tagNovels and NovellasBrandi's Slutty Adventures Ch. 06

Brandi's Slutty Adventures Ch. 06


I used all the amenities of the bathroom. I filled the tub with hot water and soap for nice relaxing bubble bath. I used the bidet to clean myself while the tube filled and the shower to wash off the bubbles. Quick work with a hair dryer and my makeup and no one would know that I had spent the last couple of hours fucking and sucking my French friends.

I put on my dress, the tight, red, one shoulder mini dress and heels that I wore to dinner; I had left my thong in the restaurant. A last check in the mirror and I was out the door. I walked down the hall to wait for the elevator. There was a lovely bar in the hotel. Maybe I could find someone or two worthy of my attention.

I didn't even make it off the floor. The elevator doors opened and Jack and Tom stepped off the elevator. They were the two handsome gentlemen who were staying in the other penthouse suite. I had flirted with them earlier in the day when I left Rene and Aline's suite to change for dinner. They were going to a charity event being held in Tom's honor.

"Ah, the beautiful Brandi, we have to stop meeting like this. The neighbors will talk," Tom jokingly said.

"If I was dressed like Aline was earlier that would really give the neighbors something to talk about," I naughtily replied.

Jack laughed and said. "Well Tom, you dirty old man, I think Brandi got you. She knows you were watching when our young neighbor was standing at her door in the nude."

"Well Jack, you were looking too and you're six months older than me. That makes you a dirty older man," Jack said with a smile.

"Well, I think you both are lovely. Aline said that you were perfect gentlemen when she meet you. And there's nothing wrong with looking at a beautiful woman like Aline, if she's wearing clothes... or not." I said.

"What about looking at a beautiful woman like you when she's not wearing any clothes?" Tom mischievously asked.

"Maybe, if you play your cards right," I naughtily answered.

"Well in that case, how you like to join us for a nightcap? We can discuss the cards," Tom quickly asked.

"I'd love to. I was just heading to the bar myself," I answered.

"How about our suite, we have a full bar, a hot tub and we can pick the music we want?" Tom asked.

I gave his question a quick thought, drinks, a luxury suite with a hot tub, music, and two handsome men, what's not to like.

"Sounds lovely," I said.

"Great," Jack and Tom said at the same time.

We went into their suite. It was a mirror image of Rene and Aline's suite. Jack went behind the bar to make drinks while Tom went over to the entertainment system to put on some soft music. Jack told me have a seat on one the couches in the seating area near the balcony. I walked over to the balcony and looked out outside. The hot tub was on the balcony, the same as in Rene and Aline's suite, but it was larger. The balcony was lit with several small accent lights.

Tom went over to one of the couches in the seating area. He had removed his jacket and tie and had kicked off his shoes when he sat down. He patted the seat next to him and said. "Come have a seat, make yourself comfortable, Jack will bring us our drinks."

I went over to the couch. I took off my high heels and tucked my legs up under me as I sat down.

Jack came over and handed us our drinks. He took off his jacket and tie and sat on the love seat that was next to the couch. He raised his drink in a toast and said, "To our guest, the beautiful Brandi."

"To my handsome hosts," I replied.

We sipped our drinks and talked for a while. I learned that they were college roommates who went into business together. They were very successful. Tom's wife had passed away fifteen years ago and he started a charity in her name. That was the event they were at tonight. Tom never remarried. He was much more of a flirt than Jack and I had a feeling he was having too much fun being a player to settle down.

Jack was still married to his college sweetheart but it appeared that there were some problems there. He didn't go into detail. I told them that I was in Miami on vacation for some sun and fun. They asked about my husband, I guess they saw my ring. I told them that my husband and I take separate vacations all the time. They asked about Rene and Aline. I told them that Rene and Aline had already left to go home to France. They were disappointed that they wouldn't see Aline again. I told them about meeting Rene and Aline at the pool and about going to their suite to sample some wine and to use the hot tub.

"The hot tub, so is that's why Aline was naked at her door?" Jack mischievously asked.

"That and more... remember we are very... friendly people," I naughtily answered.

"When can we see you modeling the outfit Aline had on at the door?" Tom impishly asked.

"How about now," I answered.

I stood up and slid my dress off my shoulder as I walked past them toward the balcony. I slowly slithered my tight dress down over my hips and let it slip to the floor. I stood at the door to the balcony. I was totally naked.

