tagMind ControlBraining Ch. 03

Braining Ch. 03


Terese and Alana

(This is a continuous story in multiple parts. It will only make sense if you read it in order.)

: : : : :

P r a c t i c e

"Blair, have you ever found anyone you couldn't +push?"

"No, but, remember, I don't do it very often. I really want to keep it below the radar."

They went to the mall, and experimented with all sorts of inconsequential +pushes, such as getting someone to shift their shopping bag from one hand to the other, getting someone else to stop and check out a store window that she was going to pass. They got one poor guy to take the escalator up, and down, and up again, and down again, before letting him pass it.

At one point they saw Jon across the food court. They had a huge laugh getting him to stop and gaze at a window display of purses. When they "released" him, he looked bewildered, checked around to see if anyone had seen him, and quickly walked off.

It seemed that they could +push anyone.

: : : : :

Brian's brow was furrowed; Blair asked, "What's up?"

He sighed. "I'm just wondering how we can get through all the scenes without everything blowing up in our faces. Jenn is the most complicated, because she has a boyfriend, who happens to be my friend Phil. I know that they have a very loose, unusual relationship, but I know I'd be really angry if Phil or anyone else was hitting on you, and I keep thinking that Phil will probably feel the same way."

"Jenn says that she and Phil are 'non-exclusive,' so I don't think you have to worry about Phil."

She paused, gathering her thoughts. "There's a facet of +pushing; it's going to take me a minute to explain it, because I've never thought about it this way before. For lack of a better term, it's all about permission, and it works both ways. You can +push someone to give them permission. You can also +push to receive permission from someone – you've already done it that way, it was one of your very first +pushes."

"My mom and the Pepsi."

"Exactly. You +pushed her not to lecture you about a soft drink right before dinner; in other words, to give you permission to have a Pepsi."

"I didn't even realize I'd done it. I wouldn't have any idea how to do it again."

"If you think of 'permission' as a major, complicated concept, you'll psych yourself out and fail, but it's easy if you just break it down to a few simple pieces. With your mom, I'm sure that you just +pushed something like a combined image of you, Pepsi, and 'OK,' all at once. She received it, and since she didn't realize that it came from you, she just accepted it as her own thought.

"For Phil, for your peace of mind we'll do the same thing – just think of you, Jenn, sex, and 'OK,' all in a bundle at the same time, and +push it to Phil."

"How will I receive his permission?"

"It doesn't work that way. With any +pushing, there's never a response. Nobody ever says 'OK, got it,' we just see from their actions that they received whatever we +pushed: Dan sang the correct words, Jon looked at the purses at the mall. With permission, you're +pushing them a feeling of, 'this is all good.' They receive your +push, but they're not aware of it – they just feel like that's what they've always thought."

"Doesn't this violate that thing we talked about, that you can't +push someone to do something they're opposed to?"

"No, not at all. We would never be able to get Phil's approval if he and Jenn weren't so 'open.' With your mom, if you had +pushed her for permission to do something terrible, like shooting heroin, it would never have worked."

Brian contemplated that for a minute, and nodded in agreement.

A brief minute later, he looked worried again. "What about you? Isn't it going to be awful, knowing that if our plans work, all five of your closest friends are willing to 'misbehave' with your boyfriend?"

"It's my idea, remember? I want them to be with you. It's how I'll know that you're freely choosing me."

"What if one of them isn't willing to cross that line?"

"That won't happen, because we'll +push them permission beforehand."

"You're sure that works?"

"It definitely works. I did it last summer, with Justin."

"Shannon's boyfriend?"

"He is now. Last summer, he was MY boyfriend."

"That's right, I remember that."

"Justin's a nice guy, but of course he can't +remote or +push, and I had gotten to the point where I couldn't stand hiding my abilities from him. I had heard that Shannon really liked him. She didn't consider him available, so she was chasing some other guy, but it was Justin who she really liked.

"I +pushed her permission to pursue him, just like I described: a bundle of Shannon, Justin, going out, and 'it's OK.' While I was at it, I +pushed the same thing to him. All I had to do then was be unavailable to do anything with him for the next couple of weekends, and presto, they were going out. Everybody won: she got the guy she liked, he got a new girlfriend that he's much more compatible with, and I didn't have to deal with any of the drama of breaking up with him."

