tagMind ControlBraining Ch. 04

Braining Ch. 04


Carina and Megann

(This is a continuous story in multiple parts. It will only make sense if you read it in order.)

: : : : :

P r a c t i c e

The next frontier with their abilities was seeing if they could get someone to do something that they normally wouldn't consider doing.

They tried everything they could imagine, both with the more subtle, unspeaking voice +pushing, and with powerful, persuasive images demonstrating the target behavior with a positive outcome.

They tried to get non-smokers at convenience stores to buy cigarettes. They tried to get prim, conservative women to try on skimpy, revealing clothes. At a restaurant, they tried to get a table of gym rats, all having vegan salads, to order "death by chocolate."

They were relieved to find that they failed on all levels, that their abilities fell short of any sort of true mind control. Over time, they would have far less temptation to abuse their power, and would never have to look back with any guilt at something they had done. They could only get people to do things they were willing to do.

Along that line, Brian had tried repeatedly to get Blair to try anal, but she wasn't buying it. He inundated her with images of women enjoying it, but she finally cut him off. "See, Brian, the thing is, those aren't real images. We know that we can +push made-up visuals just as easily as real pictures. So it's not helping you any."

"But they ARE real images."

"Porn doesn't count, dude, those girls are getting paid. It's the money that they're enjoying. Give it a rest, will ya?"

Reluctantly, he did. For now...

: : : : :


Their setup for Carina was very simple. Being a late bloomer, they knew she would leap at any sensual opportunity that didn't make her feel sleazy, especially since what had seemed to be a budding relationship with Jon hadn't gone anywhere.

In this scene more than the others, they considered it important to lead her into taking all the initiative. They would flood Carina with hot images to get her aroused, and once she got started, Brian would use the unspeaking voice to prompt her to the next level of activity.

At band practice for several weeks, they had been +pushing her images of her and Brian. Carina kissing Brian, Carina taking off her clothes as Brian watched, Carina removing Brian's clothes, Carina and Brian naked, Carina and Brian getting wild. In all these visuals, Brian was receptive, but Carina always instigated.

The final part of the scene was not set up by them, it was genuine. Back in elementary school, Blair and Carina had done some sewing together. Blair still sewed, and had a sewing machine. Carina was thinking about buying one, and asked Blair's advice on which model to choose. Blair invited Carina over Saturday evening, after work, to show her the one she had, and let her try it out.

When Carina arrived, the house was dark, the garage door down, and the driveway empty. She rang the bell, no one answered. As she began wondering what to do, Brian pulled up to the curb. "Hi, Carina. Blair just texted me. She has to work late. I guess she doesn't have your cell number, she wanted me to come tell you."

"Oh," she said. "OK." Her head became filled with images of herself ravishing Brian. She felt her nipples stiffen, as she realized that this might be an opportunity to act on the wild urges she had been having.

After an awkwardly long pause, she realized it was her turn to say something. "Did she say how long she'd be?" The images were getting hotter, now she saw herself stepping out of her clothes, Brian watching her strip completely naked.

"I don't know, I guess it's usually a couple of hours. It's hard to say..."

Now, in her mind, she had grabbed his head, and was pulling his face onto her naked chest. He was capturing her nipples in his mouth and sucking on them, flicking his tongue over them. She also pulled his hand up her thighs, where he teased her slit with his fingertips, then she pulled his clothes off.

Carina was feeling lightheaded -- her body was responding to the images, but her mind wasn't sure what to do about it. She said, "I should go," but she said it so softly, Brian pretended not to hear.

"Do you want to just hang out until she gets here? It's nice out, and they usually have some cold drinks in the cooler back by the pool. I know she wouldn't mind."

Now the images in her head were getting wilder -- she saw herself taking his thing in her mouth, and guiding it into her, um, down there. She struggled to speak a complete sentence, "Oh, I, um, no, couldn't. I'm sure you, uh, somewhere to be..."

Brian headed around the side of the house, to the gate. "Not at all, I'm just taking it easy tonight. C'mon, I know she'd be disappointed if you bailed."

"Oh, OK," she said, and she followed him. She was looking rather freaked out, so Brian softened the visuals he was +pushing to her. He kept them erotic, though, and they still featured Carina initiating each step.

