tagNovels and NovellasBrandi's Slutty Adventures Ch. 05

Brandi's Slutty Adventures Ch. 05


I didn't see any handsome waiters but I did see two handsome gentlemen. They must have come out of one of the other suite on the penthouse floor and were waiting by the elevator. I guessed they saw and heard Aline and I at the door and they had to have noticed that Aline was naked.

"Hello Aline, it's very nice to see you again," One of them called out.

Aline took a step back into the hallway. It removed all doubt that they saw she was naked.

"Hello Tom, Jack, it is nice to see you too. I would come and chat but I am not dressed for that. Au revoir," She said with a smile as she went back into her suite.

I took a second to appraise the two gentlemen. They were older than me, in their late fifties but looked very fit. They were dressed in formal evening clothes. The two men smiled at me and said hello as I joined them at the elevator. I could see their eyes roaming over my body, checking me out. It turned me on, I could feel my nipples harden and my pussy get wetter. I smiled and said hello.

"I see you are good friends with the newlyweds, Rene and Aline," One of them said with a playful smile.

"Actually, I just met them today," I said smiling back.

"Oh, I see. Well I guess they are... very friendly," He said with the same playful smile.

"I'm friendly too. My name is Brandi," I said as I held out my hand.

"Hi, I'm Tom. It's a pleasure to meet you Brandi. This is my associate Jack," Tom said.

"Yes, it certainly is a pleasure to meet you Brandi," Jack said.

Just then the doors to the elevator opened and they ushered me inside. I made sure to sway my hips as I walked past them. I glanced in the mirrored wall of the elevator and saw that they were both watching my ass and smiling as I walked past. They got on the elevator and we continued to talk and flirt. They told me they had meet Rene and Aline yesterday when they checked into the hotel. I told them about meeting Rene and Aline at the pool and going to their room to taste some champagne.

"We'd love to taste some champagne with you and Aline, wouldn't we, Jack?" Tom jokingly said.

"Of course, we would," Jack added.

"Where are you two going, you look so handsome all dressed up?" I asked.

"Just to a boring award ceremony in one of the ballrooms here in the hotel," Tom answered.

"Don't be modest Tom. Tom is getting an award for all the charity work he does. The award ceremony is in his honor," Jack added.

"I have an idea, why don't you and Aline join us as our guests? Two beautiful young women would make the event bearable," Tom said.

"What if neither of us has anything to wear," I said as the elevator reached my floor.

"You could wear what you have on now. Aline could wear what she had on at the door just now. Or better yet you could both wear that outfit she was wearing or should I say not wearing," " Tom said mischievously.

"Tom you're terrible. You know two women can't wear the same outfit to an event," I jokingly said as I stepped off the elevator.

"Maybe if you wore different hats and shoes it would be ok," Jack humorously replied.

"Good bye Brandi, I will always cherish this short time we had together," Tom teasingly said. I took a couple of steps into the hallway, stopped and looked over my shoulder.

"Good bye gentlemen, thank you for a lovely ride. Maybe I'll see you around the hotel later," I said as I started walking down the hall.

I looked back and saw that Tom and Jack were holding the doors open and watching me. I slowed my pace and swayed my hips as I walked to my door. I turned to the elevator and blew them a kiss. They both laughed as Tom playfully pushed Jack away trying to catch the kiss.

"Don't fight, I have plenty for both of you," I said as I blew another kiss down the hall.

The elevator doors closed and I went into my room. I took a nice hot shower, fixed my hair and make-up and quickly dressed. I wore a tight, red, one shoulder mini dress and five inch high heel sandals. As usual I didn't wear a bra but I did put on a red thong. I meet Rene and Aline in the bar. Aline looked beautiful. She was wearing a short black sleeveless sun dress and high heels. They were just finishing their first drink so we left to find a cab.

In the cab I told Rene and Aline about my elevator ride with Jack and Tom. We all laughed as I related the story. Aline said she was unaware that that Jack and Tom were such flirts. They had been perfect gentlemen when they met.

"They probably didn't say anything the first time because Rene was there. They do seem like really nice guys. They did say you were beautiful and they loved seeing you naked," I said.

"I am tempted to show up naked at their door tomorrow morning but we have a late night flight back to France," She joked.

"Maybe I'll come by and get naked for them," I jokingly replied.

