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Boys will be Toys


Sabrina stands in front of the mirror brushing her long brown hair, dressed in only a black laced bra and black laced panties. She stops to look over her tight body. At thirty she still looks like she did as a teenager. Her hand slowly moves over her stomach. Her face saddens a little. She wishes she would have had children as she really never intended to be childless. Sure she and her husband have tried, but to no success.

Today would be the day though. She had thought of a way to become pregnant and today he would be gone all day. What he didn't know really wouldn't hurt him. She walks over to the window and looks down into the neighbor's yard.

"Perfect," she says aloud. Rachel and Rob's twin boys on break from college would be perfect. She would only need a way to break the ice. Then it happens, the football they are playing with smashes through her bedroom window.

"Problem solved," she says as she scoops up the ball and runs down stairs with it.

A knock raps at the door and she waits a few seconds before answering it. When she swings it open both Andrew and Bobby are standing in the door way. "Is this yours?" she asks them sweetly.

"That looks like it," Bobby says reaching out for it. "Sorry about that. I'll talk to my dad about paying for it to get fixed."

"Now there is no need for that," Sabrina says grabbing his hand and pulling him inside. She starts pulling him up the stairs when she looks back to Andrew and says, "Close the door behind you, sweetie."

Once up the stairs, Sabrina pulls Bobby in for a kiss. Immediately, he starts pulling off her black laced bra to expose her perfectly set breasts. His hands slide over her breasts to her erect nipples. He pinches them getting a startled jump from Sabrina just as Andrew enters the bedroom. He smiles as he walks in and slides up next to them, locking lips with Sabrina.

Bobby focuses on her breasts while Andrew kisses her deeply. Sabrina moves her hands down to their pants, fondling their zippers until their rock hard cocks flop out. She then breaks away from both boys and drops to her knees. With a cock in each hand she takes Booby's cock into her hot mouth, sliding all the way down to the base then back up, leaving behind a trail of saliva. She then take Andrew's cock into her waiting mouth and repeats it. She switches back and forth between cocks, making sure to have them reach into her throat each time before sliding back up their shafts. Sabrina takes them both to their limits before suddenly backing off them, letting their precum drip from the heads of their cocks.

"Not yet boys, she says as she moves over to the bed and flops onto it to pull off her panties, revealing a clean shaven pussy to both the brothers. "Which one of you is first?"

Bobby doesn't hesitate as he quickly slides over to the bed to stand in front of her lusciously wet pussy. He puts the head of his massively erect cock to the entrance of her pussy. His precum drips onto her lips and Sabrina reaches down to grab his cock, pulling him in toward her. Without anymore assistance Bobby drives his cock in. Sabrina throws her head back and moans.

Bobby slides completely in until he can go no further. Andrew finishes undressing and climbs onto the bed and places his cock in her face. Sabrina greatly accepts the cock. She starts licking the head of it, twirling her tongue around and around before accepting it in her mouth.

Andrew pulls away his cock and slides down the bed accepting a breast in his mouth. Bobby starts pistoning Sabrina harder and faster. Her juices pour out coating his cock making it more slippery for him to drive his cock in and out. Sabrina nearly screams in ecstasy matching Bobby's moans.

"I'm going to cum!" Bobby moans. He pushes up off Sabrina and groans as he bursts inside her. Spurt after hot spurt of cum shoots into her filling her.

He pulls is cock from her pussy slowly drawing a stream of cum and juices with it. Sabrina moans almost sadly as Bobby moves off the bed, but quickly Andrew takes his place grabbing her hips and guiding her onto her hands and knees. He lines up his cock and drives it into her cum filled pussy. Sabrina moans as he starts to slowly slide his cock back and forth.

Andrew pulls on her hips, pulling her into him as he slams his cock in, slapping his balls against her clit. The added stimulus makes her orgasm come faster and in no time she is cumming again, coating his rock hard cock in her juices. Within minutes Andrew's rhythmic pounding makes his balls tighten readying him to cum. He pushes against her ass, forcing Sabrina into the pillows and nearly yells as he bursts filling her up just as his brother did.

Both brothers collapse on the bed on either side of Sabrina, breathing hard. Sabrina reaches down feeling her pussy as it throbs, aching for more. She scoops up the little bit of cum that has managed to slip from her pussy and puts it on her tongue. Smiling she says, "I hope you boys aren't finished with me yet."

Nine months later, Jasmine was born.

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