tagFetishBoy Brides Ch. 2

Boy Brides Ch. 2


Chapter 2: A Shock from Victoria

Darren continues his story of his introduction to the KBG.

"On Saturday evening I arrived at the shop in time to meet the two men with Mandy and Victoria. This time Victoria had on a bright pink dress which looked no more than a multi layered petticoat.

"Once into the fitting rooms I was ordered to strip by Mandy and then dress in stockings and suspenders. Victoria arrived with the marked gowns and they, the veils and the petticoats were folded into large carrier bags. Once everything was in I was then given tracksuit bottoms and a sweatshirt to wear."

"You and Victoria are going to make a very special delivery of the gowns to the twins who are to marry a couple of studs at a porno wedding at Tulle Towers later tonight," explained Mandy as she handed me four large bags. "Victoria will show you to our limo 'Dark Secret' which will take you to meet them," she finished off before letting me lock the door.

"Despite carrying two bags each Victoria still managed to make her dress swish as she led me through the near deserted precinct to the white stretched limo. I opened the rear door and got the shock of my life. Sitting inside on the rear seat and also wearing only stockings and suspenders was David. It was the first time we had seen each other since he was caught showing off my pictures. I just stared at him, unwilling to get into the same car, but then remembered the threat of being punished as Victoria she pushed me onto the seat beside him. Victoria sat facing us on the edge of the bed which filled the remainder of the car forward to the drivers cab. The first word I ever heard Victoria speak was "strip" as she indicated to me that I should remove my jogging pants and shirt.

"I did as she asked and regained my seat as the car moved off. Victoria moved off the bed at the same time to position herself on the thick carpeted floor at the feet of me and David. I was looking her in the eye nervously in between glances to the side windows where it was quite easy to see pedestrians and other motor cars around us. She began to fondle both of us, one in each hand, her petticoats assisting as usual. I was still very nervous, the silence quite strange, none of us talking. I glanced at David to judge his reaction to the attention on his by now stiff rod. Both of us began deep breathing as Victoria very expertly turned us on. I allowed my head to fall to the side, my eyes barely open, and was met immediately by David as he leaned over to kiss me on the lips. I sat astonished and as he whispered "sorry" to me he kissed me again. This time it was much longer and as we broke apart for breath he whispered."

"I really am truthfully sorry for what I have done to you. I've missed you so much and all the fun that we used to have in your mum's shop. Please forgive me, I never realised it would be like this." I never answered as I let him pull me towards him to kiss me, very very passionately.

"By now Victoria had stopped playing with our cocks and watched and waited 'til we stopped kissing. Taking me by the hand she pulled me from the seat and had me lay on the bed. As I lay there I looked up and saw through the darkened windows a bus running alongside us in the inside lane. Two pretty girls, three seats apart, looked down at the car and except for those windows would have seen David climb onto the bed beside me and start to suck my cock I kept watching the girls, the traffic now at a standstill until David positioned himself with his erection above my mouth. I felt really kinky taking his penis into my mouth, still watching the girls on the bus, until his body obscured my view.

"Victoria joined us on the bed trying hard to divide the attentions of her tongue and petticoats equally between David and I, joining me to lick at his testicles and then moments later do the same to me as David tried to force his full 6 inches down my throat.

"A few minutes later David stopped sucking me and I looked up to see Victoria removing her top to display her gorgeous naked breasts. I joined him as we sucked and licked at her nipples, the bus alongside now gone when I took a second to look out of the window, but the car was moving just as slowly and we watched as Victoria lay flat on her back. She began using her petticoats on herself, gently rubbing her thighs at first, swishing it around gradually working it up her body, caressing her breasts, blowing kisses at us, and without speaking, indicating that she wanted us to push her petticoats up and use our tongues on her.

"We did just that and excited and willing I wanted to satisfy this gorgeous girl who had reunited David and I. I pushed my head into the petticoats and, as they rose above her waistline, we got the greatest shock, among many shocks I had recently received, when we discover Victoria was a shemale."

"She could speak now and with a Portuguese accent she looked at me and said, "I am to be your kinky bride sometime. I want you to make love to me and suck me into your mouth. I have my gown already and you can wear it too whenever you want to suck your friend. I just want to feel your beeg cock but tonight all I ask is for you to suck me. You can keep my dress if you like and use it to turn on your friend anytime you want. All I want is my clit in your mouth. Maybe your friend would like to share my cream when you make me erupt."

"I was dumbfounded. Apart from David and I sucking each other we had never come in each others mouth. Now Victoria was offering herself to me as my shemale bride and I was stunned and shocked.

"David gave me a nudge."

"Go on suck her off. I promise faithfully to say nothing to anyone about it, I really do. If you want, I'd love to help my friend make you cum," he continued, directing his suggestion at Victoria.

"She looked at me."

"That would be alright but it is you Darren that I want to marry," she confessed. "When I saw you naked with the twins the other night I knew I wanted to be your virgin bride in a fairy tale gown we can both enjoy."

"Then I saw David take her clit in his hand. I reacted immediately and pushed my head between the legs of my first shemale. As I sucked her fairly small clit, David stroked along my back and downwards onto my balls with her petticoats. I could feel the car moving faster now and just kept sucking until Victoria attempted to rise from the bed as she erupted into my mouth. I gulped and gulped again as I took her spunk and swallowed it. She was still erupting when I pulled her clit from my mouth to share it with David. Victoria was gasping for air and asking me to kiss her and share her spunk. I never gave it a second thought and lapped up some cream from her thigh and kissed her as our bodies entangled on the bed.

"I wanted Victoria to do the same to me but as the car drew to another halt the door opened and there stood Mandy."

"Looks like you've all had the good time we expected. Welcome to the KBG girls."

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