tagRomanceBrad & 'Tanaya Ch. 02

Brad & 'Tanaya Ch. 02


Just a quick note for the readers who have been following this 'series'. An extended version of Ren-shades of grey Ch13 has replaced the first ch13 posted.



Hank Scofield watched the three men as they carried the bundles of roof tiles up to the section of garage that was left to reroof. He had to acknowledge that the large man filling in for one of his usual workers was a hard worker who didn't complain about the hard work in the heat.

Hank had turned up to collect two of his usual workers and found their friend talking to them while they waited for their lift to work. Down one worker due to family illness Hank had offered their friend some casual work to fill in until his usual crewmember was back.

The guy, Brad, had been up front about being just out of jail and on parole even as he was offered the work.

Hank had not bothered to tell him that he was well aware of exactly who he was and why he had been in jail. The two men who had become a part of his crew had been honest about their circumstances when he had first hired them nearly ten months ago. At the time he had contacted people he knew and had gotten information about Brent and Matty before offering them permanent work.

Hank was an ex--con himself but that didn't mean he was any kind of a fool; just someone willing to give people a second chance.

"Okay!" Hank called loudly, "knock off for lunch!"

The five men who worked for him finished the tasks they were doing before heading over to the shade provided by a large tree.

Hank noticed that Brad checked his mobile phone before sitting on an upturned bucket to eat.

"Expecting a call?" Hank asked curiously.

"Been hoping I'd get a message saying I would get to see my son tomorrow or Sunday," Brad said trying to push aside a feeling of depression over the lack of contact from his son's mother.

"Walsh mightn't have got your contact details to her yet," Brent said mentioning the lawyer Brad had passed the information on to.

"How old is your boy?" Hank asked.

"Nearly nine months. I've been seeing him every second weekend for the last five months but a fortnight ago he was teething and had a bad cold so his mother decided against taking him to see me. She did say something about turning up last weekend but it was a no show." Brad said and heaved a deep sigh.

"Well I hope things work out," Hank said before starting on the lunch his wife had packed.

Brad turned to his own lunch and tried not to think about his son Nicolas. Had his mother gotten cold feet and decided she didn't want him in their child's life?

There wasn't much he could do about it if that was the case he admitted to himself. No matter how much he wanted to be a part of his son's life he had to abide by his mothers choice.

* * * * *

'Tanaya watched Brad as he rinsed his coffee cup before placing on the sink to drain.

"I'm headed for a shower, it'll be good to wash some of the dust off from working." Brad said.

It was mid afternoon Saturday and 'Tanaya knew the real reason Brad was at loose ends was that he had been hoping to get word he would see his son this weekend.

'Tanaya turned away as she thought about another woman, any woman, having Brad's child.

She heard Brad leave the room and she sat down at the table. What could she do to try to cheer him up? 'Tanaya wondered.

Maybe a b-b-q would liven things up, 'Tanaya decided as she got to her feet to check what meat she had in the freezer. She could see if Brent and Matty wanted to come over, they were always up for company. A quick check revealed the basics for a meal, it would be nothing fancy but hopefully the company would help to lift Brad's spirits.

Grabbing her door keys 'Tanaya headed out the front door and hurried across the street to the house Brent and Matty lived in.

An older style four bedroom home it sat on the corner of the block with over grown rambling gardens. The two men were gradually cleaning it up but they had only been living in it for the past four months.

A few quick words with Brent and Matty and they were happy to come over shortly for the afternoon. Brent said they would quickly slip to the shops to get some steaks, a loaf of bread and a few things for a salad before they arrived.

Back at her house 'Tanaya went through to the kitchen and set the meat out to thaw and made sure there was enough beers for the four of them. None of them were big drinkers but they all enjoyed a cold beer or two after a days work.

Brad walked into the kitchen wearing only a pair of low cut jeans and paused when he saw 'Tanaya over by the sink.

"I could have sworn I heard you go out earlier," Brad said as he fastened his belt buckle.

The skin on his upper arms and shoulders showed the play of muscles beneath and 'Tanaya was suddenly breathless as she saw his broad shoulders.

"What? Oh! I went over to see Brent and Matty for a minute or two," 'Tanaya said as she turned away.

"You and Brent were an item once weren't you?" Brad asked.

