Brad's Road Trip Ch. 06


Our table was in easy view of the front door, and she spotted us quickly.

"Hey, Brad," she said as she walked over to us. I stood up to meet her.

"Stacy," I replied, hugging her for a moment before stepping back to take a better look. "You look even better than you did yesterday."

"Oh, bullshit," she said, blushing slightly. "Last night I was dressed to attract attention. Today I'm dressed to attract paper clips and staplers."

"Well, it worked last night," I said, "And while I can't speak for the office supplies, what you're wearing now is working pretty well for me, too."

I pulled her chair out for her, but before she could take it, I grabbed her arm and pulled her into a kiss. She wasn't expecting it, but she got into it pretty quickly. We didn't let it linger long enough to make anyone else in the restaurant nauseous, but I made sure it proved the point. The look on Scott's face was part amusement and part shock.

"You met my friend Scott last night, I think?" I asked Stacy when I let her breathe. She had yet to even acknowledge Scott's presence, but she turned a warm smile on him as I introduced them.

"I think I saw him once, yeah," she said. "I never did get his name."

"And this is Scott's girlfriend, Lynette," I replied as the taller brunette girl turned the corner and walked up behind Stacy. Stacy was going for a simple handshake, but Lynette had other ideas, pulling the much shorter girl into a hug that put her face in close contact with Lynette's breasts.

"Very charming," Stacy said as she finally sat down. Her cheeks were flushed, but I wasn't sure if it was from our kiss or her introduction to Lynette's chest.

"So, Scott," I said, and all three turned their attention to me. "Does your girlfriend have a problem admitting when she's wrong?"

He grinned, and we both looked at Lynette, who was trying to shrink into her chair. Stacy looked baffled.

"Or, I guess a better question," I said. "How are you planning to punish her for not trusting you?"

"I'm not sure," he replied. "You have any ideas?"

"Several, yes," I answered, and despite her embarrassment, Lynette smirked at me. "Stacy? What about you?"

"I'm confused, mostly," she said, which I expected. I didn't expect her to leer at Lynette the way she did, though. "But for her? Yeah, I can think of a couple things."

Scott raised his eyebrows at that, and Lynette licked her lips for Stacy's benefit.

"You got me in trouble this morning," I said to Stacy. "I gave you Scott's home number, so you left a message on his machine. But didn't use my name, and Lynette just assumed it was for Scott."

"Oh, shit," Stacy said.

"Yeah, so I've been trying to piece that back together all day," I continued. "Lynette was hanging out over at the bar when you walked in, so she could see that you were really here to meet me."

"Trust me, I am," Stacy said, placing a hand on my arm. "He made some promises over drinks last night, and if this really is his last night here, I'm gonna make sure he makes good on them."

"You?" Scott asked. "Make promises?"

"Yeah, that might have been me," I said. "Actually, Lynette, I was trying to get Scott to play my wing man for Stacy's friend, but he wouldn't budge. Something about you twisting his nuts into origami."

I'd said that mainly for Lynette's benefit, and I could tell from reading Scott's face that he appreciated it. He had dutifully flirted a little bit with Stacy's taller, blonde friend, but she wasn't even playing the same sport as Lynette, much less in the same league. There was never any doubt he'd be leaving alone, and when I'd finally met Lynette later that evening, I understood why.

Just then, the waitress showed up to get everyone's drink order. Scott's tastes hadn't changed since high school - the only difference was that he could legally order his Fat Tire now instead of talking an adult into buying it for him. Lynette ordered a Jack & Coke - my kind of woman - and Stacy ordered some kind of frozen margarita. I knew I was hitting the road at 7 a.m. the following morning, so I stayed safe with a Miller Lite.

"Well, anyway," Stacy said when the waitress walked away, "I'm really sorry."

"It's okay, really," Lynette said, briefly brushing the redhead's hand with her own. "It was a misunderstanding on my part. I should be more trusting."

"And besides," I added. "If not for this, Scott and Lynette wouldn't have had the chance to leave... oh... 14 f-bombs on my voicemail this afternoon. If nothing else, I know I don't have to teach them how to talk dirty to each other."

That got a chuckle out of everyone else, and the conversation flowed from there. Occasionally, it was Scott and I talking about Marine Corps stuff, or just things from back home, while Stacy and Lynette chatted about living in Pensacola and what the other one did for a living. Scott and Lynette made small talk while I flirted with Stacy, and Stacy and Scott chatted idly while Lynette and I broke into side conversations, mostly about Scott.

