Brad's Road Trip Ch. 18


"My turn," Liz said, and started to get on her knees.

"We can do that later," I said.

"No," she said. "Now. I'm sure you already got one of these tonight, but you're gonna get another one. So shut up and enjoy it."

"Actually, this will be my first tonight."

"Really?" Liz looked up at Sara in surprise, and Sara actually looked a little sheepish.

"I didn't give her time," I said. "I went straight from eating her out to sticking this" - I motioned to my cock, which she was now holding - "in her pussy. It was a long encore, but it wasn't that long, and I had things I wanted to do."

"Well, she gets a pass then, because I certainly want this in my pussy, too," Liz said. "But she can make it up to you right now. Get down here, Sara."

Sara sank to her knees next to Liz, and I had four of the sexiest green eyes ever created looking up at me. Liz slipped the head between her lips, and Sara grinned.

"I think the entire male population of our high school would have killed for this," Sara said. "You are one lucky mother fucker, Carver."

"Understatement of the century," I agreed. Anything else I wanted to say vanished when Liz opened her mouth and took about half of me inside on the first try. What Liz didn't have in her mouth, Sara was licking, rolling her tongue around the base of my cock and stopping just before she made contact with Liz's lips.

Liz pulled up and offered my cock to Sara, who slurped it down greedily. She wasn't quite as talented as Liz, but my cock was in no kind of mood to publish an official ranking at the moment. Liz reached underneath and sucked one of my balls into her mouth.

"Not gonna take much," I said.

"Really?" Sara asked, passing the hot potato back to her friend.

"I know I just came, but I don't think you understand just how riled up I've been all day."

"Oh, I understand," she said, flicking her tongue across my cock on one of Liz's trips to the top. "You didn't make me go as long as you had to, but I wanted to kill you after the last time we were in here."

"Come here," I said, pulling Sara to her feet. "I definitely want some more of that later, but I want to kiss you now."

She pressed her lips against mine, and I immediately thrusted my tongue into her mouth. She whimpered a little.

"God, what you do to me, just with a kiss," she gasped.

"Gonna be doing more in a sec."

Liz's tongue was very fucking talented, and she had me very close. I tried my best to hold out a few more moments, though. I slid my fingers down Sara's stomach until they found her clit, and she instinctively wrapped her arms around my neck.

"Another one?" she asked. "Brad, I can wait."

"I know," I said. "But I have this little peculiar tic about me. For some reason, I can't stand the thought of getting off unless you do."

Sara grinned, and Liz choked a little around my dick. That took just enough of the pressure off that I thought I might be able to get Sara caught up.

"Well, in that case," she said, and started kissing me again. Liz picked right back up where she left off, but Sara's pussy was still plenty slick. It was a dead heat, and I honestly have no idea who came first. All I know is that I had to break off my kiss with Sara to let Liz know I was cumming, and Sara buried her head in my shoulder and cried out softly as I felt my cock exploding. Liz took one or two shots in her mouth, then aimed the rest at her tits. One shot hit Sara in the upper thigh, which I thought was super sexy.

Liz reached up and smacked Sara's ass.

"Ow!" Sara grimaced. "What was that for?"

"For having a sexy ass," Liz said, as if it was the most obvious explanation. "I wanted to touch it. Deal with it."

Sara dealt with it - by pinching her best friend's nipples. Instead of shrieking, though, Liz just moaned.

"Careful starting something you can't finish," Liz said. She and I finished rinsing off - and made out quite a bit more - while Sara went to the bathroom, to clean herself up from the concert. When she returned, we all got dressed and walked back to the campground.

"Does anyone want to go over to the party side before we head back?" Sara asked.

"Not really," I said, figuring this party was going to spill over into the tent and wanting to get down to it.

"Fuck, no," Liz said. "You might not even have the tent zipped back up before I'm stuffing this cock inside me." She made a point of grabbing my cock through my shorts, lest Sara and I think she was talking about some other cock nearby. "I'm not going anywhere else."

"And why do you get it first, huh?" Sara asked.

"You've already had a turn, bitch!" Liz exclaimed, laughing. She and Sara were still fairly drunk, but my buzz was just about gone - at least from the alcohol.

"I'm a bitch now?" Sara asked. "I'm gonna get you back for that."

"You promise?" Liz retorted.

We were all laughing and holding hands, with me in the middle, when we got to the camp site. It was deserted, but Janine and Chad were coming back from a different direction, and got there about the same time we did.