"Yeah, a few years ago now but," 'Tanaya admitted guardedly. "You know how to peel spuds don't you,"

"Yeah," Brad said as he helped himself to a bottle of cold water from the fridge.

"Good, make yourself useful." 'Tanaya ordered lightly as she placed a knife and some potatoes in the sink.

The two of them worked in companionable silence for a while as they prepared a potato salad.

A loud knock on the front door preceded it being opened and Matty yelling out, "Bread delivery! And I got a tray of fresh brownies!"

'Tanaya smiled as she turned to face the doorway, Matty had a lot of almost child like innocence she found refreshing. He was no fool but he also assumed the best about people until proved other wise.

"I got fresh brownies," Matty's smile was wide and his eyes bright, he knew 'Tanaya loved fresh chocolate brownies and often surprised her with one or two when he could.

He had decided five years ago when he had first met 'Tanaya not long before she broke up with Brent that she was a friend he wished to keep.

"What type?" 'Tanaya asked with a smile.

"There's four chocolate and four caramel fudge," Matty said as he placed the large paper bag on the kitchen table. It obviously had a piece of cardboard or Styrofoam tray as a base for the brownies to rest on.

"Looks like Matty has your number," Brad remarked with a grin as he saw the way 'Tanaya eyed the bag.

"You're just mad 'cause I thought of it first," Matty told Brad with a good-natured smirk.

"I don't know about that, I'd worry what 'Tanaya would do to get those brownies if I was you." Brad said with a chuckle.

"Probably bash you with the broom if you go near them before she has the first one," Brent said as he walked into the kitchen catching the end of the conversation.

"That IS serious," Brad said with a laugh.

'Tanaya stuck her tongue out at Brent but he merely laughed at her which left Brad wondering at the relationship between the two of them. He knew that they had been a couple for a few years, had even lived together.

He had found himself mellowing to the possibility of a relationship between himself and 'Tanaya ever since arriving at her place. It was not the close proximity causing the thought to grow; rather he had been getting to know her on an entirely new level. He had actually found himself wondering about how a relationship between them would go.

"I think Brad's got designs on your brownies," Brent teased 'Tanaya as he noticed the distracted look on Brads face.

'Tanaya turned around hurriedly thinking she would find Brad trying to sneak a brownie; and that wasn't going to happen, not in her kitchen!

Brad looked at 'Tanaya startled out of his reflections by her sudden movement and blushed when he realised the object of his thoughts was right in front of him.

'Tanaya grinned cheekily as she realised she had caught Brad, she saw the tide of red rise up his neck and she moved towards him with the sinuous grace of a feline.

"What were you thinking of big boy?" 'Tanaya almost purred as she raised a hand to his cheek. She saw raw burning need burst into flames in his eyes and then his face was too close to focus on as he cupped her face in his hands and pressed his lips against hers in a hot, rough kiss of hunger.

Brad felt 'Tanaya's lips part beneath his and then he slid his tongue between her teeth and deep into her mouth as he ravished her mouth hungrily. He was dimly aware of her hands coming to rest on his upper arms before sliding up around his neck.

He was aware of the feel of her waist beneath his hands and he pulled her body hard against his own. He swallowed her breathy little sighs of pleasure and changed the angle of his kiss the better to taste her mouth. He slid his hands around behind her back and down until he cupped her tight arse in his hands. He grasped her soft but toned globes and lifted her as he kissed her, raising her hips flush with his to grind her against the hard ridge of his arousal.

"Take into the bedroom you pair!" Brents words cut through the animal like hunger in Brads mind and he immediately jerked his head away from 'Tanaya's. Gently he placed her feet on the ground once more and held her by the waist until she was steady before letting her go.

A faint sound of complaint came from 'Tanaya as she swayed towards him and opened her eyes reluctantly.

Brad was watching her with dark hooded eyes looking like he was ready to take up where he had left off at any second.

Brad could hear the blood rushing through his ears; feel the thunder of his heart in his chest. His body was so aroused from that one kiss that his manhood strained against his underwear and jeans so aroused; so hard with need that it was physically painful.

'Tanaya ran her tongue gently over her tingling and throbbing lips. She could almost still feel the imprint of his hard mouth on hers and she certainly could taste him on her lips. She saw the burning need in his eyes flare higher for an instant before he controlled it.

