tagMatureBoy Scout Mothers Ch. 04

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 04

bymangrove jack©

Mum told me the next morning that the ladies would give me a mobile phone so they could contact me to deliver cookies to the supermarket. Jackie had said that her husband had an old truck I could use when they needed it.

Within minutes of being given the mobile phone Jackie rang to ask me to come over and inspect the old truck. “Ron, my husband wants to talk to you and he will wait here for you.”

He wanted to talk to me … My mind rushed into a panic … ..Had she told him? Did he know? Were we seen? I jumped on my bike and hurried over.

Ron was at the door of their magnificent mansion. He mumbled hello, grabbed me by the arm saying “come around the back”...

Jackie appeared. She was dressed in a plain black tight fitting business suit that displayed her magnificent body to perfection.

Ron was used to ordering people to do what he wanted. He smiled at me and said “I hear you have been looking after the ladies.

Christ; I thought he knows everything, but he went on to say “I really don’t have time for all this Boy Scout bullshit, so you’re a godsend” “I have talked to Jennifer’s husband and a couple of others and we all agree you are what we need.”

“Jackie says you need transport, you can’t carry cookies on that bike” .He went on. “She suggested the old pickup but that’s not for you. You can use the jeep”... “I don’t get a chance to use it much these days”.

“I’ll get all the husbands who work with me to throw in a few bucks so you won’t need a job while you are still at college….. Your job will be to keep our wives off our back, keep them happy and busy.

I agreed readily.

“Good boy” he said patronisingly as he shook me by the hand “look after Jackie for me”. “See she gets what she wants”.

He hopped into a top of the range Mercedes sports and drove off.

Jackie looked at me and said “not even a peck on the cheek for me”. “I’ll bet that fucking bimbo secretary gets some at work”.

She grabbed me by the arm and led me into the house dragging me up to the top floor, into a magnificent bedroom with a large round bed, in the middle of a plush mohair carpet.

“He said your job is to look after Jackie, come here lover; and let’s launch your job right here and now on the bastard’s special bed.”

She threw herself down on the bed pulled her skirt up, raised her knees spread her legs and Said in a sultry voice “look after Jackie.

For the first time, I realised she had not worn anything under her suit. My prick jammed tight in my trousers. I stared at her neatly trimmed cunt. She stared right into my eyes, licked her fingers and placed them on her cunt. She started to rub around in circles, her finger disappearing into her cunt then reappearing to continue to run circles, round and round. As I watched she quickly brought herself to a shuddering orgasm.

With her beautiful legs lewdly splayed apart, her knees bent, her moans ringing in my ears, my eighteen year old prick couldn’t stand it any more… it erupted like a volcano. The only trouble it was still in my pants.

Jackie burst out laughing and jumped up to undo and drag my gear off, my spunk was still oozing. She pushed me on to the end of the bed. She took my still oozing dick in her mouth. She ran her tongue around its head, and sucked it deep into her throat

Speaking with her mouth full, she said “Don’t waste this I want every bit you can give me”.

After what seemed like an eternity she looked up and smiled, “I’m leaking too; you had better learn what a sixty niner is right now.”

She positioned me in the centre of the bed and then moved so her magnificent body was over me and her mouth was massaging my cock

“Suck! Baby… just suck!” She moaned, as her cunt lowered on my mouth. She was very moist in fact very wet and I loved it. Her cunt`s aroma filled my nostrils.

I grabbed a hold of the cheeks of her butt and pulled her down with my nose in her arse. My tongue and fingers entered her cunt.

I was in heaven again

I don’t know how long we sucked and played with each other. I explored her cunt with my fingers, my nose, my tongue, my lips and my teeth, I studied it and licked its lips .I poked it, pinched it, played with it,

It was a new toy. I had never had an opportunity to spend so much time so close to a woman’s cunt I was mesmerised. I loved it. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Just to look along between our bodies and see my prick rampant again moving in and out of her mouth was enough to set me alight and start my tongue working in her magnificent cunt.

At first she felt tight and did not seem to relax… but as I kept licking sucking and fingering her soft delicious cunt she melted. She started to make small mewing sounds, crying my name, her legs settled back, her nipples stuck out and her breasts shone with sweat.

.I kept going. She weakly tried to push me away, but I loved it and locked her clit in my teeth. I inserted first one finger, then two, then three, and moved them like I was scratching in circles.

My body was covered in sweat; the bed clothes were wet and sticky. We had tugged our remaining clothes off and our bodies stuck to each other from the exertion of our love making.

My prick was soft, my balls dry, my mouth and lips sore, I could faintly remember many roaring pricks and an equal or more number of flabby ones throughout the day as I explored her magnificent body.

I pulled her down to the end of the bed. Pushed her legs wide in the air inserting my fingers one, two, finally my thumb was half in ….. As I turned my hand to try to insert another finger it pushed against her rosebud. I pushed up in her arse. I started frigging her with two fingers in her cunt and another in her arse telling her she was fucking beautiful and I loved her.

All of a sudden she started to cum again and again…. it flowed like water the bed was wet… it wasn’t just cum, a puddle of urine sweat and cum grew and spread. She had lost control. She moaned and cried and turned around to pinch my nipples hard, causing me to jump and squirm. My blood rose but my prick went soft.

Finally she fell back on the bed moaning my name. “I ‘m fucked” “my god I have never met anyone like you.You’re a young fucking machine”. “Look at the time”. “We have been here for hours!” “Every bit of me is fucked. I don’t think I can stand up”…

I told her she was raving on … but as I tried to get off the bed I slipped and fell on the floor. She roared with laughter and rolled off the bed on top of me. We giggled and played with each other, talking of what we had done to each other and what we would do to each other.

Jackie said “that arsehole of a husband of mine doesn’t kiss cunts.” “I love your cunt it’s beautiful I could kiss it all night” I responded

Imitating her husband’s voice she said “no decent man would do that.”

We must have drifted off to sleep for it was late in the afternoon when I awoke with my fingers in her cunt and a nipple in my mouth. We were both still naked on their bedroom floor. I looked down at her perfectly formed, beautifully darkly tanned body, and wondered what an eighteen year old boy had done to deserve this.

I rode home on my bike grinning as I remembered the wild an uninhibited Jackie and the promise of more days and nights in her exotic company. I struggled to keep my bike on an even keel. I finally knew what they meant when someone said they were rooted.

I could hardly make it home.

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