The restaurant we went to was very nice and we had a lovely meal. We shared a couple of bottles of Rene's finest champagne. Rene's meeting with the owner went very well. He spent a lot of the meeting flirting with Aline and I. He was very taken with us, especially after we left him our thongs as a gift.

After the meeting we hurried back to the penthouse suite. Rene and Aline didn't have much time and we all knew what we going back for. I could feel the sexual tension building in the cab. Aline and I began to play with each other in the elevator. She took me in her arms, slid her leg between mine and kissed me passionately. We ground our bodies against each other as the elevator rose to the penthouse.

Once we were back in the suite, Aline and I quickly stripped and went into the bedroom. We kissed and embraced each other again, but this time we didn't have any clothes interfering with our pleasure. I love that feeling, my naked flesh pressed against another person's naked flesh. Our legs intertwined and we ground our pussies against each other's legs. We rubbed our breasts and hard nipples against each other. Our hands roamed across each other bodies, caressing and stroking each other's thighs and buttocks. We were standing next to the bed kissing and caressing each other when Rene came in the room. He stripped and walked up next to us. He reached out and began fondling our buttocks. We broke our kiss and Aline kissed her husband. After he kissed his wife, he kissed me and then we all shared a kiss. I reached down and felt Rene's cock, it was semi-hard. I broke our kiss and dropped down to my knees. I ran my hand along the length of his cock, jerking and stroking it as it turned hard as steel. I looked up and saw that Rene and Aline were locked in a passionate kiss.

I held Rene's cock as I began licking the head. I flicked my tongue across and around the head before I took about half of it in my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock, swallowing more and more of his cock each time. Aline dropped to her knees next to me. I took my mouth off Rene's cock and held it for her. She took him in her mouth and began sucking his cock. I bent down and ran my tongue over his balls. Then we switched. Aline and I worked together, one of us would suck Rene's cock while the other sucked his balls. Rene's legs trembled as he groaned and enjoyed the double blowjob.

We didn't want Rene to cum yet so we stopped and pushed him toward the bed. He sat on the side of the bed. I stood up between his legs and bent over at the waist. I took his cock back in my mouth and began sucking him again. I worked his cock down my throat trying to swallow the whole length. I felt Aline's hands on my buttocks as she pushed my cheeks apart. She put her mouth on my pussy and ran her tongue through the folds, parting my pussy lips and driving her tongue deep inside me. I moaned with my mouth wrapped around Rene's cock. Aline took her tongue out of my pussy and licked up between my ass cheeks. She ran her tongue over my anus, tickling and teasing the opening before shoving it deep in my ass.

Aline took her tongue out of my ass and said. "Brandi, why don't you get up on Rene's cock? I am sure he would love to fuck you."

"Yes Brandi, come on, get on my cock. I have wanted to fuck you all day," Rene groaned.

I stopped sucking Rene's cock and climbed on the bed. Rene was lying on his back, his knees were bent and hanging off the bed. I straddled Rene with my pussy over his cock. Aline knelt behind us and reached between our legs. She held Rene's cock steady as I slowly lowered myself. The head of Rene's cock touched my pussy lips. She got a close up view as his cock parted my lips and slowly entered me. It turned me on to know that Aline was watching as her husband's cock slid into my pussy and that soon he would be fucking me, making me cum. Inch by inch I pushed down until all of Rene's cock was buried in my pussy. I held myself still for a minute then slowly started to flex my hips up and down. Rene started to move, slowly driving his hips up and his cock into my pussy. Soon Rene picked up his pace driving his cock harder and faster into my pussy. I responded in kind, moaning and panting as I pounded my pussy against Rene. I leaned my head down and deeply and passionately kissed Rene. I love taking young handsome husbands in front of their young wives; it reminds of what a slut I am.

I felt someone get on the bed. I broke my kiss with Rene and saw it Aline. She knelt on the bed next to us. She rubbed her hand across my buttocks, squeezing and caressing the firm flesh. I looked at her and saw a bottle of lube in her hand. She smiled and gave me a quick kiss. I watched her lube up her fingers and then she slid them between my ass cheeks. She put her middle finger on my anus and squeezed some more of the lube between my buttocks. I groaned as she worked her finger into my asshole. I could feel Rene's cock and her finger on either side of the thin membrane that separated my ass and pussy. Rene increased his pace, thrusting his cock up into my pussy faster and faster. Aline twisted and slid her finger in and out of my ass matching Rene's thrusts. I feel my body racing for a powerful orgasm. My whole body tensed up and I cried out as powerful contractions rocked my pussy. Rene held me tightly and forcefully thrust his cock up and into my pussy. I felt his cock fire spurt after spurt of warm cum deep in my pussy. As my orgasm passed, I fell limp on top of Rene. Aline slowly pulled her finger from my ass as Rene slowed his thrusts. When I regained my senses, I realized that Rene's cock was still hard. He was gently stroking it in and out of my pussy.