Brad watched as 'Tanaya licked her lips, smiled and turned away. He almost had to turn away himself to prevent himself reaching out, grabbing her and pulling her against him hard as he took up where he had left off.

"Why bother lighting the bar-bee? We could just throw the steaks on you pair and they would be cooked real quick," Brent said with a faint chuckle.

Brad looked his way not amused but Brent had turned away and only Matty was still watching him wide eyed with awe.

Matty eyed him suddenly nervous then turned away hurriedly.

Brad turned his head to watch 'Tanaya where she had resumed slicing tomatoes, he turned on his heel and headed for the shower once again. Maybe a cold shower would calm the burning need raging in his body.

He locked the bathroom door before stripping off and stepping into the shower, somehow he didn't trust 'Tanaya not to try to join him in the shower while his lust was upon him.

The cold water was a shock to his heated body but seemed to make no difference to the hard shaft that stood out from his body rigidly. Cursing beneath his breath that it had come to this impasse Brad reached down and closed one hand around his impressive erection.

Just over eleven inches long from base to tip and over three inches round, it had a large purple mushroom like head where a drop of precum already oozed from the slit.

Brad groaned faintly as he began stroking the silky smooth wet cock. He closed his eyes and leant against the shower wall as he imagined that the hand encircling his cock belonged to 'Tanaya.

His hips jerked involuntarily as he began pumping his hand in a steady rhythm. He could feel every ridge, every blood vessel as he pumped his hand up and down the hard length of his shaft. Soon that wasn't enough and he started to move his hand faster, he realised he wasn't going to last long and gritted his teeth as he thought about the woman out in the kitchen who had him hiding in the shower jerking off like a randy teenager.

He felt his balls tingle then tighten and his cock throbbed in his grasp as he tugged at it mercilessly. He felt his cum surge up from his balls and erupt from the head of his cock with a powerful rush. He kept fisting himself until he had milked the last stream of spunk from his body then leant against the wall beside him as his legs went weak.

He struggled to catch his breath for a few moments before straightening once more to stand beneath the stream of cold water and wash the slight sheen of sweat from his body. He checked to make sure all traces of his pleasure were washed away from both himself and the shower cubicle before turning the water off and stepping out onto the bathmat.

His towel was damp as he dried himself off and got dressed once more before heading towards the kitchen. The kitchen was empty but he could hear voices out the back and he walked to the back door to look outside.

A huge tree provided shade for half of the back yard and in one shade clothe covered corner sat a small round b-b-q barely big enough for the four of them. Plastic patio furniture sat in the shade not far from the b-b-q, the protective tarp that usually covered it folded nearby.

Brent was busy cleaning the b-b-q while Matty was chopping some kindling and small pieces of wood for use while 'Tanaya sat in the shade sipping a can of cola.

Brad walked out into the back yard and 'Tanaya turned her head to watch him for a few seconds before waving a hand at the five other chairs scattered around in the shade. "Go grab yourself a drink if you want one or just sit down and chill out." 'Tanaya invited.

Her body was still buzzing from his kiss earlier. Kiss? It had been more like he had crawled inside her body consuming her.

'Tanaya turned her head away refusing to keep watching him, she knew he had most likely jacked himself off in the shower rather than let her soothe him by hand or mouth. "Well the more fool him," she thought annoyed.

So far 'Tanaya had failed to break through his defences and reach him. For some reason he had this idiotic idea that he could not have her AND his son, did he think she would try to prevent him seeing the boy?

Angry at the turn her thoughts had taken 'Tanaya brushed them aside and tried to concentrate on the promise of a pleasant evening before her. She smiled as Matty began singing to the music on the radio; he was hopelessly off tune even if he had a nice voice.

"So what are we going to do until it's time to cook the b-b-q?" Brent asked as he settled himself in a chair with a cool beer.

"How about we sunbake?" 'Tanaya asked with a saucy smile.

"We worked in the sun all day and now you want us to sit in it voluntarily?" Matty asked with disbelief as he found a seat and opened a can of beer.

"Oh come on now Matty," 'Tanaya said with a pout, "I was thinking along the lines of sun bathing ... nude."

Matty promptly choked on his drink sending beer spraying everywhere.

