from her belt after parking the BARC speeder and pressed a button on it to lower the boarding ramp.

After shutting down the BARC and pulling the key Phara' carefully went to the repulsor stretcher took the blanket off of Ahsoka and then up the ramp. Phara carefully took her to the galley of the ship which also did double duty as a medical area. Phara took a moment set Ahsoka down flat on her back on the deck searching for the fold out table. After working out how to set it up Ahsoka was laid down upon it. Phara took off her armor gloves she felt for a pulse and smiled a bit after finding one still there after everything that has happened.

Phara carefully removed Ahsoka's belt containing her remaining lightsaber aside, making note of the holes that were in the leather of the belt.

Ahsoka suddenly woke up moaning in pain. Phara whispered trying to keep her calm "Easy, easy you have a broken right arm, your left wrist is dislocated, three of your ribs are bruised and two more ribs look questionable." That seemed to quiet her down and she laid back on the table. Phara heard Ahsoka say "my lightsabers?" Phara remembered and dug in the oversized left hand pocket and carefully pulled out one and held up the other by the belt saying "got them right here." Some point after Ahsoka fell unconscious, Phara double checked to make sure Ahsoka's pulse was strong.

Phara quickly stripped off the armor chest plate she was still wearing setting it on the counter. She then hit a switch on the wall to activate a 2-1B surgical droid that was docked against a nearby wall. The droid came out of its docking port and walked over to Phara and said in its mechanical voice as it walked over "how may I assist you today?" Phara replied "I need some assistance tending to this togruta female." Phara hit a switch next to the table to activate an antisepsis field generator build into the ceiling above the table. Phara searched through the cabinets finding a reloadable spray hypo and loaded it with a mild sedative cartridge. After donning a pair of surgical gloves Phara took a reloadable spray hypo and injected Ahsoka in her shoulder. Phara said to the 2-1B surgical droid as she assessed Ahsoka "could you activate the medical imager?" The 2-1B surgical droid responded as it went over to the wall and flipped a switch to cause a device to drop from the ceiling and scan the patient on the table a moment later a three dimensional image appeared representing Ahsoka's internal structures. Phara said to the 2-1B surgical droid "so what do you think?" The 2-1B surgical droid responded "no discernable organ damage but two bones in her right arm are broken and two of her ribs will need the broken portions removed and reconstructed to eliminated the risk of any organ punctures." The togruta female also has three bruised ribs.

Phara finding two small clasps along Ahsoka's lekku respectfully separated the headdress from her and carefully setting it aside with the lightsabers. Phara said to the 2-1B surgical droid "let's begin with the dislocated wrist shall we?" The 2-1B surgical droid said "if you would hold her down at the shoulder ma'am I can handle the rest." Phara did as the 2-1B surgical droid requested the droid carefully grabbed Ahsoka's left hand and after it preformed some calculations jerked back hard. After a few minutes the droid set the hand back down on the table. Phara curiously asked "how is the wrist?" The 2-1B surgical droid said "it's back in position and the blood flow is in acceptable parameters." The three dimensional image zoomed in briefly on the hand the 2-1B surgical droid just attended to.

The 2-1B surgical went further to say "I also recommend a memory plastic hand bandage to immobilize the wrist." Phara went back to the medical area and after a brief search retrieved a package containing a memory plastic hand bandage and walked back to Ahsoka. Phara opened the package and carefully put it over Ahsoka's hand and wrist. After the memory bandage constricted conforming to Ahsoka's hand Phara sat back down next to Ahsoka.

Phara said as she carefully removed the airsplint "ok now let's turn our attention to that right arm." The 2-1B medical droid "yes ma'am, would you like to handle this or shall I?" Phara said "I'll do it, but I would like some direction from you as we go." Phara finding the bone-knitter and small bone saw brought them over beside the table the 2-1B surgical droid close behind. Phara said to the 2-1B surgical droid "ok could you point out for me where I need to cut?" After processing some information a small laser dot shot out from the 2-1B surgical droid's head hitting the appropriate spot."

