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Brady's Love


Fuck, fuck, fuck. I had fucked up again. I had promised her I would be there for her opening at the art gallery. She is an artist and this was her big moment. Her parents and all her friends were there. Everyone except for me. I knew I wouldn't be able to talk my way out of this one but I had to try. She was the love of my life and I didn't want to live if living meant being without her.

I had forgot that it was Valentines Day. I had forgot that it was her birthday. In the last month I had to work overtime twice when we had a date and I forgot to call her. Tonight I showed up when her showing was closing for the night. She was already walking to her car when I rushed up to her.

"Baby, I'm sorry. I wanted to be here, but..."

She cut me off before I could finish.

"Go to hell, Brady. Stay the fuck out of my life. I don't need you. I hope you fucking die," she screamed at me.

I helplessly watched her get into the car with her parents and drive away. I sat on the curb and sobbed. I really had fucked up this time.


Audrey had been smitten with Brady the first time she had seen him. He had come to a party given by one of her girlfriends. Brady had mingled with other guests, his natural charm made him instantly welcome. He had only been there ten minutes when he spotted her. She was over in the corner of the room looking around as is she was seeking to escape the unwanted attention she was getting from the guy in front of her. He wanted to meet her.

"Dave, over my right shoulder in the corner. Who's the girl that looks like Audrey Hepburn?" Brady asked his friend who he had come to the party with.

"That would be Audrey," Dave chuckled.

"No, man. Really, what's her name?"

"I'm not joking. Her name really is Audrey. But don't waste your time. She doesn't let guys pick her up."

Brady didn't care, he just had to meet her. As he crossed the room she looked at him with pleading eyes.

Audrey wanted to get away from the guy who had her trapped in the corner. His inane banter was driving her up the wall. She looked around seeking any excuse to break away. That was the first time she saw Brady. He reminded her of a big cat stalking it's prey in the way he eased across the room. She thought he was strikingly handsome, his raven black hair and light blue eyes. She looked at him hoping he would come to her rescue.

"Audrey, I've been looking for you everywhere. We really need to discuss that matter we were talking about," Brady said stepping up beside her. Then to the guy who was bothering her, "Excuse us, fellow. We really have important business."

Brady took Audrey by the arm and escorted her out onto the back deck leaving her tormentor standing slack jawed watching their departing backs.

"Thank you for getting me out of there. By the way, do I know you?"

"Not yet. Name's Brady, Brady Ryan."

"Well, Brady Ryan, thanks again. He was about to drive me up the wall."

"Glad to be of service to such a fair maiden. I guess I will leave now so that I don't become the next guy you want to be rescued from."

"Wait, Brady. I usually know everyone at these parties but I've never seen you before. Where are you from."

"Texas. I came to the party with a buddy of mine, Dave. I reckon you know him."

"Dave, the ex-marine Dave. The Dave who served in the special forces." Suddenly her eyes went wide. "Oh my God, you're Brady. You're the guy he's always talking about, the one who saved all their lives."

Brady didn't like to talk about his time in the military. He had done what he had to do while in combat but he preferred not to relive those days.

"Yeah, well, I think Dave is prone to exaggeration. I wouldn't believe everything he says."

"A hero and modest, too."

Brady wanted to change the subject. "You know you look a lot like..."

"Yeah, I know Audrey Hepburn, right?"

"Actually I was going to say you look like a girl I knew in high school but now that you mention it, I can see a slight resemblance to the movie star."

Audrey looked sharply at Brady and saw a twinkle in his eyes and a little twitch at the corners of his mouth and realized he was teasing. She laughed out loud, the sound reminded Brady of silver bells and sent shivers up his spine.

They talked on into the night. Brady learned that Audrey was and artist who was hoping to become successful. Audrey learned that Brady had just moved to town and was working for a security agency. Audrey looked at her watch and saw that all too soon it was two in the morning.

"Brady, it was very nice to meet you and I've really enjoyed the conversation but it's late and I have to go."

Brady looked at his watch. "Wow, I can't believe it's already this late. Can I walk you out to your car."