"Don't say things like that!" Matty finally spluttered, "I should have known you were about to say something that would have Brad growling at me an' Brent all night!"

Brent threw his head back and laughed the deep throaty laugh of a man enjoying himself.

"Oh I don't know about that," 'Tanaya murmured silkily, "I'm beginning to wonder if Brad has the sense to know when to snarl."

Brad turned his head to watch her expressionlessly, clearly she had been affected just as much as he by the kiss but she had not had the chance to cool down in the shower.

'Tanaya met Brad's gaze levelly and refused to be the first to look away, she felt her blood heat once again as he slowly swept his eyes over her body before meeting her eyes once again.

Her heart was thudding in her chest, her nipples felt overly sensitive and her lips tingled as she licked them.

Brad grinned as he turned his head away, the longer he stayed at her place the more he saw the benefits of having 'Tanaya as a lover. She had a great body; he was attracted to her and she to him. He found her point of view on many things interesting as she always took the time to be well informed.

If he hadn't needed to keep his life simple and uncomplicated at the moment ... well keep his life from getting more complicated; then he would have been more than willing to take 'Tanaya up on her many open invitations.

* * * * *

The evening had been a success 'Tanaya decided as she relaxed in her chair.

The meal had been eaten and all four had enjoyed themselves. Even if 'Tanaya had hoped she and Brad would enjoy themselves in a different manner after the kiss they had shared several hours earlier.

"I'm just off to get another cup of coffee, anyone else want one?" 'Tanaya asked as she stood up.

"I don't know about coffee but I could do with an after dinner beer about now," Brent said as he got to his feet and started collecting empty bowls from the small table.

"I could go a beer," Matty agreed as he got to his feet to help clear away the used dishes.

Whenever they ate at 'Tanaya's place they cleaned up afterwards saving her the trouble. It was little enough repayment for the feminine company she provided at these times.

"Yeah, I might grab a beer as well," Brad said getting to his feet.

'Tanaya watched the three men walk through the back door and smiled to herself as she relaxed back into her chair with a sigh. She knew that anyone one of them would have a cup of coffee with them for her when they returned they were thoughtful that way.

Inside Brent poured a cup of coffee for 'Tanaya and added sugar the way she liked it, Brad grabbed three beers from the fridge and Matty stacked the empty dishes and containers in the sink.

"So you getting it on with 'Tanaya yet?" Brent asked Brad.

"No and I don't plan to. I have enough on my hands at the moment with access to Nicolas to be sorted out, I don't need the complications that would come with a relationship with 'Tanaya." Brad said quietly.

"You hoping to get with Sky?" Matty asked.

"No, Janey is with the cop. Can't say I like the guy, he seems more then a bit thick about Janey to me but she seems wrapped up in him." Brad said levelly.

"You know 'Tanaya has it bad for you," Brent said quietly, a tone of warning in his voice.

"I hear you, and believe me I have no intentions of hurting her. I think she is one hell of a good person." Brad acknowledged.

The three men headed back out towards where 'Tanaya waited outside. They had reached the back door when the doorbell rang.

"I'll go see who it is," Matty said as he was behind the two others.

"Okay, I'll let 'Tanaya know someone's at the door," Brent said and continued on his way.

Matty turned around and headed for the front door, the doorbell rang once again before he could reach it. He opened the door and looked out onto the front steps, the figure on the steps was in shadow due to the tree in the front yard.

"I'm sorry, I must have the wrong place." A hesitant voice said.

"Who are you looking for?" Matty asked, the voice sounded familiar but he couldn't place it.

"Bradley Stanton," this time it was a man who spoke and Matty noticed him slightly behind the woman.

Matty reached for the light switch for the front entry and flicked it on so he could see the people clearly; he gave a start of surprise as the woman raised a hand to shield her eyes from the sudden glare of the light.

"Brad's ... ummm ... err, he's out back Sky." Matty spluttered. She had been mentioned just a few minutes ago and it knocked him off balance that she had suddenly appeared.

"Can I speak to him please Matty?" Janey asked and shifted the restless child in her arms.

"Who is it Matty?" 'Tanaya called as she entered the back door and headed toward them. She saw Matty cast an uneasy look over his shoulder at her and she smiled, it took so little to rattle him.

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