tagMatureBoy Scout Mothers Ch. 06

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 06

bymangrove jack©

Jackie had told me Ron wanted to see me at his office. When I arrived Jackie was there. His office staff consisted of young beautiful girls two of them were the cheer leaders for my footy team.

Jackie grabbed my arm when she saw me staring and hustled me into Ron's office.

Ron's plans for the parents to chip in and build a den for the Boy Scouts were laid out for inspection .A couple of other fathers were there as well as Angelique and a mum called Melissa.

When the business was completed Jackie asked me to join her for coffee down the street .As we settled in the booth Jackie pushed me in against the wall and sat beside me.

Jackie was really upset, she was mouthing off about the "bimbos in Ron's office" "he will get himself into trouble" she predicted. Meanwhile she had undone my zip and was rubbing my boner which was standing up straight, when the young waitress arrived to take our orders.

The waitress eyes widened and she blushed as Jackie did nothing to hide what she was doing. The head of my cock was sticking out the top of Jacky's hand.

When the waitress left she bent down and started sucking loudly, I noticed the waitress looking back but I was too far gone to care' I grabbed her face and held it as I came in her mouth.

Jackie stuck out her tongue to show me my cum. I groaned out loud as she licked me clean and tucked me away.

I was still glowing as I walked to my car. To be sucked off by the wife of one of the town's richest property developers in the cities best coffee shop, where the waitress and possibly others could watch was a real turn on.

I liked taking chances.

I had been talking as often as possible to innocent long legged Jennifer.

When ever I could I would ring her mobile, when she realised it was me she would immediately become agitated I would tell her how beautiful she was and how much I wanted her. In a little more than a whisper she would tell me she loved me. She was so beautiful, so timid, yet she was ready for me.

"I want you alone with no interruptions and you know why" I told her. She would become flustered, giggling, and delaying until finally I was able to call on her when her two young sons her maid, her mother and her husband would be absent.

She was blushing bright red when she ushered me into their home. I took her in my arms and gently kissed her face, her eyes, her nose, her ears and her lips.

I stroked her and held her in my arms as I whispered quietly to her what I was going to do to her and what she was going to do to me.

"I'm going to make love to you. I'm going to fuck you." I'm going to kiss you all over we are going to devour each other."

"I'm going to slip my prick into your mouth then into your pussy, and Your arse"

"You are going to suck my prick, lick my balls and tongue my arse" "You are going to do everything I tell you."

She was nervous and worried "Don't hurt me darling" "I have never done this before."

"I am 38 years old I'm a little scared."

"I was a virgin when I married; I've never had another man." "I have always been true". "I know he spends Friday nights with Jacky's husband, and those bimbos at his office, but I haven't played around."

Words were flowing from her mouth as I stroked her tits and pinched her nipples.

"Let's go up to your bedroom" I urged. "Oh!! No. no! Not there!" She whispered. "Yes" I said firmly "I am going to fuck you on his bed" After some indecision she led me to the stairs.

As I followed I ran my hand up under her skirt, brushing her thong aside I pushed my finger against the rosebud of her arse. I swear she pushed back as she swayed her delicious rump in a wanton fashion. We continued up the stairs with my finger circling her rosebud.

As soon as we reached her room, we both turned with an urgency driven by passion, we fumbled with buttons and zips, our arms and hands became entangled as we kissed, stripping clothing from each other at the same time.

I made her stand so I could study her. She tried to cover up but I pushed her hands away. "Your mine and I want to see all of you" I ordered.

My god her legs were wonderful. "Do you have any of those stiletto high heel shoes?" "Get a pair of black stockings" I ordered "Now put them on."

"Nothing else. I just want you in stockings and stilettos." "Stand in front of me so you can see yourself in the mirror" I directed as she returned. She looked magnificent. The high heels and stockings showed off her legs to perfection.

My eyes devoured her. "You are magnificent fanfuckintastic."

I held my highly excited cock out for her to see, "this is yours all yours"

She stared and her mouth fell open. My cock started to erupt. I hadn't stroked it; my cock had reacted to the erotic images and ideas flashing through my mind as I thought of what was to come.

Yes! I was coming just from the sheer erotic beauty of shy timid Jennifer in stockings and heels completely under my control.