"How was it?" Janine asked, looking directly at Sara.

"Fucking amazing," Sara answered with no shame. "The best sex I've ever had."

"And no, Staff Sergeant Heyward," I said. "You do not get a chance to drop me down to second place this time. I've had about enough of that this weekend."

We all laughed. "No, he does not," Janine added. "I can't control what happens after he goes back to Texas, but while in the state of Colorado, he's all mine."

Normally I'd have expected Chad to cringe at words like that, and maybe turn as pale as a black man can. Instead, he just used his teeth to light up the midnight sky. He wasn't a man of many words, and he didn't say any now, but I was guessing he was okay with Janine staking her claim.

"No worries there," Chad said, and Sara nodded. Even though they were in different branches, Chad was actually Sara's immediate operational supervisor back in Texas, and he wasn't about to go around banging his subordinates.

There was sort of a pregnant pause, because we all knew where we wanted to go. We all knew what Janine and Chad were going to do, and they at least knew what Sara and I were up to. Given that Liz and I were holding hands, too, they probably guessed she would be involved.

If anyone was going to cut through the awkward, it would be me.

"So, are we going to do this right out here in the middle on the picnic table, or what?" I asked.

Not only did that get five simultaneous laughs, but it prodded everyone into action. Janine tugged Chad back toward their tent, and Liz and Sara headed back to theirs.

"Have fun," I called to the other two. "We'll try to keep it down for you."

"Don't bother," she answered. "We probably won't." She giggled as they disappeared inside their tent.

"Our place or yours?" Liz asked.

"Mine," I said. "Not that there are any secrets here, but it gives us a little more room to make our own noise."

Sara and Liz grabbed their sleeping bags and we walked over to my tent.

"How did that happen anyway?" Liz asked. "Didn't you fuck her last night?"

"I did, but Chad did, too, obviously," I replied. "She and I went back to her RV and took care of business, but we ran into Chad and Russ later. I introduced them, and Chad took it from there, I guess."

It was not even close to the whole truth, but it was all factual and didn't force me to betray any confidences.

"Aww," Sara said, rubbing my shoulder in mock sympathy. "Replaced so quickly."

"Hey, she was fun," I said. "But she's not you two."

We all piled into my tent, and as soon as the door was zipped up, Liz was stripping again. Sara and I started kissing, and when Liz was naked, she joined in, recreating our three-way kiss from the concert. Gradually, we all sank to the floor in a circle, and put our cell phones in the middle for a bit of light. We started kissing again, and when their tongues touched, I felt my cock go rock hard in my shorts.

I backed away ever so slightly, just enough that it was just the two of them kissing now, but not far enough that I couldn't jump right back in if they wanted me to. It didn't matter anyway - once they started kissing each other, they clearly didn't want to stop. As she was with most things in her life, Sara was the aggressor, kissing Liz's top lip and being the first to force her tongue into the action. Liz was already naked, and Sara was again squeezing her best friend's breasts.

I moved behind Sara and pulled her red halter top up. They broke off their kiss just long enough for me to pull the shirt over her head, then got right back to it. This time Liz was tugging on Sara's nipples, too.

After a minute or two, they stopped playing with each other's chests and got even more into the kiss. Sara's hands were wrapped in Liz's blonde curls, and Liz's were locked behind Sara's back.

They might have kissed for a full 10 minutes - I was way too damn mesmerized to count. Finally, they came up for air and looked over at me. The light from our phones wasn't bright, but I could tell they were both extremely flushed.

"Was that what you wanted, Brad?" Liz asked, batting her eyes at me.

"That was fucking hot," was my brilliant reply. "First time for both of you?"

They both nodded. "Don't think it'll be the last, though," Sara said.

"But for now, I need to get fucked," Liz said.

"In a minute, you bossy bitch," Sara said, smiling at her friend and pushing me back on my ass.

"You're calling someone else bossy?" I asked, as Liz chimed in, "Seriously?"

"Yes, I'm bossy, too," Sara said, grabbing the waistband of my cargo shorts and tugging them off. My cock immediately sprang up through the hole in my boxers. "And before you go plugging her up, I want to suck your cock again." Then, with a playful glare in Liz's direction, she added, "Just me, this time."

And she did. She couldn't take quite as much as Liz had in the shower, but she was plenty enthusiastic. She was plenty sloppy too, and I could feel her spit dripping down my balls and onto my ass.