"Sure, if you like."

Brady saw Dave sitting on the couch as they went through the house and he held up one finger to let him know he would be right back. Once at her car, Brady held her door open as she slid in behind the wheel.

"Audrey, I know we just met but I was wondering if you would have dinner with me?"

"That's very kind of you to ask but I'm really trying to concentrate on my career right now." Audrey watch the look of hope in Brady's face turn to one of dejection.

"Okay, sure. I understand. Good night Audrey," Brady said nodding sadly. He gently closed her door and turned to head back into the house. Audrey watched him walking away and came to a quick decision and rolled down her window.

"Brady," she called out. "I'll meet you at the Olive Garden Friday night at seven thirty."

Brady's face lit up with a big grin. "Sounds great. I'll be there."

That was their first date. Brady's charm and easy going nature touched Audrey in ways no man had ever done. When she spoke, he listened intently to everything she had to say. He preferred to talk about her and the things she was interested instead of about himself like most men she knew. Going against her rule of not dating, she accepted his invitation to go to the state fair the next weekend, too.

They both had a great time at the fair. They went on many of the rides, she held tight to his arm on the roller coaster. Brady won her a big stuffed panda at one of the shooting arcades. This date led to more dates and Audrey finally had to admit to herself, she had fallen for this man. As for Brady, he knew he wanted a relationship with her at the end of their second date. Brady had learned patience in the Marine Corp, know your objective but don't rush in taking it. He never pressured Audrey, instead he let nature take it's course. They had been dating for almost five months before they made love for the first time. That was the night they openly professed their love for each other.

Brady's first big faux pas came on Valentines Day. He had never really told Audrey exactly what he did, just that he was a security consultant. While the agency he ran did do security audits and make recommendations, they also provided security personnel to high profile clients who needed body guards for special events. As a result he often had to travel. Audrey didn't really mind, as this gave her time to concentrate on her paintings. As it happened, on Valentines Day he was wrapped up in making sure the security teams he had been asked to provide for a big party were all in place. He didn't realize until he had picked up Audrey for dinner and she gave him a card that he had forgotten. Brady was totally embarrassed and Audrey was a little hurt. He made up for it by sending her a dozen red roses the next day.

A month later a similar situation came up and this time he forgot to get her a present for her birthday. To make up for that he sent her two dozen roses and bought her a nice tennis bracelet. And in the last month he had been several hours late picking her up for a date. That wasn't so much the problem, it was that he hadn't called to let her know he was going to be late. By now she had gone to being not only hurt at his thoughtlessness, but she got a little angry too.

Then Audrey was getting the big break she had been waiting for. She was getting a showing of her paintings at the most prominent gallery in the city. She was excited almost beyond words. She told Brady how important this was for her and he promised he would be there.

The evening of the opening Brady was headed home to change. He was going to meet Audrey at the gallery. Besides her opening this was going to be the first time he met her parents. They had flown in for their daughter's big day. He was just about to pull into his drive when his cell phone rang. He looked at the number and saw it was from the head of the security detail his agency had provided for a party at the mansion of a local millionaire.

"Brady here," he said answering the call.

"Boss, things have gone to shit. We've been breached and several armed men have taken hostages in one of the wings of the house."

"Fuck. Okay, I'm on my way. Seal off all exits and hold until SWAT has arrived."

Brady was pissed off and worried. His whole agencies reputation could be at stake. He also couldn't understand how gunmen could have gotten past his men. They were all ex-special forces and highly trained. Brady pulled up minutes before the SWAT team arrived. He was just getting the run down on what had gone wrong when the police captain in charge came up and wanted to know what had happened.

My guy who had been in charge told us that somehow the catering crew had been over powered en route and replaced with the bad guys holed up in one wing of the house. Most of the guests were safe and had been moved beyond the property walls. There was still some people unaccounted for. This included the owner of the house and his wife. They were presumed to be alive and held as hostages. No demands had been made yet, so their motives were not known. He then gave a rundown on where all our agents were positioned. The captain then had his men set up and we began to withdraw to clear the scene for them.

