tagMatureBoy Scout Mothers Ch. 13

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 13

bymangrove jack©

The programme for the day after the ball provided separate events for the governor and his wife. She was to go horse riding, he to the football.

I waited at the country club to see that the commencement of the horse riding programme went smoothly

The country club was crowded when the governor’s wife arrived. Her Skin tight black jodhpurs moulded her legs, highlighting a fine arse. They hid the love bites I had put on each of the cheeks of her ass this morning.

Her small pear shaped tits were hidden by the bright red jacket.

Jackie looking like a million dollars was hostess; Bernadette was in charge of the horses.

Riding outfits moulded the figures of the women who were to join the governor’s wife on the morning ride.

I spent my time studying their form .Many outfits moulded cunts so tight, that the only thing I missed was the colour of the pussy hair. I had never seen so much pussy on display. I played ‘pick a butt’ as I watched them climb in the saddle.

I was left behind to prepare for the football match. Our team was keen to win in front of the governor, and the states leading citizens. We were hyped up and ready to roll.

At the ground, coach issued last minute instructions, as the cheer squad warmed up the crowd. The long legged busty cheer squad in their new red and white uniforms. were introduced to the Governor.

The game was dour and tough, neither side giving any quarter. On more than one occasion only a last ditch effort prevented our opponents from scoring. As the game reached the final ten minutes, I sensed that the players marking me were tiring. I didn’t plan any heroics. I whispered to our half back that we could break through in a drive up the middle.

Their players weren’t the only ones getting tired, for on the very next play we dropped the ball. The game appeared over. The disappointed groan of our home crowd made up my mind, to give the last few minutes my best shot.

I could only explain what happened next by claiming divine intervention, or at least the support of my fairy god mother. On their first play I bored in hard, and to my surprise, I easily intercepted their half backs long lazy pass.

I was the only one moving against the flow of the game, and took off for the line. The only two players, who were in a position where they might catch me, were the ones I had sensed were tired.

By the time they overcome the shock of my lucky interception, I was scurrying for the line. They stood flat footed, before turning to chase me, far too late. Seconds later, I crossed the line to the cheers of an amazed home crowd. The kick was successful, pushing our score further in front.

It was straight out of a “B” grade Hollywood movie, the home side pulling it out of the hat in the final minutes. But this was no movie it was still minutes before the final bell. Our opponents threw everything at us. We hung on for grim death desperately repulsing drive after drive.

When the final bell rang, our team of walking wounded looked more like losers than winners. I had never felt so tired in all my life. Cramps hit me, I could hardly stand. I sank back to the ground and was grabbed by my overjoyed team mates.

The official proceedings went past in a blur. We milled around waiting for it to finish. As I watched the official party leave, I noticed Jan had joined the governor.

By the time we got back to our rooms, I could hardly walk. Many of our players had not joined the celebrations as they were receiving treatment for their injuries. As a result, the over stretched support staff, had co-opted the assistance of the cheerleader’s trainer. As my problems were not serious, I was told to go to her shed for my rub down.

I was last in the queue. I threw a towel over my hips and lay on a spare bench to wait. I must have dozed off, for I woke with a start, when a warm hand started to rub my leg. It was Marion, the cheerleader trainer.

“We will have to get those legs working so you can go dancing, I hope you haven’t damaged those lips.” She said with a grin.

Her soothing hands worked on my legs and gradually moved up to my thigh.

I studied her closely, short blonde hair, blue eyes, probably thirty five to forty years old and fit as a fiddle. She was a picture of good health. She wore a white uniform buttoned up the front with the top buttons open.

I could see that she wore no bra. Her fleshy tits hung down swinging as she moved. From time to time, I could see right down past her tits to the top of her white panties. Under the towel my prick started to move, I could feel it growing.

People were moving in and out of the room. Our coach came to see if I was alright. A group of cheerleaders stood by the bench talking excitedly about the game; the place was busy, full of cheerleaders and staff.

