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Bourne Hotwives Club


I didn't even know my husband had this house, but I got it in the divorce -- as well as enough money to see me comfortably settle here for a loooong time. The building was a big old Cape house with a wrap around porch, storm shutters, and so much beachy charm. It was the perfect haven for me to sit back and recover my life. That bastard had cheated, and cheated some more. The sad part was, if he'd only discussed it with me, we could easily have worked something out. Instead he deceived me, and I didn't take it well. I was determined not to think about that absolute asshole again.

I had turned 30 this spring, but was often told I looked a little younger. I had full, high breasts, a trim waist, and long, curling red hair. I usually wore it up because the least bit of humidity made it wilder than Merida's. Today I left it down. What was the point? I tossed a tasseled cover up over my little black bikini, slid my feet in to sandals, and headed toward the beach that curved up the coast not five minutes walk from my new place. It was Sunday, and I had nothing to do. To be fair, I didn't have to work right now, so I had nothing to do most every day unless I chose.

"Helloooo, gorgeous," A woman's voice called out from the glass-encased porch of the house across the street. I lifted my shades for a better look. A pretty blonde was lounging in a white wicker chair, with two other women seated nearby -- all about my age, and looking like their husbands had money to burn. The blonde was the one who'd called out, and now one of her friends beckoned me over, while the other blew me a kiss. Most aggressive neighborhood welcome committee, ever apparently. Well, if we were going to be neighbors, I might as well make their acquaintance now. Setting aside my beach plans, I crossed the street and pasted a friendly smile on my face.

"Hi, did you just move in?" the blonde asked, pulling out a chair for me. I sat. "I'm Laurel, and this is Eva and Sidney." She gestured to her companions. "We're having a weekly meeting of the Bourne Hotwives Club," she added with an almost predatory grin. I was probably supposed to ask what that was, but I preferred not to do the expected, and so I let the bait slide.

"I'm Sarah," I told her. "This place used to belong to my ex, but he made some sad man mistakes, and now it's all mine."

"A woman after my own heart," Laurel cooed, pouring a generous cup of sangria from a lovely crystal pitcher in front of her. Eva slid it over to me. These ladies were fun! The afternoon passed quickly. Sidney had all the gossip on the year round residents of Bourne. Eva knew who was on the cusp of divorce, and who was having "the postman's child." Laurel leered comically at my chest and eventually found a reason to sling an arm around my shoulders. I didn't mind. She was exactly my type.

When we'd run out of sangria, Laurel's husband strolled out with another pitcher and Laurel introduced us. Jake was serious man candy, tall and fit, without being overly fussy about his appearance. Rolled up shirtsleeves displayed muscular arms and hinted the rest would be more of the same. His wavy black hair flopped boyishly over his forehead, highlighting piercing blue eyes.

"My man Jake can help you fix up anything you need over there," Laurel said, nodding toward my new home. "Cheating Charlie never did much maintenance, from what I can remember." Yeah, at some point along the way I'd confided the whole shit pile to these ladies. It was cathartic and they made all the appropriate sounds.

"Thanks! As a matter of fact, the kitchen sink is leaking pretty badly, if that's in your skill set, Jake," I told him with a grateful smile.

"Cool, does Tuesday afternoon work for me to come over and have a look?"

We agreed on the time and Jake sauntered back into the house. I noticed both Eva and Sidney followed him with their eyes. Lauren didn't seem bothered.

It was evening by the time I thought about getting on home. I was pretty sure I could still walk across the street, even though it wouldn't be in a straight line by any means. The girls had been refilling my glass assiduously, not that I was complaining. When I started talking about heading home, the three of them exchanged glances, nodded a little, and then Lauren leaned forward to talk.

"Listen, wanna join the Bourne Hotwives Club? You can hang with us. I promise we're the coolest, hottest wives in Bourne." She cracked herself up, and Eva giggled along.

"I mean, I had fun today. More of the same would be great... What does it entail?"

"What do you think, ladies?" Laurel asked, looking from Sidney to Eva. " Same as usual?"

"Why mess with a good thing," Sidney observed. "I sure enjoyed my initiation."

