Brandi and Kelly Ch. 01


"Just let me finish. No one is allowed to touch you in there if you 'belong' to me," he said, making quote marks in the air. "These people have rules. I know them, but that isn't enough for a good paper, I need to feel it, too," he said, with enthusiasm.

She looked at him a moment, admiring the intensity in his eyes. He was serious and if it meant better protection then maybe she could agree.

"You will have to call me master..."

She interrupted him again. "Crap! Who do you think I am? Nothing doing," she said. In a gesture of defiance she tried to cross her arms only to be reminded of the chains.

"Get changed then, I'll get the money back on the outfit. No key though. A deal is a deal," he said crossing his arms with a smug look.

"Damn! OK! No funny stuff!" she said, looking at him with a lower jaw set hard.

He lifted a foot and slipped a high heel onto one foot then the other. She was about to object to this but caught sight of them in the mirror and they looked great. Besides she couldn't go out there bare foot and her tennies just wouldn't look right.

Standing straight he lifted the back of her hair to slip a band around it. "We might as well show off those earrings now you have them," he told her.

A little thrill shook her and she let him before it occurred to her to complain. It was all just too sudden to sink in, all that he had done to her. She looked so different and was beginning to feel different too.

Had she agreed to this? Brandi had been warm before, now she was positively tingling with excitement. She tried to shrug it off as being driven from the look of the outfit and the fear of going out there into the main room of the club.

He pulled at a leather leash and she tottered after him. 'Damn! He's clipped a leash to the collar Kelly gave me.' When she hesitated he jerked the chain a little harder.

"Don't be afraid, its time for your grand entrance," he laughed.

She tottered in on high heels, feeling very much like the new girl at a bizarre kind of school. She didn't know if she wanted them to notice her or not. She kept her head down, trying to watch where she trod, for if she fell it would be difficult to rise.

'Damn I can hardly walk, let alone run away. He had better keep close, as I can't even fend anyone off in this get up. Shit! What if that lesbian grabs me? I should have refused to play this stupid game and forced him to give me that damn key,' she agonised, with every precarious step.

A partial thought escaped into her conscious mind that this was a delicious adventure. She quickly suppressed it.

One of the baldy people at the bar smiled at their approach to the bar. He greeted Kevin warmly. "So you have your own sub to play with now. Maybe you won't ask us so many questions," he laughed and the others joined in the playful teasing. For days he had questioned them about what they did and why. Now they thought he had really joined the club with a submissive pet in tow. At last he was being accepted as one of them.

"OK!" Kevin put his hands up in a motion of surrender at the jibes and rude remarks.

Brandi kept her head down feeling embarrassed which happened to be a convenient sign of submission too. Fortunately Kevin kept to his word so all she had to do was tag along behind him on the end of a leash. She was far too nervous to talk to anyone, but that didn't matter for all she was expected to do was be there and be seen as his little submissive.

She cringed at the thought of being his little pet or anyone else's. A little tingly feeling betrayed the denial though. She was relieved to see they were at last heading to a booth out of the way of the crowd. When he sat she went to slide onto the seat next to him.

"Hey no, you can't do that, it will spoil the effect," he said. "You'll have to kneel on the floor."

About to protest at this outrage, she noticed the gang at the bar raise their glasses in salute to him. She understood, but hesitated.

"Please!" he whispered and pulled on the leash.

Brandi reluctantly sank to her knees to squat at his feet not wanting to break the deal, but more than that she didn't want him to be shown up in front of the freaks. Why she was concerned about him she didn't think about too closely.

He started to re-arrange her hair and stroked her neck. "How are the piercings?" he asked.

The concern in his voice was touching. The attention and stroking was nice, leaving her feeling calmer. The anger at being treated like some docile pet was subsiding to be replaced with amusement over the silly game they were playing.

In that moment she decided to play along, for no-one here thought she had lost dignity, rather the opposite. She had gained stature from demonstrating subservience.

"They only tingle, thanks for asking." She looked up at him, enjoying the smile, bathing in its bright glow. 'I'm tingling inside too,' she thought and wondered why.

"How weird this is. The rules seem to be upside down here. Calling someone master for example, it just isn't right, yet here it gains respect."