Rene rolled over and pushed himself up over me. He pulled me back until my ass was at the edge of the bed and he could stand. His cock was still buried in my pussy and he started slowly sliding it in and out. Aline moved up behind me and knelt with her legs on either side of my head facing Rene. He hooked his forearms under my legs and pulled my legs up in the air. Aline grabbed my ankles and pulled back. This forced my legs down against my chest and my ass up even higher. I knew what was coming next. Even though I had taken Todd's monster cock in my ass earlier today, I was excited and dying to get fucked in the ass again.

"Brandi, you liked my finger in your ass. Do you want Rene to fuck you in the ass? He is very good," Aline asked.

"Yes oh god yes, I love to get fucked in the ass," I answered.

I felt a pang of regret as Rene slowly slid his cock out of my pussy. A trickle of cum and my pussy juice leaked out of my pussy and down over my ass. I lifted my head up and watched as Rene grabbed the bottle of lube and grease up his cock. He held his cock and put the head on my anus. Slowly he pressed forward and his cock struggled to push through the first tight ring of muscle of my anus. I dropped my head back on the bed and loudly exhaled. Aline was right, Rene was good, he knew how to fuck. He patiently waited until my anal muscles relaxed as he gently slid more of his cock in my ass. I willed myself to relax as more and more of his cock slipped into my ass. All of a sudden I felt his legs and groin touch my ass. The entire length of his cock was buried in my ass.

"That is it Brandi. My cock is in your ass. Are you all right? Do you want me to fuck you?" Rene asked.

"Yes, oh god yes," I cried out.

Rene reached up and grabbed hold of my legs as Aline let go of my ankles. He let my legs fall back against his chest with my ankles on his shoulders. Slowly he pulled about an inch or two of his cock out of my ass before he slowly slid it back in. Back and forth he went, sliding just a couple of inches of cock in and out of my ass.

Aline got up and knelt over my head, facing her husband. Her pussy and ass were directly over my mouth. I couldn't think of anything else to do but run my tongue across her holes. I heard her gasp and tell Rene to kiss her. Unfortunately I couldn't see it but we must have made a highly erotic picture. Rene was standing at the side of the bed while he was sliding his cock in and out of my ass. Aline was sitting on my face, getting her pussy and ass licked while she passionately kissed her husband. And I was lying on my back with my legs on Rene shoulders and his cock in my ass while Aline sat on my face rubbing her pussy and ass on my mouth.

Rene picked up his pace as he slid more of his cock, about half of it, in and out of my ass. Aline continued to grind her pussy and ass on my face. I felt her soft hands part the lips of my pussy as she slipped a couple of fingers inside me. She laid the flat of her palm on my clit and gently rubbed. My pussy responded and I knew I was close to an overwhelming orgasm. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down so that her clit was directly over my mouth. I flicked my tongue across the sensitive nub. Aline groaned and cried out as she thrashed about. I knew she was also close to cumming.

Rene picked up his pace even more. He pulled his cock out of my ass until only the head was still in. His breathing became labored as he slammed his cock in and out of my ass at furious pace. I knew he too was close to cumming. We continued to thrust and grind our bodies against each other, trying to achieve our orgasms at the same time. The bed shook from our exertions. I locked my lips around Aline's clit as I sucked on the sensitive nub. She rubbed her finger along the top of my pussy, locating my g-spot as she rubbed her palm on my clit. Aline came first, her pussy convulsed and squirted all over my face. I came a few seconds later, my body tensing and quivering as my own juices exploded from my pussy. Rene came last; he drove his cock deep into my ass as he fired off spurt after spurt of cum in my ass. I came again as I felt the hot cum fire in my ass. We collapsed in a mass of tangled arm and legs, panting and moaning, unable to speak as we slowly regained our strength.

"Brandi, you are an amazing lover," Rene said when his breathing returned to normal.

"You two are wonderful lovers also. It's too bad you are returning to France so soon," I said.

