tagBDSMBox Lunch Ch. 02

Box Lunch Ch. 02


She thought the ride home would be agony. He had a way of maintaining her on the edge of orgasm until she would shudder and writhe, beg and plead, and he would finally release her. He would threaten leaving her frustrated and panting, but he never had. She knew he would, she had no doubt, but she did everything he said as well and as thoroughly and as quickly as possible. She knew the day might come when she would fail him, but she worked as hard and as diligent as she ever had in her career, school or anything else she ever truly wanted. She was all in.

He helped her in the car and fastened the seat belt. One of his favorite gestures and his growing bulge showed it. He's told her before that the way the belt fits, outlining the woman's breasts and the restraint itself, turns him on. She was clutching her purse, just for something to do with her hands when he took it gently from her and set it on the floorboards. "Do you have your other presents here?" He asked her. He put his hand in the opening when she nodded and after feeling around a short time, brought out the roll of sports wrap.

The fabric wound around her wrists, first one then the other. Tight but comfortable. The wrapping left her hands about four inches apart. This was more familiar ground for her. He loved her bound hands in front of her as she sucked him. Her mouth wetted as she thought about it and she considered how he had her so conditioned. If he did something that would lead to her orgasm, she would soak her panties. If he did something that she knew would lead to her sucking him, her mouth juices would flow. All he had to do was indicate what was next and she would anxiously anticipate what he needed.

His pants were jutting and she wriggled a little to push her breasts out at him. He took the hint and before closing the door on her, reached out and pinched her nipple, sending a shock wave through her. The seat belt tautened as a shudder made the balls in her bounce and another wave rebounded from her groin, finishing in a splurge of wetness. The fabric of her dress was rubbing her nipples raw as they strained for release and he found her moaning piteously when he slid into the seat next to her.

"Hang on baby," he said as though he knew exactly how exquisite the ache and how deep the agony she felt. "We'll be home soon and you can cum all you want. I give you permission. In fact," he paused and his voice went a little quieter as it does when he is setting her up for adventure (it turns him on), "I will want you to cum immediately when my cock pushes its way through your succulent lips. Do you understand?"

She nodded even as her throat constricted and the moisture between her legs seemed to dry. He was changing the rules again. The way the cloth was rubbing against her nipples suddenly seemed more irritating than exciting. Where before, it was making her moan and shooting stabs of delicious shivers through her, now the feeling was one of rubbing and dread.

Way back at the beginning of their relationship. The first time they'd made love. She came. Over and over. With wild abandon. She'd always been an instant cummer. She never needed to masturbate because she would cum riding horses, motorcycles, straddling couches, sometimes just leaning up against a humming motor. With her first sexual experiences came orgasms and enjoyment. When she listened to other women tell how they just couldn't under certain conditions or with certain guys, she didn't agree. She couldn't understand their problem. With her, it wasn't a question of having one or not, it was how many a man could give her.

That was until Him. The first time they'd had sex, he gave her many. She didn't really count, because he was already messing with her. He told her at one moment that she should have all she could. That became such an ominous statement. At the time, she was in the throes of a really nice one and didn't ask what he meant until later. He said then "you should have as many as you can right now. You might wish for them later."

It sounded threatening at the time, but she was still getting used to him and the way he was telling her what would happen to her. He would tell her how he would make her cum next and then do it. It was exciting, different for her and interesting. Then he would say these little things like "enjoy it while you can."

She didn't believe it. At the time, she laughed. In her mind, she scoffed. Men were always making boasts about their prowess. In her experiences, they were all pretty similar. The boasting was for them. They needed to build themselves up and boost their confidence or they would have troubles getting it up or keeping it up. She could cum anytime and as often as she wanted.

She knew better now. He'd started slowly with her, pulling out just at the edge of orgasm and making her suck him. He'd stop pumping and spank her just before she would cum. He would croon to her, "don't cum yet." She would spend hours on the edge of climax and have to beg for release when she could no longer stand it. Then he would let her. Then she could cum. He would tell her to go ahead and the flood of spasms would take her so hard and intensely that she would be unable to think.

He worked on her. She knew now that it had all been planned. It had been stacked against her from the start. When he had said she should have all the orgasms she could, he had meant it. She couldn't even masturbate now if she wanted to. He kept her frustrated or satisfied as he wanted. She was his.

She was bare before him. Her transparency for him was made clear with his next words to her. "you'll do fine. I'll help you this time. I'll make sure you are ready before I shove my cock in you. If not, we'll just try again until you get it." Just as she relaxed, he added "of course, you will be punished and probably frustrated for days." He stroked her hair as he said this last and she shuddered with both pleasure and fear.