I looked over my shoulder seductively and asked, "Would you gentlemen like to join me in the hot tub?"

I stepped out onto the balcony and sat on the deck that surrounded tub. I put one leg up on the deck and leaned back in a seductive pose. Jack and Tom followed me out onto the balcony. They quickly stripped and stepped next to me. I took a second to take a good look at their bodies. They were older than me, in their late fifties but were still in good shape. They must work out every day. Their cocks were starting to get hard and I guessed that they would be a little larger than average when fully erect. Tom's cock was a little bigger than Jack's.

I slipped into the tub and sat in the middle seat. I put my arms up on the deck and motioned for them to sit next to me. Jack sat on my right and Tom on my left. I brought my arms down on their shoulders and they each slid an arm behind me.

"Now this is nice, relaxing with friends. I told you I was very friendly," I said as I turned my head toward Tom.

Tom leaned in and kissed me, a light buss of the lips at first but then with more passion. He ran his hand along my leg, starting at my knee and sliding it up my inner thigh.

I broke our kiss and turned toward Jack and said, "I'm friendly... very friendly."

Jack leaned in and he kissed me. He gently caressed my breast, rubbing his hand around the soft globe before moving to my nipple.

I broke our kiss and took my arms off their shoulders. I put my hands in the water and ran them across their thighs. I reached between their legs and took hold of their cocks. Their cocks were starting to get harder.

I stroked my hands along their lengths and said, "It looks like you guys are starting to get friendly too."

They both chuckled and increased their attention to me. They took turns kissing me while their hands stoked the fires of my passion. Jack played with my nipples pinching and pulling the sensitive nubs, kissing and sucking them when his mouth was free. Tom stroked his hand along my thigh until he reached my pussy. He rubbed his fingers across my delicate pussy drawing a gasp and moan from my lips.

I continued to stroke their cocks and soon they were hard. I told them to stand. I knelt between them with their cocks near my face. I was right, their cocks were a little larger than average, about seven to eight inches. Both cocks were fat and they had large low hanging balls.

I stroked Tom's cock as I licked the head of Jack' cock. Then I switched and stroked Jack's cock while I licked Tom's head. That brought a moan from both of them and a sigh of contentment from me. I had many satisfying adventures this weekend but this is my favorite thing to do. Pleasing multiple men at the same time. I can't help it, I just love cocks.

I went back and forth between Tom and Jack. I would lick and suck one cock while I stroked the other. I tried to fit both cocks in my mouth at the same time. I was only able to get their heads in for a minute. I also lavished attention on their balls, licking their sacks and sucking their testicles into my mouth.

After about ten minutes of my sucking their cocks, Jack pulled away.

"Brandi if you keep that up, I'm gonna cum in your mouth," He said.

"That's ok, I love it. It's not a problem for you, is it?" I asked.

"No, no. It's just my wife, she won't do that. Hell she won't even suck my cock anymore," He said.

"That's too bad. She doesn't know what she's missing. Sit back and enjoy," I said.

Jack sat back on the deck with his legs in the tub. I stood up and bent over him. I flicked my tongue along his cock before plunging it back in my mouth. I forced my head down until I felt the head of his cock slid past my tonsils and hit the back of my throat. I held him as long as I could. I gasped when I finally pulled my mouth off his cock.

"Oh my god, that was fantastic," Jack cried out. "I could feel my cock touch your throat.

He leaned forward and gave me a kiss.

"Sit back, I'm not done," I said.

Jack leaned back and I bent over him again. Before I could take him in my mouth again I felt hands on my hips and a tongue run across my pussy. I looked through my legs and saw Tom kneeling behind me.

He smiled and asked, "You don't mind, do you?"

"Never," I groaned in reply.

Tom leaned in and ran his tongue through my pussy lips. He drove his tongue into my pussy drawing another gasp and moan from my lips. I bent my head back down and took Jack's cock in his mouth. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock until I felt his was on the edge of cumming. I took my mouth off his cock and began licking his balls and shaft. I want to prolong his pleasure since his wife never did this for him.

Tom was still licking my pussy but now he was licking around my clit. Tom really was a player; he certainly knew how to eat pussy. He flicked his tongue across my clit driving me close to a climax but stopping just before I came. He was doing to me what I was doing to Jack.

