tagNovels and NovellasBoxing Lessons Ch. 01

Boxing Lessons Ch. 01


It had all started out so innocently. I had recently joined my local boxing club after moving back into the neighborhood. For the past five years I had been working for a mining company in the middle of nowhere, but the pay had been great and I had saved like crazy. Now I had enough to buy my own house, a nice car and still have enough to invest, plus I still had a good paying job with the company.

Saturday nights were still pretty quiet for me. I had only been back 3 weeks and I still hadn't caught up with many friends yet or made enough new ones at work, so I wasn't going out much. I did what I normally did and hit the Gym. A quick hour of weights, then into rope work and hand drills. Then I ended with the heavy bag. While most of the people in the club were pure boxers I was trained in kick boxing and had experience in MMA fighting as well, so I worked the bag with punches, kicks, knees and elbow strikes.

This Saturday there were only a few people working out and by the time I was finished that had been reduced to four. There was the Gym's title hope who was being trained by his personal trainer and manager in the ring. An older guy sweating through a weight set and a young woman working her own heavy bag and of course me. From the looks of things she was only a beginner as she was flailing away putting a lot of effort into it but not doing a lot of damage. I watched her for about two minutes before I couldn't take it any more.

Walking over I coughed politely when I was still several meters away so as not to startle her too much. She stopped and looked over and I finally had the chance to see her properly. Up close she was a real knock out. She was small at only 5 foot 4 but she obviously worked out besides here at the gym as her body was lean and well toned. Her eyes were a beautiful shade of blue, almost like those shots you see of the oceans in the tropics. Her long Black hair was done in a simple braid and hung down her back but was all ready starting to become ragged because of her exertions. Her small but pert breasts looked perfect on her frame and I was mesmerized as a drop of sweat ran down her neck and ran down between her cleavage.

Shaking myself out of my daze I saw that she had a small knowing smile on her face as if she knew exactly where I had been looking but wasn't too offended. Encouraged I grinned back. "I'm assuming you haven't been doing this long Miss and that no one has really shown you how yet?"

Her grin faded, replaced by a grimace. "That obvious is it."

"Oh don't worry you aren't too bad, you just need a few pointers. For a start you should stop swinging your arms in an arc and hit straight from your shoulder."

For the next half hour I gave her a basic lesson in how to punch and by the end of it she was hitting the bag with a lot more force. We said goodbye and it wasn't until I got home that I realized that we hadn't even exchanged names.

Over the next few weeks I saw her a few more times and each time I gave her a few more tips. We finally introduced ourselves and I learnt her name was Melissa and she was just here to learn some basic self defense. She worked as a loans officer at a bank and lived alone. She learnt that I lived locally, worked as a mining agent and lived alone as well. Most of our time was spent teaching her how to box though.

After I was sure she had the basics down, I took her into the ring when it was free and worked her with the training pads. I got her to do some basic combos and got her used to ducking and weaving. Finally after 2 months I decided it was time she actually spared with someone. As we were the only ones who were normally in when we worked out I had no option but to do it myself. This was a problem as I was a whole foot taller than her and my reach was well past hers but I was experienced enough and would be able to adjust.

We got our headgear on and began our sparing session. Melissa had improved and although I kept my guard low she landed some good blows. Every now and then I would throw out a quick jab to keep her on her toes, but this was mostly for her so I kept most of them slow and she ducked and weaved and kept her guard up well. It was in the third round that what I had been worried about happened. Our size differences caught up. Melissa launched a curling body blow just as I was stepping forward and I just knew where it was going to connect. Sure enough it hit flush in my groin and I folded like a house of cards. I was seeing stars and having trouble breathing.

Melissa was standing over me worriedly as she didn't know what had happened but then realization suddenly dawned on her face and she grimaced in sympathy. Then she grinned and began to laugh. Putting both hands above her head she began to chant "KO, I am the greatest," over and over. As the pain subsided I could see the funny side and just seeing her happy brought a chuckle to my lips.