The conversation wasn't entirely based in sexual innuendos, but there was definitely some sexual tension there now that no one was accusing anyone of cheating. Stacy's glance drifted back over to Lynette's cleavage every few minutes, and truthfully, I was having a hard time not looking myself. Stacy's right hand had taken up permanent residence on my left thigh shortly after we'd sat down, and Lynette's left hand claimed my right leg just as the food showed up. I could only guess that Lynette was using her right hand to do things to Scott under the table of which the elderly couple at the next table would simply not approve.

Finally, the dessert Stacy and Lynette were sharing arrived. You know -- rich chocolate cake, chocolate fudge sauce, white chocolate icing, mammoth scoop of chocolate-drizzled vanilla ice cream. The kind of thing you take a look at and you can hear your bathroom scale protesting.

As they indulged - Scott and I stayed out of it for the aforementioned reasons - I surveyed the alcohol levels of the other three. Stacy was close enough to the bottom of her third margarita when the food showed up that the waitress brought her a fourth, and I guessed that one would be dry by the time we left. Lynette had ordered her Jack & Coke in a regular tall glass and had plowed through two of those. Scott had four empty bottles in front of him, and was about to add a fifth to the collection.

For my part, I'd ordered a Sprite after my first and only beer, and had switched to water after that. The other three needled me pretty incessantly about it, but if the night went where I was pretty sure it was heading, I'd thank myself later.

"Well, I'm ready to go," Scott said when the girls were done trying to self-induce sugar shock.

"You're always ready to go," Lynette fired back.

"And I've not once heard you complain," Scott said, standing up and pulling out Lynette's chair.

"If what I heard last night is any indication, she's got no reason to," I smirked as I helped Stacy out of her chair. She just looked lost again - Scott and Lynette, on the other hand, stared at me wide-eyed like I'd let the family secret slip. After a second though, both shocked looks were replaced by guilty grins.

"I keep telling her to keep it down," Scott said, feigning remorse.

"That's on you, bro," I said. When he shot me a quizzical look, I continued. "Women only get loud if you give them a reason."

"Are you going to give me a reason?" Stacy said, hooking onto my arm as we headed outdoors. She may not have known all the dynamics and the specifics we were talking about, but she could still keep up.

"We're going to find out," Lynette responded, to which I just rolled my eyes and laughed. Scott shook his head in an effort not to laugh, and I caught Stacy licking her lips out of the corner of my eye.

"Where are we going and how are we getting there?" Scott asked when we hit the parking lot.

"Lynette looks ready to jump you," I said, "so my guess is, you two are headed to your house."

"What about you?" Lynette asked, her eyes flicking back and forth between Stacy and I. I was about to say that we were heading to Stacy's place, but Stacy spoke up first.

"We'll follow you." I raised my eyebrows a little bit but said nothing. It was Lynette's turn to lick her lips now.

"Sounds good," Scott said as he and Lynette headed toward his car. I turned to Stacy and found her dangling a set of keys in my face.

"You drink too much?" I asked, taking them from her and leading her to the passenger side of her Honda Prelude.

"No," she said. "Well, probably. But that's not the reason. It's just much easier to go down on you if I'm not driving."

I couldn't get in the car fast enough. Stacy waited until we were away from the lights of the parking lot, but not much past that. Her fingers quickly took care of my belt and my zipper, and within seconds, I was getting my second driver's seat blowjob in as many days.

Stacy wasn't quite as good as Sonya the day before, but she wasn't going all out like Sonya had been, either. Stacy took her time, licking slowly up and down either side of my cock, occasionally popping it into her mouth but never letting it stay there too long. She knew what she was doing, though - every now and again, her tongue would slide over the skin on the underside of my cock, just below the head, and I'd inhale sharply.

In short: Was she going to make me cum? No. Was she making it difficult to follow Scott's taillights as he weaved through Pensacola traffic? Incredibly.

I wasn't just sitting there enjoying it, though. One of the benefits of Stacy being so short was with her leaned over like this, my arm was long enough to reach down to her ass with room to spare. As she continued bobbing up and down on my dick, I started gently rubbing her ass with my free hand, which made her moan around my dick. I almost rear-ended Scott's Yukon.

