Brad Gets Out of Control


Brad shuffled into position, his mouth on her nearer tit, sucking it, caressing the nipple with his tongue. His hand was moving gently over her clit, and then pushed further in. She moved her legs even further apart, groaning with pleasure. She wanted his whole hand inside, so she could feel him on all sides of her pussy.

Peter's eyes were boggling out of his head now. Wished he could move his hand, stroke his cock, get some relief. But nothing. He could only watch. Watch his son's fist disappear into Jane's cunt. The place his own cock wanted, desperately, to be. His cock now had swelled and filled its cage. It was pushing against the sides. He grunted into the gag, he wanted to fuck her. The two of them ignored him.

Brad removed his hand, slid on top of her, the sweat from their bodies, the summer heat, their passion — and knowing what they were doing to Peter — lubricating them totally. He slipped around on top of her like a mud wrestler. With a quick thrust Brad's cock buried itself deep into his mother.

Her eyes rolled back in her head. This forbidden lust was such a turn-on she thought she would come right then. But Brad stopped moving, his cock deep inside her. She thrust her hips impatiently, keep going, keep going, for God's sake.

"Grab Dad's balls," Brad ordered. Her nearer arm flailed around until she found them. Peter tried to cringe away but the restraints were too tight. "Got a good grip, Mum?"

"Yes, darling. Baby. Now fuck me, please, please?"

"OK, but each time I push you have to squeeze Dad's balls, got that?"

"Anything, as long as you fuck me."

He pushed in, she squeezed, Peter squawked. A few more strokes, more squeezes, and Peter's cock started to deflate.

"OK, let go, he needs a bit of a break." She did, and wrapped her arms around her son.

He pushed faster and faster; she wrapped her legs around him as he thrust even deeper. Finally with a huge push, he felt himself spurting his cum inside her. A few more pumps of his cock and he could feel it being pushed out, over her mound. Her reached down, dipped his fingers into his own cum, and spread it over his father's mouth, for him to taste, to know exactly what he was missing out on.

While his son came, Peter also had a mini orgasm of his own. Even constrained inside its cage, his cock got enough friction from bulging inside the restraint, and mental build-up from watching his wife getting fucked, that a small amount of cum dribbled out of his cock, through the holes in the cage, and onto the bed.

"Ha, Dad! You managed it! Amazing. We should do this more often." Brad teased, seeing the white trail dripping down over his father's legs, oozing out of the hole designed for him to piss through.

He untied his dad's arms and legs. Before he removed the gag he ordered, "I want to hear you say: thanks for helping me come, son."

He removed the gag. His father looked down, muttered, "thanks for helping me come, son."

Jane's eyes showed her absolute contempt for him. She slapped him, hard. "You bastard!" She shouted at him. "You weak-livered jellyfish. You worm! You can sleep on the floor tonight." She pushed him out of her bed, reached over and gave her son a big hug. "You know how to please a woman, son. Please stay with me. Put your cock back inside me. I need to feel your strength. I need to please you."

"If you insist, Mum," he grinned. He stepped over his father, lying on the floor. Got into bed with his mother, turned her away from him, and grabbed a breast in each hand, pushing his stiffening cock up against her bum. "We'll do it again very soon." His fingers flicked over her nipples, raising her awareness of his touch again. She murmured with pleasure.


It had been a month since they had swum out to the raft and fucked underneath it. Jane was enjoying doing every damn thing her son told her to, because the payoff was frequent, passionate sex. Plus she enjoyed being dominated. She also enjoyed tormenting Peter by sashaying past him, wiggling her hips at him, bouncing her breasts in his face. She knew that his cock hadn't been let out of the cage for a month now, and he would be getting desperate for some relief.

He had started begging her recently. "Please, Jane. Ask Brad to let me fuck you. Please." She slapped him. He cringed away, looking crushed.

"Come back here, worm!" He returned. She slapped the other cheek. "Stay there. Now get on your knees and kiss my feet, and I'll think about it." He dropped to her feet, and kissed them. "Follow me."

She walked over to the comfy chair, pulled her shoes and socks off, and stuck out her bare feet. "More."

