She was in her car, driving home, exhausted from a long day at work. She was making good time; there was hardly anyone on the road.

A smile on her lips, her eyes sparkling, she felt totally alive. She could not wait to get home, to him, her slave, her pet, her love. Her smile deepened as she thought of him, patiently waiting for her arrival. Black leather collar around his neck, a small red heart dangling from it. It was the words on the heart that made her own heart beat faster…He was hers.

She tried to remember a time when he had not been there, but couldn’t. It seemed as they had been together since the beginning of time. He was her half, the part that completed her. Yes, she knew how lucky she was. She knew most people spent a lifetime looking, but never finding what the two of them shared.

As she pulled into the driveway, she was trembling as usual. It never failed. Knowing what was waiting on the other side of that door always made her feel this way. She licked her lips…suddenly they were so dry. Her heart was beating rapidly, a familiar dampness between her thighs. She could not wait to be sitting down on the couch…she would close her eyes, lean back, and then ….

She hurried inside, threw her keys on the table and walked into the living room. Her heart bounding, she sat down, her chest quickly rising and falling. Trying to calm herself, she took a few deep breaths, then closed her eyes, and leaned back into the softness of the couch. Her body tingling with anticipation, her mind totally on him, then she heard it….

“Welcome home Mistress”, … his voice, a voice filled with love, trust, passion and lust.

She smiled, slowly opening her eyes. She saw him, kneeling before her, in such perfect form as always. Totally hers. “Hello slave”, she replied. “I have missed you”… She leaned forward, her fingers under his chin, gently forcing his eyes into hers. The intensity of the feelings she always felt when she looked into his eyes, was as usual, overwhelming.

She looked deep into his soul, smiled then tenderly kissed his lips. His eyes so full of love, looking back at hers. He wrapped his arms tightly around her, pulling her close. “I love you Mistress,” he whispered into her ear. Her smile deepened, she had never been happier.

She quickly leaned back into the couch. Her already short skirt riding up to her hips, her thighs slightly apart. He looked up at her, his eyes searching for an answer to his question. His heart pounding. She smiles and nods. Immediately his hands drop to her feet, slowly and gently removing her shoes, then tenderly kissing both her feet. His hands around her ankles, thumbs lightly rubbing. She sighs softly, leans deeper into the couch.

His hands slowly running up her legs, barely touching, all her senses awake. As his hands travel up her thighs, she moans loudly. He lowers his head into her lap softly kissing her thighs. Her fingers find their way into his long dark hair, lovingly touching. "May I pleasure you Mistress", he asks….his face buried into her lap, his body tense, waiting eagerly for his permission.

“Yes my pet” she purrs softly. Her tights slightly further apart, he buries his face between them. His hot uneven breath against her aching sex was almost enough to send her over the edge. She wrapped her fingers tightly into his hair, and pushed her hips upward, against his hot loving mouth.

Her body was already trembling with intense passion. His tongue slightly rubbed against her throbbing clit, she cries out in ecstasy. As she pushed her sex hard against his mouth, he plunges his tongue deep into her. Her body loses control, her hands tight in his hair, holding his head still, her hips rocking back and forth against his hot mouth, desperately moaning, she reaches her climax. It shakes her reality, gushing out of her, splashing onto his face. He’s lapping it up as fast as he can. As usual, it takes her awhile to return to earth. While she’s catching her breath, he licks her clean, loving the taste of her. He looks up smiling, “thank You for this gift Mistress”. With that he leans over, pulling her close into his arms. His passion for her clearly written in his eyes, his hard aching sex pressed tightly against her.

She wraps her arms and legs tightly around him, pressing herself hard against him. Her hands around his neck, lovingly touching the collar on his neck. The knowledge of its meaning fills her heart. She smiles at him, then reaches for the leash. Soft red leather, it matches the tag on the collar. She quickly attaches it to the collar, and gives it a quick tug. He immediately returns to his position at her feet. She smiles at his obedience. She never had to correct him, he was totally hers, giving into her every whim, serving her unconditionally.

“You are such a good slave”, she said smiling at him. She stood up, her left hand holding the leash, she walks around him slowly. She gets behind him, and drops her skirt onto the floor. Then quickly removes her blouse. She admires his body, the body that was totally hers. His chest was moving up and down rapidly. His arousal so very obvious. His erection so hard, pointing straight up. Just looking at him like that excited her even further.

“On your hands and knees slave”, she commanded. He immediately obeys her. She straddles him, quickly pressing her wet sex into his back, squeezing her thighs against his sides. She reaches for her whip as she settles comfortably on him. “Now take me to the bedroom slave” she commands, and quickly brings the whip down on his butt. His body jerks with the touch, and he thanks her for the kiss of her whip. Then slowly he starts toward the bedroom, carrying her on his back. She rocks her hips back and forth, rubbing her sex against him, loving the feel of his hard body under her.