Blair anticipated Brian's follow-up question. "That didn't get anyone to overlook their values, either. Justin and I weren't that tight, so he didn't resist turning his attention to someone else; and Shannon really liked him, so she was glad to get the go ahead."

"Are you positive that your permission is what got them together?"

"Shannon's a decent girl – she didn't go after Justin until I +pushed her it was alright, so, yes, I think her part of it was because of my permission. And Justin is a decent guy – I'm sure that he would have done a proper 'breakup' with me, except he had such a strong feeling of 'this is OK.' That HAD to have come from my permission."

Blair let Brian ponder this for a moment.

She continued, "With you and the girls, remember what I said before: none of them are prudes, they're all open to sexual situations, as long as there's nothing sleazy involved. Once I +push permission to them, they won't even have a thought that having sex with you would possibly violate our friendship."

"Are you +pushing me permission right now not to worry about this?"

"No, I'm not," she laughed. "But maybe I should." Brian laughed too.

: : : : :


While nearly everyone had been happy for Brian and Blair when they got together, Terese was initially a holdout. She had carried a torch for Brian for several years, and she went through a visible depression – but the group rallied around her, and by mid-summer, she appeared to be back to normal.

Blair had thought that Terese would quickly find a new guy to fixate on, but she hadn't. She and Brian both bombarded Terese with images in which they were comfortable friends, and she seemed to be accepting that.

They had thought that coming up with the setup for Terese would be the most difficult, but in the end, it was the simplest, falling right into their laps.

Phil's parents were going to be out of town, and the band organized another grain alcohol party. Although Brian and Blair had long since abandoned Brian's original plan for seducing Jenn via the grain party, they took that basic idea, inverted it, and applied it to Terese.

Terese's house was only a couple of streets over from Blair's, on the opposite side of the neighborhood from Phil's. The plan started with Brian and Blair giving Terese a ride to the party. They picked her up, and chatted casually on the way. "How late are you planning on staying?" Terese asked.

"Not late, I have to work tomorrow morning," Blair said.

"Cool, I do too. I wouldn't mind at all being home by 12." Perfect...

As expected, Phil and Jenn were consuming grain punch at a prodigious rate, and Brian and Blair set out to match them, drink for drink. At least they seemed to. The plan was based on both of them appearing to be out-of-control drunk. Nobody seemed to catch on, but they were actually drinking mostly straight fruit punch, sans alcohol.

A little after 11:00, Blair found Terese in a group with Jenn, Jon, Carina, and a couple of other kids from school. +Pushing the image at Terese of Blair wobbling as she tried to stand, and badly slurring her speech, Blair asked, "Have you seen Brian?"

"He was over by the punch bowl a little while ago," Jon answered.

Blair said, "Somebody told me he'd passed out," with a laugh, turning and stumbling off in that direction.

As she walked, she continued +pushing the image at Terese of herself, hopelessly drunk, adding that it was nearly time to leave. Terese fell in beside her, whispering, "You're not gonna be able to drive, are you?"

Blair concentrated on maintaining the +pushed image of herself, smashed, as it seemed to be working. "You might be right. If I give you the keys, would you drive?"

Terese rolled her eyes and sighed, "Sure, whatever."

They found Brian slouched back in a chair. He was also busily +pushing the image of himself, utterly trashed. "Blair, Terese, hey, let's have a drink."

"I think you've had enough," Blair said, taking his hand and trying to pull him to his feet. His hand slipped from hers, and she lost her balance and fell, landing awkwardly on her back, legs apart, dress up around her waist. She turned to Terese and giggled, "I think I'VE had enough. Can you help me get him to the car?"

Brian extended his hands, they pulled him up from his seat, and he took a girl under each arm. They navigated him to the car, Terese full of visions of Brian falling over if she didn't hold him up, then they poured him into the back seat.

In the process of getting Brian loaded into the car, Blair +remoted one of the straps of her sun dress unbuttoned, revealing the top of her breast, almost down to the nipple. She left it undone. She gave Terese the keys, and as soon as they were underway, pretended to pass out against the window.

She felt the car turn into the driveway. "Terese, before you go home, I need a hand getting him into the house. He can't go home this wasted, so he'll have to stay here. I'll do the lifting, but I need you to steer."