He followed her, dropped back onto his knees, and kissed them again.

"Each toe individually," she commanded. "Suck them."

He kissed, sucked and licked each toe, getting a heady whiff of her sweat and scent. His cock started to thicken, which made it worse. He was getting another erection, but no fuck in sight.

"Take your clothes off, worm, all of them," she ordered him. "Then keep going."

He stripped naked, the only item visible on his body was the cock restraint. He lay on the floor next to her feet, and kissed and caressed them until she got bored with it.

"I'll mention what a good boy you've been to Brad," she teased. "Maybe you'll get lucky tonight."

That evening Brad was feeling mellow, so he consented to his father fucking his mother. She wasn't all that keen, but was content to do anything to keep Brad happy. Brad whispered to her, "once Dad is inside you, put your arms and legs around him. If he tries to escape for any reason hold him tight for a few seconds."

"Escape?" Jane wondered. "What is that kid up to now?" But she nodded compliance.

Brad removed the cock cage from his father, and followed them into the bedroom. Peter leapt onto his wife with the ferocious abandon that men get after being denied sex for too long. Within seconds he was buried deep inside her, pumping away. Brad knew he didn't have much time. He nodded at Jane who held her husband tight with her arms and legs, following his orders, as if she was really enjoying it.

Brad quickly wrapped some pantyhose around his father's legs, tying them to his mother's. Peter started to struggle, but was happy to keep pumping away, desperate for the proper orgasm that had been denied him for so long. Now Brad secured his arms to her arms as well. Brad quickly got out of his clothes, popped a condom on his own erect cock, lubed it up thoroughly and climbed on top of both of them.

"What the fuck!" his dad responded. "Get the fuck off me!" He bucked and tried to toss Brad off, but was held helplessly tied to his wife, with his cock still deep up her cunt. Then he felt Brad's cock pushing into his own arsehole. "What? Not that, for Christ's sake. Fuck off you brat!"

But it was no use. Tied to his wife, her arms holding him, and with Brad on top squashing him down, he couldn't escape. He felt Brad's cock thrusting deeper and deeper into his arse. He rolled sideways, but only succeeded in having all three of them lying on their sides, with Brad's cock going deeper into him with every thrust. It all got too much, despite the distractions, or indeed assisted by having a cock up his arse, he spurted his own cum into Jane, as Brad climaxed into him.

"Group fuck," Brad commented. "Like that, Dad?"

"You've had your fun, now untie me." Peter snapped.

"OK, gee you're a sore loser." Brad untied his dad who then stomped out of the room angrily.

"My turn," Brad said, eying his Mum's ample tits. He threw the condom onto the floor, and hopped in next to her, cock erect again. She folded him into her arms, sighing with pleasure. Moments later they were fucking again, as they usually did every night, forgetting all about Peter, as usual. They drifted asleep in each others' arms.


Next morning when Brad staggered out into the kitchen he saw the cock restraint sitting on the table. Fuck it! He'd forgotten to put it back onto his Dad. Oh well, may as well do that now. Then he noticed that there was a note next to it. It read:

I've had enough of this. You are one sorry motherfucker. I can put up with a lot but not having my own son buggering me. I'm leaving and not coming back. I've been hoarding a bit of cash, and some fake identity documents. I know you have stuff to blackmail me with, but so have I, now. Photos of you fucking your own mother, with your dick up her, taken when you had your back to me, or were asleep. Sound recordings from a recorder hidden under the bed, talking filth to that whoring bitch. They'll be after you too. I won't use them, if you leave me alone. See you in Hell. Peter.

Ah well, it had to happen some time, Brad thought.

Brad licked his lips. The two of them were alone in the house now. No-one to see what he made his mother do. He went to his room and collected some handcuffs, his cock thickening again. Returning to the kitchen he called, "Mum, come here for a moment please?" The real fun was about to begin.

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by Anonymous09/08/17

He is still his Daddy!

No matter how much of a smartass or stud he becomes, he is still his father. And it would be great to have another story where the father gets revenge on both the bastard son and whore mother.

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