Marion’s hands were now right in my groin, with people all around; my prick decided it was time to stand up. Marion casually draped another towel over my stomach hiding my extended member. I was just thinking how discreet she was, when her hand that had been massaging my groin grabbed my prick. I was taken by surprise and jumped.

“Oh you poor thing,” exclaimed one of the cheerleaders, “your hurt.”

Marion pulled my prick down flat so it pointed towards my knees. That was fine, but with my prick between thumb and finger she was milking it.

My senses reeled. Here I was lying on a table a few feet from some of our college’s most beautiful cheer leaders, with a hard bodied blonde trainer milking my prick between finger and thumb. To top it all off the girls had gathered around, asking questions.

Marion winked at me and told them “He’s muscle’s tight and hard but I will soon loosen him up.”

“Will he be alright” one of the girls asked anxiously.

“Of course” Marion replied with a grin, “just let me work on him for an hour or so and he will be ok”

An hour or so. Holy hell, I’ll really be stuffed.

All the time they were talking, she was gently but firmly milking my prick.

I struggled to keep my cool as her hand left my prick, massaging my balls as it passed, to run her fingers around the rim of my arse.

“Oh shit” I exclaimed involuntarily.

Susie a blonde who worked in Ron’s office said, “You’re hurting him,”

“Don’t worry I’ll soften him up” Marion said with a sly smile.

Soften him up she did, as I started to ooze cum up on to my stomach.

She closed her hand around my prick squeezing it hard until it was quite painful.

“Go and shower, clean yourself up,” she ordered.

With the towels wrapped around my waist, I moved through the crowded room to the shower. The crowd didn’t know what I had to clean up.

As I showered, I became hard again. I thought of the risk Marion had taken, giving me a hand job in front of a room full of people. Those thoughts made me even harder.

Marion came in as I finished showering, speaking quite loud so people outside could hear, “here’s your clothes,”

“Fuck the clothes” I whispered,

“I want to fuck you, come here”

I pulled her roughly to me, fastened my lips on her mouth, pushing my hands inside her uniform to massage a soft tit.

Marion didn’t need an invitation. Her hand wrapped around my prick. She started to work her hand up and down vigorously, she ran her other hand across my wet butt, and tried to jam a finger in my arse.

Whilst her hand was rapidly moving up and down on my prick, her mouth sucked my tongue deep inside, her teeth nipping it gently, then suddenly biting down hard.

I could feel my cum flowing up my prick. I jerked and bucked under her hands. “I’m going to cum,” I gasped, as I lost control. I was embarrassed as I started to empty it all in her hand.

“Don’t worry? I won’t waste it, she moaned.”

She casually leant down, sucked and licked it up, transferring her mouth to mine depositing some of my come on my tongue.

“Taste that its yours, I only wish it was mine. I can’t wait to have your tongue in me.”

“Remember I know your tongue’s reputation,” she added with a laugh.

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” I thought as I kissed my way down and took her nipple in my mouth. I sucked as it hardened, and then I nipped it hard between my teeth. Marion squealed and pulled away .She headed for the door doing up her buttons.

“We will have to finish another day” she grinned as she left.

Outside Susie was waiting. “Ron said I was to wait and give you a lift to the celebrations” she explained.

“Why don’t you come to Ron’s Friday afternoon drinks?” Susie asked as she sped down the road. She looked great; her very short skirt rode up revealing more than it covered.

“I have a regular job on Friday afternoons that I can’t miss,” I replied thinking of my Friday sessions with “Legs.”

“You could always drop in and see us during the week, most days I am on my own, sometimes Tammy works with me.”

“Why are you are always with those old women?” she asked.

I could have said because they are great fucks, but I replied. “Ron and the husbands pay me to look after the cookie club and the scout group.”

I went on to say “They are not old.”

She pouted, “We think they’re ancient.”

I decided to ignore her, as I didn’t want a debate about the Boy Scout Wives.