Aline looked at the clock and said. "We do have some time before we have to go. Let us make love one to you more time."

"Yes, let us enjoy your body one last time before we have to go," Rene added.

Once we untangled ourselves we moved to head of the bed and lay back on the pillows. I was in the middle with Aline and Rene on either side of me. We traded kisses as we ran our hands all over each other's naked bodies. I could taste my juices on Aline as I was sure she and Rene could taste her lovely juices on my face.

Aline kissed her way down my body. She start at my mouth licking and nipping my lips as our tongues played against each other. She moved down my face to my neck and shoulders kissing and gently biting her way down. Rene moved up and began kissing me. His kisses were different but just a sensual as Aline's.

Aline moved so that she was kneeling with her legs straddling one of my legs. She placed her hands on my breasts and caressed the soft globes. She leaned forward and took one of my breasts in her mouth. I moaned as she traced her tongue around the areola before she flicked it across the delicate nipple. I cried out as a jolt of torturous pleasure shot through my body from the nipple to my pussy. My nipples stood up firm and hard as my pussy leaked my juices and Rene's cum. Aline moved back and forth, from one breast to the other, kissing, licking and biting my sensitive nipples.

Rene moved up and knelt with his cock inches from my face. His cock was covered with his cum and my juices. I opened my mouth and he slid his cock inside. I wrapped my lips around his cock as he slid it in and out of my mouth. He was semi-hard and I was easily able to swallow his full length. His big balls banged against my chin on each inward stroke. I took him out of my mouth and ran my hand along his length of his cock, stroking him as he grew hard. I bent forward and began licking and sucking his balls. As I sucked each of his testicles into my mouth I could taste our combined juices that had leaked on his balls.

Aline kissed her way down my stomach to my pussy. She moved so that her whole body was between my legs and she pushed my legs apart. She ran her tongue all around my thighs and pussy lapping up all the cum and pussy juice that had leaked out. She pushed my legs up and worked her way to my ass. She ran her tongue through the valley between by buttocks before plunging it into my anus. I groaned as a wave of pleasure tore through my body.

Rene's cock was hard and he began using my mouth like a pussy, sliding his cock in and out at a faster pace. Aline continued to rim my ass, her tongue delightfully tormenting me as I raced toward a massive orgasm. She slid one, then two and finally a third finger into my pussy, hitting all my sensitive spots and sending me over the edge. I groaned and cried out even with mouth stuffed full of Rene's hard cock. It felt like every muscle in my body from my toes to my eye lids, had tensed up and quivered. My muscles surrounding my pussy clamped down on Aline's fingers and she was trapped as I rode the wave of orgasmic pleasure.

I fell back flat on the bed and tried to catch my breath. Rene had pulled his cock from my mouth. I could see that he was still hard and hadn't cum. Aline was lying at my feet. She had a loving smile on her face.

"You two are wonderful lovers. I had the best time with you today," I said when I regained my strength.

"Yes we had a wonderful time also. It is sad that we have to leave soon. There is so much more we would love to do with you," Aline said.

"Rene, your cock is still hard. Why don't you make love to your wife? I love to watch people fuck almost as much as I love to be watched." I said.

"No Brandi. Rene and I have our whole lives to make love. I want him to make love to you one more time. I have a special surprise for you. It is something Rene and I often do," Aline replied.

Rene rolled over on his back. His cock was hard and standing straight up. Aline grabbed his cock and told me get on top of him. I knelt with my pussy over Rene's cock. I groaned as Aline parted the lips of my pussy with the head of Rene's cock. I waited for a minute, enjoying that wonderful feeling when a cock first enters your pussy. I pushed my hips down and Rene's cock filled my pussy. Rene wrapped his arms around me and pulled me down on his chest. Our lips locked in a loving kiss as he slowly fucked his cock up and down into my pussy. My body responded as it always does. My pussy heated up as I ground it against his loins. My nipples hardened to firm nubs as they were rubbed against his muscular chest. My tongue slipped into his mouth as our kiss became more passionate.

I felt Aline get off the bed and return a few minutes later. I saw from the corner of my eye that she had a bag in her hand. She placed her hands on my buttocks and pushed the cheeks apart. I felt her hands; they were slippery with warm oil. Rene grabbed my cheeks and held them open. Aline slid two fingers into my ass. I broke my kiss with Rene and tried to look over my shoulder. Rene held me down and I unable see what Aline was doing.

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