Brand New Me


The pressure of her pushing back and me steering my cock into her with my hands caused her to open up with a sigh. The head of my cock popped into her asshole. My other hand grabbed Jill by her long black hair, with a turn of my wrist wrapped it tight in my grip, and pulled slowly. Her head came up and she made a tiger noise as I drew her ass back on to the happiest penis in the whole wide world. Seriously, seeing my prick slowly vanishing up the very eager ass of my youngest daughter, was a real high point in my life. Jill was so hot and slutty, It's sick and depraved and wrong, until it happens to you.

There was no way I could last, no man has that reserve of strength to hold back. I put in maybe a dozen full strokes before my balls began to boil. Jill was reduced to a feverish brain that had lost all contact with everything except her own anus and what I was doing to it. She was making little wispy squeaks every time she exhaled and I was roaring, roaring out to the world that I was ready to make a mess. My daughter heard the call and out popped my cock, with one push she'd forced me out of her and turned. We were ending as we'd begun, her on her knees with my cock in her mouth. No hesitation, the meat that had just come out of her ass became the meat going down her throat, filling her and flooding her. I erupted through the whole transition. The first spurt I injected into her rectum and the second across the outside of her ass. The third lashed across the bridge of her nose and my last feeble shot spilled across her tongue where she gulped it down with a grin.

We lay heaving and catching our breath on the slick tile floor of my bathroom, our eyes were elsewhere, I wasn't quite ready to look my daughter in the face. It was a complex moment for me, I was very worried for her. I was the one with the personality altering head injury, in my mind I recognized that Jill was my girl, but it only felt like something that existed only on paper, the terms of some long ago contract. But to her I was still her Daddy, or was I? Could I still be that? Did I want to?

We were a big mess. Covered in sweat, spit, semen. The air was ripe with the smell of sex and ass and we were exhausted, like climbers reaching the top of some undiscovered Everest. I peeked. I glanced. I hazard to look my little girl in the eyes as we lay on the cool floor of my bathroom. Jill gave a little smile, maybe a touch of shock crossed her face. She said, "Oh man, I'm such a fucking mess right now and all I want to do is get in the shower." I thought about that very same thing, but I was drunk on after-lust and I didn't even know how to stand up, much less manage to get in the tub. "Looks kinda too far away for me to manage just yet. You go first." But neither of us moved, we lay there just breathing. There wasn't any after glow, we didn't light cigarettes. Jill and I had pulled back into our shells, got introvert, wandering around in our own thoughts carrying an armload of strange feelings.

"I miss Mom. You miss her too, right?"

"I think so. I'm not the same as I was before."

"No shit; but you know I'm not like Mom that true? Am I like her?"

"No. I don't think that. Jill're not taking her place. I don't want that."

"Good. I don't want to sit in her shadow. I don't want you screaming out her name when it's my darling pussy you're fucking. But I wonder ...What is this? What are we if not daughter and father?"

Jill stood up, wobbly. She looked at the mess of her face in the mirror and said in a voice that was almost a whisper, "Two messed up lonely people who probably need a shit-load of therapy." Then Jill turned towards me, catching my eye reflected in the big mirror. "Hey if I'm Larry Eleventh Avenue, you never said what your porn name would be."

"You can just call me Dad."

"Jesus, gimme a break Dad."

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