I took Jack back in my mouth and began bobbing my head up and down on his cock. Back and forth we went, me sucking Jack to the point where he was about to cum only to hold back while Tom tortured me in the same wonderful way. Jack groaned and cried out that he was going to cum. He held his hands on the back of my head as he pushed his hips up off the deck. His cock fired spurt after spurt of hot cum down my throat. He shot so much cum I was unable to swallow it all and it leaked out of my mouth.

Tom rapidly flicked his tongue across my clit. It felt like a bolt of electricity shot through my body. I tensed up as a wave of orgasmic pleasure flooded my senses. I moaned, my mouth was still around Jack's cock as more of his cum leaked down on his groin. I pulled my mouth off of Jack's cock and it fell back against his stomach. The last dribs of cum slowly leaked out as his cock started to go soft.

"Oh my god, that was incredible. I haven't had a blow job like that since college," Jack said.

"I told you, you should hang out with me more often. So what if your wife doesn't like sex anymore, there are plenty of beautiful women like Brandi who do," Tom said.

"You know Tom is right Jack. My husband lost interest in sex, but I still love it. I couldn't survive without it. I just try to be discreet and don't play near home," I said.

"Ok, enough of this Dr. Phil advice Brandi, I'm dying to get my cock in you," Tom jokingly said.

"Well let's get going then," I said.

I was still bent over with my elbows on Jack's legs and my ass in the air. Tom stood behind me and slid his cock between my legs. He rubbed his cock through the furrows of my pussy lips before sliding the head inside. I was dripping wet from his oral endeavors and he easily slipped inside me. I moaned as I felt his cock fill me up.

As Tom began sliding his cock into me, I used my tongue to clean up all the cum that had leaked out of my mouth and onto Jack's cock and balls. Jack's cock responded and he started to get hard again.

Tom started by slowly pulling his cock out of my pussy. I moaned as the head slipped past my pussy lips. He adjusted himself and slid his cock back across the outside of my pussy, across my lips and clit. Then he lined up the head with the opening of my pussy and slowly slid it back in. I could feel every bump and vein on his cock as it filled me up. Back and forth he went one stroke across my pussy lips and clit and the next stroke entering me, filling me up. He soon had me moaning and panting, dying to cum. He readjusted himself and kept his cock in my pussy. I started to push my ass back at him, matching his strokes. He increased his speed and soon he was driving his cock into me at a furious pace. I stopped sucking Jack's cock. The passion was building inside of me and I was close to cumming again. I reached a hand between my legs and rubbed my clit. That was the push I needed and to send me over the edge. My body tensed up and I held myself still as a wave of orgasmic delight washed over my body.

Tom held my ass tight against his hips as my orgasm passed. Once my breathing returned he began stroking his cock in and out of my pussy again. Soon we back to slamming our bodies together at a furious pace.

Tom cried out, "Oh my god I'm gonna cum. Come on Brandi let me cum in your mouth."

Tom pulled his cock out of my pussy. I quickly turned around and knelt down. Tom shoved his cock in my mouth. He grabbed my head and fucked my mouth like it was a pussy. After a dozen short quick strokes, he came. His cum flooded my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could but some still dribbled out the side of my mouth and down my chin.

Tom took and step back and his cock slid from my mouth. I used a finger to gather up the all cum that leaked down my chin and popped the finger in my mouth. Then I leaned forward, took Tom's cock back in my mouth and licked his cock clean. When I finished I sat back in the tub.

"That was a great fuck Tom, I hope you guys have some more for me?" I asked.

Tom moved over and sat down next to me. He put his arm around me pulled me close.

"You're an incredible fuck Brandi. Don't worry, we're not done. Right, Jack," He answered.

"No, no were not. I'd love to fuck you Brandi," Jack said.

Jack slid down into the tub across from me. He sat across from Tom and me. His legs intertwined with mine when as he stretched out. I slid my foot out along Jack's thigh until it touched his cock. He was still hard. I rubbed my foot along the length of his cock. He reached out and found my other foot. He took hold of both of my feet and slid his cock between them. Jack leaned his head back and let out a groan as he slid my feet up and down the length of his cock.

I reached out and found Tom's cock. He was semi hard. I stroked my hand along his length. He let out a slight moan and pulled me closer. He turned my head, leaned in and passionately kissed me. We all laid back and enjoyed the pleasure of the moment.

Jack was the first to speak, "This is nice, but wouldn't it be more comfortable in one of the bedrooms?" He asked.