"Ok. So to earn your place in the BHC, you wait for a call from me. One of these days soon I'll call you, and when I do, you'll have to be naked ... allll day. No bra, no panties, no bathing suit. You can be booooring and stay at home, or do whatever you want really. The only rule is, No Clothes." Hah. Bring it on. At this point, I had no inhibitions left. I agreed to the terms and weaved across the street. I had the presence of mind to down a big glass of water before bed, but that was about it. This new life free of Cheater Charlie was shaping up to be fun.

Monday I fulfilled my neglected beach plans and worked on a tan while reading. It was a slow day, exactly how I wanted it. I kind of needed it to be like that anyway, after the hangover I'd woken up with. I remembered my encounter with the Bourne Hotwives Club a few times and laughed out loud. Those three were going to keep life interesting.

Tuesday dawned hot and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. This new life of mine was endless vacation. Whenever I tired of it, I could go back to freelancing, but to be honest, I could get away without working for years on what I got from Cheating Charlie. I showered, painted my nails, and lazed about in a towel for a while, watching the food network. About 10:00, Laurel called.

"Hey girl," I picked up the phone, feeling pretty cheery. I'd invite the ladies over to hang out in my secluded back yard sometime. The tall hedge made it private and peaceful. Lauren seemed like she was into me; I wondered if Jake would care. I wasn't interested in helping anyone to cheat and deceive a spouse, especially after how my marriage ended. Still, I fantasized a little bit about topless sunbathing with her in my back yard. I bet she wouldn't think twice about taking her top off and baring those perky boobs to the summer sun.

"Hiii," Laurel sang out into the phone. I could see her on her porch through my kitchen window. She waved. "Today's the big day, Future Hotwife. Nakey time!" She sounded way too excited. Whatever, I'd agreed to it. I wasn't a prude, but nude all day was definitely a new one for me. I'd better get to it before I lost my nerve. I decided to tease her a bit. Staying in view of the front window, I let the towel drop and sashayed over to my coffee maker to grab a fresh cup.

"Damn Sarah, you're sizzlin'" she yelled into the phone. We laughed together and then she hung up to let me get to my naked day.

I didn't think I'd go outside, but my back yard really was looking secluded. At noon I took a sandwich and a book to the chaise lounge half shaded by the thick hedge I doubted if even the college kids who partied next door could see in. Anyway they were likely still passed out from the previous evening's excesses. Even if they weren't, it occurred to me, I wasn't averse to getting peeped at by some cute young college dudes.

Around 3 pm I got bored and headed inside. This naked day was a breeze. The only downside was I felt too awkward to leave my property. In my head, I heard Laurel say, "Boooooring." Maybe I was.

The doorbell rang, and I had a sudden moment of panic. That's right, Jake and I had arranged he come over this afternoon to deal with the sink. I flew to the door, thankful for the thick frosted glass that would obscure my total and complete lack of clothing.

"Hi Jake!" My voice squeaked as I cracked the door and peeked around the frame. "Think we could reschedule? I'm a bit tied up today. Totally forgot you were coming over!"

"Well," he said, considering. "You really need to catch a leak like that or it can do a lot of structural damage to the house. Why don't you keep working on whatever you're doing and just let me in to take a look?" He seemed to take my acquiescence for granted and brushed right by me into the house. Jake looked over and took in my naked body. I had to admit, I looked great. I knew it, and by the widening of Jake's eyes, I could tell he knew it too. My nipples started hardening up just from his split second perusal. I whipped a hand up to cover my boobs and attempted to cover my pussy with the other. Unfortunately with boobs the size of mine, any cover up attempt was just comical. They spilled right over my arm anyway. I probably just made them bounce more.

"Oh!" He said, a bit of sexy strain sounding in the word. "Is this -- Is this one of Laurel's games?" He pushed his hair out of his eyes and worked manfully on keeping them raised to my face. I was grateful for his tact and quick understanding.

"Yeah," I managed. "I uh, I guess she pranked us both?" Jake grinned and tipped his head to the side. "That's my Laurel. She's not happy unless she's making someone break out of their comfort zone. Listen, I guess you need to stay ... naked," his eyes dipped involuntarily to my chest again, "for today?" I nodded.