Once we got going again, I stopped with all the niceties and spanked Stacy's ass. Her head jerked up off of my dick for a brief moment, and even though it was mostly dark outside, I could still see the fire in her eyes when she looked up at me.

"I am so fucking your brains out tonight," she said.

"Yes, you are," I said, moving my hand from her ass up to the back of her head. I pulled her hair a little bit - the fire flared up again - and then pushed her head back down. "It's getting cold."

Stacy went back to work, and I started moving my fingers closer and closer to the crack of her ass. My arm wasn't quite long enough to reach her pussy from behind in this position, but I got as close as I could, running my fingers over her asshole and both cheeks, stopping every so often to land another stinging palm on her ass. Each time I connected just a little bit harder, and each time she moaned around my cock just a little bit louder.

After about 10 minutes of driving, the neighborhood started getting familiar. Scott and I had gone on a five-mile run that morning, and I started recognizing the street names and some of the houses we'd passed. A few moments later, Scott pulled into his parking lot, with me trailing behind.

Stacy packed my now rock-hard rod back into my khakis as I parked next to Scott and pulled my zipper back up. She neglected my belt, though, and as we got out of the car, Lynette noticed it.

"Brad, you're supposed to wait to get inside before you start stripping," she said.

"Tell Stacy that," I quipped. "She's a better undresser than she is a dresser."

Stacy blushed and pulled me forward. Scott unlocked his apartment door, and Stacy and I were the first ones through it. We didn't worry about light switches, furniture or anyone who might be watching. We simply found the closest flat surface - in this case, the La-Z-Boy in Scott's living room - and fell onto it together.

We made out feverishly for a few moments before Stacy realized we had an audience. Of course, I knew that, but didn't much care. For some reason, though, it made Stacy pause. She broke off the kiss and turned to see Scott leaning against the wall near his bedroom door, his arm wrapped around Lynette's chest as she leaned into him.

"Keep going," Lynette said, followed by Scott's addition of "Yeah, don't mind us."

I looked at Stacy, but she didn't do anything. She looked back at me tentatively.

"I wouldn't have guessed this, but I think she's a little bit concerned about the spectators," I said.

"Spectators watch the game," Lynette said, more to Stacy than to me. "We're going to be playing it right along with you."

With that, Scott turned Lynette to where she was facing him, then spun both of them around and pushed her up against the wall. His mouth went to hers, and his right hand dipped between her legs.

"God, I wish his apartment was another mile away from here," Lynette said, breaking away from their lip lock for a second. The statement was directed at Stacy, but Lynette would have had to wait an awfully long time for a response. So, I went ahead and answered.

"And why's that?"

"Because I was about 10 seconds from cumming on his fingers when we pulled into the parking lot."

Stacy bit her lip, but she still stared ahead, transfixed. I watched her for a couple more seconds, and then I got an idea. I reached over and grabbed Stacy by the hair - not hard, but hard enough to make my point. Her eyes snapped onto mine.

"You know, most places, it's considered rude not to finish what you started."

As I talked, I took Stacy's hand and guided it to my lap. My cock was still rock hard, and it was straining against my pants. I pulled her face back toward mine and pushed our lips together, immediately picking up where we left off. It didn't take long for the heat to return. She pushed me backward on the recliner, grinding her hips into my dick as she fought back against my lips. I roughly kneaded her breasts, pinching nipples I could tell were hard even through her shirt.

"Easier to do this without clothes on," I said, rolling her off onto the arm of the recliner. I quickly yanked off her yellow top, admiring the huge breasts I'd be unlocking in just a second, and then briefly paused to let her slide my orange polo shirt off. We took care of our own pants, me shucking my khakis quickly while it took her just a little bit longer to get rid of her black slacks. That left me in just my boxers and Stacy in a bra and panties combination that matched her bright yellow shirt.

She hopped back onto my lap, immediately rubbing her panty-clad pussy against my dick, which was thankful to be out of the jeans but still annoyed with the flimsy cotton of my boxers. Her bra was one of those front-fasteners, for which I silently thanked the fashion gods. I made short work of that, and couldn't hold back a whistle when her breasts spilled into view.

