tagErotic CouplingsBoy Scout Mothers Ch. 26

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 26

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Richard was in a panic his mum had said she was thinking of calling a general meeting of the Boy Scout mothers to discus the future of the cookie making team. She had told him at breakfast that even though sales at the supermarket, the corner stores and the Sunday markets were still good. "We must keep thinking of new ideas. There may be a better way than having all those mothers bake cookies for you to collect and deliver. "Its time we changed things." She had said as he left.

He could not wait to ring his special mothers. He alerted them of the threat to 'change things.' He knew that none of those mothers would want things changed let alone Richard. He had developed over time a routine of calls that provided each mum with an excuse to entertain him in private. Any change to that routine would destroy his extremely active sex life and deprive his mums of their regular hyperactive sex sessions.

Jackie took the lead as usual. "Leave it to me," she told him "I'll fix it." In the end, his mum agreed that Richard should meet first with the cooks and maids that did most of the cooking. "The mums want to keep the existing scheme. You are very popular. They don't want to lose you." His mother told him at breakfast the next morning.

Jackie lay back on her bed gradually regaining her breath, she looked up at Richard, "Help me up," she moaned. "A session with you is better than a session at the gym." She ran her eyes over Richards's young fit body and sighed. "We could market it. Richards sex aerobics, guaranteed to make you fit or pregnant." She laughed, "Maybe that's the way to make more money for the Scouts."

He trailed his fingers down her back and fingered her pussy from behind. "Thanks for heading mum off," he whispered. "She could have buggered things for us." Jackie pushed back against his hand. "You will have to hold a meeting with the cooks. You need to get to know that very dark girl with the funny name. I think she is called Omarosa that works for Martha Jackson she is the spokeswoman for the local Philippine domestic workers."

"Why don't you talk to her, what we need is something to supplement the cookies." She squeezed his cock. "We have a good system. The women, whose husbands can afford domestic help, arrange for the cookies to be made by their cooks. We have just about everyone in town selling them for us and of course, she giggled and dropped down to kiss his cock. "We have this fantastic distributor who calls on us in our homes."

He cut his morning with Jackie and drove out to talk to Omarosa. She laughed at his pronunciation." Call me Rosa," she said as they sat in the kitchen drinking tea. "The girls will love to meet with you." She smiled her deep red lips highlighted by her strong white teeth. "We have heard a lot about you and your cookie run. I think some of us know a lot more about you than they are prepared to admit. Most of us go to the Roman Catholic Church down near the park each Sunday morning and then straight after mass gather as a support group for a picnic in the park Drop down on Sunday we'll be waiting."

Richard could not help staring at Rosa. Her beauty took his breath away. She was the most strikingly beautiful black woman he had ever encountered. She noticed his stares and smiled. "It's my color isn't it?" she asked. "In the Philippines, it does not stand out like it does here."

"My mother told me my family has a history that contains both Spanish and African blood." She laughed, "It was not helped when she took a big black American sailor as a lover. "So I am black. Do you have any trouble with that?" Richard was embarrassed. "Oh no," he cried. "I am sorry I stared. It wasn't just you color, it is your bearing, your figure, your makeup, your clothes you are truly magnificent."

She laughed again, "Thank you, do you pour on the charm like this for all your lady friends or are you just trying to impress me." Facing a beautiful woman who called a spade a spade Richard told the truth, "A bit of both I suppose." Then as she relaxed under his steady gaze he surprised her when he asked, "can I join you in church this Sunday."

A buzz went through the crowded pews of the local church when Richard sat with Rosa and the Philippine workers. As they left he tried to take her hand, "let's give them something to gossip about."

Rosa had the group well organized. They always went to the same area in the park after church setting up a wide selection of food and drink on the picnic tables. Rosa started to introduce Richard but gave up when most of them started to laugh and call out that they knew him from the cookie run. Richard did know most of them. He could hardly recognize some of them they looked very different in their Sunday best compared to their uniforms when working in their kitchens.