She wanted to do the things that were playing across her mind, but wondered if she was brave enough. And if she did, would Brian be receptive? They reached the back porch, and sat on adjacent lounge chairs. When she saw how dark it was in the fading evening light, she relaxed a bit, thinking that taking action under cover of deepening shadows would be easier.

The cooler was beside him, and he pulled a couple of cold drinks out of it, gave her one, and opened the other. She looked so nervous that he was afraid the sharp sound of the can popping open was going to launch her into the air. He said, "It's getting kind of dark back here, I'll switch the porch lights on."

"NO!" she barked, then caught herself. "I mean, you don't have to. I like it fine as is. You're right, it's nice back here."

Brian resumed his onslaught of images of Carina actively seducing him, beginning with her kissing him. Kissing him right now, in Blair's back yard, on the pool deck, in the late evening shadows.

Carina stared at the ground between her feet. When she looked up, Brian was right there. She leaned toward him, fighting herself not to lose her nerve. He bombarded her with images of her taking the initiative, of her, Carina, kissing him, and him kissing her back.

She leaned toward him, touching his shoulder. She pulled him toward her, and Brian leaned in, in acceptance. Their lips met, and Carina felt a bolt of electricity pass between them. The intensity of the kiss grew, and grew. The hairs on her neck stood on edge, and she shivered in pleasure. Now that she had taken a first, tiny step from imagination to reality, she realized that maybe she was ready to go for it.

She was about to pull off Brian's mouth, but in her mind, she vividly saw their kiss continuing, long, deep, and slow, a kiss like Carina had never experienced. She wasn't a virgin, but the guys she had been with had been as inexperienced and tentative as her, and she had never felt much of the excitement she heard her friends describe. She had a feeling that was about to change.

The images in her head continued as some sort of unspeaking voice seemed to tell her that she should take off her shirt. At first she just felt her fingers unbuttoning it, passively going with the flow like she always did. But then, something shifted in her mind, and she decided that she would do more than go along with the moment, do more than merely ride along, wherever it would go. She decided to DRIVE. In a moment, her shirt was on the ground.

"Carina, you done got all growed up while I wasn't looking," Brian growled, as his eyes took in Carina's massive breasts, spilling out of her bra. "Damn..."

Carina shyly glowed at the compliment, and she realized she wanted to do this, needed to do it, could do it, would do it. She unhooked her bra, shrugging the straps off her shoulders, letting it fall free. Brian's eyes bulged -- not only were Carina's tits awesome, but he had not +pushed her to take her bra off yet. Carina was taking charge.

She reached and pulled his shirt over his head, and pushed him back into a reclining position on the lounge chair. She stood, unbuttoning her shorts. "Wait," Brian said, "we're not in a hurry, are we?"

An unspeaking voice in her head suggested that she slowly spin for him. She did, raising her hands to run them through her hair, giving him an unobstructed view of her chest, loving the dim level of light, amazing herself at her brashness. Even in the shadows, he could see how amazing her body was, her breasts, her slender waist, her flat tummy. And even though she was ultra-nervous, he could see how much she was enjoying showing off for him.

What she enjoyed most was how he was totally under her spell, his eyes and his entire being hanging on each tiny detail of every move she made. She shifted her hips seductively, from side to side, flexing her knees slightly to move more freely. She placed her palms on her hips, swaying lower, swaying wider, lost in the sensuality of the moment. She cupped her breasts, pushing them together, raising her nipples to her face, then letting them fall free. She continued swaying, incorporating the mundane task of lowering her zipper into her dance.

Brian reached to undo his own shorts, but she wagged her finger at him, saying, "Like YOU said, we're not in a hurry. I'll get that, when it's time..." He put his hands behind his head, smiled, and returned to the show.

She turned her back to him, and hooked her thumbs on either side of the waistband of her shorts. She began to lower them, half an inch per sway. She "accidentally" also lowered her panties, something she didn't "notice" until her entire ass was bare. She "recovered," raising her panties back up, and letting her shorts fall to the ground.

She turned back to face Brian, continuing to sway, gathering her hands behind her head, fluffing her hair out, arching her back, and thrusting her boobs forward. Brian groaned in appreciation.