While all this was going on, Brady had been thinking that these guys might have an escape plan of some kind. Escaping back through the front gate wasn't going to be an option. The only logical place would be through the back. Brady went to his car and put on his bullet proof vest and put on his jacket that had AGENT in big letters on the back. He hoped that the SWAT team wouldn't mistake him for a bad guy. He checked his 9mm and put it in his shoulder holster. Making his way around the perimeter he got to the back of the house on the far side from where the hostages were.

Suddenly all hell broke lose inside the house. Shots were fired at the SWAT team and smoke began to billow out from the center of the mansion. Brady pulled his gun and waited. He had seen the SWAT team members on this side rush towards the sound of the shots. Sure enough, just as he had suspected, two men came running out the side doors heading almost directly towards where he had hidden in some bushes. One of the men had a little girl in one arm with his other hand over her mouth to keep her from crying out. The other man was armed with an assault rifle. Brady pulled out his gun and waited. He waited until they had just passed him. He stood up and yelled for them to halt. The bad guy with the rifle spun and started to raise his weapon. Brady fired one shot hitting him right in the forehead. From this range he couldn't miss. He turned to the man holding the little girl.

"Put her down gently and and raise your hands and you'll live."

The bad guy looked at Brady who had his gun aimed right between his eyes and the down at his dead partner.

"Okay, just take it easy with that gun, pal." The bad guy set the little girl down on her feet and slowly turned around.

"Come over here, sweetheart. Your safe now. I'll take you to your daddy." The little girl ran to Brady and hugged his leg tightly.

"Now you, very slowly lay down and put your hands behind your back." Brady kept his gun trained on him the whole time. "You stand right here, honey."

Brady took out a pair of zip tie hand cuffs that he had put in his pocket and made quick work of securing the bad guys hands. He then roughly pulled him to his feet and shoved him back towards the house. Bending down he picked the little girl up and she wrapped her little arms tightly around his neck. Slowly they made their way around the side until they were spotted by one of the SWAT team. They were ordered to stop. Brady cautiously lowered his pistol to the ground and then stood with one hand raised in the air and the little girl still in his other arm. The captain who had been radioed to come to the scene recognized Brady and came forward.

Brady explained what had happened and told them where they could find the dead perp. The guy Brady had cuffed was hustled off. When the captain tried to take the little girl from Brady she squealed and held on to his neck tighter. The officer just shook his head and led Brady back out to the front. The SWAT team was just finishing wrapping up the rest of the scene. They had captured two and killed one of the other would be kidnappers. They had also been lucky in that none of the guests had been hurt.

The little girl turned out to be the daughter of the millionaire who was having the party. He and his wife were frantic wanting to know where their daughter was. When they learned she was okay they hurried out to where Brady was waiting. Only when her mother came to her did the little girl release her grip on Brady's neck and allowed her mother to hold her. The SWAT leader explained to the father how his daughter had been rescued. He came and pumped Brady's hand and thanked him profusely.

Only then did Brady think about Audrey and the showing at the gallery. He pulled out his cell phone and tried to call her but it went straight to voice mail. She probably hadn't even taken her phone in with her. It was late by the time Brady was allowed to leave. He had to stay and give statements and had been told to be at police headquarters the next day.

Brady raced to the gallery as soon as he could get free. He spotted Audrey as she was walking out the door to her waiting car. He slammed on his brakes and jumped out to run to her.

Audrey was so excited. It was her big night. She had arrived at the gallery with her parents who had flown in to be with her. The gallery was filling up with patrons and some of her close friends who were invited. But, no sign of the man she most wanted to be with her. Through the evening into the night she kept her eye on the door looking for him. Finally the showing was over and still no Brady. This time Audrey was truly pissed off. She was determined that this was the last time he would stand her up.

She asked her dad to get the car while she finished up with the gallery owner. Audrey was walking out to her car and tears were dropping down her cheek. She was almost to the door of the car when she heard the squeal of tires and she saw Brady jump out and run to her.

