tagRomanceBoy Scout Mothers Ch. 23

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 23

bymangrove jack©

Richard waited while Darlene got a warm cloth so she could clean her come from his face before he went home. This was part of a ritual they had developed in recent weeks. She would clean him up and give him a blow job to finally send him on his way.

As he waited he tried to recall all that had happened to him since he took on the job of helping the districts Boy Scout mothers.

The troop had been set up to provide some training and companionship for a bunch of boys whose fathers were so busy making money; they had no time for dad and son activities.

Their trophy wives had decided that to make up for their fathers lack of interest, scouting was the way to go. By a twist of fate Richards’s mother became the driving force involving her eighteen year old son.

Richard was forced to help when they started a cookie drive, even though he did so after his mother over rode his complaints. His complaints disappeared when he became more intimately involved with one or two of the mums.

To make a good thing better the husbands, pleased to get the kids and their wives off their hands, paid Richard to look after the mums. Look after the mums, that’s what I do, he though as he smiled and hopped on his bike to head home from Darlene’s.

Richard’s smile grew bigger as he recalled their afternoon together in the spa and then on the floor of her bedroom. Darlene knew exactly what she wanted. “I want you to kiss my cunt!” she would say quietly soon after they kissed on arrival.

Time and time again he had been asked during the afternoon to lick inside the large lips of her completely hairless cunt and tongue her clit.

Each time he not only did so to her complete satisfaction, but in so doing raised her passion to such a level that she demanded he fuck her hard.

Darlene had taught him so much that his tongue was sometimes in more demand than his cock. In the process of training Richard she had become enamoured of his oral skills. She rang him daily and followed him if he did not ‘drop over’ as she called it.

One night after a hard afternoon with Darlene he had Jackie bent over dog fashion reaming her arse when he decided that Darlene was becoming too demanding. The next day after thinking it over he decided licking her horny pussy was not hard work. It was not something that he didn’t want to do; he decided this was a labour of love.

Finally all thoughts of protesting or refusing disappeared when he thought how most of his mates would give their left testicle to be in his position.

They would not believe that he or anyone else for that matter would complain that a sexpot like Darlene was demanding a daily fucking. He grinned, not just one fuck a day either

He had licked and sucked her readily available pussy in every room of her mansion, in every one of the four cars she and her husband owned. They had nearly been caught on a number of occasions when she had contrived to turn up at places where she was not expected.

They had got down to it in the Ladies wash rooms at most of the leading hotels, in each theatre in the movie complex, at a bus stop, on his school sports ground and in the supermarket car park.

Oh yes, Darlene loved his tongue in her pussy. Her shuddering orgasms and her raunchy sex talk when making love drove Richard crazy. She was without a doubt the most exciting fuck amongst his mothers.

Richard pedalled slowly up the hill. Caught by surprise he nearly fell from his bike when another bike came out of nowhere to pass him and swing off the narrow bike track.

He ignored the rider’s stupidity as he was miles away remembering the mothers who had graced him with the ultimate of favours, access to their pussy.

His smile grew bigger and bigger as he thought of a few of them. First there was Mary-Anne with her trim athletic body. Even now, months after they first fucked, she still worried about being caught by her jealous husband.

Richard had no doubt that the cheating and the possibility of being caught added to Mary Anne’s sexual enjoyment. She had recently urged him to fuck her in her kitchen, while her husband was twenty feet away in the garage fiddling with his car.

Then there was Jackie the former beauty queen, the only way to describe her was mad in bed. Not just mad in bed. real mad in bed. She was followed by this afternoons partner Darlene the oral control freak.

She in turn was followed by long legged timid Jennifer. She was so soft, so shy; he fell in love with her every time they met.

Melissa came next. She was a committed hottie after being made over by Jackie and Darlene. Her make over followed the disaster of her husband declaring he was gay and moving in with another man.

He wet his lips and grinned when he thought of Sonya the big breasted Nordic Blonde, who dressed in leather to show her tits and tease his school mates.

His mind was so full of horny reminiscences that he failed to hear a cry of distress and was surprised when over a small crest he spied a rider lying on her side struggling to extract herself from her bike.