I looked over at Liz, who had laid down on her back to get a good view of what Sara was doing. Her hands were busy between her legs, and I moved my hand back to join them. I could her gasp when my fingers brushed over her clit.

After two earlier explosive orgasms, I wasn't close to cumming, so after a few minutes, I gently nudged Sara's shoulders. She stopped what she was doing and smiled brightly at me. My shorts were behind her, and she reached into them, pulling out a few condoms and tossing them on the sleeping bag. I quickly shed the rest of my clothes.

"Are you ready, sweetie?" she asked Liz. My fingers were still working on Liz's pussy, so she just groaned.

"How do you want it?" I asked as Sara rolled a condom onto me. Liz wasted no time in scrambling up onto her hands and knees.

"I knew it!" Sara laughed, kneeling beside her. "You are a bitch!"

"Yes," Liz agreed breathlessly. "And I'm in heat. So, please, shut up and let him fuck me. Just pound it in, Brad; I can take it."

Sara shook her head at me. "Patience, hon," she said to Liz, and her friend whined. "I didn't like hearing it either, but trust me. If he just plunges this big, hard cock into you with no warmup, he'll rip you in half."

Liz was wiggling her ass at me, wordlessly trying to get me to ignore Sara's advice. I rubbed the head against her dripping opening a few times, but didn't push inside her. I let Sara grip my cock and guide me inside slowly, until I had about half of it in.

"Fuck," Liz muttered. "That is big."

"See?" Sara said, smiling at me and rolling her eyes as if to say "Kids - you can't tell 'em anything these days."

Liz rocked her hips from side to side, getting comfortable with my intrusion. "But it's not too big. C'mon, Sara. Let him let me have it."

I looked at Sara, and she nodded. I gripped Liz's hips with both hands and slid in further, until my hips made contact with her ass.

"Shit!" Liz shouted. "Tell me that's all!"

"That's all," I said. "But now, I'm going to fuck you with it."

She just whimpered as I pulled out, all the way until just the head remained inside her. I pushed all the way back in, slowly but firmly, and I could hear the air rush out of her lungs.

"Oh, fuck," she said. "I'm gonna cum so quick, Brad."

"Don't hold back," I said. "Let it go."

I picked up the pace a little, still not slamming into her at full speed but giving her plenty to think about. Sara gently massaged Liz's ass cheeks as my hips repeatedly pushed against them.

Suddenly, Liz lifted one arm and pulled Sara down next to her. She buried her head between Sara's tits and screamed as she came. I sped up accordingly, and by the time the orgasm was over, I was really giving it to her.

"Fuck, yeah," Liz said. "That took the edge off, but I want you to make me cum again. Fuck me as hard as you can."

I didn't need to be told twice. With Sara out of the way, I spanked both of Liz's ass cheeks as I started pounding her as quickly as I could. Her pussy had been extremely tight, but was loosening up some now that it was used to me.

"Take your shorts off and c'mere," Liz said, licking her lips at Sara and patting the tent floor in front of her.

"Liz, I don't know," Sara said. "I've never—"

"You think I have?" she fired back. "Just get over here. I want to explore."

Sara looked at me, and I just shrugged. I really hadn't expected them to do anything with each other outside of kissing, but I wasn't about to stop them if they wanted to do more. Sara finally pulled her shorts off and slid back a few feet, putting her legs on either side of us. I briefly stopped assaulting Liz's ass and reached down to squeeze Sara's feet, to give her a little encouragement.

"Oh, fuck," Sara said, sharply inhaling as Liz's face dipped between her legs. Liz's blonde hair spilled across Sara's thighs, so I couldn't really see what was going on, but I had a vivid enough imagination to figure it out.

"Yeah?" I asked, looking at Sara. "You like having your best friend eat your pussy?"

"I do," she said. "It's... different, but it feels so damn good."

She wrapped a hand in Liz's hair to emphasize her point.

"Do a good job, Liz," I said. "Or I won't make you cum again."

Sara shot me an evil grin as Liz whined something unintelligible into her pussy. I'd really said it more to get Sara going than anything else, because I could sense an even bigger orgasm building in Liz's body, and there was nothing I could do to stop it short of pulling out of her completely.

And I wasn't about to do that.

"Oh, yeah, get your tongue up in there," Sara said, falling onto her back now and letting Liz pleasure her. My thighs were starting to burn from the intensity of fucking this beautiful blonde sex goddess, but I wasn't stopping until she came again.