She leaned forward, undoing Brian's zipper, taking the waist of both his shorts and boxers, walking them down his legs and over his feet. Placing her knees on either side of his shins, she bent forward, capturing his just-freed cock in her mouth, drawing as much of his length as she could between her lips. She held it there, basking in the momentary power she had over him, letting him feel the soft, moist warmth of her mouth, feeling him quiver slightly as she held him with all the suction she could manage.

She pulled off him slowly, until only the tip remained. She held the suction on it, hearing him sigh deeply. Slowly she plunged again, held, and pulled off, again leaving only the tip. She repeated this five or six times, going as slowly as she could, concentrating on maximum suction. She found she was loving the power she had over him, how when the head of his dick was at the back of her throat he would forget to breathe, how when she pulled off of him, he would react to the friction, all the muscles in his thighs and abdomen rigid until she got out to the tip.

She released his cock, stood, turned her back to him, and slowly began lowering her panties. When she had revealed her whole ass, she turned around to face him, still holding the soft fabric up in the front. She teased him, lowering it a quarter inch at a time, until her racing stripe emerged, barely a finger's width of trimmed hair, ending at the top of her slit.

She stretched the elastic, pulling one side high and the other low, then reversing them, back and forth, forming an animated X over her slit.

She stopped, again with the elastic just above her opening. She eased it slightly down, barely an eighth of an inch, then another one, and another, revealing her slit and the shaved area around it. At last she eased the lace down her thighs, and let it fall to the ground.

She stood still, fingers laced in her hair, feet shoulder-width apart, letting him paint her naked body with his eyes.

Then her eyes got wide, not believing the thought she was having, the image her mind was seeing. It persisted, too strong to fade away. She liked it, and decided she would do it, but didn't quite believe she was actually going to.

Trembling a bit, she grabbed him just behind the knees, and pulled him downward, dragging him so his torso was no longer on the slanted back of the chaise, but flat on the seat. His lower legs now went past the end of the chair, and he rested his feet on the ground. She began to slowly crawl up the length of his body.

Her original target, which she had already considered pretty bold, was to mount him, her on top. She crawled up past his waist, however, and carefully arranged her legs around his shoulders. When everything seemed in position, she lowered her pussy to his mouth. And then she was momentarily not in charge any more...

Brian located her slit, and washed over it with the soft width of his tongue, slowly, bottom to top. He reached up to take a massive breast in each hand, finding her nips and gently rubbing them between his thumbs and fingers.

He had barely begun to tantalize her clit with his tongue when he felt her respond to the unexpected intensity of the moment -- all the sexual mental images she had been having, stripping for him, everything they had done since coming back by the pool -- her entire body tensed and she erupted in orgasm.

Her legs collapsed, leaving him supporting almost her entire weight with his face, aided just a little by the handfuls of soft breast. She shuddered and squirmed, grinding her lips into his. He kept her clit from escaping his mouth by sucking, continuing the slow, relentless motion of his tongue over it.

She collapsed, shuddering uncontrollably, falling forward onto the back of the lounge chair. She felt too drained to lift her hips off Brian's face -- she was momentarily concerned that she might have suffocated him or broken his neck, but his tongue seemed to still be alive, so he must be also.

Brian slowed his oral stroking, but kept it up until her thighs no longer quivered on his shoulders. "You OK?" he asked, lightly chuckling.

"Mmmmmm," is all she could mumble in response.

He +pushed her the image of them lying together, chest to chest, and although she wasn't sure she had the strength, she lifted herself slightly so he could scooch himself up under her to a regular position on the chaise, then she relaxed back down over him, her head on his shoulder.

He gently caressed her back, letting her glow in the aftermath.

When her breathing had returned to normal, he started +pushing images of her lifting her hips up, and guiding him inside her. At first he wasn't sure she was receiving them, she didn't seem to be responding. Then, almost imperceptibly, she began to rock her hips forward and back, finding his erection with her slit, tracing his length with her wetness.

She raised her hips, gripped his cock, and positioned his head at her entrance. Neither of them needed any more stimulation, and she slowly lowered herself, taking his entire length all the way to the hilt. Brian lay still, +pushing an unspeaking cue for her to provide the motion. She did, tentative, uneven at first, until she found a sweet spot in rhythm.