“What happened?” he asked as he dropped his bike and ran to her aid. “I had a buster can’t you see,” she responded angrily. Richard did a double take when he heard her voice it was a woman. She wore no make up, her red lips and chocolate brown face shining with sweat from the exertion of her ride.

“Hey don’t bark at me I’m here to help,” he cried as he tried to lay her back down. “What are you doing, let me up,” she shouted as she pushed him away. .“Oh Christ if you’re going to be like that help your bloody self,” he said as he stood up and moved away.

She tried to sit up and yelped. “Oh hell, I’m sorry I’m so angry, it’s not your fault.” Richard turned to look at her, she was crying apparently in pain.

He knew he couldn’t walk away and leave her “Lay still for a minute while I free you from your bike,” he ordered softly. As he removed the bike he took the opportunity to check her out. His prick stirred as he realised that she was one of the Jamaican ladies from the medical conference. Her long brown legs and tight bike shorts highlighted what was obviously a large pair of pussy lips.

Richard took inventory, Great arse, great legs, hard boobs, only her face let her down. Her long nose dominated her face as did a pair of thick lips.

She lay watching him as he asked her to try to straighten her legs and move her toes. “Don’t worry” she said, “nothings broke, I’m a visiting doctor.”

“I know,” he replied. “I met you at the conference in the capital. I was there with Asuka the visiting Japanese guest speaker.” “You’re from Jamaica aren’t you?” he asked.

“Yes!” she responded “do you remember us?” Richard recalled how he had overheard some Jamaican ladies at the conference discussing the change in Asuka and remarking that Richard was the probable cause.

“Yes I remember the tall and lovely ladies from Jamaica,” he said with a grim. When she frowned, he hurried to explain. “Most of the conference delegates were boring, dressed in business suits and full of their own importance. I remember your group because I overheard some of your interesting and lively conversations and loved your sexy brown skins.”

“The facts that most of you were tall and seemed to enjoy yourself, whenever you were at a session made me look forward to meeting your delegation.”

“Look I’m sorry I pushed you down before, but I didn’t know you were a doctor and we’re told not to move people after an accident.” He took her hand, “Can you stand now, if I give you a hand?”

“Let’s try,” she said with a wide smile. “That’s a great improvement on that grumpy face when I first tried to help,” he said with a grin as he put his arm around her waist and helped her up.

She was taller than Richard. Her legs were much longer he discovered as he brushed her down. Great legs he told himself, they were not only long but shapely, but they had muscular calves that would look absolutely fantastic when she wore a pair of high heels.

“Do I need all that brushing,” she said with a laugh as his hands wandered across the curves of her bottom, “I don’t know about you, but its doing me the world of good,” he said as he looked up into her big brown eyes.

“Now I remember you, you’re that cheeky young bugger that Asuka brought along as a companion. You’re not a gigolo are you?” she laughed

Richard was angry, “No I’m available but I don’t charge,” he said sarcastically while frowning and blushing as he tried to brush the question aside.

“I shouldn’t have said that, that was nasty and uncalled for.” She whispered anxiously. “It was just that you changed Asuka so much. She had never been seen with a man and you were so young and handsome, some rumours circulated. I’ve just repeated one of them, sorry.”

“That’s OK, I won’t charge an escort fee if you join me for dinner tonight,” he said with a grin. She studied him for a while. “Thank you, I’d like that, that’s a date” she whispered. “You had better call me Chandelle, if we are to go out together, I’m Chandelle Fernandez.”

By the time he got her back to her hotel and had her few scratches attended to, he knew she was 27 and single with no boy friend waiting in Jamaica.

She in turn discovered he was still at college, had no permanent girl friend and worked casually for the local Boy Scouts fund raising committee.

At home to get ready for his dinner date he was again amazed at the transformation in his mother. In the few short months since the mums had started the first cookie drive she had blossomed. She had taken to wearing outfits that highlighted her breasts. Her skirts were shorter, her heels higher.

Her personality had changed with the change in clothes. She now flirted mildly even with Richard, giving him tantalising glimpses of her tiny thong or the flash of a nipple from time to time. The addition of a new hair style on top of the other changes had created one hot babe.