"That's why it's called a counter culture," he said. "They respect you for admitting your inner self. Giving yourself to someone means trusting them and demonstrating it here means you trust them, too. They respect that. I want to capture it all on paper, but what I have so far is just superficial."

She looked up at his face seeing there a distant thoughtful look, a wistful dreamy gaze she was beginning to find attractive. She tried to guess what it was he was seeing and imagining. For some reason she wondered if it included her and caught herself wishing it was.

"Are you thirsty?" he asked, breaking the spell of the daydream. She nodded and he held a glass of water to her lips. She took a sip then lapped at it aware of how dry she was.

"Your puppy seems thirsty, Sir," a female voice intruded.

"Hi! Doll," he said. Brandi looked up, craning her neck around Kevin to see "Kelly", but not Kelly!

"May I kneel for a moment, Sir?" she asked.

"Kelly?!" Brandi nearly shouted, sure and yet not sure it was her friend.

"Of course," he answered. "Brandi, this is Doll, at least that's the name she is known by here at the club."

If Brandi's mouth had been held open by a ring gag, it would not have shown more astonishment. She was totally shocked to see the woman she had arrived with at the club manoeuvre onto the floor and neatly tuck her legs under her bottom. They had both arrived in jeans and t-shirts but now her friend was transformed!

Kelly was wearing a blonde wig! She wore a black leather wrap around skirt slung low over the hips and tied at the side. As she manoeuvred to the floor it was too obvious she wore nothing underneath. A piece of leather tied across her breasts hardly covered them to reveal she'd no bra. Compared to her usual style her friend was naked!

The most shocking thing that clutched at Brandi's mind was that Kelly was confined with chains running from leather wrist bands to the black collar about her neck.

Another thin golden chain hung from the collar ring to her ankles. It wasn't very confining but a clear mark of bondage in a most erotic sign of submission.

With exotic eye shadow and makeup Kelly was a beautiful sexy China Doll. Brandi had never seen anything like it and would never have guessed her friend's secret.

"I heard you had found yourself a pet, Sir. She looks cute. I bet you are looking forward to training her. Does she have a name?" asked Kelly.

Brandi just stared.

"Not yet, she's a novice," he said, only then realising they hadn't thought about it. It wasn't acceptable to use a real name and of course Brandi wouldn't want it revealed.

As they talked she looked demurely up at Kevin through long eyelashes. A tongue flicked through parted red lips and she shook her blond hair every so often, flicking it with long red painted nails.

She sat in a perfect submissive posture with knees wide, chained wrists resting lightly on thighs, and breasts thrust out. Brandi could only stare at the demonstration of fealty to a 'Sir' leaving her feeling inadequate. The way she looked up at him and was behaving was becoming annoying.

Recalling something of what Brandi had been told Kelly called him 'Sir', because she was a submissive, but didn't belong to him. So as not to let Kevin down she tried to get the words clear in her head before interrupting her flirty friend.

"Master," she said with a pang of embarrassment at using such a demeaning term. She felt her face flush hot waiting for him to acknowledge her. Anger at using the word was growing and if he didn't stop talking to Kelly it would overflow. She couldn't get up without his help, but any moment she would shout at them.

"What is it pet?" he asked.

"Please, Master, may I go to the restroom?" maybe she was laying it on a bit thick but they didn't seem to notice. Using that awful word again stated, 'he's mine keep away', though Brandi hadn't given that much thought.

"I'll look after her, sir," Kelly volunteered.

"Just look out for Jude; she's taken a shine to my pet," he warned Kelly.

This was an opportunity to find out what her game was and she really did need to pee. In the ladies restroom Kelly could look out for her if Jude made an appearance.

Kelly helped her up until they stood facing each other. Brandi didn't know what to say. This was a complete surprise. She had no idea her friend was a regular at the club. She must be, for there was no way she had dressed like that on the spur of the moment and she knew the etiquette too.

Being led around the large ornately decorated room on a leash was bad enough when Kevin dragged her around but now it felt laughable. It was like Halloween only they all took it so seriously.

"Shit!" Brandi said quietly.

"Pet is with me," Kelly said, dangling the leash in her hand.

"So what powder face? You're not getting in my way," Jude grinned lopsidedly at her.

