tagMatureBoy Scout Mothers Ch. 22

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 22

bymangrove jack©

Asuka harassed Richard as they packed to return home. “Have you rang the Jamaican lady yet?” she asked at every opportunity.

“No I haven’t I’m with you, we are going back to my home town. When and only when you return to Japan will I let you organises someone for me.” He told her angrily.

During the high profile medical conference Richard had heard some women delegates discussing the changes in Asuka. One night as they lay in each others arms, he told Asuka what he had heard.

He admitted that one tall striking very black woman apparently from South America had laughingly suggested to her friends when referring to him, that she wouldn’t mind a little extra conference activity.

Asuka had unbeknown to Richard, sought out that Jamaican doctor. She revealed that she like Asuka had let her career destroy her private life, especially her love life. Richard didn’t know what Asuka had said but the upshot was that Asuka told Richard to “ring the Jamaican lady.”

Asuka took no notice of his anger, “you are not angry, you are good actor Mr Richard,” she said as she walked away. Then Mid morning she approached him grinning widely. “What have you been up to?” he asked.

Asuka smiled with that knowing and mischievous smile he had learned to love. “I have invited some international doctors to come down and visit our hospital.” “Its all arranged they will come down in two groups, a group from Africa and, her eyes lifted to look at him, two ladies from Jamaica.”

Richard and Asuka had discussed plans for the future; they both knew that a long term relationship between an elderly Japanese woman doctor and a young Australian would be fraught with difficulties in Japan. Asuka had made up her mind. She was not only setting Richard free, she was setting him up with a woman she knew needed love.

Richard used to the jealousies of his Boy Scout mums marvelled at the generosity and kindness of Asuka. Lying wrapped in her arms with her legs holding him like scissors he recalled again and again the special love she had showered on him over the last few weeks.

A knock on the door sent Richard scrambling for his trousers and Asuka scuttling into the next room. “Who is it?” Richard called, grinning as he saw a nude Asuka peeking around the bedroom door. His grin broke into a wide smile when he heard the bell boy call, “you rang to have luggage taken down Sir.”

Signalling to Asuka to come back he called, “Can you come back in thirty minutes I’m not finished.” “I’m not finished with you he whispered to Asuka,” sliding his hands up her long Asian legs until they reached her bum, and then pulling her to him.

“Oh Richard” she cried, “don’t use those words finished with me.” “We’ll never be finished, now I have your baby in me.”

“We can’t be certain you’re pregnant yet,” Richard whispered back. He laughed, “We were taking out insurance, or should I say making another deposit when that bellboy disturbed us.” “To be certain your pregnant, I will have to make a lot more deposits,” he said with a grin.

“Let’s start again right now,” he growled as he lifted her and laid her on the sofa. Asuka threw her legs around him, “I won’t be complete until I have your baby,” she whispered. “Once baby born, Asuka and Richard will never be finished. I will always have a little Richard to remind me of you.”

Richard returned to his Boy Scout Mothers cookie run. His mums were waiting. Darlene met him in the airport arrival hall, “I’ll drive you home,” she said as he kissed Asuka and told her he would see her tomorrow.

“My god I’ve missed you:” Darlene grunted as she lay along the seat of her car. “I’ve been dreaming of your young hard cock all morning.” Darlene had driven to the rear of the long term car park at the airport. Within seconds she had Richard in the back seat. “This outfit is really one big zip,” she explained as she opened her short dress from top to bottom. Underneath she wore black stockings nothing else.

Richard had forgotten how beautiful she was. Darlene was one of many trophy wives of the building and developer set that had hired him. Her body was straight out of the pages of a man’s magazine, well oiled and pampered at a myriad of beauty parlours and clinics. Some would call her a bimbo, Richard called her his babe. “No she’s not dumb, he thought, she’s no bimbo she `s got her head screwed on right, she knows what she wants.”

She knew what she wanted and right now she wanted Richard. His protests that he had to get home quickly dissipated. Her clean shaven cunt beckoned him, as she threw herself on the seat and held her legs open.

Richard, his heart beating wildly watched as Darlene wriggled her body so that his cock was rubbing the top of her cunt. “It’s a wonder no one hears us, they surely couldn’t miss this rocking and bouncing car,” he thought as their bodies slapped together nosily.