They reach the bedroom, she stands up. Now standing up beside him, she gives him another quick tug on the leash. He immediately responds, kneeling at her feet. “Get on the bed slave” she commands. He lies down on his back, into the softness of the bed. She joins him, quickly placing cuffs on his wrists, fastening them to the bedposts. His erection now appeared painful.

She reached to the nightstand, and picked up a small butt plug. Quickly she inserts it into his butt, then ties his ankles together with soft silk straps. Then she stands up over him. One foot on either side of his body…her swollen wet sex in clear view. His breathing raspy, she smiles at him. “Do you like what you see slave?” she asks. All he could do was nod repeatedly. His eyes were hazy with his passion and lust for her. His tongue wetting his now dry lips.

She lowers herself onto her knees. Her sex just an inch away from his face. Her scent intoxicating him. He moans wildly. She uses her right hand to reach for the dildo on the nightstand. “Wet this for me slave”, she commands as she brings it to his lips. His mouth opening, and he eagerly sucks on the big dildo. “Easy slave” she purrs…just get it good and wet. When she finally pulls it out of his mouth, it is dripping with his saliva.

She takes the dildo, and pushes it against her dripping sex. He moans as he watches her.

She pushes it deep into her sex, her hips rocking back and forth, her eyes not leaving his face. He’s struggling against the cuffs, she smiles at him. “Ask” is all she says.

“Please Mistress”, he begs, “can I taste you?”

She pulls the dildo out and presses it against his lips. “Not quite yet” she purrs, “but you can clean this for me.” She smiles wickedly at him. She knows he’s so close to cumming already, but also knows that he will restrain himself until she gives him her permission. The knowledge of her power is intoxicating to her. As she smiles at him, his tongue darts out of his mouth, quickly lapping her juices off the dildo. He moans with disappointment, when she pulls the dildo away. “That’s enough for now slave”, she says.

She moves herself down on him, her sex now above his cock. Her hand reaching between her legs, she grabs a hold of his rockhard throbbing sex. She rubs it against her wetness and he moans. He tries to push his hips up against her, she pulls away. “Still my pet” she whispers to him. He settles down, moaning wildly. She lets his sex run against hers again slowly, his head is trashing from side to side. Then quickly she lowers herself onto him. Her wetness enveloping him as she slides all the way down on him. He lets out a howl.

“Tell me”, she commands, as she starts to raise and lower herself on his cock.

“I love You Mistress”, he whispers.

She moves faster up and down on him…”LOUDER” she demands.

“I love You Mistress”, he moans, his voice stronger now. She pulls herself up to her knees. Slow shallow strokes…followed by few deep ones….then back to the shallow. His hips moving upward trying to push deeper into her. He’s so close, she can tell. He’s moaning, his face showing his lust. He wants his release she knows.

“Not yet my pet” she says as she stands up. His sex popping up and down, the head dripping with precum.

She turns herself around on top of him. Her sex is again so close to his face. “Do you want it slave?” she asks, teasing him.

“Ohhhhh yesss Mistress”, he moans. She pushes herself hard against his mouth, and takes his dripping sex deep into her mouth. His tongue darts out of his mouth, pushing deep into her. She moans rocking herself against his face, sucking hard on his throbbing sex. She lets her tongue twirl up and down his length, the tip of his cock touching her throat. He’s rocking his hips against her now, his tongue skillfully teasing her. His chest moving up and down rapidly.

“Mistress,” he questions urgently.

She knows he can’t last much longer. “Yes now slave”, she moans as she takes him deeper down her relaxed throat, and he explodes into her mouth. As the first drops of cum splash against her throat, she can hold back anymore. She lets herself go, soaking his face. Cum spurting out of her at the same speed as his is splashing against the back of her throat. Their bodies so tense, the release so incredible, leaving both of them gasping for air.

When she finally catches her breath, she quickly unties his ankles. Then she turns around releasing his wrists from the cuffs. As soon as his arms are free, he wraps them tightly around her, and pulls her down into his loving embrace. She sighs and melts into him. Her eyes on his, their faces totally flushed. She smiles and kisses him tenderly, with all the love that she feels for him. She looks into his eyes, “I love you my pet” she says.

He wraps his arms tighter around her, “and I love You my Mistress” he replies.

Cuddling together on the bed, she reaches down, pulling the covers over them. She rests her head on his chest, and they fall asleep exhausted, but very happy.

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