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Not long ago, I was invited by a friend to play tennis on Thursday afternoon.
Normally we go on Saturday or Sunday. It is always that busy that we have to wait and can only play for half an hour.

We heard that on Thursday afternoon it is a lot more quite. And yes, when you are used to the crowded weekends, this is a relief. From the 5 tennis courts available, only court 2 occupied by 4 boys. We played a relaxed 2 hours. My friend sadly had to go at 4 pm. I went to the bar to get some drink, still sweating. A quarter past 4 I hit the showers.

Just when I was fully soaped, those 4 boys (from court 2) step naked into the showers. As sportsmen you always showered together. So nothing special about that. Even now there was no reason to react shy. Those boys were a year of 18, 19. Myself I am 25, happily married and 1 kid, absolutely straight. So I thought.
The boys began to have a little fun under the shower. Throwing cold water to each other and even squirt shower gel to each other. They had the biggest fun ever. One of the boys had a sponge and he tried to hit the other boys in their crotch. Again they laughed. The boys with the sponge said:

"If you hold Kevin, I will wash him."

And before Kevin knew what hit him, the other two boys grabbed him tight. They strangled their legs around Kevin's, so he was now standing legs spread, hold tight, so he couldn't move. The one with the sponge was a bit gushy with the shower gel on the sponge. With a mean-smile round his mouth he walked unto Kevin.

Then, somewhat unexpected he placed the sponge unto Kevin's chest. Immediately he start to move downwards, while circling. I expected the "game" to stop any moment. I mean they were in a public shower and with a stranger (me). But he just kept going and stopped the sponge at Kevin's crotch. For a moment Kevin made some defensive moves by pulling up his knee, but was stopped by the other two boys. The boy with the sponge continued to wash Kevin's crotch. With long strokes the sponge was moves strongly through his crotch. Kevin even closed his eyes. Was this out of shame or did he enjoy it?

Everything was well soaped now. I was actually finished showering, but for some reason I kept looking. I got hypnotized by that what was playing in front of my eyes. My curiosity was awakened by this 'sexual' played by four teens. Suddenly the sponge fell on the floor. Then I saw that Kevin's cock was completely erected because of the rubbing. It was standing in a 45 degrees angle straight upwards. I was in shock.

"He, look, Kevin got a big boner" said the boy who soaped him and took hold of his cock just below his purple shining cockhead.

Kevin's cock was I think 7 inch hard. And if it was perfectly normal, he turned to my direction and said:

"Look sir, what a beautiful hard on Kevin has. He is really hard. Keep watching, you will see him shooting his white cum, because I will give him a hand job."

Immediately he did what he said. The boy moved his hand from behind, between Kevin's legs and took hold of his balls. With his other hand began to jack Kevin off with long but strong strokes. Kevin closed his eyes and enjoyed it. With his hands he grabbed the cocks of the boys who held him. With one of the boys I saw that his cock was already started to swell. It became hard rapidly. Soon Kevin was stroking the hard cocks of the other two boys. Three beautiful rock hard cocks were being stroked in front of me. The cock of the fourth boy slowly raised. And because I wasn't made of concrete my own cock was getting hard as well.

"Look boys, this man is also getting a hard on. I think he enjoys seeing us."

What I was thinking at the moment, I don't know. I never had any gay feelings. But now I was getting aroused by those young hard cocks being jacked off in front of me. What should I do? Walk away, keep looking, jacking myself, join them? I didn't know. I didn't want to get caught having a horny adventure under the shower. But like said often, when getting hornier, the pleasure mostly wins from the brains. I took the shower gel and again washing my cock. Almost unnoticed I pointed my cock in their direction. Slowly I washed my firm rod and cockhead. Suddenly I realized that this room was able to be locked from inside. So quickly I closed and locked the doors.

"I think you're up to something?" said one of the boys.

I gave no answer and continued to 'wash and stroke'. The boys who first stroked Kevin was the boldest of them. He go of Kevin and with a bouncing hard on, he walked toward me. My heart was pounding in my throat. I had locked the door myself, so it had to be a sign for him that there could be some fun. He walked toward me and while looking at me and took hold of my balls. I looked somewhat horny to him. Then I felt him flick my cock with his finger.

"Shall I wash it for you?" He asked.

"Please." I heard myself saying and I bended to get the shower gel.

The boy made a bowl of he hands and I almost emptied the bottle of shower gel in his hands. He didn't wait and began to 'wash' me. While one of his hands massaged my balls, his other washed my public hair. The back of his hand touched my straight standing cock, but he didn't grabbed it. Because I expected him to do so, I became even more hornier. He soaped my whole crotch. For a minute he kept doing it, while he looked at his handwork.