Darlene knew how to turn a man on. Her perfectly fit body rode and controlled him as their passion grew, exploded and dissipated. He could feel the sweat from their mid afternoon coupling as it ran down his legs. It was sticky and hot, yet magical.

“Oh yes that’s what I wanted.” Darlene said as her voice trembled. “I want more; I’m bloody addicted to cock, your bloody cock.” “I don’t know what’s happened to me, you’re only a boy but I dream of you fucking me all the time.”

“I’m bloody eighteen, nearly nineteen,” he growled as he again rammed his cock hard and fast. I’m not a boy.” “No you’re not a boy” she groaned “you’re a fucking magician you wave that magic wand of yours between my legs and I turn into putty.”

No one was home when he arrived. A note from his mother on the hall table apologised, saying she was out shopping. In the shower he thought of his quickie with Darlene.

By going away to the conference with Asuka he had disrupted his routine. Darlene’s hunger had made it clear that he would have to make up for lost time with many of his mothers.

He was drying himself when the phone rang. “Your home at last,” Angelique exclaimed when he answered. As they talked Richard thought of Angelique. She was a large older Greek lady who had taken him under her wing.

She had taught him to dance in a way to arouse a woman’s passion; she liked him to take her the Greek way, “in the arse” she would cry.

Angelique alone had the best idea of how many mothers he was fucking. Some of the others would have their suspicions but Angelique had recognised and urged him to give some love to bored mums.

“You will have to make a lot of calls and mend a few fences,” she told him. “You have created a stable of mothers who need regular loving.” Richard started to speak. “No don’t try to wriggle out of it, you and your ever willing cock have created the problem!” she continued cutting him off.

“They were neglected, until you came along.” “You can’t just wet their appetite and then disappear.” “Once you helped them make the decision to cheat on their husbands, the die was cast.”

“Get on the phone, ring them all as soon as possible, and tell them how you missed them. Maybe a little phone sex will cool them down or,” she added with a laugh, “hot them up for their husbands when they come home tonight.”

“She’s right” Richard thought thinking of Angelique’s advice. He looked at the clock it was five o’clock, most mothers would be home. Whilst their kids would be around, their husbands would still be at work.

Richard spent two hours on the phone talking to his Boy Scout Mums. He called Melissa first. He realised that he could have been more diplomatic when he asked, “What have you been up to?”

“Waiting for you, you young bastard,” she moaned. That moan intrigued him. “What are you doing now?” he whispered as quiet as he could. “Oh you young shit!” she groaned, “you know what I’m doing; I’m doing what you should be doing. I’m playing with my clit.”

As he rang around he realised that many of his mums relied on him to put a bit of spice in their lives. They needed affection as well as sex. Just the opportunity to talk sexy on the phone would add to their day.

Jackie brought him back to reality when she hissed into the phone, “I don’t want you on the phone I want you in me.” “Didn’t you just say you can’t talk because your husbands in the next room,” Richard whispered his panic showing in his voice.

“Yeah I did” she said more quietly. Richard could hear Jackie husband calling “are you using that extension?” “Listen up,” she said before she slammed the phone down. “I can’t wait, come over to my house tomorrow morning, if you don’t come to me, I’ll find you, don’t fuck about with me.”

Richard sat stunned at the risk Jackie had taken, as he thought about it he shuddered, “What the fucks up with her,” he shouted as he threw his shoes across the room.

He quickly settled down when his mother called, “is that you Richard. What are you shouting about love?”

“Sorry mum I didn’t hear you come in” he replied as he turned to spy her leaning against the door.

Richard was amazed at the change in his mum. Before he left for the conference she had started to change. Now she had a new hair do, new make up, he sniffed, new perfume.

“Mum your beautiful,” he gasped as he studied her new outfit. Her clothes highlighted her legs and small waist, creating to Richards’s amazement, “one fucking horny lady.”

What did you say his mother asked her voice rising? “Nothing mum,” Richard mumbled, “oh shit mum, I don’t know what I said, but what I mean is what a change, your different you’re beautiful, you’re sexy, your legs and boobs are magnificent.