He explained his mothers concerns about the cookie run. "I want your help," he said as he looked around their smiling faces. "I will come down here again next Sunday to see if you have any ideas. In the meantime, if any of you think of anything give me a ring and I'll drop around and see you when I make my calls."

It soon become apparent that not only did most of them know him but many either knew or suspected what he and their boss's wives did during his regular visits. Rosa saw that he was becoming embarrassed. "Don't worry, they won't tell," she whispered when he was left alone for a minute. "Women from the Philippines love a lover. We are in love with love itself. You are young single and unattached. You are expected to sew your wild oats before you settle down and get married. They love and admire you for it. I am sure many of them wish you were calling on them."

"I'd like to call on you," he whispered when they were alone." Would you now," she laughed. When she saw he wasn't fooling she went quiet, then looked at him under her long eyelashes. "I'll have to think about that."

Richard took the time to study them as they laughed and talked together. Most of the workers were small and petite. Rosa was the tallest her height and her color made her stand out in the crowd. A big plump woman with a round pretty face looked to be the oldest. She gradually worked her way over to join him. "I'm Stella," she said as she lowered her big body into the chair beside him.

Breaking some cake, she fed it into his mouth. Her tiny voice had surprised Richard he had expected something quite different because of her size. He ate the cake from her hands waiting for her too talk. "You never come into the kitchen at Mrs. Marsh's house, you should." Her big hand gripped his leg. "I am sure with a little urging Rita would love to entertain you."

Richard wanted to ask whose Rita was but Stella was feeding more cake into his mouth. She wiped his brow with a wet cloth, brushed cake crumbs from his clothes and said, "I shouldn't monopolize you. They all want to talk to you. Come and see me, I want to tell you about Rita." Pushing herself up from the chair, she winked. "You'll love her."

He took much longer to complete his daily cookie run during the next week. He was a lot more careful making sure no one was looking when he slipped into more than one or two bedrooms. In addition, the maids and cooks now waited for him. They all loved to chat. They made him welcome offering suggestions or showing off some special item they had baked. By the time Sunday came around, he felt that he did not need to go to Church or attend the picnic but wanting to see them again; he decided that he would keep his promise.

He saw Mrs. Jackson driving away as he turned into her street. "That's good, he thought. Rosa will be home alone." She met him at the kitchen door. Her red thick lips broke into a smile showing her strong snow-white teeth, "what are you doing here?" she asked. "We don't make cookies and my mistress is out." "I know. I saw her leave. I wanted to see you," he cried. "You are so beautiful I can't get you out of my mind. I am starting to dream about you."

"Oh yes," she whispered. "I worked in a bar in Manila. I've heard all those old lines before." Then she seemed to make up her mind. She reached out and pulled him inside. "Why don't you just tell the truth? You called around on the off chance that you might sneak into my pants. Come on let's go down to my room."

Richard started to object, when she turned to him. "Just shut up and come with me." In her room, she turned to him. "You have quite a reputation. I have watched you. I know you try to be discreet. But you do take risks." She smiled, "you must be a good lover for so many of our boss's wives to take the risk of wanting you in their beds." She hushed him quiet. "Don't try to fool me. I am not going to cause you trouble."

She stood up, moved over to take hold of him by the ears and kissed him. Her tongue and lips creating havoc in his pants. They stood in her tiny room attacking each other's mouths when she stepped back. "You know those cheating wives who are enjoying your body will never countenance you sleeping with the hired help. Especially one of their cooks."

"If they ever found out that you were doing that, most of those toffee nosed bitches would run a mile to get away from you. Some of them must know that they are not your only lover. But sharing you with a big black Philipino lover who was one of their cooks would be a real no. no."

She opened the buttons one by one down the front of her dress. Until he could see, a large black breast standing high and very round. "So young Richard is this big black body worth the risk." Her hands kept opening buttons until her dress just hung on her shoulders wide open, displaying her breasts with their long nipples. She moved her legs slightly apart now showing what looked like a forest of hair between her thighs. Shrugging her shoulders, she let her dress slide to the floor. She now stood totally nude as she watched his eyes devour her body.

