tagMind ControlBranding of the Vampire Queen

Branding of the Vampire Queen


I was a queen among my people. Well, all but a queen. The Vampires were broken into several clans, and the one I was a part of, the Vicci Clan which originated in Italy, saw me as a queen. I ruled over my clan with an iron first, spreading our gift across half of Europe. All was well in our little world. That is, until he appeared. My only guess is that a rouge Hunter had learned of my presence in the area and he decided to act. And did he attack. He easily fought his way through my guards and penetrated my inner sanctum. For a moment he just stood there, taking me in. For a moment I thought I could use my charm to defeat him. After all, there was no other Vampire more beautiful than I, what with my pure white hair and skin and my blood red eyes. I slowly walked over to him, swaying my hips, and laid a hand across his face, locking eyes with him. My first and last mistake. He grabbed my hand and with his other Slams a golden crest into me just under my neck. I staggered back and looked down, seeing an elegant cross burned into my skin. Not knowing what it was at first I quickly learned. He commanded me to sit on the ground and I did so. He had branded me, and from that moment on I was unable to disobey anything he said.

The man looked me over again, this time actually admiring my figure. His eyes darted across my perfect face and down to rest on my breast. He took a moment to take in their fullness and then ordered me onto my feet. I stood without a second thought. He approached me and ran a finger across the side of my face and grinned.

"I order you to love me."

I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach. I felt something arise in my mind and it spread throughout me. I tried to suppress it but after a moment the part of me that was fighting back was absorbed, and the rest of me followed suit. I stood dazed for a moment and then looked back at the hunter. I felt a heat in my face and knew I was blushing. I loved the man before me with all my heart. A part of me said he was a disgusting pig, astonishing me that I could think such things about the man. I quickly banished that ugly thought.

The man leaned in and kissed me. I parted my lips, offering no resistance. I let his tongue into my mouth, and felt it brush against my fangs and rub against my own. Shuddering at the feeling I parted my lips further and the man deepened the kiss. We remained locked together for some 10 minutes until he broke away. I was flustered, feeling a heat spread through my entire body. I could feel my breasts perk slightly and an uncomfortable wetness touched my crotch. The man noticed and smiled.

"I order you to become nymphomaniac."

The instant he spoke those words I felt something in me change. I felt the urge to drop what I was doing and pleasure myself. I gave into it. I dropped to my knees, one hand grabbing my breasts, the other darting down into my dress, snaking its way to my now soaked crotch. I kept rubbing myself for several minutes until simple touch was no longer enough. I tore off my dress, leaving me kneeling there in matching lacy black bra and panties. One hand pushed my bra up and found my nipples, pinching and squeezing them, while the other found its way inside my panties, a finger finding its way into my nether regions. I knelt there moaning and drooling, lost in a lust that exceed my lust for blood.

"I order you to stop."

I found myself frozen, unable to continue pleasuring myself. Looking up at the mind I saw he had liberated his penis and stared at it in wonder. The man grinned.

"I order you to suck it."

I blinked, and then crawled forwards, taking the man's penis in one hand. I licked it before taking it into my mouth and positioning it so it was cradled between my fangs. Sliding my tongue along him and began to pump my head back and forth along his shaft. Keeping my pace and felt the man rest a hand on my head and force me to pump faster. Doing so I was rewarded with him cumming and filling my mouth. Pulling my head off of him he came over my face as well. Moaning I swallowed and started licking my face.

"I order you to refer to me as Master. I also order you to get on your hands and knees."

"Yes Master" I replied in a dulled voice.

Turning around and knelt down onto my hands and knees, my ass pointed directly at him. The man grabbed my hips and pulled down my panties slowly, as if taunting me. He rubbed his erect penis against my bare crotch, a sensation that made me moan lustily. Pushing against my opening he slowly inserted himself until he met slight resistance. Pushing harder he inserted himself entirely and tangled a hand in my hair.

He began to slowly thrust in and out, causing me to moan, and buck my hips trying to get him to speed up. Tugging on my hair lightly he speed up, quickly causing me to orgasm. I heard him laugh and tug harder on my hair, hard enough to force me to arch my neck backwards. The man speed up even more, and much to both of our pleasures found my G spot. The instant he hit it I came again, moaning louder than ever before. Making sure he kept hitting that spot with his thrusts he slapped my ass and pulled harder on my hair. Finally after what seemed like an eternity he came, filling me with his seed.

"I order you to be my slutty pet."

Six months later I was one of five "Slutpires" as my Master called us. Our only purpose in life was to please master, and maybe he would cum inside of us again.

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