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Brad's Discovery


Brad Allen slumped over his computer. He dropped his head onto his hands, closed his eyes, and listened to his heart pounding. He didn’t yet understand if it was due to fear of total failure or anger. He hurt badly enough that he wasn’t yet quite sure of his emotions.

He had just checked the comments on his latest story on the net.

Dear Brad,

Your grammar is awful, as is your spelling, and you need to learn to write properly before you try writing anything else. Excuse me if you think me rude, but to pretend to be a writer, your skills should be at least mediocre. Yours are poor, to say the most. Please educate yourself in the ways of punctuation and try again some other time.


Not a Fan

Jeannie knocked on the door, just as he threw his coffee cup across the room and as it hit the wall, he hollered,

“Damn it to hell anyway, who needs this shit.”

She pushed the door open, and asked, “Safe to come in now?”

She was balancing a tray with coffee and a birthday cake alight with candles. It was Brad’s fortieth birthday. He had effectively started a whole new life in the last six months. He was now sober and again divorced. She knew he had forgotten it was his birthday. They celebrated together every year. That was not going to change this year.

He looked up and smiled at the cake.

“How do you manage to do it?” He asked.

“Do what” she countered with her own smile.

He stood and took the tray from her placing it on the small table near his daybed. “Manage to make me feel better on the worst of days?”

He saw the tears swell in her eyes and suddenly understood something that had escaped him up to this moment. This woman wasn’t just a friend. This woman, God knew why, loved him. He walked over and gently took her in his arms and kissed her for the first time.

She responded with all the love in her heart. He shivered at the heat of his response. It had been a long while since Brad had wanted a woman, he wanted this one. He felt his heart swell with longing to hold her, and give her a little of the sweetness she had brought into his life.

“Jeannie? He pushed her away. “You might be in trouble if we keep this up.”

She reached and pulled her T-Top over her head. “It’s about damn time you noticed I was female you thick headed son of an Irishman.”

He reached and cupped her two upstanding breasts in his hands and bent his head to suck them. She was burning hot to the touch and her nipples peaked with the slightest attention. He could already smell her arousal and feel his. It felt good to be wanted it had been too long.

Jeannie and Brad had grown up together. When Brad’s second wife got a restraining order and he was forced to move out of his home, he had no money, no job and he was a drunk. Jeannie never hesitated. She took him home, dried him out, sent him to AA, and bought him two packages of typing paper and a used typewriter. He had since graduated to a computer.

She had held him on the long nights when he screwed up and got drunk and maudlin, and had cleaned up after him, and fed and kept him sane. She was a hard driving little mite of a woman who handled his big frame and bigger ego like it wasn’t anything to worry about at all.

He bent over picking her up he carried her to the day bed. He placed her on it, as gently as you might a brand new baby and pulled her sweat pants down and off her legs. She had on the prettiest lace panties he had ever seen. He stood and yanked his shorts off. Now except for her panties, they were both nude.

“Are you sure?” He asked. She held out her arms and he gratefully joined her on the bed. Suddenly he had never wanted anything as much as he did this act of love. He went back to licking her nipples as his hand slid down and into her panties as he explored her lower regions. He stiffened and almost exploded as hers reached his cock and wrapped around the shaft.

He started counting backwards from one hundred in his head until he was stabilized as he continued to tease and titillate her. He wanted this to last forever, and he wanted to come now. So far, forever was winning.

He slid up and cradling her in his arms turned her head to his and kissed her tempting mouth. He fell into desire and stayed there as she returned his demands and met them with her own. Soon tongues tangled together in passion they shared their taste. He graduated from her mouth down her neck and tasted her ears biting them until she squealed in pleasure.

Taking that as a sign, he followed a path from her ear down her neck into the sensitive hollow of it, and then down to her breasts. Here he stayed, as he licked, and kissed each one, spending time not only on her sensitive nipples but also around the brown crinkled circles that surrounded their rosy tips. He even gently sucked and bit the entire breast until she was liquid putty in his arms. At that point he traveled down the center of her belly and took time to appreciate her deep belly button.