"You're worth it," he cried as he pulled her to him and ran his hands down to her firm round backside. "You're worth the bloody risk," he moaned. His heart was thumping in his chest as they kissed. Her kisses were fantastic. Her mouth doing things he had rarely experienced before. She was groaning now her hands removing his clothes as they stood kissing.

He felt his jeans slip down his legs and kicked them away when her hand reached his cock. "My goodness," she whispered giving it a tug. "It's a nice hot hard one; I'm going to love having that in me." They kissed wildly as they explored each other's body until she broke away and led him to her bed. "No man has shared this bed since I came here to work," she whispered as she moved her body on the bed so he could join her.

"How long have you been here," he growled as she fed him into her pussy. "Eight months," she gasped as he pushed home. "Eight months with out a man, be gentle lover be gentle." They rocked together soaring to new heights of passion ad they pounded each other's bodies. They hit a rhythm their bodies in harmony driving harder and faster towards the ultimate mutual orgasm.

Richard tried to think of other things so he would not come too soon. He noticed how her bed squeaked loudly in time with every thrust. Noticed how the bed head started to bump against the wall. We would never keep this secret if anyone were home, he thought. His efforts were to no avail. He groaned realizing that nothing he could do was going to help him stop coming, help him stop the volcanic flow of his hot-blooded sperm.

Rosa was grunting. He felt his cock start to pulse. He could feel her hot juice lubricating and heating his cock. He felt his cock grow harder and groaned giving up as he started to come. His body bucked and shuddered making him catch his breath. His cock started to spasm spurting come into her hot welcoming pussy. Rosa recognized the signs her fingernails bit into his back. Her pussy muscles gripped and milked his cock. She moaned words he could not understand.

Exhausted he started to let his body collapse. Rosa would have none of it. She pushed his body back up. "Don't you dare," she cried. Her body was not spent. It was still moving, still seeking more and more of his cock. She pushed her head back against the bed. Her body arched upwards grinding her body up against his. She pushed a finger between their bodies and ran her finger in circles around her clit.

She became frantic. "Don't stop now," she moaned, "don't stop." Galvanized into action by her cries, Richard kept moving. Her pussy tightened around his cock keeping it hard. His legs seemed to gain new power. He grunted as his strokes became stronger and stronger.

He looked down at her face and what he saw gave him new strength. Her eyes were unfocussed staring off into space. Her mouth lay open. He could see her tongue moving seemingly out of control. He felt her body stiffen, heard her guttural unrecognizable groans, felt her fingers grip his hips and knew she was ready to come again.

He was now bashing his body into hers determined to push her over the top wondering how long it would take. Then Rosa gave a shriek. Her body wriggled and bucked until he found it hard to stay connected. "Bloody hell," he groaned in amazement at the heat and quantity of her release. Her orgasm seemed to drain his strength. This time he did collapse. His body laid on hers then slipped down to lie beside her, their perspiration making them slippery and hot.

They hugged each other as they lay gathering their breath. Rosa spoke first, "no one must know," she whispered, "it must be our secret." Richard did not answer he was nearly asleep.

It was twenty-four hours before Richard called at the home of Mrs. Marsh. Stella met him at the back door. When he was seated drinking hot chocolate and eating cake, she sat beside him. "Thank you for coming she said in the tiny voice that intrigued him. " Its funny but I would have never thought of you. When I saw you last Sunday I immediately knew you were the one I needed. I want to talk to you about my boss. Her name is Rita; she is a wonderful woman, kind, and considerate. She is a real lady."

"I want you to help her. She is very sad and heart broken at present. Her husband has left her for his twenty-year-old secretary." "That is sad," Richard said, "but how can I help." Stella hushed him. "Let me finish," she cried as she poured him another cup of coffee, "She doesn't go out. She mopes around the house. She needs friends," she looked at him, "men friends. Now that is where you come in. That's where you may be able to help."

Richard knew what was coming he had been asked to help mums in need before. Stella took his hand, "I want you to do to Rita what you do to some of those other wives. Make her feel wanted. Make her feel that her life is not finished." She gave him a wink. "I am not asking you to do some of the things you do when you make some of your calls, just butter her up, flatter her a little."