“That’s enough of that sort of talk.” She said with a wave of her hand. “I’m glad you like my new clothes even if your mouth is a little loose.” “Your dad and I have decided that its time we both caught up with the times.” “Well I don’t know about dad but you’ve certainly changed.”

His mum stood with her hands on her hips, “what do you mean?” He thought to himself as he studied her, “it means if I didn’t have a stable of mums I’d be trying to bed you, you’re bloody hot.” But decided to keep that idea to himself.

“Oh mum lighten up I’m not having a go at you, your bloody sexy in that outfit.” “It makes you look years younger and makes me bloody horny.” He laughed dancing out of her way.

As he lay in bed thinking over the day’s events, his mobile rang it was Asuka. “We have very little time left to make sure I’m pregnant,” she whispered as they discussed the good times they had had together.

“I’m going to miss you,” he said as she went quiet on her end of the phone. “Make sure you come back through here on your way to the next conference,” He added when he heard her sob.

He looked at his watch, “don’t cry love,” he whispered. “It’s late but it’s never too late.” “Why don’t you go and get your stilettos and put them on.” “Wear that dressing gown you wore on our first night. “And what else?” she asked as he felt her perk up. “Nothing else just you, I’m on my way over.”

Driving home as dawn broke Richard smiled as he recalled Asuka`s excitement as midnight came and went. “I’m in my ripe cycle for the next few days,” she cried.

He’d had the devil of a job convincing her that he wasn’t able to stay at her place during all that time. “How would I explain that to the Boy Scout mums,” he thought? In the end Asuka told him, “If we haven’t` made baby by now, we must make love every night until I leave.”

At home his mother looked at him knowingly. Where did you go so late last night?” she asked quietly so his father couldn’t hear. He grinned, “You don’t want to know mum.”

The morning sped by, many mums welcoming him back with much more than a kiss on the cheek. He could tell that some were no longer as happy as they had been. Too many lovers had made it difficult before he left, but the trip away with Asuka had really upset the apple cart.

An hour later Jackie lay on the floor of the den her legs wide open smoking as she watched Richard dress, “you know you’re a better lover than I remember,” she said with a sigh. “You’re more experienced, you know how to press all the right buttons and yet you still leave me feeling as though I stole your cherry.”

“You look so young and innocent even when your experienced tongue is playing my body like a musical instrument. She raised her knees then threw her legs up so he could see her leaking cunt, “kiss me lover, don’t leave me like this, use that educated tongue and finish me off.” How he could refuse such a request, he thought as he sank to his knees.

Catching up with each mum had been fun. He had never thought fucking would be hard work, but the enthusiasm of some of the mums after he has spent the night baby making with Asuka had left him tired and a little sore.

Richards’s mother was coming to call him when she heard him talking in the shower. He had left his bath room door open and she stood in amazement as she saw him holding his cock in his hands and obviously talking to it. “My god old fella” she heard him say, “Some of those mothers are unbelievable; we’ve had a week that my mates would not believe.”

She could not believe her eyes at his size and then could not believe her ears when he talked to his cock. Embarrassed at watching she called, “Richard hurry up if you are going to the airport.”

Sitting in the airport VIP lounge, Asuka signalled to Richard to follow her. She headed for the disabled toilet built to take a wheel chair. “Quick!” she said as she locked the door, “one last time.” Down on the floor he did not count, but knew she came many more times than once as they struggled and cried together for the last time.

Richards’s life settled down to a more manageable routine after Asuka departed. Married women with kids could only get free during school hours or when their husbands were away or at work. His nights were mostly free.

His classmates welcomed him back, he was in training again. One down side was that his mother was watching him more closely than ever.

Richard was glad to escape her scrutiny when he made his way to the hospital in response to a call from the administrator. “Asuka told me before she left that you would be prepared to show visiting doctors from the conference around the sights,” she explained when Richard arrived.

“We have five ladies, three from South Africa and two from Jamaica who are visiting for a few days. Will you help?” “They will have early evenings and most nights free.”

“We are busy tonight, we promised them a BBQ. Can you come and bring a couple of friends.” When Richard did not respond she went on “there’s only the three Africans so it won’t be hard to settle them in.”

“We’ll provide the tucker and some grog.” “We can’t be there. So we thought if you could bring a couple of mates you could cook them a steak, have a few drinks and make them welcome.”