"Well, don't mind me, I'll keep to the kitchen and just see what I can do over here." He rolled up his sleeves and showed off those gorgeous arms yet again. God, this guy was perfect. "But obviously," he continued, "If you need anything, come on in; I'm not bothered. I might have to ask for your help at some point too, if it's worse than I expect. Just passing me tools and stuff." He shrugged. My phone chimed a few times from the other room, and I took it as my cue to exit, throwing garbled thanks over my shoulder. If he got an eyeful of my ass as I all but ran out into the living room, I'd never know.

The texts were from Laurel. "Hey babe, hope u like my gift..." "Hotwives share ;)" "You can't tell me you don't want some of that, because I won't believe u."

Holy crap, mind blown. Well that was a pretty clear endorsement for me to get down and dirty with Jake -- if he wanted to. I wondered if Jake was in on it. Probably, given what he'd said about "another of Laurel's games." Well, it had been a while for me, not that I needed a dry spell in order to be attracted to Jake. He was the complete package. I listened to him banging around in the kitchen for a while as I tried to calm down and think of a good next move.

Eh, you know what? Obvious was just fine. I was already naked; no need to be subtle. I poured myself a generous helping of red wine and sipped it down until the lovely warm feeling spread through me, eradicating my nerves. Lights, camera, action!

I walked into the kitchen to see that Jake had stripped off his shirt and tossed it over one of the chairs in the dining nook. His muscular torso was partially visible, disappearing into the dark area under the sink. I opened the fridge and took out a beer.

"Hey Jake, did you figure out what's wrong?"

"Yeah, it was actually a pretty simple fix." His voice echoed a little from under the sink. "Could you pass me the piece of pipe that's right over there?" A slightly grubby hand gestured, but Jake remained submerged. I grabbed the piece he'd indicated and leaned in, letting my arm brush against him. Jake's skin shuddered a little like a flystung horse. He seemed like such a shy boy for Laurel.

"Actually can you hold it in here for me while I screw it in place?" You bet I can, Jakey. At least it was fairly clean under here. I leaned in next to him and startled a masculine groan out of him when my full breasts came down against his arm. "Fuck, Sarah, it is so tough to work when I'm this hard." Got it all out in the open, yes we did. I went there first, but at least he was right there with me.

"Wanna take a break and have a beer? Maybe we can do something about that other problem," I told him, leaning away and getting to my feet. Jake shimmied out from under the sink pretty quick at that. As he stood I could see a prominent bulge pressing against the front of his jeans. Yeah, that couldn't be comfortable. My eyes glanced across his tanned chest, dusted with hair. Cut lines drew the eye inevitably downward. Jake was mouthwatering.

"Where's your bathroom, Sarah? I need to wash up," he told me, his voice a little hoarse. I directed him to the working sink. So freaking sweet that he'd come and seduce me with clean hands. What a guy.

I cracked a beer for each of us as he washed. My heart was pounding a mile a minute and I hardly registered Jake coming back into the room until his arms came around me from behind. I squeaked and jumped a little, startled, and Jake's arms tightened a bit. "You're not getting away yet," he whispered in my ear, and began tracing kisses down the back of my neck.

"Jake! You're killing me here. Touch me, here," I managed after a few seconds of the teasing kisses. An urgent feeling was building in my body already. Didn't need to tell him twice, as those strong hands moved up to cup my breasts and tweak my nipples. My nipples were pretty sizeable and today they stuck out lewdly as if trying to jump into Jake's palm. My whole body was flushed and turned on.

"Let's slow down for a second, I really want that beer," Jake said with effort, a minute later. Playing it cool, giving us a minute to cool it off. I got it. With how worked up I already was, I'd hop right on and go crazy. Why not savor it instead of banging it out real quick? I agreed, and handed him his drink. He moved around to sit, and pulled me down onto his lap. At some point, he'd unzipped his jeans to get a little relief, and now I could feel his sizeable dick pressing up directly against my ass. He shifted me again, and it slid across my pussy instead, leaving me quivering. A groan escaped me. We both pretended it was no big deal and drank our beer, or tried to.

