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I love football.

I love the rush. I love playing in the crisp, cool autumn weather. I love the roar of the crowd on a Friday night. I love tackling another player, and smashing him flat on the ground. I love getting a hold of the ball and running down the field to the adulation of a whole stadium full of rabid fans.

I love the game.

I've played football since I was a freshman in high school. It was the first sport I lettered in and the one I hold above all others. My dedication showed in that I was the only freshman at my school to be picked for the varsity squad after first year summer tryouts.

And while the game has many finer points to love, as with all sports, one of the best parts is of course the cheerleaders.

What could be better than playing the game all the while knowing that some of the most beautiful girls in school would be cheering you on? Doing their sexy little routines. Their tits bouncing up and down while they cheered. Their asses shaking in those tight little outfits. Their short skirts riding up their thighs.

The lucky players had a cheerleader of their own for after the game. And I was often a very, very lucky player indeed. Man, there is nothing better than winning a hard fought game and then a quick fuck right after the game with some tight little bitch in the back of a car, so horny that you can't even wait to get your clothes off. There were plenty of girls who didn't want anything more from a young jock than to just help him relieve some of that post game tension. And the coaches quietly looked the other way of course, because it gave us players something to focus all our left over pent up energy on.

Yes, I love football.

But I didn't love practice nearly as much.

We had a game that Friday night, as we did most Fridays. But before the big game we had practices. This was the one inevitable evil that I could think of. And the Coach was a hard man. He always put us through all our paces, making everything especially rough, a real workout. And this practice had been no exception to the general rule, in fact maybe a little worse. If I had spent more time concentrating on the game, rather than on the cheerleaders doing their routines across the field, I didn't think I would be feeling it quite as much as I was about then.

My muscles ached.

Coach had made some of us run extra laps in full gear. Ostensibly to make sure our stamina was up to mad dashes across the field, but truthfully because we needed to be reminded who was boss. Most of the players had left the field earlier, except for those lucky guys like me who were sent running around the field a couple times.

When we were finally finished we went into the locker room and started stripping off our uniforms and gear, joking around as usual. A lot of the guys had already showered at this point and were getting ready to leave or had left.

The simple fact is that in a locker room guys razz each other. It is common and it is the accepted and expected practice. If you don't engage to show you can take it, you just wind up making it harder on yourself. That's what a lot of shy guys don't understand.

I walked up to my locker as I heard one of the junior linebackers say to another, "Hey, man, I heard you laid Jen Franklin the other night. Is her pussy really as tight as Nick says it is?"

"Man, its better!" came the wholehearted reply.

"Fuck you know McFarland?" responded someone else from further down the line, who made a crude hand gesture as he said, "The only action you ever got was with your own right hand."

"Funny, man," said McFarland, not taking it seriously, "That's not what your mother told me last night when I had my dick in her loose pussy and she was calling my name like a whore."

The whole aisle erupted in general laughter.

Having reached my locker, I opened it and started taking off my gear. My locker was near my friend Greg's. He was laughing at some joke with our other friend Steve, whose locker was across the aisle. They were both just back from their showers.

Steve said to no one in particular, "Did you see that new red-headed girl in Chem?"

I was naked by this point and wrapping a towel around my waist in order to head to the showers.

"Naw, man," I asked "What's she like?"

"Big hooters, man," said Greg, making gestures to indicate their size.

"Yeah, you think you can get some of that, man?" Steve asked him, knowing Greg's type.

"Don't know," Greg pondered, "She gives me a woody whenever I look at her, man. I feel like I'm gonna break my desk apart it's so hard."

He paused thinking it over, "Yeah, I think I'll have to try her tight ass out."

"Not if I get in there first," I said jokingly and I gave him a playful shove as I turned to go to the showers.

You had to go outside the area where the lockers themselves were and down a short hallway to get to the actual showers. I stopped to talk to a few guys along the way. I was pretty popular and on friendly terms with most of the other guys. When I finally made my way down to the showers there were some guys still under the running water. I put my towel on the rack outside the door and walked inside with a nod to one of the guys. It was a big open room with a bunch of shower heads. I picked one that was a couple away from the next closest guy and I started soaping down my body, closing my eyes as I let the feel of the warm water pulse over my aching muscles.