"Shit!" Brandi repeated. 'I'm in trouble now. He was supposed to look after me.' A moment of fear moved her closer to Kelly. She felt so vulnerable with her hands chained and wouldn't be able to escape in the high heels. It occurred to her in a flash of inspiration that was why men liked women to wear them.

"Little me wouldn't think of 'interfering' with you dear, but these lovely big men would rush to help a damsel in distress," she said with a flutter of her false eyelashes. "If I see you anywhere near her I'll fetch an army of big brave men."

Brandi felt as though she were hiding from the big bad wolf behind mom's skirts. She watched Jude look about nervously.

"Don't get your knickers in a twist, Doll."

"I don't wear any, sweetie, or do I mean sweaty?" Kelly said in a childish voice.

"You're a slut!" Jude spat the words in exasperation and strode away.

Brandi looked up at her gallant protector with a big grin on her face. "Good for you Kelly, I mean Doll!" she corrected herself with a sheepish grin. "Thanks. Was that true though?"

"I never wear them and yes, any of the men here would love the chance to do me a favour," she giggled, while sticking out her small breasts.

Instead of tiles in the rest room, a carpet allowed them both to walk in without falling on high heels. "You might find it easier to place your feet like this. You don't mind a bit of advice do you?" Kelly asked.

"No, I'm new to all this." Brandi said. "What am I saying? Stop talking like some dizzy doll. Why in hell are you talking and dressed like that? You're Kelly for heavens sake, not some China Doll. Shit! You bitch, you did this to me!" she ranted.

"Oh, my, god!"

The lights were bright here and for the first time it was possible to see the full effect of the outfit. Brandi knew it was tight around her breasts, showing the nipples off, but lower down was a surprise. The thin leather pulled between her lips in an indecent camel toe.

She turned around for a view of her ass. She could feel it pulling between the cheeks. Her bottom was shown off to its best, but flaunting it so rudely was not on.

"Don't worry, Pet, it's a decent outfit compared to most. That will be my name for you, Petal. You should shave though. Your bush is bunching up in there," she laughed, sounding more like Kelly.

"Don't criticise others; it's a rule of the club. At least I don't get off being pierced," Kelly giggled.

'Damn! Was it that obvious?' Brandi flushed hot in embarrassment.

Before Brandi could retaliate, her friend went down on both knees to loosen the outfit. "Here let's get you undone before you wet yourself," Kelly said.

"Hey!" Brandi yelped. She tried to fight her friend off but almost fell. A few tugs at zips and the bottom half of the suit peeled off.

"Just pull the crotch to one side when you sit down," Kelly advised.

Feeling embarrassed, Brandi made for the cubicle as fast as she could on the high heels. When she stood up, the thin piece of leather cupped her pussy once more in a tight camel toe. Behind her all was revealed though. The leather was no more than a thong between her cheeks.

"Where's the rest of it?"

"It's safe in my purse. Come on," Kelly ordered with a tug of the leash.

"No way, you stupid doll! I'm not going out there like this. The piercing was bad enough. I still haven't forgotten that!" Brandi decided to shut her mouth for she was too vulnerable right now to rile her so called friend.

It was like leading a wild pony to the corral, but Kelly was used to high heels and outmanoeuvred her. She slapped her ass at the door to propel her into the main room.

"No! Please, I can't," Brandi complained. She had to keep up or fall flat on her face. It was an agony of humiliation showing off her lovely little tight bottom to everyone. She dare not look around, yet needed to know if everyone was staring. No one seemed to have noticed or if they had they didn't care.

Passing the bar, they squeezed between men and women and the 'baldies'. Brandi felt her bottom scrape across someone's hairy bare ass. 'Yuk!' she thought.

"Hi, Doll, want a drink?" One of the bald guys asked. "You can take one over to Kevin."

While waiting for the barman he looked Brandi over. "The pet needs something on those," he said, pointing to Brandi's nipples. "Is it OK?" he asked Kelly.

Brandi was embarrassed from being talked about as though she weren't there but kept quiet, not wanting to be there, wanting to get back to the safety of the booth. She looked over at Kevin with a mixture of anger and a need for his protection.

She gasped when the guy pulled on one of her nipples. She tried to reach up to protect it, but of course the chain prevented it. In dismay she watched him slip a loop around it and tighten what looked like a piece of wire jewellery.