She manhandled Brian out of the back seat, falling over a couple of times in the process, her sun dress hiking way up over her waist, showing the nosy neighbors her panties, if any of them were looking at this time of night. She hoped not.

They got Brian into the house, laying the intoxicated visions on thick. They manhandled him into Blair's room, where he fell onto the bed. "I need a nice – a nice – um, a nice, um..." he said, "I - need - an - ice pack, for some reason my head hurts."

Blair headed out of her room toward the kitchen, and Brian grabbed Terese's hand, pulling her onto the bed, locking his lips onto hers, his fingers interlacing her hair, his tongue reaching for her tonsils.

He reached under her dress, slipping his hand under the elastic of her panties to squeeze her bare ass. He broke off the kiss, opened his eyes briefly at Terese, and said, "Blair, you changed your dress..."

He pulled her face in to kiss her again, halted short of contact, flared his eyes, and said, "Hey, you're not Blair," and laughed, releasing her butt, falling back on the bed with his legs splayed, making sure the hard-on pulling his jeans tight was clearly visible.

"Jeez la-peez," said Terese, using her hand to fan her face, which felt flushed. She headed down the hall so she could escape and walk the short distance home, but her mind wouldn't seem to let go of the image of Brian, semi-conscious on the bed, sporting such an impressive stiffie.

A strange image materialized: it consisted of her, Terese, wearing Blair's sun dress, crawling into Brian's arms on Blair's bed. She tried to shake the image off, but it wouldn't go away. "Yeah, right," she thought to herself, "I'll just say, 'Hey Blair, could I borrow your dress for a few minutes?' I'm sure that'd be no problem."

When she got to the den, she saw that Blair had fixed the ice pack, and had apparently begun undressing for bed before passing out. She lay on the couch, in nothing but shoes and panties, her dress in a puddle on the floor. Terese picked up the dress, held it to her chest for a few moments, folded it, and placed it on the arm of the couch. "Come on, Blair, let's get you settled," she sighed. She removed Blair's shoes, and lifted her feet onto the couch. Blair slumped down to a reclined position.

Terese took a step toward the door, to leave, but that image of her, in Blair's dress, being welcomed into bed by Brian, wouldn't go away. She went down the hall to check him out. He had slipped out of his jeans and shirt, and was laying on top of the covers, in his boxers. The front of his shorts was impressively tented.

She returned to the den, standing still, gazing indecisively at Blair's dress. In her mind she could see Blair, comfortable on the couch, sleeping soundly. She found a light comforter draped over the back of the sofa, and shook it out across Blair, tucking her in.

She took a deep breath, replaying the images: wearing Blair's dress, Brian and his stiffie, Blair sleeping too deeply to be awakened. All the pieces seemed perfectly aligned to do this crazy thing. She stared at Blair's dress on the couch, so available. She unfastened her own dress, stepped out of it, folded it neatly, and placed it beside Blair's. She reached for Blair's dress, but stopped and reconsidered.

She paused, still unsure of what she should do.

She thought for another moment, and unhooked her bra, shrugging it off, placing it on top of her dress.

She pulled Blair's dress on. It was baggy on her slender frame, and way too short, but it wasn't as if Brian was in a state of keen observation. She started down the hall, then had second thoughts. She came back in the den, stood over her folded dress, and seemed to be making a decision. She bent over, unbuckled and stepped out of her shoes.

She headed for the hall again, then stopped again, still reconsidering, returning to her own dress.

She hesitated, looked around the room, as if checking to see if anyone was watching, reached under Blair's dress, and pulled her panties off.

Then she started down the hall for real, not seeing the smile on Blair's face. "Hook, line, and sinker," Blair thought.

When Terese got back to Blair's room, Brian had taken off his boxers. His eyes were little slits, almost shut, his head rested back on a pillow, his mouth half open. He appeared passed out, except for an impressive erection. Terese's breath caught at the sight; she paused briefly at the door, then entered.

Brian stirred when he heard her footsteps. He grinned and slurred, "Blair, where you been? I 'uz waiting..."

Terese slid onto the bed beside him. He kissed her, feeling her stiffen slightly, then relax and go with it. He draped his arm across her waist, and she returned the gesture. She began unbuttoning the straps on Blair's dress, but he stopped her. "Naaw, baby, giv' me a show..." he said, taking her hand in his, guiding her to stand on the bed, looking down at him.

"Thass more like it..."