Calgon take me away. The spray felt damn good and I swear I was about a million miles away when Frank Jameson's voice pulled me out of my daydream.

"Harry, you fag!" he shouted over the spray, "Get away from me man! What the fuck are you doing with that boner?"

It wasn't that I particularly wanted to look. I mean I'd seen plenty of boners before, mostly in porn videos, but I still looked involuntarily over to confirm what the hell Jameson was hollering about. Sure enough Harry's prick was standing up at attention. Oh, man, I thought, he'd catch hell for that. But then I looked up at his face. He wasn't looking at us. I glanced in the direction of his gaze and saw a sweet young thing standing in the doorway.

Naked that is.

And female.

Very female.

Her name was Julie Shafer. She was one of the cheerleaders I had been watching earlier when I should have been paying more attention to the Coach.

You see, later on that night, we would learn that Julie was on some kind of dare from the other cheerleaders. But at that moment she all we knew was that she looked like Venus silhouetted in the doorway. Her hand supporting her lithe body against the frame of the opening. At that point we didn't really care why she was there.

Her full, round tits were hanging in front of her, nipples large, hard and pointing out sharply in front of her. Her long strawberry blonde hair was up in a twist, but a lock of it had escaped and hung ever so invitingly against her cheek, stuck somewhat to her forehead by the humidity of the room.

My eyes traveled down her frame to take in her revealed outline and the gorgeous shape of her firm round ass and luscious thighs. But the highlight of the whole experience was that delicate pink pussy, clearly visible, nestled in it's neatly shaven home.

She put her free arm on her hip and sort of lounged nonchalantly.

I felt my manhood rise to the occasion.

"Hey boys," she said, "Looks like I made a wrong turn somewhere back there."

"Wow!" said someone stupidly.

"Well, you boys," she said looking around her smiling, "What a way to welcome a lady!"

I took my eyes off her for a moment and, looking around, noticed we were now all sporting boners. A little unsure of how to handle the scene developing in front of us, and being of the same pack mentality, we moved inadvertently closer together.

Julie moved away from the doorway and started slinking towards us, immersing herself into the shower spray, reached up and loosen her blonde locks as she strutted. Her firm breasts rode high and proud in front of her. Her long hair spilled down her back as she got as wet as the rest of us. She paused about halfway between the door and the closest man of us, modeling a little for us, moving her hands through her wet hair as the water hit upon her chest and ran down her skin in rivulets until it hit her cunt lips and then proceeded on down her long silky legs.

"I didn't come all the way over here from the ladies locker room for nothing," she said with laughter in her voice, "Who's going to be first?"

Clearly that was an invitation to party.

We looked around at each other, each of us strangely hesitant to engage her on the offer considering all of our earlier bragging. Harry Duchene bravely stepped forward, and we patted him on the back, urging him on. He was a cocky son of a bitch anyways and we watched him walk over to her. She knelt down in front of him without any preliminaries and took his cock into her mouth, grabbing him by the balls at the same time. That was what broke the spell holding the rest of us in check. Josh Reardon and Bill Howard moved in closer and pressed their dicks into Julie's face. She couldn't take all three of them in her mouth at the same time, and Harry was insistent she work on him first, so she did the only thing a girl in that position could do, she reached up with each available hand and started jacking Josh and Bill off.

After a couple minutes of watching all this though, Jameson clearly had other ideas. Ideas which I shared.

"Guys, let's get this show on the road. Get her on her knees," he said to those who would listen, rubbing his hands together to mime anticipation.

Every man in the place wanted to get a feel of that sweet body and a few were actually trying. Those of us who hadn't moved fast enough or weren't close enough to get a front row seat moved our hands up and down our dicks as spectators.

Jameson was insistent. At his urging, they finally got her down on her knees. Harry wasted no time in moving back in front of her face so that he could continue to receive his blowjob. She needed to lean on her hands and arms; otherwise I'm sure that Josh and Bill would have liked to have had their hand jobs continued. Now they were relegated to the same frustrated condition as the rest of us, although they continued to stand near her in case any orifice became vacant. There wasn't an immediate chance of that, with Harry in her mouth and Jameson positioned behind her.