"You got a very nice cock" He said.

He looked me straight in the eyes. At that moment he took hold of my cock, just below the cockhead and moved the skin down to reveal my cockhead. I wanted to moan softly when his other hand, with who massaged my balls, suddenly moved back and put a finger in my anus.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh," I yelled.

I had to grabbed his shoulders not to fall from pleasure. What a great feeling that was!! The boys directed my under the shower, so the water would clean the soap. Meanwhile his finger was still in my tiny whole. He looked if all the soap was gone and retracted his finger from my anus. That felt sensational. For a moment he looked at me, then moved forward and felt how his lips moved over my cockhead. I was getting a headjob by a boys who was not much older than 18!! I enjoyed this.

In the meantime the other two boys were kneeling in front of Kevin and took his hard erection their mouth, while stroking their hard members. My hands moved from the boy's head to his shoulders and his back. I bended a little so I got move my hands on his hips. I wanted more, so I pulled him a bit more towards me. With my right-hand I felt his buttocks. Very slowly I moved my hand towards his thigh and back up, his chest, his belly, his belly button until I reached his public hair. When I turned my hand I felt his big hard rod. My god, this felt great. Such a nice hard cock from a young boy. I placed my second finger at the spot where his foreskin is connected to his cockhead. I felt he sucked my even harder, so he must have liked that.

They don't have to tell me how to let a hard cock enjoy. Because the boy was sucking me so good, I felt I was about the cum. And I didn't wanted that yet. I let him go and pulled him up by his shoulders. I answered the questioned look on his face by dropping down on my knees. His hard cock was straight staring at me, just at the right height. I took hold of his cock and looked when I stroked his foreskin back and forth. It was great to see his cockhead disappeared behind the skin and the next moment completely visible.

With my thumb and second finger I squeezed his cock and a flow of pre-cum was leaking on his cockhead. With my thumb I moved the pre-cum all over his cockhead, it now felt slippery. Again I squeezed, some more drops came out. This time I couldn't resist. I took his cockhead in my mouth. I had to get use to the feeling in my mouth. Soon my tongue was moving over his cockhead. For the first time I felt another man his balls. I softly squeezed them. But this hard young cock in my mouth was amazing. I sucked him like anything. He began to fuck my mouth even faster.

"Keep going sir, I'm about to cum. Watch out, here it comes. Aahhhhhhhhhh."

Indeed. His cock swelled even more in my mouth and then I felt a warm fluid against my throat. Ohh man, it felt fantastic to let him cum in my mouth. I was getting so horny about that. I kept sucking and stroking his cfrrock. At the end he fell to the floor and sat there exhausted, I didn't want him to rest. So I stood up and started to jack off in front of him. I was about to shoot and cum on his face. For a moment I put my cock in his mouth, he willingly let me. When he used his teeth on my cock I felt my cum rising.

Quickly I removed my cock from his mouth and aimed at this face. With a great force I shot my first load against his forehead. The second load hit his left eye. The next load I shot in his mouth. Shaking on my legs I squeezed the last dropped out of my cock. Then I used it to rub my cum all over his face. He lick my cock with his tongue.

The other three boys came to us. They were stroking their cocks stronger. It was clear on the minds. The wanted to cum!! They wanted to cum in the face of the boy who I shot my load at. But I also wanted to receive some. So I sat beside the boy and the three boys came closer. Kevin was too horny and shot his load before the boy next to me or myself had touched him. His first load hit my neighbor.

I quickly grabbed the shooting cock and put it in my mouth. He shot his loads in my mouth, I swallowed everything. Meanwhile I continued to stroke one of the other boys, while Kevin rubbed his cock through my hairs, I started to suck the boy I was stroking. I went totally crazy.

While took his hard cock as deep as I could in my mouth, I tried to put my finger in his tiny whole. He opened his legs more, so I could reach even easier. The tip of my finger entered his anus. I felt he pushed his cock even further in my mouth.

He even began to moan louder. He is about to cum, I thought. His cock swell more. And I entered my finger into his anus. He shot his load with a loud moan in the back of my throat. I had even trouble swallowing it. On my right I see my neighbors the load from the fourth boy all over him.
We are all exhausted and finish showering.
I grab my towel and walk back to the changing room.

"See you next week, same time same place," I heard one of the boys say.

"Deal," I called back.

Quickly I get dressed and went home....

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