Back in the capital three ladies were preparing to leave the conference. “Who’s going to join me, who wants a young Aussie cock?” Irene stood in front of the mirror as she spoke.

When her two colleagues didn’t respond she raised her voice, “At past conferences Asuka was a typical frozen Japanese technocrat; she rarely joined in any conference activity, preferring to stick strictly to the program. She was top of the world in our calling and made it very clear she never needed anyone or any thing until this year.”

“Think about it,” she demanded. “This year she turns up with Richard on her arm, demands a suite and settles him in. She danced, she wore stilettos, she blushed, she kissed, she was a hot bloody woman.” “What changed? As far as I can see, nothing changed only Richard.” “I watched him fuck Anna on the balcony at the ball.” “He was awesome. If we really want to try some young Aussie cock he’s the one.”

“Think about it, we can go back to South Africa and Zimbabwe after this conference to those black bastards who think they are god’s gift to woman hood and the human race. Those snobs who because of their university training think their shit don’t stink.”

“Before we go we could break out.” “No one at home will know. No one at home has ever heard of this small town hospital.” “Asuka went there from the capital to meet with a friend from Japan who runs the local supermarket. I don’t know how she hooked up with Richard but I do know it changed her.”

“She’s off to Japan with a perpetual smile that lights up her whole face, a new wardrobe that will shock our medical colleagues in Japan and if I’m not mistake a bun in the oven.”

“So who’s coming with me on a visit to the Hospital? I’ve rang ahead and used Asuka`s name. They have told me that Richard will use a hospital van to squire us around for the three days of our visit. Tonight when we get there their will be a BBQ meal and Richard has been asked to bring a couple of friends.”

She pushed her breasts up holding them so they stood out. “If you want to try a bit of young white cock, you might never get an opportunity like this again.”

Irene studied her large breasts in the mirror, “I’m going are you coming with me?”

Aretha spoke quietly “I’ll come to keep you company,” but I’m not going down looking for sex.” “I’m married and have been for fifteen years. I am not a cheat, I don’t commit adultery. Its up to you, what you do is your business, but I can’t let you go on your own.”

May sat watching Irene, “how do you know this young man will even want you? This country is renowned for its red necks maybe he won’t like a black woman.”

“Oh he likes them all right, have you forgotten what I told you.” “I was having a smoke and saw them dance into the shadows.” “He had Anna bent over and was fucking her twenty feet from me.”

“He wasn’t worried about her colour. He didn’t know if she was married, He was just a randy young bugger.” Irene was breathing heavy as she went on, “I think he saw me watching.” “It was awesome I want some of that boy.”

When May agreed to make up the threesome, she told them to pack while she rang and confirmed the arrangements. At the hospital they were led to the visiting medical officer’s quarters. We have decided to accommodate you here on the hospital grounds as it will make it easy for you to visit our various departments and meet our doctors.”

“You can stay here for free. If you want to be off the hospital grounds we can book you into the hotel down the road. The BBQ tonight is just outside your apartment on the open deck.”

Irene quickly looked around; the quarters comprised a three bedroom ground floor unit with ensuites and its own lounge and kitchen. “This will do, we can have our privacy, and save money and time.”

Richard had a hard time rounding up some mates for the BBQ. “Old South African doctors,” one of his mates exclaimed when he asked them at footy practice. “Shit their not old their Mums age, I haven’t met them but it’s only a BBQ.”

After much argument he finally convinced Dave and Tom to at least come to the BBQ. “If you don’t have a good time then that’s it” he agreed.

They arrived at the BBQ to be greeted by a riot of colour and sound. The three African ladies as Richard called them were dressed in colourful local costumes. They had brought a CD of their homeland music, and were accompanying it on a small drum.

A small jet black woman, who they later learnt was called Irene, was dancing vigorously to the beat of the drums. Tom nudged Richard as they watched, “Shit mate what a body, she’s got every bit of it moving. I’m getting a horn just standing here.”

They jumped when a voice behind them said “Dance with her, she will be very happy when I tell her what she has done to you.” They turned to find a happy smiling member of the group. “I’m May,” she said as she grabbed Tom and Dave and took them over to the dancer. Richard watched as they spoke excitedly while Tom and Dave stood blushing.

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