"Baby, I'm sorry. I wanted to be here, but...." he started to blurt out.

"Go to hell, Brady. Stay the fuck out of my life. I don't need you. I hope you fucking die," she screamed at him. She jumped into the car and told her father to drive away. Audrey was sobbing into her hands and didn't look back to see Brady collapse to the curb sobbing as well.

Brady finally returned to his car and drove home. He knew there was no point in trying to call her that night. She was obviously in no mood to talk to him. He went to bed and slept fitfully, tossing and turning all night. Early the next morning he went to police headquarters and finished up with all the follow up questions, giving his statement. It was a little after noon when he finally got out and drove over to Audrey's condo. Her car was gone and no one answered when he knocked. He didn't know that she was on her way to take her parents back to the airport.

There was a florist nearby, so he went and bought a dozen red roses and a blank card. He went back to her house and waited another hour. She still hadn't come home, so he took out a pen and wrote on the card.

My love,

I am so sorry. Please, I beg you to call me and let me explain. I love you so much. Please baby, call me.


Audrey got home only minutes after Brady had left. She found the flowers and the card as she went into the house. She quickly glanced at what he had written and tore the card up and threw it and the flowers into the trash can. She ran to her room and sprawled across her bed and sobbed into her pillow. She cried until she finally fell asleep.

Brady still hadn't heard from Audrey by five that afternoon and decided to drive back to her house. He saw her car parked outside and noted that the flowers and card were no longer in front of the door. He hastened to knock and waited. No answer. He knocked harder this time. Finally he saw the curtains part and Audrey peeped out.

"Baby, please let me in. I can explain."

"Go away or I'll call the police." The curtains closed back up.

"Audrey, for God's sake, let me talk to you." Brady continued to knock on the door begging her to talk to him until fifteen minutes later a police cruiser pulled up. They told him to come out to their car to talk. He told them why he was there and one of the officers had been at the scene of the attempted kidnapping the day before and recognized him as the hero who saved the little girl. While they were sympathetic with his plight, they said Audrey had made a complaint and he could either leave peacefully or they would have to take him in. Deciding discretion would be the better part of valor in this instance, Brady reluctantly got in his car and drove home. He spent the rest of the evening trying to call Audrey but she wouldn't answer the phone.

The next two days were basically a repeat for Brady. He would buy her a dozen roses and a card, knock on her door and then leave them on her doorstep and spend the rest of the day calling her. She never answered his calls. Brady was severely depressed. The men who worked for him took notice and were concerned for their boss. He was just going through the motions but it didn't matter to him. Without Audrey in his life it didn't matter. He didn't want to live without her sweet love.

Audrey stayed cooped up in her condo for three days after her gallery showing. She didn't watch TV or read the paper. All she could do was cry. Each day Brady would knock on her door and the go away, leaving flowers and a card. She read each one, and then tore them up and tossed them and the flowers in the trash can. Her phone rang almost every hour and when she saw it was Brady she would walk away leaving it unanswered. On the fourth day, she saw a call come in from one of her girlfriends and answered that one. Her friend, Marsha, wanted to meet her for lunch. Audrey having been house bound for the last three days agreed to go.

"So how's Brady doing?" Marsha asked, unaware of the latest developments in her friends life.

"How the hell should I know. I told the bastard to go to hell after he stood me up at the gallery. He's always forgetting something. My birthday, Valentines Day, our dates. I'm tired of it."

"But don't you know why he wasn't there. Good god girl. It's been all over the news."

"What are you talking about?" Audrey asked.

"Some men tried to kidnap a millionaires daughter and Brady saved her. He killed one of them and captured the other."

"What are you talking about?"

"All I know is what they said on the news. Brady's company was in charge of security at some party the millionaire was having at his house. Five men with guns tried to kidnap the daughter and Brady ambushed two of them and saved her. One of the guys had an automatic rifle and tried to kill Brady but he shot him first."

Audrey turned pale when she said that. "But, Brady is only a security consultant."

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