She squeezed his hand her eyes pleading. "Can I call her and tell her you are here to talk about the Boy Scout cookies? Just talk to her, tell her of your plans, and give her an update. "Please," she added when she could see he was edging for the door. She pulled him back," please." "All right I'll talk to her." Richard cried.

Stella moved remarkably quick for her size. She was on the phone immediately telling Mrs. Marsh that Richard was here to see her. She hung up and turned to Richard. "She will be a few minutes. Just wait in the lounge." She took his hand pulled him against her large plump body and kissed him, "thanks," she whispered.

Richard was unprepared for Rita Marsh. He did not know what he had been expecting, but he most certainly had not been expecting one so young and so beautiful. She looked fragile but there was no evidence of crying in the deep brown eyes that shone from under her long brown lashes. Her skin was smooth as silk, milky white against a tumble of jet-black hair. Her white skin and the classic shape of her face reminded him of one of his mother's exquisite china dolls.

She moved to him her small body clothed in a long white dress that stopped just short of her tiny feet. She spoke softly, "I am pleased to meet you Richard I have heard a lot about you," Her voice was warm and truly welcoming. She gave his hand a little squeeze. "Won't you join me here on the sofa?" Richard would have joined her anywhere. He was smitten.

Stella served tea winking at Richard as she left. Rita put him at ease. She asked questions that made him realize that she was not just a pretty face. As they talked, she told him she might be able to help him, as she knew marketing and promotion. He smiled he had came into the room to help her and within minutes she was offering to help him.

Rita was enjoying her talk with Richard. He was a good-looking young man. His wide chest and strong shoulders were the opposite of her husband who had only recently taken up dieting and was now nearly anorexic. Thinking of her husband depressed her and brought a forlorn look to her face. She shook herself, I must not think of him I have to get on with my life.

Richard noticed the mood change and broke into her thoughts when he asked. "How do you know so much about marketing?" Her face brightened at his question. "Both my Mum and dad started and built up the states largest packaging business. I was an only child so it was only natural that they wanted me to follow them into the business. They sent me to college to study marketing and promotion. I spent a little time working in advertising. Her face fell when she added, "that's where I met my husband."

Noticing another mood change Richard took her hand. "You said you might be able to help me." She did not let go of his hand when she replied. "Have you considered new packaging that would give your cookies a fresh home made look on the shop and supermarket shelves?"

Richard moved closer on the couch still holding her hand. He was happy to see a smile light up her face when he squeezed her hand."Can we work together on this?"

Rita felt good. She needed something to take her mind off her problems. She was enjoying Richards happy smiling face he made her feel quite warm and lovely. She loved his deep sexy eyes. She did not have a son in the scouts and knew little about their fund raising ventures. She really did not know why he came to see her today but was glad that he did.

She had seen Richards's photos in the local paper after the local team won football games. It was nice to sit here with this happy young man holding hands like school kids. My god she thought as she let his hand drop. I have been holding his hand for the last half hour he must think I am terribly forward.

They met each morning to work on the marketing proposal, but it quickly became more than work. Richard made her laugh. He was so full of fun she smiled every time she thought of him. It was like being a teenager again. She grinned to herself; he took every opportunity to touch her. His hands firm on her back, he kissed her on the cheek when they met and again when they parted. She knew he wanted to kiss her and knew she would not object if he did.

Richard drove down for their morning meeting. This is stupid he thought you are horny every time you think of Rita; you know she is not going to start anything. He ended up deciding he would have to become a little bolder, take a few chances.

Things were different this morning she did not meet him at the door. He called as he went inside and found her crying in the office. Taking her in his arms he whispered, "What's up love?" She was very nervous stuttering. "My husband is threatening to destroy me. He has just found out that he has no chance of obtaining a share of the family business through the divorce because it's not in my name. I had promised him I would do the paper work to change it into my name but did not have time. So he gets nothing. He went mad he has been ringing me repeatedly threatening me if he doesn't get half the business."

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