Jameson wasted no time in sinking to his knees, moving in behind her, and without hesitation slipping his wet prick into her pussy.

"Oh, man," he said, closing his eyes and savoring the feel of her for a moment, "She's just as tight as I hoped."

He thrust his modest prick in and out of her pussy, hammering at her cunt. After a few moments Harry grunted and came into her pretty mouth. He moved away and Josh wasted no time in getting into position in front of her. He was so eager to get sucked that he grabbed her hair forcefully shoving his prick down her throat and started fucking her face. He was very wound up and it took him only four thrusts before he was shooting his load into her mouth.

Jameson in turn gave one mighty thrust at about the same time and pulled out of her pussy, shooting his load against the outside of her ass and pussy lips.

I was getting ready to take over from Jameson, having waited long enough, but Bill Howard, who was closer, slipped into position in front of me, replacing my man Jameson. He started to work away on her, pecking at her pussy with his tiny little dick. Another guy took up Reardon's place in her mouth, which left three of us who still hadn't gotten a piece of anything yet.

"Hurry up," I said to Bill, putting a hand on his shoulder to urge him to finish, "Or some of us are going to need to take a cold shower instead of a warm one."

Randy and Todd and I were the only ones left and we stood around looking at each other expectantly. Randy and Todd were both linebackers, each weighing in at around an impressive two hundred fifty pounds. But at six feet, three inches tall, I weighed in at a cool two hundred pounds of pure, dense teenage muscle. I was also the atypical alpha male in the room. No one there had anything on my thick almost ten inches of cock. When I'd been in junior high, I'd been teased mercilessly for being well hung. Now that we were all older though my buddies had become the most envious mother fuckers on the planet because they knew my dick was part of the reason why I got laid so much.

Watching all this action had me real boned up and I was horny as hell.

I'd missed my chances earlier, but I couldn't wait much longer. This was too much. I wanted some pussy now one way or the other. So I muscled Bill off of Julie while he was still thrusting into her. He didn't even have time to protest.

I moved in behind her, lifting her ass up so that I could get my steel hard cock into that moist, slick pussy. I felt like I could cut a diamond I was so hard.

I moved into her slowly savoring that tightness. She was so wet from the stimulation that she had gotten from Jameson and she was breathing heavily. I watched myself as I pushed forward, forcing my fat cock to squeeze further inside her tight lips. I slid inside until about four inches was filling her tight hole.

"Ohhhhhh..." she moaned around the guy's dick in her mouth.

I backed out of her then, just before sliding my entire cock into this girl's needy hole.

"Ohhhh God!" she cried, taking the dick in her mouth out for a moment, really feeling me fill her up more fully than the first two dicks she'd just had.

I began to slide in and out of her. The guy in her mouth finished then and Randy moved in to take his place. He may not have had the longest equipment, but like me he was thick as a tree trunk and he forced himself down Julie's throat. The sight of it was so hot that I pumped again and again, my horse balls slapping against her.

I had my rhythm down.

"Ohhh!" she cried out, momentarily pulling Randy out of her mouth, "Ohhh, God! Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder!"

Randy quickly stuck his log back inside her. Meanwhile my long, thick cock pulled her pink pussy lips outward each time I withdrew. Her cunt was so fucking wet! And so tight around my dick! She was writhing, moaning on the floor helplessly as I screwed her hard, her orgasm rising. Suddenly, Julie stopped moaning around Randy's dick and all that could be heard over the shower spray was my dick slapping into her as I fucked her.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she suddenly hollered around Randy, cumming hard.

Feeling her pussy walls vibrating around my dick made me totally lose it. I pulled my huge, throbbing meat out of her warm vagina and a huge wad of my cum shot into the air just as my head pulled out of her lips. It shot over her naked body and onto her upper back. I groaned, leaning forward as more cum shot out. It landed on her right ass cheek, and more shot onto her left. I was like a fire hose and the remainder of the white cream firing out of my dick was aimed for her pussy itself, creating a nice cream pie for the next guy.