She looked daggers at Kelly for she had given this complete stranger permission to touch her breasts. Again she was being manipulated too quickly to rally a defence. It was all over before she could even complain.

He pulled at the other one through the thin leather and slipped another over her nipple. She could feel it gripping tight and watched it swell.

He gave her a round tray which she held against her tummy unable to move her hands very far out from her body. He placed two drinks and a bottle of water on the tray.

"She'd make a good pony-girl. Tell Kevin to bring her over to the stable for training sometime." He patted Brandi's bottom and thankfully they moved off.

"Damn, what's that?" She hadn't noticed the little bells dangling from her nipples until they rang with each step. The bizarre jewellery unnerved her but she kept in step with Kelly, desperate to get back to Kevin.

"You've passed, Petal," Kelly told her. "Big John doesn't make an offer like that to just anyone."

To be fair he hadn't mauled her breasts, he merely fitted the nasty things to her nipples. It didn't make sense to her like most of this evening. How could it be OK to manhandle her nipples? She steadied the tray and glanced at the new jewellery. Her nipples were still swelling!

At the booth Kelly took the tray to place it on the table so Brandi could sink to the floor and sit at Kevin's feet. She smiled at Kevin and left on another tour of the club.

"Good grief, what happened to you?" Kevin asked.

Without pausing for breath she recounted everything. It was as though Everest had been conquered she was so high. Nuzzling his knee with her chin to scratch an itch she looked up at him. "You were right, it has been an experience. Scary and shit!" she said with emphasis.

"It's so weird. As soon as I get used to something, another situation slaps my sense of decency. You were right, this place is fascinating, weird, but fascinating," she managed a slight laugh, trying to make the best of it.

Kevin looked at her with jealousy clouding his face, for all the times he had visited he hadn't experienced so much. Perhaps he could learn through her what it was all about. He knew she didn't intend to return, but perhaps he could find a way to persuade her.

Kevin had plenty of material to write up and Brandi's head was spinning from the assault to her senses so they decided to call it a night and head for home.

Kevin joined her in the changing room. "I can't find Kelly anywhere so how about a ride home," he said.

"Sure but you're not coming in for coffee," she said meaningfully.

Arriving home she sat a moment wondering, as she had during the ride, what was it all about? She had been excited, shocked and frightened all in one evening. Her senses had been through a roller coaster of a ride.

Brandi held out her hand and he took it and kissed it. "No! The key!" she laughed. He went through his pockets then again.

"I must have left it at the club, sorry! Tomorrow, I'll get them, tomorrow," he promised.

She looked at his face seeing sincerity and just sighed. She dragged herself out of the car feeling tired. Leaning in she told him, "You had better, or else." She didn't know what, 'or else' meant, but knew she would be angry enough to think of something.


She just had to take a shower to clear her mind of that damn club and wash off its effect. Pulling back her long dark hair she looked again at her poor pierced ears. 'What are my parents going to say?'

She felt like a rebel with a secret. A hot flush and a tingle of arousal pushed her to examine them. She pulled on the lock, feeling again he had an advantage over her body. She fingered the collar and somehow felt he had ownership of her body, that she was his.

It was just her ears that had been pierced, she tried to tell herself, yet it felt as though something deeper had been pierced. Symbolically her sex had been pierced and he had the key to it. He had said something like that earlier, but she couldn't recall the exact technical words.

She ran the shower in the tub but was so tired she lay down. Lying in the tub with the water falling she opened her legs to feel the water hitting her split pussy, adding to an already aroused body. Fondling the earring locks with a finger and thumb, her ears sent delightful messages to her pussy. A feeling of being owned, subject to and controlled by another was taking over. She was losing control. A delicious orgasm overcame her with both legs thrashing in the water, churning it up into foaming bubbles.

As though awakening from a dream, she came to and snatched her hands away from her ears. She could hardly reach the taps to turn of the hot water she felt so tired. It splashed her thighs now, not her private little place.


She slept well and knew it for it was so hard to rise. When she moved, a wet patch was felt and she giggled. Last night's episode flooded her mind to turn the giggle to a look of worry. 'What did they do to me?'

On the drive into college she fingered the miniature locks, glancing in the mirror, checking that her hair covered them. Brandi didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "It's done now so live with it," she told herself. The holes would close up soon enough and anyway they would be hidden in her long hair.

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