Phara picked up the laser scalpel and then asked the 2-1B surgical droid "that's where the first break is right?" The 2-1B surgical droid responded with a simple "yes, the second break is about two inches down from that" Phara carefully cut into Ahsoka's arm with the laser scalpel as the 2-1B surgical droid direct cutting shallow. Then setting the laser scalpel aside she use a number of surgical forceps to carefully part the muscle tissue and only cutting into the muscle with the laser scalpel only when absolutely necessary.

After setting the laser scalpel aside Phara selected the small bone saw and went to work carefully trimming the bone down until either side of the break was squared off. After all the loose bone fragments were removed with a pair of surgical tweezers Phara picked up the bone-knitter. With a little assistance from the 2-1B surgical droid to get the bones in place Phara used the bone-knitter to repair the bone. The same process of squaring off the ends of the bone where the break was, removing the bone fragments, and repairing with the bone-knitter was repeated for the other arm bone.

Carefully Phara removed the forceps she put in place to spread the muscle tissue and carefully put the skin back in place. The 2-1B surgical droid said "may I suggest this ma'am to secure the surgical incision?" Phara curiously looked at what the droid was holding which appeared to be a roll of clear tape. Phara curious asked "what is it?" The 2-1B surgical droid stated "it is a type of medical tape to allow bacta to penetrate through. Phara thought for a moment on this and decided to use the tape, taking care to carefully tape up where the incision ran.

Phara said standing up said "ok now to those ribs." Phara carefully looked over the halter top Ahsoka was wearing. After a few minutes Phara found the two fasteners behind Ahsoka's back and one under her lekku behind her neck. A few minutes later the fasteners were all undone and Phara carefully peeled the garment off her chest setting it aside and leaving Ahsoka bare-chested. Phara took a brief moment to admire Ahsoka's breasts with a casual caress and sat back down.

Phara asked the 2-1B surgical droid "ok now could you point out the first rib crack?" The 2-1B surgical droid again after processing the data shot a laser dot pointing out the first break and said "I suggest keeping the cut small the other break is one rib up and further on top of her chest than that one is."

Phara took up the laser scalpel again cutting deeper than before and then carefully pulled the layers of skin and muscle tissue exposing the break in the rib. Phara set the laser scalpel aside and then picked up the small bone saw to carefully cut on either side of the break and carefully removed the fragments with surgical tweezers. With the help of the 2-1B surgical droid to hold the bone in place Phara used the bone-knitter to repair the bone. After the bone was repaired Phara carefully moved the tissue back in place over the newly repaired bone carefully stitching the muscles together with a curved needle and medical thread Phara also used medical tape to secure the incision.

The same process of cutting into the flesh, cutting on either side of the break in the bone to square it off, removing the bone fragments, and repairing with the bone-knitter, then stitching the muscles back together was repeated for the other fractured rib.

Phara said to the 2-1B surgical droid "ok, I think it's time to get the bacta tank ready." The 2-1B surgical said as it went to a nearby wall panel to do as Phara requested "yes ma'am." Phara turned and whispered to Ahsoka "sorry but I will need to take your clothes off before I can put you in the bacta tank."

Phara went to work gently tugging Ahsoka's boots off one at a time and then set them on the floor below where Ahsoka's halter top and gloves ended up. Phara looked a moment at the waistline of Ahsoka's skirt to figure out how to take it off and then found a fastener on her left hip. Phara undid the fastener and pulled the zipper down that was hidden underneath then gently tugged the skirt down Ahsoka's hips and off her body leaving her in a pair of black panties which were taken off soon after.

The 2-1B surgical droid stated in its mechanical voice "the bacta tank is ready." Phara nodded in acknowledgement and took a damp towel to wipe any loose contaminants off Ahsoka's nude body.