Small talk was beyond me, and Jake didn't even try. He just brushed light fingers over my tan stomach and the curls at the apex of my thighs. By the time we'd both finished our beer, the sexual tension was overwhelming. I could feel something slick running down my thigh. He had to have noticed it, because his fingers began to explore deeper. I set my beer down with a shaking hand and slid to my feet.

"Through here -- the couch." Jake followed on swift feet, not needing to be told twice. I missed the show as he stripped out of his jeans; but the end result did not disappoint. Not to bring Cheating Charlie into it, but my ex just did not compare. Like, at all. I had a moment's nervous anticipation as Jake swung me down onto the couch, his hot dick landing on my thigh.

"You're so beautiful, Sarah. May I...?" He lined up that perfect dick and I felt exquisite pressure.

"Stop teasing me and give me what I need," I almost growled. I was more than ready. With one long slow thrust, Jake filled me completely. It felt incredible already, and then he began to move. Unreal. I gripped his arms and wrapped my legs around his waist, taking Jake as deep as he could go. We were both breathing hard, making those little noises that told me it was going to be quick in spite of, or maybe because of our prolonged teasing. Jake leaned down and kissed me hard, his mouth taking mine and sweeping me closer to my impending orgasm. A few minutes later, I felt myself begin to clench and release as Jake continued his skillful assault on my mouth and pussy. The peak swept over me all at once, and I lay back, arching myself toward him.

"Fuck, Sarah, those perfect tits," he panted. "I can't -- hold off -- any more --"

"Cum in my pussy," I told him on impulse. What could be hotter than feeling him shoot up inside me? I was right. Seconds later, Jake cried out and held himself on taut arms, making those little movements that drove his cum into the depths of my cunt. We stayed like that for a long moment, the only sound between us our elevated breathing.

Panting, Jake rolled me over so I was cradled up against him. He stroked his hands down by back and we lay like that as we came down from our explosive sexual high.

"This is going to be messy when we get up," Jake eventually observed with a chuckle.

"If only I had a working kitchen sink! I'll have to run all the way up to the bathroom to get clean," I quipped. I was pretty happy staying right where I was anyway, enjoying the aftershocks of some of the most explosive sex of my life -- cradled kind of possessively in the arms of a hot man, no less.

My phone buzzed a few times on the coffee table, breaking the moment. I reached over to check it.

"Looked like a good time. U left the curtains open... Nice work with ur initiation!!" Laurel, of course.

A text from Eva came in next. "Girl I heard you're one of us. Can't wait to introduce you to my husband ;)"

"Ughhh, I can't face them yet. I'll cook you dinner if you stay for round two," I told Jake brazenly. He looked pretty dazed still but I bet he was good for it. The Bourne Hotwives Club was absolutely going to give me a new lease on life. Jake nodded as his handsome face cracked into a slow grin. He might even have blushed. What a cutie.

"Right this way, I need you to fix the sink first!" I told him. I was pretty sure I presented an obscene picture, with cum slipping between my still swollen pussy lips and down my thigh, and body covered in a sheen of sweat. Would he follow me? Yes, he absolutely would.

"We can take it slower next time," Jake said from right behind me as one of those capable hands came out and cupped my ass. "Or however you like it." He made a sound of distinctly male appreciation.

If this was initiation, regular club activities were sure to be bangin'. I had no real complaints, but there was one thing we could remedy.

"Want to see if Laurel is interested in joining us, Jake?"

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by Anonymous

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by ManosHands07/20/18


Very well written, with a nice build to the climax (literally). Looking forward to reading more.

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by falcon2907/10/18


Good job! I assume it's the first in a series. I hope so.

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by Anonymous06/29/18

Can't wait for more

What happens when she meets a man and the other women expect to share. Now that's where it gets interesting

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by Anonymous06/29/18

Really fun read

I enjoyed the story greatly. Not to slow or fast, but the ending was a nice addition. I hope you add to this story with further chapters.

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