I ordered her to stand and pose till I could stand it no longer. "Keep your heels on and come over here on the bed "I groaned.

She came pushing me back, crouching on her knees and lowered herself down on my pulsating prick. She leant forward, her shiny hard tits swung in front of my mouth .I sucked and licked with gusto.

Running my hands lightly over her back, I slowly caressed her butt; licked her nipples kissing then, sucking them like a baby looking for milk.

She moaned and cried out "Oooh….…..that's wonderful so wonderful" "I don't know what's come over me." "I've been wanting you and dreaming of you since that day at your mothers." She kept moaning continuously as I worked my tongue and lips around her extremely aroused nipples.

"My goodness, oh my, oh. Oh. Your mouth will make me come if you don't stop." That spurred me on to greater efforts. She came once and shuddered again, she was gasping and shuddering in what I thought were little orgasms.

I gave up counting as we rolled over allowing me to ride on top. I put my hands behind her knees and pushed them back until they were beside her firm hard tits.

Raising myself on my knees I proceeded to give her a fast rogering. I slowed down, pushed right in and then slowly pulled back, until I was nearly all out. Every time I pulled out to the brink and then slowly pushed back in, she shuddered, and cried out my name.

I stood up pulling her backside up off the bed. I had more purchase as I withdrew to her rim and then slowly reinserted my well oiled tool. I enjoyed toying with her, long slow strokes out to the rim, rubbing against her clit, then slowly all the way in. over and over. She was crying out, grabbing me and pulling me down hard, until I was buried to the hilt.

"Oh fuck" I said as I lost control, my tool burst in to flood.

My juices spilled out and leaked down her arse. I rubbed my fingers in our juices and inserted one in her tight anal passage. She groaned. I pushed her legs up and out over her head slipped my prick out of her cunt and tried to ease it in her arse.

She screamed out loud "My god I never had it there before". I pushed through the obstruction and gradually filled her arse.

She moaned my name crying 'I love you. Love you". Sucking the fingers of my other hand into her mouth. I started to slowly move back and forth as her muscles tightened and then relaxed. Gradually she started to move with me. She cried in pain "it's hurting"

I rolled her over lifted her on to her knees pulled out and re entered her pussy from behind. This had became my favourite position It allowed me to play with their boobs, touch and tickle their clit, bite their ears and the back of their necks, whilst still controlling the pace.

Jennifer might have been timid before, but not now. She was pushing back, ramming on to me, moaning out loud that she loved me. When I tried to finger her cunt she was already doing it. Best of all she was talking sex.

This sweet shy leggy lady was moaning and groaning "Fuck me. Push hard. I want all of you, give it to me, Fuckmeeee, fuckmeee." Louder and louder "pleeasee fuckmeeee"

She came again, and I responded as we collapsed in each others arms.

We lay together. She kept repeating she loved me. She kissed and licked my body as I licked and took the opportunity to study her breasts .Where Jackie had nipples like golf tees, Jennifer's were large brown and flat .As my tongue sucked them as I would suck a grape they grew in my mouth.

My Boy Scout Mothers were great fucks; they were using me as I was using them. Jennifer was different she was mine she told me in both word and by her actions that she would do anything I wanted; I had my first personal and private love slave.

I ducked down and washed her cunt with my mouth and stuck my tongue in her arse. She started to come again. There was not a part of her that I did not lick or kiss. All the time talking to her, sometimes loving and soft, other times raunchy and hard.

This was a session of love. My first session, where I worried about my partner. I felt good when I finally moved to say good night at the front door.

I made Jennifer escort me to the door nude except for stockings and high heels.

Her stocking hung around her legs like school boys socks. "Someone will see she moaned." Those fucking legs in high heels and the sluttish stockings were driving me crazy. I wanted to see her from behind whilst walking in high heels.

I grabbed her and pushed her towards the front door

I wanted to see her from behind whilst walking in high heels.

The sight of her arse cheeks moving seductively, with glimpses of her cunt lips appearing between her legs, coupled with those magnificent legs, was too much.

I pushed her back and lifted her on to the hall table; I grabbed her knees pushed them wide then up towards her head until she was open to my surging cock. Without any assistance I hit the mark. I slammed into her deep and hard. I was on fire. I came within seconds She was startled by the suddenness of my assault looking at me with a question in her eyes.

"One for the road" I said.

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