Tom broke our kiss and agreed with Jack. We all got out of the hot tub. What started as a quick job of drying off turned into a sexy game of the guys grabbing my ass, pussy and tits and me grabbing their cocks. Finally I held onto the guys' cocks and led them to one of the bedrooms.

When we got in the bedroom, I went over to the bed and sat down. I began stroking and licked their cocks. Jack's was the first to get fully hard.

"It looks like Jack gets to fuck me first," I said.

"Don't use her up Jack. I want to fuck her again," Tom said.

"Don't worry Tom, I not done, not by a long shot. Come on Jack lie down up here on the bed and I'll get on top of you," I said as I pointed to head of the bed.

Jack got on the bed and lay down with his head near the headboard. I got up and moved over to him. He held his cock straight up in the air. I squatted over him with my pussy over his cock. I groaned as he rubbed the head of his cock through the lips of my pussy. Slowly I pushed myself down and as his cock slipped into my pussy. Inch by inch it went in until I felt my clit grind up against his pubic hair. Jack grabbed my hips and pulled me down tight against his groin. He flexed and rolled his hips, grinding into my clit and sending sparks of pleasure through pussy. I fell forward and our lips locked in a passionate embrace as I started to move my hips up and down.

I felt Tom, get on the bed. Jack and I broke our kiss and I pushed myself up. Tom moved next to me with his cock inches from my face. I opened my mouth and he slid his cock in. Jack continued fucking me from below. He reached his hands up and caressed my breasts. Each pinch and tug on my nipples sending flashes of pleasure throughout my body. I continued to grind my hips back and forth, driving myself closer and closer to a massive orgasm while I continued to suck Tom's cock. On and on we went slamming and grinding our organs together until I cried out and came. I fell back on top of Jack, my body trembling and shaking as my orgasm crested and passed.

I felt Tom step off the bed. Jack's cock was still hard and deep in my pussy. He rolled us over until I was flat on my back and he was between my legs. He began sliding his cock in and out of my pussy, slowly at first but then with more speed and power. Soon he was slamming into me a furious pace. His big balls were banging against my ass on every inward thrust. I opened my legs as wide as I could so he could get deeper and deeper penetration. My body responded and I was closed to cumming again. Jack was panting and groaning and I knew he was also close to cumming. I urged him on, hoping we would cum at the same time. Jack came first. He drove his cock deep in my pussy and held himself still. His cock fired numerous spurts of hot cum in my pussy. This drove me over the edge and I came again. I wrapped my arms and legs around Jack' body and held him tightly as I shook and quivered through a massive orgasm.

Jack and I lay together, our limbs intertwined, as we recovered our strength. I felt a pang of regret when he moved and his cock slid out of my pussy. A stream of cum and pussy juice flowed from my pussy.

I was lying on my back, my arms out to the side and legs spread open when Tom moved right in. He got on the bed, and knelt between my legs. He leaned over me and slid his cock into my wet, cum filled pussy. His cock easily slid in and he began fucking me. I wrapped my legs around his waist, locked my ankles together and began fucking back at him. Over and over we thrust ourselves against each other. I was moaning and groaning as we fucked, close to having another orgasm. Tom began slamming into me even harder and faster.

"Oh my god, yes, come on fuck me, make me cum," I cried out over and over.

Tom slowed his thrusts and pulled back. I became frantic as his cock slipped out of my pussy. I needed to cum. I needed his cock back in me. He moved me across the bed so that I was lying with my head hanging off the bed.

"Jack come over here and stick your cock in her mouth, she's making too much noise," He said with a laugh.

"Yeah Jack come on, we don't want to wake the neighbors," I jokingly added as they both laughed.

Tom hooked his arms behind my knees and brought my legs up so that my ankles were on his shoulders. He lined his cock up with my pussy and slid himself back in.

Jack moved up and stood with his legs on either side of my head. He cock was semi hard and I could see it was covered his cum and my pussy juices. I leaned my head down and opened my mouth. He put the head of his cock in my mouth and slowly slid the rest in. My taste buds were inflamed with taste of our combined juices. His balls were hanging low and they bounced off my forehead. They were also covered with our combined juices. I took his cock out of my mouth and began licking his balls clean. Jack reached down and began caressing my breasts. He pinched and rubbed my nipples flaming my passion even more.

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