tagMind ControlBrainwave of Horror Ch. 3

Brainwave of Horror Ch. 3


The Brainwave of Horror Ch. 3: A Trilogy of Tales of Terror to Titillate and Traumatize

A man watches his wife and daughter turned into whores; a woman watches her control crumble as those around her turn into ... things; a young man watches his mother survive in a world where sex is not reviled; better watch YOURSELF on ... Halloween.

See No Evil: Contains sexually explicit and politically incorrect material. If you shouldn't be reading this, or if it might offend you, simply stop now.

Legalese: All actors and actresses are over the age of consent. Proof of age is on file. Any similarity of any character, event or place to any actual person, event or place, is purely coincidental. This is all fantasy, and the actors are all professionals -- do not try any of this at home.

Archiving: You are welcome to discreetly repost or archive this, just do not change it, steal from it or claim credit for it.

Author's Rambling:

For the author, the third tale was the most fun (it probably shows), although the first had some bright moments. The second tale is for whomever it's about power as much as it's about sex.

Live well!

Sexual Symmetry (mind pressure, inc) ------ -------- ----- --------- ----

Discourse: What parts of our world have to be the way that they are, and what parts are that way simply by consensual choice? Have we really all decided that we prefer the enforcement of pain to the enjoyment of pleasure? If so, why? Perhaps the answer can only be found ... on Halloween.


Let me tell you about my mother's sister.

Aunt Sheryl. Thirty-six, two years younger than my mom. Copper-red hair to the middle of her back. A figure like ... well, like my mom's. Walking around by the pool in a bikini as I speak.

Her daughter?

Rachel. Eighteen. Strawberry blonde hair to her shoulders. A mischievous smile and a contagious giggle. We played together as kids, but she has grown up very nicely since then. She's now built like ... mmmmm ....

Can cousins marry in this state?

Me? I am simply indulging in the scenery by the pool. A guy couldn't ask for a better landscape than my pretty cousin and aunt. My sister is by the pool, too, in a bikini and my mom is in a modest one-piece, but ... well, they're my sister and my mom. C'mon. I'm not a perv.

I'm leaned back in the patio chair, pretending to be asleep behind these dark sunglasses, the hardback novel I'm reading spread open in my lap to hide Mr Stiffie while I do what every college boy since the caveman days has done: ogle female flesh.

Well, that is if they had had colleges in caveman days ....


(Saturday morning)

"Allen?" my mom said as she stepped around from behind me, "C'mon, honey. We're going to have lunch inside. Those are some nasty-looking clouds coming in from the west and I don't want them to downpour on our sandwiches."

Oh ... just ducky.

How was I going to walk into the house like this? I could just see my sister, who is two years older than me, believe it or not: "Mooooom! Allen has an ereeeeection poking out in front of him! Make him stoooop!" You'd think that college would have made her grow up a little bit.

"C'mon, Allen." Mom grabbed the radio and the bowl of Chex we had been snacking on all morning.

"I'm coming, Mom."

My aunt and cousin were trotting with my sister from the strong, wet wind into the house. I was attempting to mentally will my penis to deflate.

"Now, Allen," she said as she started toward the house.

"Yes, ma'am."

My eyes caught a towel sticking out from under my cousin's lounge chair! I grabbed it and carried it in front of me to hide my lingering erection as I trotted after my mom from the large drops starting to hurdle down.

As we stepped into the house, the sky unloaded.

"Just in time!" my aunt giggled.

"Yeah, Rachel spent so much time in the pool this morning that just one more drop would leave her permanently wrinkled." I teased. Then, "OW!" as my cousin jabbed me in the side with her index finger, grinning.

"Don't you give me a hard time, Allen."

"I'll give you a hard time if I want to."

"Really? Will you give me a really hard time, Allen?"

My cousin was an "A" student and thought she was so much smarter than everyone else. She was trying to make some type of clever point now, though I had no idea what it was.

"Why don't you give me the towel, Allen?" she smirked.

Now I knew. "Cut it out, Rachel," I hissed. Mr Stiffie would not be a welcome guest at any family gathering.

"Whatsamatter, Allen?" she smirked. Then to my Mom. "Oh, you got wet, Aunt Barbara! Here," her hand darted over and whipped the towel out of my hands, "you'd better dry off. Use this."

I spun around and exited the room. "I'll be back for lunch in just a minute," I called as I headed for my room to pop my erection. It sure wasn't going to go down by itself.

"Evil cousin," I muttered as I climbed the stairs. "Evil, evil-- " I halted in front of the room that she and my aunt were staying in.