I felt Liz's thighs start to shake uncontrollably, and her feet were smacking against my thighs and calves as she flexed her legs. Normally, I would have pulled Liz's hair to make her cum harder, but Sara looked like she was enjoying herself. So, I just pushed myself up on my toes to get a little more leverage and fucked Liz as hard as I could.

Liz screamed as she came again, and Sara closed her legs around her face to keep cops in Utah from hearing. Of course, the screaming vibrated against Sara's pussy, and she tensed up as well, sitting up again and holding Liz's mouth against her. She was just close enough to kiss, so I forced my tongue into her mouth.

Liz sagged underneath me, sliding down until she was lying on her stomach. Sara backed away as well, and we both moved to Liz's side as she recovered.

"Did she make you cum?" I asked Sara.

"Almost," Sara said. "But you're about to."

Sara pushed me onto my back and wasted no time climbing on top of me. She had already experienced my cock, so she didn't feel the need to go slow like she'd forced Liz to do. Instead, she sank down onto me with one stroke.

"Oh, God." Sara shuddered as the words came out.

"Did that hit the spot?" I asked.

"You're hitting all the fucking spots."

I let Sara control the pace, and she took it fairly slow, easing herself up and down on my cock. I ran my hands up her sexy legs, feeling her calves twitch with each trip up and down. She was bent over so far that her tits hung down between her knees, and I couldn't resist gently tugging on each nipple.

That position was killing Sara's knees, though, so she got on her knees and continued to piston herself up and down. That's when we noticed Liz stirring off to our left. She got up to a kneeling position as well.

"You guys look so fucking hot together," Liz said, and I agreed. Sara was fucking gorgeous, and with her eyes closed, her mouth hanging open and her face pointed at the roof of the tent, she was almost angelic. Sara might have really made an excellent girlfriend, I briefly thought. If only I hadn't fucked up so royally the first time around...

Oh well, I thought. I had, and now I had Kelly. And Kelly DID make an excellent girlfriend. This was just sex. Granted, it was really great sex, with a good friend of mine and her best friend, but I knew once it was over, I'd wish they were both Kelly.

"Sit up a little," Liz said, breaking me from my reverie.

"Oh," Sara said, doing just that. "You want me to return the favor?" Sara sounded a little nervous, which wasn't like her at all.

"Sure," Liz said. "But not right now. I'd have to stand up for that, and there's no way my legs are letting me do that."

With that, she swung one leg over my head and knelt over my face, and my view of Sara disappeared. It was replaced with something just as exquisite, though. I couldn't see much, but I could tell her pussy was red and swollen from the beating I'd just given it. So, I was very gentle with her, licking up one side of her lips and down the other, only briefly straying to her clit.

Sara was the opposite of gentle, though. She started slamming up and down on me as hard as she could, clearly nearing an orgasm of her own. For some reason, though, she lost her rhythm and fell forward, and I could see her head on Liz's right shoulder. I took advantage of the new position to plant my feet and fuck up into Sara.

"Holy shit," Sara moaned. "Fucking me so good."

"Is he gonna make you cum, Sara?" Liz asked. I had no idea where Liz's hands were, but I was sure she was trying to help her friend along.

"Fuck, yeah," Sara groaned. "He's gonna make me cum so fucking hard."

I had just wiggled my tongue up into Liz's pussy when Sara cried out against her shoulder, and I could feel her orgasm rippling through her body, and Liz's by extension. I kept up my pace, trying to fuck her all the way through it.

When she was finally relaxing against Liz, I focused my efforts on Liz's clit, bathing it with my tongue. It was a tight fit, but I managed to wriggle one of my hands between us and slide my index finger up inside her hole.

"I think he's gonna make me cum again, too," Liz gasped. Sara's head disappeared from Liz's shoulder, and I could hear the sucking sounds as she latched onto Liz's nipple. I felt a finger poking against my tongue as I licked Liz's clit, too, and I sucked the tip of it into my mouth briefly before letting it go.

I let Sara have her clit, and shoved my tongue back into her pussy. I used my hands to spread Liz's asscheeks as far as I could, opening her pussy as wide I could so my tongue could penetrate her.

"You're gonna make me cum, too, Sara," Liz cried out. "Fuck, you both are too much—"

None of the rest came out, because now it was Liz's turn to use Sara's shoulder as a muffler. Liz's hips bucked hard against my face as she exploded, and I wouldn't be surprised to find another bruise on my jaw in the morning.

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