“Dressing up I see.” his Mother said as she pushed into his room. “Yes Mum I’ve got a hot date with a visiting Jamaican doctor.”

“That’s great,” she said with a smile, “just don’t forget the local ladies. Make sure they’ll be here for you when your strings of visiting lady doctors run out.”

“I don’t have a string of lady doctors, there has only been Asuka,” he growled. His growl turned to a grin as he went on, “I did help entertain the visitors from Africa, but my mates took them off my hands.”

“Don’t worry mum I won’t forget the best local beauty,” he said as he slipped his arm around her waist, “You’re looking so hot these days I don’t want to leave home.”

She laughed as she pushed him away, but not before he had slipped his hand up to cup a surprisingly firm breast. “Your naughty!” she squealed as she slipped away, her skirt flicking over her pert bum.

Richard borrowed his mum’s car to pick up Chandelle, “I can hardly use the jeep,” he explained. “Especially as it only has a canvas hood and provides no protection for a ladies hair.”

Dinner was a blast. Chandelle was lively and entertaining. Dressed in a short white mini dress with her hair cascading down over her shoulders she was so beautiful every man in the room watched their progress to their table.

They lingered over coffee afterwards before Tom suggested they visit the local casino’s disco. “Oh no,” she whispered as she took his hand, “lets just go for a drive you can show me the sights.”

“I’ll take you to Picnic point; it is the highest spot overlooking the town. It looks back down the valley towards the capital, its nice at night,” he said as they drove down Main Street.

At Picnic point she jumped out of the car and ran over to the lookout. “It’s beautiful,” she called as she looked around.

The lookout was deserted; A few cars were parked in the more isolated spots. “They’re making out aren’t they?” she laughed. . “I haven’t made out in a car, most young Jamaicans from the poor area where I grew up don’t have cars.”

She stood with her back to the cities lights; “did you plan to take me parking?” Richard started to explain bur gave up when she started to giggle. “All right,” he said “you’ve discovered my dastardly plan.”

“I don’t think it’s so dastardly,” she whispered as she walked towards him her smile flashing in the dark. Richard took her hand and edged her closer until he could lean forward and let his tongue brush her lips.

“May I invite you to join me in the back seat beautiful lady?” he whispered as he slipped his arm around her and drew her closer.

She slipped away from his arms and pirouetted around, her short dress splaying out letting his eyes feast on her long shiny brown legs and her tiny white thong.

“Let’s climb up to the top of the lookout.” she said with a smile. “You’ll be sorry,” Richard warned. “It has very steep stairs, there are over a hundred. It’s a hard climb in the daylight. In the dark it’s harder still, but when you get to the top the views are magnificent.”

Chandelle slipped of her shoes and threw them in the car, “let’s go!” She went first, Richard followed. The stairs were so steep his head was nearly up under her dress when he was a couple of steps behind.

Every ten steps there was a one man platform. Both of them crowded together to rest on the first. Richard taking advantage of their position squeezed up behind her. He slipped his arm around her and kissed her on the back of her neck and bit her on the ear.

She jumped at his touch, and then leant back against him, “that’s nice,” she murmured. Before he could do it again, she said “let’s go,” and started to climb.

Richard followed close behind, slipping on occasions when he failed to watch his footing, because he was staring at the brown shiny cheeks of her well rounded arse.

At the next one man rest point Richard was ready he slipped his arm around her, his hand sliding up the shiny material of her tiny dress to feather touch her breast.

He heard her gasp and kissed her again on the back of her neck, this time sliding his mouth down on to her shoulder. She shuddered “are you cold?” he asked. “No your mouth tickles,” she replied as she again leant back hard against his body.

That’s better he thought. But as soon as he started to move his hand on her breast, she said “let’s go!” and started to climb once more.

Richard was getting more and more excited. He had not expected after tonight’s dinner to end up climbing the fire warden’s lookout. His excitement wasn’t from climbing; it was Chandelle and the prospect of nailing her that was turning him on.

Each one man resting point gave him another opportunity to work on Chandelle. She was becoming more and more relaxed, accepting his kisses to her neck and shoulders and allowing him small liberties with her breast.