He'd never punished her directly. He certainly tormented and tortured her, but she'd never earned a punishment. She's always managed to please him. He told her over and over that one of his objects is to offer a punishment that she both craves and avoids, the same as the reward. She struggled to never think too long or hard on this. The rewards he gave her now matched that description exactly. She both craved them -- desired them ardently -- and fretted over them. Feared them.

Each next time brought a new level of climax to her. She could no longer determine whether they were painful contractures ripping through her body or delirious pleasure stripping her of her moorings. She needed it desperately and was decidedly afraid she would be taken too far. She had truthfully feared for her sanity and consciousness the past couple times and worried that it would only get worse and harder to maintain her grip. He was taking her completely.

Now, he'd changed the rules. She tested herself. The fact that she'd barely kept from an orgasm back in the bathroom gave her encouragement. She relaxed into the sensation, just a little. Joy flooded into her, but release was just beyond her reach. She let go a little more, trying to let the vibrations move her, but now that she was allowed, she was finding she couldn't. She felt the low hum of the egg and the jiggling and waves of the balls, but the familiar building tension just wouldn't come. The anxiety did.

She'd never failed him. She didn't believe he would be mean, but to disappoint him would be intolerable every bit as much as if he became angry. She wanted to please him so bad, she groaned audibly. Hearing this, he reached in his pocket and the humming stopped. The flutters of the balls slowly died away and she was able to take a deep breath. Her first in hours, she realized.

The car had slowed and she noticed now they were turning into a small park overrun with trees. There were a few picnic tables set haphazardly about under the boughs of the old pines. At the far back of the parking lot, she could just see a path but he avoided that area and ran smoothly into a spot at the furthest corner.

He was out of the car and around to her side before she truly knew what was happening. Her brain had become sluggish with the constant stimulation. The high of the teasing and being on the edge of orgasm for what was now hours and then the sudden anxiety of the change in rules. The door opened as she was struggling for some composure.

He pushed the door open wide and moved her foot into a slightly awkward position as he unbuckled her. "You have to keep your foot here," he said, and showed her how the overhead light shuts off when her foot pushes the little button. Then he took her bound hands and moved them to his groin as he began stroking her hair. This was familiar ground for her at least. She knew how to please him. He always gets so turned on with her hands tied in front of her, around his cock as she sucks him, she nearly cums feeling his excitement. One of the few times she feels him lose control. She gobbled at his lengthening member with wild abandon.

She was fucking him with her mouth, cramming it in and pulling her head back, his hands were full on the back of her head, he was groaning and her hands were wrapped on his shaft moving up and down with the rhythm of her mouth when he blew. She felt the pop with her lips and the squirt of his jism with her throat, the pumping with her hands and his shudders with her entire body. It was heaven for her! Her pussy was pouring moisture. The flood was back with interest and, for now, the trepidation was held at bay.

He buckled her back in, tweaked her nipple to send a stab of shivering ecstasy through her and closed the door firmly. As he buckled himself in, he reached again into his pocket and the warm buzzing filled her senses, driving her to a frenzy. Just as her muscles started their bucking and the well known quivers were firing from her toes to her head, he told her quietly "that was very good. You're always such a good girl. I can't wait to feel you cum all over my cock. I can't wait to feel it just as I push into you."

It was as if he knew the moment of her climax. It had always been like that. He just knew. He knew when to stop and when to push. Was she so open? Now she feared she couldn't do it on demand. As close as she'd been all day, would she be able to when he told her? her juices shriveled and dried and her hope waned. Her moan was less of pleasure and more of despair. She'd thought earlier that the ride home would be agony and she should have listened to that thought and believed it. He does this to her. Moves her one direction, then shoves her back the other way. Glittering hopes and crashing despair. Sometimes she feared he would turn her bipolar. Right now, she was having trouble keeping her breath and near panic.

His voice brought her back a little. His voice anchors her when she panics, but sets her off when she's calm. The frustration was building. And the fear that she wouldn't be able to do what he asked of her. He always brought both her inner worlds with him. She was in constant turmoil since nearly the first. The things he had said at the beginning seemed random at the time, but now foreshadowed her whole world and there was a constant voice that told her she should have listened. Too late now. She needed it all so bad she couldn't stop if it hurt too much to go on.

"When we get home," he was saying, "I'm going to tie you to the bed and you will tell me what you need for an orgasm. You will cum as soon as my cock slides in you and I will give you what you need for that to happen. I know it's hard for you," he said this gently and pushed her hair away from her cheek. She shivered and felt herself near tears. That orgasm was getting further from her by the mile.