I struggled to my feet and Melissa helped me out of the ring and to take off the gear. I was limping pretty badly and she started to frown. "I'm sorry I laughed at you. That was a bad thing I did and here I was celebrating it. I know let me make you a late dinner to atone for it."

She looked pretty broken up about it so I agreed and after grabbing our stuff I jumped in my car and followed her home.

It turned out Melissa lived only a few streets over from me and I chuckled to myself as I pulled into her driveway. I struggled out but the pain was already becoming just a dull throb and I followed her into her house. Melissa threw her bag down in her hallway and led me into her kitchen. It was beautiful and large. I love big kitchens as I loved to cook and it seemed that she did too. "Grab a seat and I will see what I can whip up."

I sat down at one of the bar stools on the other side of the huge kitchen counter and watched as she pulled fresh vegetables and chicken out of the fridge. "Stir fry OK with you?"

"Sounds great, but only if I can help prepare it."

"Ooo, A man that can cook. Well we shall see if you can back those words up mister."

We quickly peeled and chopped all the vegetables, then thinly sliced the chicken. Melissa's eyes widened when she saw that I could indeed handle a knife. I mean a guy can only live alone for so long without learning to cook for himself. I didn't tell her I had been cooking since the age of 8 either. In half an hour we were eating a delicious stir fry with noodles and chatting away.

After dinner I helped her with the dishes then she made coffee and we walked into the lounge room and sat on the couch and began to talk again. All of a sudden Melissa was in my arms and we were kissing. It just seemed so natural. We kissed for ten minutes, just lightly and pleasantly, getting to know each other as our hands roamed over our bodies but with no urgency. Then Melissa moved and her knee grazed my groin and once again a sharp pain caused me to grimace.

"Oh you poor baby, I forgot all about that," Melissa said suddenly getting a mischievous look in her eyes and a sly smile on her face. "I think I might just have to do something about that."

Sliding back down out of my arms she grabbed the waistband of my sweat pants and gently eased them down. I raised my butt to allow her to get them off as she pulled them down to my ankles, then she pulled my shoes off, throwing them to the floor and then pulled my pants off and threw them in the same direction. Staring back at my groin which was now only covered by my jockey shorts she licked her lips then gently removed them as well.

My cock had begun to stir but it still hurt a bit a was not even at half mast so sad to say it did not look impressive. I am what is known as a grower. When flaccid, my cock is hardly more than 2 or 3 inches in size. Melissa seemed a little disappointed at what she found but she moved in and began giving it light kisses and gentle laps of her tongue. As it began to respond to her ministrations she took the head in her mouth and gently applying suction she used her tongue to swirl all around the mushroom head.

I was in heaven. This gorgeous woman was taking all the pain away from my groin and was replacing it with pleasure. My cock was continuing to grow and as it did she was continuing to take more and more of it into her mouth, but her eyes were beginning to grow wider at the size of it. As I said I am a grower. I may start off at 3 inches but I grow to 7 inches, but it is my girth that most women comment on. I am about the same width when erect as it is long when flaccid, maybe a little bigger.

Finally Melissa released my cock from the confines of her mouth and got her first look at what she had been working on. Her eyes lit up and she got a predatory smile on her face. "Oh my, you have been holding out on me. I am going to have to work for this one aren't I."

Grabbing the base of my shaft she began to slowly beat me off while staring hungrily at my cock. Then she lowered her head and took half of it straight in. Her other hand attacked my balls, gently massaging them and tugging on the sack inflicting just the right amount of pleasure and pain. As her head moved back up her tongue worked my shaft as she created a vacuum around my cock, before she plunged back down taking a bit more of my cock each time. I felt myself pass into her throat but she just kept going and eventually all 7 inches was disappearing down her throat every time she plunged down.