Phara dug around for the vital signs monitor and affixed it to Ahsoka's chest then scooped her up and eased Ahsoka into the half filled tube. While Phara was separating herself from Ahsoka the 2-1B surgical droid held out the breathing mask apparatus to Phara and said "don't forget the breathing gear." Phara nodded thanking the 2-1B surgical droid and put the breathing gear on which consisted of a mask over Ahsoka's nose and mouth and secured it in place. Phara took the opposing end of the breathing line and put it in place in its designated slot in the upper portion of the tank.

After pressing a few buttons on the vital signs monitor to activate it she said to the 2-1B surgical droid "begin bacta tank cycle and then you can return to your docking port."

The 2-1B silently went to work starting the bacta tank cycle a few minutes later the tank slid back into its position recessed in the wall while Phara went to the forward cargo bay and used the forward cargo ramp to go down to ground and head over to her BARC speeder. Phara took the time to disassemble the repulsor gurney she used earlier packed it up and then slid the key to the BARC in so she could move it by hand to the forward cargo ramp. After securing the BARC in its container Phara went to the galley area and carefully cleaned up.

Primeday the 11th, 5th month, 14:07, Coruscant

The bacta system beeped as the cycle finished. Phara stopped in the refresher to get a towel out of the closet and then went to the control panel for the bacta tank manipulating the controls. The tank moved out from where it was and started draining first and then the tube slowly sank into the floor so the occupant could step out. As the tank opened Phara carefully grabbed hold of Ahsoka under her arms removing the breath mask and set it aside and then carefully scooping Ahsoka out. Phara moved Ahsoka to the table and gently dried her off and then carried Ahsoka to her cabin setting Ahsoka down on her bunk. Phara opened one of the closets on her side coming out with an old shirt and pair of shorts and carefully dressed Ahsoka. Phara went back to the medical area picking up Ahsoka's clothes and lightsabers and sets them in a cabinet on the opposite side leaving the door open. Two small items clattered to the floor. Phara leaned down picking the first item seeing it was a standard identification card read the name "Ahsoka Tano" and stuck it in her pocket. The second item not realizing it was a comlink at first accidentally turned it on. An automated voice started repeating "all jedi must stay away the temple is no longer safe."

Phara quickly turned off the comlink and went to the secondary cargo bay. She searched around for a certain hard shelled case. Finally finding it Phara pulled it out and took out the communications monitoring gear carefully plugging in the comlink to the terminal. She ran a computer program to examine the signal hearing the repeating "all jedi must stay way the temple is no longer safe." Phara idly curious ran a program to run a standard signal analysis. A few moments later the computer displayed a message saying it found an encrypted transmission on a lower frequency. Suddenly the comlink beeped signaling it had a message on it. Phara first examined the transmission further seeing the deep encryption ran another program to attempt a decryption. After that failed Phara downloaded the encrypted file to a datapad. Deciding to let it be Phara unplugged the comlink from the terminal and deactivated it putting it back in its place. Phara then took the datapad and the comlink back to her cabin putting the comlink carefully back with Ahsoka's clothes along with the datapad.

After Phara cleaned up around the bacta tank she set a folding chair down in the cabin after picking up a special alloy blade from the cabinet on the back wall of the cabin. Phara carefully drew the blade from the sheath and started her usual ritual of cleaning it.

Primeday the 11th, 5th month, 14:33, Coruscant, Phara's YT-1300

Ahsoka Tano's eyes finally fluttered, as she came to the sensations of pain flooded her body. Ahsoka sat up moaning from the pain. Phara realizing the young togruta has finally become conscious moved in a bit closer. Ahsoka's head finally cleared her defensive instincts kicked in she used her force "pull" skill to pull one of her lightsabers from the open cabinet to her hand igniting it as soon as it came into her hand and brought it in a horizontal slashing motion against the person coming towards her but was stopped mid strike thanks to Phara bringing her metal blade weapon up in the proper position to block Ahsoka's lightsaber.

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