"You'll be tied face up and you'll cum as soon as I ram my cock in you. You can tell me then if you want it fast or slow and even when you are ready. I will spank you first if you want and let you suck on me if you can tell me you'll be able to do it. I don't want to reward you if it's going to take four or five strokes for you to cum. I'll just let you cum and we'll try again another time, okay?" She could barely swallow, let alone nod.

It was too few miles to the drive. Too little time for her to try to pull herself together. The wheels were crunching across her thoughts and the gravel before she knew it. The stop seemed like a lurch throwing her out of her self.

He held her arm walking her into the house and nonstop down the hall to the bedroom. There was no waste of time pushing her onto the bed and securing her arms above her head. He turned her onto her stomach and tied her legs spread eagled. This wasn't how she was supposed to be, she thought.

She was excited and uncertain and bare and now she had her ass stuck up in the air as he shoved pillows under her hips. She wriggled, but the ties were tight. He didn't usually tie them like this. Normally he kept them loose enough that she wouldn't panic with the feelings of being trapped. He might tighten them later, but at first, he always let her get used to them.

She could only wriggle. Her ass was pushed up and she could barely do more than push it out further. She'd never had her legs tied so tight and she was starting to panic and struggle when the first lash struck her. She couldn't believe that in spite of everything, the wetness spurted with that first whisk of leather and burning slash.

"Do you want your whipping? Would that help?" His voice was quiet and modulated, but she could sense the excitement growing in him. Somehow he'd gotten his clothes off and as she glanced over, his cock was huge and jumping.

"Yes, please."

"Please what?"

"Yes, I want whipped, please..." she paused, did she dare? "I don't think I can." Her voice quavered and the tears bubbled close now. How could she explain to him how she needed to please him yet didn't feel as though she could just cum, just like that, for him? All this time he'd kept her from her quick and easy orgasms, taught her to wait and to cum when he released her, and now, when he told her she could, she felt only frustration and the clutching feeling of withholding. Her voice broke down. Another lash fell. Another spurt of juice. Another wracking shudder from the balls and vibrator. A dry heave. She wouldn't cum from that. Couldn't.

He placed his hand upon the back of her head and pressured her to his member. It smelled and tasted of his sperm and she lapped at it greedily, kissing, licking, slurping and trying to get it in her mouth. He held it just out of her reach so she nibbled at it with her lips and moaned for more. The lash came down again and again. Three, five, ten times. She had no idea. Each time the leather struck, moisture eeked from her swollen aching pussy lips, the smack made her ass flinch, jiggled the balls and ripped sensation through her womb. She thought it would tear her in half before she could cum from it.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her off his cock. She was proud that it took some force on his part. She wanted to please him so. Make him lose control and feel his hips buck and pump hot lotion in her mouth. She was panting now. She wanted it. She still didn't think she could cum immediately, but she wanted that fucking. Spankings definitely had that effect on her.

He whipped her one more time and the lashes cut down between her crack and nipped across her clit making her scream with bliss/pain. The smarting wouldn't go away and throbbed to a dull ache when she felt her cunt give up the egg vibrator with a squelch. The lack of it was a new sensation all together. Then the balls came wedging out, leaving a hole inside her that pulsated with a hum she no longer felt and a sting that lingered.

She hadn't had a thought for a long time. She may have passed out, she didn't know and couldn't get a grip on herself to remember. He inserted the egg into her rectum and turned it on. The beat was too familiar to rebel against.

He turned her over. Untied her legs, took out the pillows and retied them as she lay face up with her dress hiked above her waist. He pulled the straps of her dress off her arms so he could reach her tits and grabbed fistfuls of them. Kneaded them and teased the nipples as they stood erect and sore. She could feel her juices pooling under ass and cooling the red hot whip marks.

He'd really flogged her. She could feel the cuts now. Her wetness was soothing to them and gave her even more awareness of her flesh than she thought possible. She was beginning to think she might cum like he asked when the tip of his tongue just touched her clit and made her rear and scream. He continued with the barest contact while she bucked. Then it stopped. At least his part. Her body was jolting and thrusting without being able to move.

"Are you ready?" he was so quiet and calm sounding, but she sensed the thrill there.

She was just able to croak "please. Please fuck me. Please let me cum."

The head of his cock entering her broke her. By the time the entire length had made it inside her, she had had her body turned inside out with the force of her orgasm and was starting back up for another. He pulled out and kissed her, reaching over her to press his chest into her breast as he untied her arms. "You did good." He crooned and kissed her again.

He untied her legs and fucked her. Freed, she came all she could stand and when he poured his soul out into her, she welcomed it with the breath of total relief. He held her, stroking her hair and back and whispering into her ear. "You did so good. I wasn't sure you had it in you. What a delight you are. What a wonderful little sub." She craved every word and they fell upon her as a soothing rain, the dripping lulling her into sleep.

And it was dreamless.

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