I thought a moment, torn.

Now look: I wouldn't do anything like this to any other person in the world except my cousin -- my cousin that had sprinkled some of that German itching powder in my pants when I was ten; my cousin that had spread Ben-Gay inside my jock strap just before a track meet when I was fifteen; my cousin that told me she would let me feel her breasts if I stripped and showed her my thingie last year, but ran off with my clothes before doing her half of the deal, leaving me to sneak up two flights of stairs naked.

My cousin that just stole the towel I was using to hide my erection.

Stepping into the room they were using, I fished in my cousin's suitcase until I came up with a bra -- a pretty turquoise silk and lace thing.

Then I slid my swimtrunks to my ankles. I would leave a little deposit in one of her cups. Wrapping the bra cup around Mr Stiffie, I started stroking. Getting into it after a few moments, I slid off my sandals and stepped out of the trunks.

The wind blew moist on my back in through the bedroom window my aunt and cousin had left open.

I would ... leave my ... cousin ... a nice little ... stain ... in her bra ... UUUUNNGGGHH!

"Allen?" I heard my mom come up the stairs.

Shit! I seemed to have my own personal do-gooder angel today, sabotaging everything I did.

I shouldn't be in this room, especially naked. No time to dress. I kicked the swimtrunks into the corner and climbed on top of the end table behind the door, still holding the soiled bra. Please don't let her look behind the door ....

"Allen?" Mom poked her head in the room and I held my breath.

Lightning flashed close outside the window.

"What the--?" my mother frowned at the shadow of my head and shoulders that the lightning cast above and behind the door.

She stepped further in and swung the door and ... her jaw dropped at her naked son standing hunched over on the end table in his aunt's and cousin's room, clutching a bra with a cup full of cum.

"Mom! I can explain!"

Even as panicked as I was, I frowned as strands of her hair seemed to float up into the air. Was she THAT mad ...?!


I found myself tumbling forward, naked, onto my mom, then we both stumbled backward into the mirror across from the end table.

INTO the mirror.

Actually inTO the mirror.

Because we didn't bounce off. We fell through it.


"What the HELL was that?!" I gasped as I stirred, dazed.

"Watch your language, Allen!" my mother automatically corrected me.

"Are you guys okay up here?" my aunt called as she trotted up the stairs. "We heard the lightning downstairs. Did it actually hit the house?"

She pushed the door the rest of the way open and stepped into the room, and MY jaw dropped.

Aunt Sheryl -- drool-inducing Aunt Sheryl -- was wearing a corset, hose and heels. Her ... breasts and ... pussy were ... openly BARED!

"Are you guys all right?"

"God! Sheryl!" my mom yelled. "What are you DOING?! Get dressed!"

"I AM, silly," Aunt Sheryl giggled. "But what's with you?" She put her fists on her hips. "Were you trying to play some type of sick clothing game up here? With your own son, no less?!"

"Are they okay?" my cousin flounced into the room, wearing just heels, her hair tied up in pigtails. "That was an AWFUL boom!" She took a broad lick of her large lollipop.

"Mom?! Are you okay?!" my sister strode in wearing just thigh-high black leather boots. My mom's mouth was moving in a silent stammer. "Mom?! What's the matter?!" Carol asked.

"C'mon, Barbara," Aunt Sheryl helped my mother to stand. "Let's get this ... costume ... off you and see if you're all right."

"Stop it!" Mom shrieked and slapped Aunt Sheryl's hands away when she realized that she was trying to take off the shirt she had pulled on over her swimsuit.

"Mom, calm down," my sister Carol reached for Mom's boobs to squeeze them and pacify her a little.

"Carol?!" Mom shrieked, "Stop that! And dress yourself, young lady!"

"Calm down, Barbara," Aunt Sheryl reached toward her.

"No!" mom shouted, backing away, around the bed. "What is WRONG with you all?! Why are you NAKED?!"

"What's wrong with her?" Rachel asked her mother in a low voice. "Do you think the lightning HIT her?"

"I don't know. Allen, are you okay?"

"Ehr ... yeah," I said, standing. Naked. I seemed to fit right in.

"Was Barbara dressed like that when you found her?"

"Ehr ... yeah?"

Rachel looked at Aunt Sheryl and frowned. "So ... she was just in here by herself? Dressing up like that? That's ... just ... sick!"

"Easy, honey." Aunt Sheryl gently squeezed one of her daughter's breasts to calm her.

I'm sorry. I know this was a time of stress and concern, but ... Mr Stiffie popped up again. I know, that probably means I'm a pervert or something since I should have been trying to figure out what happened to my mother and me and what to do about it.