She became more direct, “Don’t you like me?” she asked.

She slid her skirt higher, and slouched back in the driving seat, one leg pushing across to show a wider and wider gap.

“Of course I do, you are very horny exciting babe.”

“Rubbish!” she cried, as she quickly turned off the road.

I hadn’t been watching where we were going and was surprised that she pulled into a popular making out spot. She got out and walked over to a picnic table. She sat up on its edge.

I joined her. She pulled her skirt up, opened her legs wide, turned to me, and growled huskily, “Come here, kiss me.”

I stood between her legs, took her head in my hands and kissed her, using all the skills and tricks Angelique had taught me.

Susie relaxed in my arms pushing her cunt against me, rubbing my prick. Minutes later she pulled back from my mouth,

My goodness,” Where did you learn to kiss like that?”

I could have told her from one of those ancient ladies, instead

I pushed her back on the table, lifted her legs and dragged her slopping wet panties down with the help of my teeth.

I transferred my lips to her cunt. I was acting without feeling, mechanically using my tongue to excite her clit.

To my surprise, I started to feel Susie coming to a peak quickly.

Her hips were shuddering in my arms, her body jerking and bucking.

I could feel her legs jumping and quivering against my head.

She came with a scream.

“Oh fuck! That’s marvellous, that’s the first time I’ve cum from a tongue, oh shit, I can’t believe it, do it again, please do it again.”

I couldn’t help being a smart arse, “Don’t tell me Ron hasn’t gone down on you before?”

She blushed, “They only want the girls to suck them, they have this ante room they call “blow job alley.” he’s not interested in me; I’m too old at twenty five.”

I was getting angry, not to old to suck his prick I thought.

“Bullshit! I snapped, don’t give me that crap!”

Susie slapped at me, and then put her hand up to my mouth.

“Stop it; stop it, why won’t you believe me, For god’s sake what have I done to make you so hateful.”

I don’t know why, but I was angry, I pulled her off the table, turned her round, bent her over pushing her face down, with her head and shoulders right up on the table.

I jammed my finger in and out of her sopping cunt, then rimmed her arse.

“I’m not rich, I’m not Ron, and I don’t want you to suck me.”

I’m going to fuck you in the arse.”

“Oh! No. no. no. Not there, that’s dirty, it’s what gay men do,” she cried.

I was hot. I was angry that Ron’s money allowed him to use women like Susie.

I wanted to dominate her.

I wormed my finger around the rim of her arse.

She was crying, “No don’t, you’ll hurt me.”

I kept wriggling my finger until it pushed in up past the knuckle.

I manipulated her clit with my other hand.
She was still crying “no. no not there, I’ve never had it there before.” “You, you, will hurt meee,” she stuttered.

Remembering Angelique’s days of lessons I settled down and tried to be gentle, whispering soothing words in her ears.

“I won’t hurt you,”

“You will love it,” I said, as I started to slowly insert a second finger.

She was still resisting, but I held her tight, as the second finger joined the first.

Gradually, as I kissed and licked her body wherever I could reach, and my finger continued its exploration, she relaxed.

I withdrew my fingers, rolling them in her cunt, covering them with her juices.

Using her juice I slipped them back in her arse.

They went in easier this time. My free hand took my rock hard prick and shoved it in her cunt, rubbing it hard up against her clit.

“Oh yes, yes, do it there” she cried.

I slipped it out; at the same time I withdrew my fingers from her arse. Before she could object I pushed my prick hard into her now lubricated arse, it slowed, I pushed harder. I swear I heard a pop as it went fully into her arse.

I started to move it slowly, leaning forward to stick my tongue in her ear.

She was moaning and crying “no! No! No!”

“Oh fuck its big! You will split me” she moaned.

I whispered in her ear, “I won’t hurt you, you’ll love it.”

I went on “If you don’t we won’t do it again.”