She began to make adjustments to maximize the depth of her thrusting. It took her a bit, but she fine-tuned until she was stroking him from tip to hilt. They were now both in a perfect, pre-orgasmic state, a single, two-headed beast, each of them single-mindedly pleasuring the other.

Right when Brian felt the tingle that signaled he wouldn't be able to hold off much longer, her breathing quickened, and her channel tightened around him. She began to thrust wildly and squeezed him relentlessly. He erupted up into her, meeting her eagerly bucking hips with thrusts of his own. She raised her chest up, and he took a prodigious breast in each hand, squeezing, tweaking her nips with his fingertips, launching her into yet another upward spiral. Time stopped for both of them, matter and consciousness ceasing to be, nothing existing except pussy, cock, nipples, and orgasm.

: : : : :



"I don't usually do this kind of thing, I just wanted you to know..."

"Oh, well, uh, I don't either..."

"It was really special..."

She smiled shyly, "Me too... Um, can it just be our secret?"

He smiled back. "I'd like that. Kinda makes it even more perfect..."

She glowed in pleasure at the thought.

Brian's phone pinged, a text from Blair, which he showed Carina:

> Leaving work. Will call when Carina & I r done

"Um, Brian, don't you think Blair will able to tell, you know, that, um..."

"I don't think so..."

"Um, what if you, um, well..."

"You mean, what if I'm not here when she gets home?"

"Exactly. It's just me sitting here."

"Good idea. Just tell her that I delivered her message, brought you around to the back, showed you the cooler, we talked for a few minutes, then I left. Nothing to be suspicious about."

"That'd be good."

Brian gave her a hug and a nice, loving, but relatively chaste kiss. "Tonight was wonderful, Carina."

"Me too."

"See ya..." and he left, going over to a friend's until Blair texted him that the sewing lesson was over.

: : : : :

P r a c t i c e

Sometimes, in their youthful exuberance, they never got around to working on their psychic abilities. And sometimes, it was a genuine attempt to practice their skills that caused them not to practice...

"I'm still not sure I can distinguish between +pushing a non-verbal and +pushing an image. I'm starting to get it, but sometimes they still feel pretty much the same."

"OK, let's work on it. +Push me..." After a short pause, she began unbuttoning her shirt. He didn't stop her. After another short pause, she re-buttoned it.

"What did you receive?"

"I got one of those non-speaking voice messages to take off my shirt. But as soon as I got it unbuttoned, I got a visual of me with my shirt buttoned, so I buttoned it back."

"Excellent, that's exactly what I sent."

Her eyes got very wide, and she grinned. She knelt in front of him, unbuttoned his shorts, unzipped them, and pulled them down to the floor. She pulled his jockeys down as well, and he lifted his feet out of them.

His cock was beginning to swell, and she took its tip into her mouth. She raised her eyes to meet his as she drew his still-increasing length past her lips, lifted up off it, and was drawing it back in, when she spit it out, laughing.

He was laughing as well, and she punched him in the chest, lightly.

"You're BAD!"

"What did you receive?"

"OK, I got a visual of me sucking you. And an image of a stop sign with one of those circle-slash thingies that means 'do not.' Literally, 'don't stop,' right?"




"So, I started sucking you, then I got all kinds of images of me NOT sucking you -- us studying together, us having dinner with my parents, us at the grocery store. Very UN-sexy..."

"And you didn't stop. That's good. But then you did..."

"Wait, I'm not finished yet. Then I got images where I was sucking you again, but not here. The first was in a classroom this fall, with all these other kids, and a professor, watching me blow you. Then at a secluded part of the beach, but still with a few people around, watching. Then the front row at the movies, with everybody in the theater watching us."

"Exactly what I sent."

"Then, I'm still sucking you, now we're back here in the den, but I'm dressed differently. The one of me in the police uniform, that didn't get me. Then the one where I'm dressed up as the raccoon character from Seven Worlds, that didn't get me. It was the one of me in the nun's habit that threw me..." and she was laughing again. She gestured at her breasts. "Nun's habits don't leave these hanging out, and they aren't crotchless, you pervert!"

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