But my aunt and cousin are just hot!

Especially naked!

And touching each other!

"Is everything all right?" my dad asked as he arrived at the top of the stairs from the basement. "I heard the boom. Is everyone okay?" He too was naked with a hard-on.

Aunt Sheryl turned to him. "I don't know, Dan. We came to check on Barb and Allen and found her ... dressed like that. She's not into any ... sick games ... or anything, is she?"

"No!" he scowled at his sister-in-law, then looked at his wife and was a little surprised by the clothing she was wearing. "Honey? Sweetie? Are you feeling okay?"

"DAN, why are you NAKED?! Why is EVERYONE naked?! And WHY do you all keep trying to take off MY clothes TOO?!"

Dad glanced at Aunt Sheryl, a concerned look on his face. "Sweetie," he said, turning back to his wife, "just calm down. The lightning bolt just has you rattled. Let's just get those things off you and-- "

"NO! Why does EVERYONE want to STRIP me?!"

"This ... this isn't natural," my cousin whispered and shook her head. She nervously reached over to stroke my hard-on.

Holy freaking cow!


My gorgeous cousin was absent-mindedly PUMPING me?!

"Allen?" my dad asked again.

Oops. That's me. "Uuuunnngghh ... yeah?"

"Were you in here when the lightning struck?"

"Uuuuhhh ... yeah ...."

"Was she acting normally before it hit?"

"Uh ...," I grabbed my naked cousin's wrist to pause her stroking. "Rachel, you're distracting me so much I can't even think."

"Gee, am I?" she smiled brightly, pleased.

"Yeah." I turned to my dad. "Yeah, she was perfectly normal." YOU guys sure as hell are acting differently, though, I thought.

"Barbara, sweetie-- "

"Dan, you just pull on some clothes and let's stop this joke! It's not funny anymore!"

Dad turned to Aunt Sheryl, the worry showing on his face.

"Should we call an ambulance?" Aunt Sheryl whispered.

Dad looked at her a few moments, his face strained, then nodded. "She's not even going to let us get that outfit off her to drive her to the hospital."

"What are you two whispering about over there?!" Mom demanded as Aunt Sheryl stepped out of the room.

"Easy, honey. Everything's going to be okay."

Anxiously, Rachel began to slowly stroke my rod again.

"I'm worried, Daddy," my sister stressed.

"Everything's going to be okay, snookums."

"Fuck me, Daddy," she asked.

"Not right now, honey. I'm trying to talk your mother down. She's having some kind of episode."

"At least rub me, Daddy." She took his hand and placed it between her legs.

"DAN?!" Mom shrieked. "WHAT are you DOING to our DAUGHTER?!"

"Honey, calm down! What has gotten into you?"

"Get your hands off her! This is not funny! It's SICK!"

Dad withdrew his hand and Carol whined.

"Hey," Uncle Troy said as he stepped into the room, naked, preceded by his erection, "Sheryl told me that Barbara flipped out."

"Yeah," Dad glanced at his wife. "She's dressed up in that ... outfit ... shrieking that we're not dressed up similarly. She almost freaked out when I started fingering my own daughter."

The two men looked at Mom and shook their heads.

"Barbara never did have much between the ears," Uncle Troy commented, "One hot mewling pussy, but not much between the ears." Maybe in this universe, I thought, but in my universe, Mom was one of the smartest ladies I knew.

"See if YOU can do anything with her," Dad sighed. "She's always liked your peter."

"Hey, Barbie," Uncle Troy stepped around the bed, wagging his hard-on. "Sheryl said you were feeling really stressed out. Wanna suck on my pacifier for a while? Would that make you feel better, gumdrops?"

"WHY are you all ACTING like this?!" Mom cried out, tears forming in her eyes.

"Oh, come on, honey. You love playing with Little Troy." He wagged Little Troy at her. "Dontcha wanna at least suck it?" Wag. Wag.

"Stop this!" Mom held her spread hands forward and backed toward the corner.

"Hey, Dad, if she doesn't want to-- " I roused myself from my cousin's ministrations on my cock to plead Mom's behalf.

"It's going to be okay, Allen. She's going to be all right." Dad didn't sound like he was even convincing himself, though.

"C'mon, Barbara," Uncle Troy persisted. "You know you want it."

"Stop it!"

"Aaawwww, honey, a sweet little thing like you shouldn't be up here in that obscene outfit playing sick clothing games. Let's take that off and bend you over so Little Troy can make you mewl and beg."


"She's up here," I heard my aunt's voice in the hall.