“If you do, this is where I am going to fuck you in future.”

“Whenever you see me, you will remember, that I was the first in your arse.”

“Whenever you think of me you will know, that I will always want to make love to your tight brown arse.”

My mouth roamed over her shoulders and face, my tongue entered her ear as I bit her earlobe, then kissed and bit the back of her neck, making certain that I did not leave a mark.

I was easing my prick in, and then trying to ease it out as far as I could without withdrawing, when I felt her starting to move her body in time with my thrusts. Together we gradually increased the speed of our coupling, until she was pushing back hard. giving as good or better than she was receiving.

I pulled back too far and fell out. She screamed, “Oh shit put it back … oh, put it back.”

I turned her over, lifting her and laying her on her back on the picnic table. With her legs held high in the air, I rammed my prick back in her arse to the hilt.

“Oh Christ that’s good” she cried, “that’s great” all the time bucking her body back against my prick.

Still fucking her arse, I fingered her cunt, rubbing my finger and thumb around her clit, pushing a finger in and out vigorously. I could feel her cunt walls contracting. A jolt ran through her body, her head was jerking up from the table; she was moaning my name as she came.

I couldn’t hold back and sprayed into her arse.

As I pulled out the last of my cum spread round her arsehole it was open and big enough to take my thumb and finger. I rolled them in and reamed her arse hole, as she sobbed my name.

As we straightened our clothes, I started to apologise, “I’m sorry if I was rough, I’d never deliberately hurt you.”

She brushed my apology aside, “My god that was awesome,” I didn’t believe that I could take your fat thing in my arse.

I loved it,” she said as she showered my face with kisses.

Fully dressed and back in the car, I marvelled at her appearance, I told her “you have that well fucked look.”

“You should talk” she giggled.

“If I was asked to describe how you looked,” what should I say? I asked.

“Sexually satisfied” she responded.

We arrived at the after game celebrations just as the speeches were ending. I was escorted by my cookie club wives to the official party. Everyone was shaking my hands, congratulating me, asking how I felt.

I soon escaped from the main table and went looking for “legs.” She was nowhere to be seen.

Bernadette took my arm and introduced me to a group of business people. As we walked away she said, “Now you have met the money behind the governor don’t neglect them, they run this state.”

We found a place to sit on a porch out of the wind. I was rubbing and stretching my leg when Jackie, Darlene and Angelique joined me. They decided to take me to my bungalow, so I could rest. Suffice to say I didn’t get much rest. After they left I lay on the bed and dozed off.

Bernadette kept coming back to check up on me. I watched her as she moved around the room .She was small just over five feet but she was built, and I mean built. Even dressed very conservatively, the dress could not hide a small hard body.

Bernadette’s hair was done in a style that always made me think of someone who had just crawled out of bed. Watching her move I was wishing that she had just crawled out of or maybe into my bed.

Her tits looked large and hard, she had a small tight arse, her legs had the muscles of one who worked out. She would look great in one of those skin tight gym outfits.

“What are you looking at” she asked with a grin.

“You know.” I replied licking me lips.

“Are you ok, is your leg still stiff?” she asked innocently.

“The pains gone but the stiffness has transferred here,” I said rubbing my prick.

“Behave yourself,” she replied.

“I’d rather misbehave” I said keeping up a light banter.

“I know you would your incorrigible,” she replied.

She bent over to straighten my pillows. I placed my hand on her back and pulled her close.

I sat up and kissed her softly.

She did not respond.

I opened my mouth and took her lips into mine.

I nibbled on her lips running my hands up her back, lightly trailing my fingers. She relaxed ever so slightly.

She withdrew slowly, “That’s enough from you for today,” she whispered.

I had tried to get into her pants before. Each time she had ignored me.

“For today,” sounded great.

I did no more than take her hand and kiss her fingers. She stood and watched me but did not pull away.

“Can I give you a ring” I asked.

She didn’t reply but walked away looking back smiling.

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