"Spend a lot of time working out our back muscles, do we?" I asked, and she blushed. I'd known she was stacked since I'd met her the previous night, but both the outfits she'd worn had done a great job of concealing her tits. They were at least a D-cup -- maybe even bigger -- and looked completely out of place on a girl that stood just barely five feet tall.

"You would think a 5-foot girl who weighed 130 pounds was overweight," she said, nodding in response to my question. "I'm just proportioned differently."

"Different, huh?" I asked as I cupped one heavy breast in each hand. I squeezed them together and brushed my tongue across both nipples at the same time. She shivered and let out a little squeal as she nodded.

"Different is good," I finished, then quickly buried my face in her cleavage, licking and sucking every inch I could get my tongue and lips on. She squealed again as I pinched her nipples between my fingers and tugged. I quickly discovered that Stacy wasn't a moaner - she was a shrieker. Every time I hit a sensitive spot with either my mouth or my fingers, she let out a yelp, followed by a small giggle. As I massaged her breasts, she started bouncing up and down on my lap like we were already past the foreplay. That sounded just fine to my dick - at that point, I'm pretty sure it was ready to declare war on Fruit of the Loom and whatever company had manufactured her panties.

After a few minutes, I picked her up and carried her over to the couch, laying her down and removing her panties as her legs slid from my arms. I knelt down on the couch between her legs, and before I got started, I quickly readjusted so my cock could poke through my boxers. Much, much better.

"Holy shit," Lynette said, and for the first time since we started peeling off clothes, Stacy and I realized we had company. Lynette's skirt and panties lay in a heap on the floor, and Scott was using them as kneepads. He'd thrown her left leg over his right shoulder and pressed her against the wall as he went down on her, but when she pointed us out, he turned around to see what she was talking about.

"Daaaaamn," Scott echoed his girlfriend's comments. "You could beat the shit out of someone with those things."

"Who says I haven't?" Stacy replied, grinning devilishly at my best friend and his girlfriend across the room. Scott lingered a little bit longer looking at Stacy's chest, then turned his attention back to Lynette. I chose not to say anything. Instead, I turned around and thrust my tongue into Stacy's pussy.

"FUCK!" she said, replacing one of those shrieks with actual English just this once. She quickly went back to the shrieking as I feverishly worked on her pussy with my mouth. I tongue-fucked her as deeply as possible, rubbing my nose back and forth across her clit repeatedly. She kept shrieking, but she started thrashing from side to side as well.

It didn't take long. Just a couple minutes after I'd gone to work, she gripped my hair as tightly as she could, trying her best to hold me in place as her pussy spasmed around my tongue. Thankfully, I thought, the shrieking didn't increase in volume as she came, or we'd have been interrupted by Pensacola's finest within a few minutes. Instead, she just grunted a few times and announced that she was cumming, which I was sure drew Scott and Lynette's attention.

I kept it up throughout her orgasm, and made no move to stop even when she calmed down. I'd only been down there a couple minutes, and even if she had cum, she deserved more than that. She kept up the intermittent yelping each time my tongue flicked against her clit, and she definitely liked it when I slipped a finger into her snatch.

"What happened to finishing what I started?" Stacy asked when she had enough oxygen in her lungs to do so.

I grinned into her pussy. Without pulling away, I just said, "I'm not stopping you."

"Turn over," she said. I rolled over onto my back and grabbed her hips, pulling her down to sit on my face. She pulled my boxers down around my calves and lay down on top of me, going back to work on my cock immediately. It had been doing its best flagpole impression since the parking lot at T.G.I. Fridays, and the few minutes in Stacy's car weren't nearly enough.

I could see Scott and Lynette from where I was laying on the couch, and I watched as she spun him around and forced him back against the wall. She undid his jeans and pulled them down along with his boxers, and she giggled as his cock slapped her in the cheek. I couldn't really tell from my spot on the couch, especially with Stacy's snatch blocking most of my view, but he looked to be about the same size as me, somewhere in the 7- or 8-inch range.

Yeah, I know. Guys aren't supposed to check out other guys, but come on. What's life if not one giant competition, anyway?

Scott tossed his head back as Lynette went to work on him, and I was forced to do the same after a few seconds. Clearly, Stacy had oral skills that she hadn't shown off in the car. She couldn't deep throat me - or at least, she hadn't yet - but I felt all but one or two inches slip past her lips every time she lowered her head. If she'd done this to me in the car, I probably would have been cumming before we hit the parking lot.

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