Two police officers stepped into the room, two paramedics behind them.

"Mrs Wood? We're here to help you. We're-- why are you dressed like that, ma'am?!"

"No!" Mom shrieked. "This is INSANE!"

The cop took stock of the situation now. "Are you ready?" he whispered to one of the paramedics.

"Yeah," the latter replied, keeping a hypodermic hidden discreetly behind himself.

"Ma'am," the cop stepped forward, holding his spread hand out at her, "we're not going to hurt you. We're just here to help."

"Noooo," Mom shook her head.

He gestured to his partner to cover the far side of the bed, then began slowly walking toward my mom.

"Noooo ...."

"Ma'am, we're just here to help you."

Mom leaped for the bed, and both officers leaped for her. Pinning her to the mattress, they cuffed her, then gestured to the paramedics, who came forward.

"No!" my mom shrieked and struggled when she saw the needle.

But the cops held her while the paramedic injected its contents into her arm. "It's just to calm you," the paramedic said when he was done. "Everything's going to be all right, Mrs Wood."

"Do you have any scissors?" the cop asked Carol. She ran to get them.

"No ... nooooo ...." Mom was shaking her head, her hands still cuffed behind her.

"Got them," my sister reappeared a few moments later with the scissors.

The officer took them and began cutting off Mom's cover-shirt.

"Pleeeashe ...," she asked, her head and eyes starting to roll around a little.

He tossed the ruined shirt to the floor and began untying the neckstrap to remove her swimsuit.

"Allen ... don'-- don' let them ... (sigh) ... shtrip meeee ...."


Strange ....

Very, very strange ....

That bolt of lightning must have somehow thrown me and my mother into a whole different parallel world or something. After the police carried my naked mom to the ambulance, the rest of us all piled essentially naked into our car to follow her to the hospital. My cousin nervously fiddled with my cock on the way over, and I copped a few good feels of her boobs, which she didn't protest at all, but sighed instead as it soothed her nerves.

I didn't make the same mistake my mom did. I stayed naked and played along. It wouldn't do any good for me as well as Mom to get cuffed, drugged and locked up for having an irrational episode.

While we waited at the hospital, my sister was so worried that my dad finally bent her over doggie style and soothed her with a good fucking. Afterward, she felt so much better that she just laid her head in Dad's lap, occasionally licking cock.

My cousin Rachel -- uppity cousin Rachel -- blew me while we waited and I unloaded past those pretty red lips of hers. She stuck her tongue out to show me the jism payload before swallowing it. Now THAT'S what she ought to earn "A"s for.

A nurse finally flounced out in a merry widow and five-inch heels to tell us that the doctor would see us now, if we would follow her to his office. We followed the bouncing ass cheeks back, then, while Rachel serviced his cock, the doctor droned on at length about how traumatic massive electrical discharges can be, and that we would have to wait and see how Mom was doing when she awoke. She might be fine, he said, or she might need years of physical, mental and/or sexual therapy until she was right in the head again.

I knew that he simply had no idea what was wrong with her.

I did.

She, and I too, somehow came from another world, where sex had been dirtied by people, turned into something obscene and then forcefully held there.

This new world was somehow not like that.

He said that we could stay here with her, that she might even do better if she woke to friendly faces, though only two at a time would be permitted to remain in her room.

Then he grunted and unloaded to Rachel's sunk-in cheeks. She smiled and stuck out her tongue to show everyone the pearly glob before swallowing.

I, more than anyone, knew that my mother was not crazy, that she just ... wasn't used ... to a place like this. And also that my mother in particular would never adapt to a place like this, that she would struggle with the place or with herself until we found a way out of here, back to our own world.

I guessed I had a mission now: find our way home.

I insisted on being one of the two staying with her. The others came and went, shtooping in the waiting room in between visits.

I studied my mother, tied down on the bed so she wouldn't hurt herself when she awoke. She was naked, of course. She looked so small and frail laying there, yet I knew how much stubborn determination the woman had. That's how I knew that she would never compromise into accepting this place, that she would fight to the death until we found our way back to where we came.

I just hoped that I could convince her to play along with the people here in the meantime so that I wouldn't have to break her out of an asylum later.

Aunt Sheryl, when she visited, stroked her sister's thigh and played with Mom's pussy hair -- which was redder than the strawberry blonde hair on her head, I noticed -- while speaking soothing words to her.

Uncle Troy, when he came in, brushed his erect cock back and forth along Mom's lips -- trying to 'jump start' her desires so she'd wake up normal instead of as some clothed-up freak, he said.

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