My hands lightly grabbed the sides of her head and caressed her. I wanted to let her know how much joy she was giving me and even though it was tempting to grab her head and plunge my cock further down her throat, there was no way I was going to risk loosing this woman for a brief moment of pleasure. All too soon I felt the familiar tingle in my balls and I tapped Melissa on the shoulder. "I'm close... I'm going to cum real soon."

Melissa's only reaction was to speed up her attack on my cock and balls and my pleasure doubled. I couldn't hold out any longer and I thrust up into her mouth and released almost 6 months of stocked up cum. Melissa didn't even try to swallow as I was so far down her throat I was pumping it straight into her belly. I pumped out seven shots before I began to sink back into the lounge and Melissa allowed my now deflating cock to slowly slip out of her mouth.

Melissa slid back up my body and into my arms. I wrapped her in a tight embrace and leaned down for a kiss. Her eyes widened in surprise then pleasure as I gave her a passionate French kiss trying to express all my gratitude and love for what she had just done in it. "Hmm I see someone is impressed."

"Impressed isn't the word lady. That was undoubtedly the best blow job I have ever received."

"Well thank you kind sir," Melissa giggled "I must admit I do love doing that."

"Well I think after that, that the beautiful lady deserves a little attention of her own."

Drawing her head down I again proceeded to passionately kiss her then nibble her from her chin to her right earlobe. I had found out quite by accident that some women loved to have their neck and earlobes lightly nibbled on, and it seemed from her reactions that Melissa was one of them. After a minute of working on her right ear I nibbled my way over to her left, accompanied by small sighs and gasps of pleasure from her mouth.

Then I began to work my way down by placing small kisses every few centimeters until I came to the juncture of her breasts. She still had her top on but for now that didn't matter. I kissed my way over to her right nipple which was clearly visible even through her top and began to lightly nibble and lick it , while I used my hand to mimic my tongues movements on her left breast. Then I swapped.

By this time Melissa was panting with lust and moaning up a storm. I stopped and her eyes flew open in a half panicked stare, but I just reached for the bottom of her top and gently began to ease it over her head. As she saw what I was doing her eyes again got that lust filled glaze and she took over and quickly ripped her top off and flung it across the room, followed just as quickly by her bra.

Finally I was gazing at the objects I had been worshiping for the past ten minutes. In the flesh they were more magnificent than I could have imagined. They were not the biggest breasts I had ever seen but then again big breasts on Melissa would not have looked right. These were perfectly sized, maybe just over a handful, handful and a half. I was no judge of cup sizes but I think that meant a large B cup or C cup. They stood up proudly though without a hint of sag to them and her large nipples were fully erect and begging me to suckle on them. Well who was I to refuse.

Once again I began to work over her breasts. This time however I was also able to add in the trick of breath. By leaving a trail of saliva and then breathing on it, I was able to send pleasing shivers through her body. Or by breathing heavily I could create a pleasing warmth. This was especially effective on her nipples leaving her gasping in pleasure. Then suddenly as I was playing with her left nipple and suckling her right she suddenly cried out and arched her back screaming and grabbing my head.

Melissa pulled me up into a passionate kiss and seemed to be trying to devour me. I was happy to go along with it of course, but I was shocked by her reaction. I was still only half way through proceedings as far as I was concerned and there was a lot more to go. She must have sensed my feelings because she slowed down and then cuddled against me.

"You are probably wondering why I stopped you huh?"

"Well yes. Did I do something wrong?"

Melissa sat up and looked deep into my eyes. "No. Don't even go there. That was the most intense feeling I have ever had with another person in my entire life. Do you have any idea what you have just done? You are the first person to make me Cum from just having my boobs played with. No one has ever been able to do that to me before."

"Well that's a good thing isn't it," I asked getting a little confused now.

Melissa sighed and looked down before looking me in the eyes again. "Yes it is and no it isn't. I think we need a drink right about now as we need to discuss a few things."

To be Continued

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