She froze with stage fright for a second, but she had already moved so far out of her comfort zone to reach this moment, one more step was not so difficult. She finished unbuttoning the straps, letting them fall, but held up the top of the dress for a moment, feeling shy.

"Take it offff, Blair, baby, take it offff..." he drawled.

When she hesitated a bit more, he reached forward and lifted the hem, getting an eyeful of bush. Laughing, she slapped his hand away, but in doing so, lost her hold on the top of the dress, and it fell, revealing her breasts.

"Hi girls," he slurred, smiling...

She got slightly timid again as she began to let the dress drop the rest of the way down past her waist, holding it up so it hid her muff.

"C'mon, baby, don't tease me," he mumbled, and she dropped the dress, but still covered her mound with her hand. He motioned for her to twirl, and she spun in place. "Not so faasst..." he coached. Holding her arms out for balance, she waved them with her hips in a little mini-hula dance, twirling slowly, showing him all the sights.

Brian marveled at the lack of similarity between Terese and Blair, how two slender, blonde hotties could be so different. Blair's hair was honey blonde and thick; Terese's was almost platinum, thinner, more flowing. Blair was slender, curvy, slightly sculpted, in a soft way; Terese was taller and leaner, her figure more liquid, pouring from one feature to the next. Blair's breasts were round, firm, with small, pink nipples; Terese's were slightly more conical, more prone to bouncing enticingly when she moved, with larger, tan nips.

Blair had a spectacular, taut, apple-shaped ass, topped with deep sacral dimples; Terese's bum was a long, flowing, creamy soft transition from her waist and the small of her back to her thighs. Blair had been shaved smooth when she and Brian had initially hooked up; in the weeks since, she was growing out a narrow landing strip of soft but fuzzy hair; Terese sported a fuller bush, with fine, wispy, straighter hair, trimmed short and manicured around the edges so as not to spill out of her bikini.

Both girls had models' high cheek bones, but Blair's face was simple, friendly, a farmer's daughter, a surfer girl, the girl next door; while Terese's was also friendly but almond-shaped, exotic, mysterious, an undiscovered movie star sipping a soda on a stool at Schwabb's.

Terese only had one remaining boundary to cross – actually having Brian inside her. All the inhibitions she had overcome so far, one by one – starting with just recognizing and accepting the opportunity, followed by taking off her dress and putting Blair's on, shedding her undies, then finally standing on the bed with Brian at her feet, and stripping for him – had her more aroused than she thought was possible.

Brian struck her as the kind of guy who would be into extensive foreplay, and while normally that would be delightful, right now she was, like, 'not now dude, I wanna FUCK!'

She settled in beside him, and he cupped her breasts, kissed her nipples, and ran his hand down her waist, across her thigh, and down into her muff, where he discovered how wet she was. "Damn, baby, you're ready, aren'tcha?" She answered him by firmly pulling him on top of her. She found his cock, guided him into her, grabbed his ass, and pulled him deep inside.

She wrapped her lower legs around his and flexed her hips, taking in his last inch. He began to pump her slowly, obviously intending to build up to a faster tempo, but she vetoed that by taking his ass in both hands and pulling him into a faster, deeper thrust that was more what she needed.

She regulated Brian's pace by keeping her hands on his butt. Her arousal was so total that it took her no time to begin cumming. Under siege from his cock, she came continuously, orgasm after orgasm. As soon as one began to fade, another began; or maybe it was all one single, continuous climax, washing over her in waves.

Whatever it was, it was as close to nirvana as she'd ever been, and she didn't want it to end. Brian kept pounding into her, and she kept cumming.

Eventually, though, she felt a slight swelling in Brian's rod, heard his breathing change, and felt his whole body tighten as he also began to cum. She raised her feet to the small of his back, and squeezed him as tightly as she could, heightening her own sensations as well as enhancing his final contractions.

As they began to cool off, he stayed on top of her, still in her, holding the bulk of his weight up off her with his elbows and knees. Her arms and legs were still wrapped around his torso. He waited until her breathing eased, and edged off her, leaving his top arm around her waist, embracing her.

The final step of the plan was to allow her to escape, feeling undetected. He began to breathe slowly, as if he was slipping into deep sleep. He held her, as if she were actually Blair, but he was careful not to confine her, allowing her to slip away thinking she had not disturbed him.

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