“I think this is stop nine,” he said as they came to another one man rest area, He turned her so she faced him for the first time on the climb. “I want a kiss, a proper kiss. Those shiny red lips are made for kissing, why are you keeping them from me?” he asked.

She laughed out loud, “You’re a real smooth customer, no wonder you were a hit with Asuka.” She took his head in her hands and kissed him. “My god,” Richard gasped when she finally let him go. If you continue to kiss like that I won’t have the strength to make it back to the ground.”

She laughed again. “That will be no good; you’ll need all your strength to show me how you make out in a car.”

Finally they both reached the top where she stood panting, waiting for him to close the trap door.

“What a view,” she cried as she leant over the rail and struggled to catch her breath. “Yes it’s magnificent,” he replied, although he was looking at her not the view.

“Your not looking,” .she whispered, “oh yes I am,” he growled, “Yes I am.” You’re the nicest view. I can’t get over how beautiful you are.”

She had enjoyed their climb into the darkness of the night. Stopping on each little landing had given her time to catch her breath and see how far Richard would go.

Just us, she thought, as she looked down into the darkness below. This is nice; no one down there can see us up here. It was so black she couldn’t see their car in the car park.

Richard had crouched down to close the trap door as he stood he ran his hands up her legs. “I’ve wanted to do that all night,” he whispered. “Is that all?” she asked with a laugh.

“No! That’s not all, I want to take off that dress,” he said as he lifted it by the hem until it was up over her boobs. He waited a minute expecting her to complain and move to stop him. She just stood there grinning and let him lift it further until he raised it over her head.

Still expecting her to object he slowed and studied her body, which was now clearly on view. Only her head and shoulders remained covered where he had lifted her dress high. She surprised him again when she held her arms up so he could remove the dress completely.

Richard was stunned, Bloody hell this is too easy he thought, as he stepped back to study her in the moon light. The moon shone on the sweat of her body making parts shine while her pussy and face remained in a shadow. “Turn around,” he pleaded. “I want to see the moon highlighting your big breasts.”

She turned ever so slowly. Richard could feel his cock pushing hard against his trousers. She was fabulous, she took his breath away. In the half light her body swayed and trembled. “Come here” he said as he laid his coat and shirt down. “Lay here so I can kiss you.”

She did as he asked and gasped in surprise when he did not kiss her on the mouth, but moved her legs apart and kissed her pussy.

“Oh shit,” she groaned as his tongue found her clit and his hot breath stirred her juices. He kissed and licked her pussy, his tongue stirring her clit, his fingers massaging her inner thigh and her pussy lips. She lay back letting him have his way.

I’ll stop him if he gets rough, she thought to herself. But he is so kind I can’t imagine he will.

Every minute or so Richard would lift his head from her pussy and look at her as she lay naked in the moon light. “You’re magnificent,” he would whisper, “I love your pussy.”

Then before she said or did anything, he would commence a pattern of licking and sucking that Darlene had taught him. Richard couldn’t believe it, when she showed little or no reaction to his tongue as it moved up and around in her pussy. As a result he became more sensitive to her bodies movements, working every trick he had been taught, as he strived to get a reaction.

Unbeknown to him, his tongue was driving her to distraction. Chandelle had never had anyone spend time loving her pussy with his tongue.

She had had to study long and hard to break away from her poverty stricken background. Sex had not been fun; it had been a way to pay for her studies so she could become a doctor.

When she needed money her foster mother would set her up with a visiting foreign business man and give her some weed to smoke. Sex was not fun it was a chore.

Her customers only wanted her to make them hard and let them fuck her. Her foster mother used to tell her, “They paid their money and all they want is cunt.” Those experiences made her wary of men. She was not used to loving and kissing, especially men kissing her pussy.

Tonight something was happening. She felt an excitement building in her stomach; her nipples were tingling and growing hard. She was flabbergasted; she was experiencing a feeling extremely new to her. She was starting to want Richard.

Her plan had been to reward him if their night was fun, by letting him fuck her. “Just a fuck, no emotional attachment, just a fuck,” she kept saying to herself as her body stirred under Richards tongue.

She thought about Richard as her passion stirred. He was not like any man she had met before. He really was only a boy. A nice boy, a gentle boy who was making her feel good.

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