To confuse her he dropped down to her feet and took the smallest toe of her left foot into his mouth. He sucked and licked her toe to quiet giggles and sighs. He continued until all her toes had similar treatment. He then worked his way up her inner leg to the female center of passion and even as she writhed under his spell he bypassed it and instead kissed his way back to her foot.

Jeannie was begging him to touch her, to kiss her to take her long before his mouth once again reached her delicate and ready membranes now flushed with passion, blood red with arousal and leaking the juices of lust. Finally he supped at her fountain and using his teeth and tongue gave her what she required.

She pulled him tight against her body arched into his mouth and with a scream heard downstairs at the least, gave in to pleasure. He added two fingers to his heady mixture as he licked and took her from the first rising climax into another and she became incapable of sounds just soft moans and fierce tugging as she crested under his attention. A man who had been married for ten years too long to a woman, who hated sex, was in heaven with such a responsive woman. Pulling free he knelt over her, wet his throbbing cock, and asked.

“Are you sure you want this?”

She grabbed him none to gently and pushed him into her pulsing pussy as her answer. He sunk in to his balls and stayed there quietly as he allowed the sensations to wash over him. He was poised on the edge of coming and wanted it to last. She seemed to understand and waited quietly under him

Finally, under control again he started to move. She was so tight, so wet and so hot he found himself begging the gods that be to allow him not to come before it was fair to her. He also included in that prayer that if he had to die they should allow him to die while fucking this marvelous woman.

Brad was not a virgin. He had been married twice. The last time for ten years. He had made love to many women before he wed. He was however for the first time finding out the difference between an act of sex and an act of love. This was much better.

Jeannie was beyond thought. She had desired this man from the time she realized that boys and girls were made different and that put together there was much pleasure to be obtained.

She fell in love with Brad at nine when accosted by two teenage bullies he had ridden out of nowhere on his bike and knocked them silly. He had then put her on his seat and they had pedaled for their life away from the recovering beasts.

She had next remembered that she loved him, when at seventeen she had been raped by her employer. She had called Brad from the ladies room of the building where she worked afraid to try to leave the locked cubicle and more afraid of other policeman since he was the Police Chief.

Brad had come at once. He had fearlessly walked into the ladies room and talked her out of the cubicle. He had then taken charge. They went to the hospital, and there he stood by her while she told her story. The Chief was arrested. He later was prosecuted and sent to jail by a jury of his peers. Now they had two marriages behind them. Finally, maybe fate was smiling on both of them for a change and it was going to be their time.

She was jerked back into the present when with a shout of joy he spent himself buried deep inside her body. He rolled them to their sides and they slept. Several hours later as he finally fell loose of her heated interior he opened his eyes and kissed her nose.

“Sure hope you’re on birth control sweetie because neither of us thought of it.”

Jeannie’s eyes widened, then giggling she showed him her patch. “Haven’t needed it but I was a good Girl Scout I’m always prepared.”

He reached and turning her over quickly swatted her ass several times for being sassy. One thing led to another, and then inspired she slithered down between his legs. Before he could say, “What are you doing?” She had captured his cock and it was inside her mouth where she was treating him to some extremely good oral sex.

It was dinner time before they paid attention to their growling stomachs and came up for air long enough to determine maybe real food wasn’t such a bad idea.

Jeannie stood naked, bent over and picked up her clothes and hips swinging smiled. “First a shower, then dinner. Don’t be late.” She didn’t tell him dinner had been cooking all day in the crock-pot although you could smell it when she opened his bedroom door.

It was his favorite, sloppy Joe’s, with French rolls, coleslaw, homemade German potato salad and they had already had dessert. She giggled at that one. More desert then she had planned on.

She walked into the bathroom and turned on the water. She knew just what she was going to wear for dinner. A pink gingham sundress that allowed no bra and thigh hi nylons that required no garters or belts to hold them up and a pair of five inch stiletto red patent letter heels. She would knock his socks off.