She was so fucking hot, that I groaned again, getting out from between her legs as I moved out of the way for Todd who was waiting patiently. Like Randy, he had a thick bull cock, though not as thick as Randy's and certainly not in my league.

Meanwhile Bill was clearly feeling the urgency too much to be angry with me.

When Randy finished with Julie's mouth Bill put his dick in there. She must have found his tiny dick a relief after having to deep throat Randy's big monster.

Todd and Bill finished dropping their loads in short order. At this point all of the guys had either fucked her or gotten a blowjob.

But things were really only just getting started.

Jameson was feeling insatiable, as were we all.

He moved Julie down onto the wet floor, so that she lay flat on her back in the pooling water from the shower spray, and he became the first to go for seconds as he climbed on top of her. My dick was like iron and I wanted nothing more than to fuck this girl again too. Therefore, even though I knew that time was passing quickly, my excruciating need made everything feel like slow motion. Frank, positioned prone over this waiting girl missionary style, started fucking into her cunt deliberately. None of us wanted to risk leaving a load in her pussy, so when he was nearly there Jameson pulled out and dumped his second load on her stomach. The water quickly began to wash his semen down the drain along with that of mine and the other guys who'd taken turns fucking her orifices earlier, that is to say those of us who hadn't cum in her mouth. The empty place in her pussy was quickly replaced in succession by Harry and Josh, neither having any staying power for serious fucking, so there wasn't long to wait for another turn.

When Josh was finished I realized that I'd have my best chance. Walking over to her, stroking my boner as I went, I helped Julie up to her knees.

She brought her hand down and stroked my cock as she kissed it tenderly. The water poured off her back and shoulders and my hard cock remained inches from her smiling face as she continued to stroke me, looking at it. Then she shoved it eagerly into her mouth, as much as she could take inside all at once. I groaned as her warmth engulfed me. I placed my hand on her wet hair, watching her lips glide up and down my shaft. She pulled my dick out of her mouth and held it straight up as she lapped at my balls hungrily, sucking them inside her mouth. Her hand stroked my cock as she licked all over my sack and my shaft.

Then she stood up in front of me, smiling her beautiful smile.

"Fuck me again Marc" she whispered erotically.

"Happy to oblige," I told her, as I turned to the roomful of guys wanking their dicks and said, "Let me show you how it's done gents."

I slipped my arms around her soft, wet body, hands grabbing her ass. I kissed her hard, tongue sliding into her mouth. We were both breathing heavily into each other's mouths, pressing our wet bodies against one another. I broke the kiss and Julie was helpless as I spun her around. She bent over in front of me in the shower, arms resting against one of the ledges on the shower wall.

I almost came just at the sight of her amazing ass bent over in front of me, soaking wet. Julie parted her legs, giving as much of herself to me as she could. As bad as I was dying to shove my cock into her, I found the strength of will to kneel behind her. I kissed each of her ass cheeks, my hands grabbing them and squeezing them, spreading them apart. I could see her asshole as my hands held her cheeks apart. Then I kissed along the crack of her beautiful ass, kissing down towards her cunt.

I lapped at and kissed her furrowed pussy lips and she gasped. I sucked the swollen lips of her cunt into my mouth, running my tongue up and down them as I sucked gently. Julie brought her hand down between her legs and began to play with her clit as I tongued her pussy slit. I let the sensitive lips slip out of my mouth and I licked up the inside of her cunt towards her ass, tasting her delicious juices.

"Oh..." she sighed, pussy on fire.

I licked up to her ass, running my tongue around the entrance to her asshole. This girl got even wetter. I slid my tongue into her asshole.

"Oh, yes..." she whispered, her fingers rubbing her clit harder.

Squeezing her ass tightly, I began to slide my tongue around her anus, rimming all over the tight hole.

"Oh, God," she moaned out of clenched teeth, "I'm gonna cum...I'm gonna cum...Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

She clearly was cumming. Her entire body was wracked in orgasm; I could see her body pulsating. I kissed each of her ass cheeks again as she recovered, gasping for breath. Then I stood up behind her, my cock now as hard as ever. Slowly I ran the tip of my cock down the crack of her ass, Julie stayed bent over in front of me.

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