Brad meanwhile was relaxing under his own shower reliving the day with his hand absent-mindedly moving on his hardening cock. He had already come several times but was ready to come again. He could feel the tightness starting in the pit of his stomach.

He was hard again and copious wetness was coating his throbbing member. He thought again of that first moment when he pushed inside her tight center of passion. He blew his climax all over his stomach and almost to his neck. Recovering as he wiped himself clean, he laughed. He had almost forgotten about the nasty criticism that had caused his anger. What a way to recover from upsetting news. He could get used to it in a big hurry.

Dry now he looked through his limited wardrobe. He wanted to look good for the remarkable women that he had just rediscovered. He finally found a clean, pressed shirt and a tie only slightly out of date and good trousers still in their cleaner bag. He made a thumbs up sign to his mirror and dressed. He took the time to shave, and even put on some after-shave from a Christmas last year. She had told him it drove her nuts. He wasn’t sure he could handle any more nuts tonight but was willing to try.

Jeannie was already downstairs and had placed a lace tablecloth on her table, lit candles gotten out the good china, crystal and silver from her wedding bliss days and turned off the lights. The meal was plain, the atmosphere was romantic, and she was scared to death.

What if he thought this day had been a mistake. What if she was wrong and all she was to him was a convenience, an easy lay. What if he hated her now. This best friend into a lover thing could be tricky.

She started to cry and sat down in the hardwood chair. Brad walked in when he came down the stairs on this Jeannie.

He came and urged her up and then sitting down took her into his lap.

“What’s the matter, he turned her head to look into her eyes.” She sniffled and buried her head in his shoulder. She hiccuped and then mumbled. He asked her to repeat herself. She did. “I’m afraid. “ He waited. “ I’m afraid you won’t want to be my friend any more. I ruined everything. I have loved you forever and I always promised myself you would never know and now you know.” She started to bawl again.

“Woman, listen to me.” He barked savagely.

She looked up at the tone of his voice.

“You are my best friend, without you I would have killed myself or booze would have killed me years ago. I have lusted for you through two marriages, but didn’t want to ruin our friendship. Why in the hell have you never mentioned this love thing?”

She smiled, “you did? Lust after me I mean?” He nodded.

“After this day, I now understand why. My heart and body must have recognized what an incredibly sexy lusty wench you were. You fit me like them damn little peas your so fond of fit inside their pea pod.”

He pulled her face to his and gently kissed her. The kiss lengthened and then got hotter. He stood her on her feet as he held her with one hand. Reached and pushed his slacks open and down with the other. He then whistled at the no underwear as he pushed up her dress and gently sat her on his hardening member. She sighed, as she settled down and putting her arms around his neck moved slowly up and down.

“I know what you mean,” he murmured as he bent to suckle at her breasts pushing her sundress down and releasing them to his hands. “To bad we took so long to figure this out.”

He looked into her huge sparkling green eyes as he said “I do love you mighty mite, just didn’t realize I was also in love with you until now.”

They had just reached their completion when the telephone rang. Jeannie reached for it as she was closest and that way neither had to move. It was a man who identified himself as Theodore Elliott of the American Publishing Company, he asked for Brad. She told him to wait a moment and transferred the telephone to Brad.

After that,she stood and cleaned him up then put him safely away as she listened to a lot of “yes, and uh huh, and alright, and Monday would be fines.” She was wondering and hoping it was good news.

When he finally hung up he gave a huge war whoop and danced her around the room.

It appeared that Mr. Theodore Elliott had read clips of his Gulf War novel at a net publishing site and wanted to see the whole book. It according to Mr. Elliott was superb in its genre. That his company was opening a war department to deal with the demand of the public for well written stories of the war by soldiers, sailors, and the public and he wanted him to start off the series. Could he come to New York to discuss terms and bring the book?

“Could he?” They laughed until they were both crying. This had been one remarkable day. He smiled to himself. To think it had all started over a critic’s comments on a short story.

Could this be just the beginning?

© 6-2-04

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