tagNovels and NovellasBrandon's Fuckslut Family Ch. 08

Brandon's Fuckslut Family Ch. 08


Bliss and her sisters were sitting around their home, trying to think of a nice "Thank You" gift for the man all of them adored. Uncle Brandon had treated them like gold in the time they had been under his care. He'd spoiled them rotten, cooked fabulous meals and trusted them to act as adults. Of course, the sex had factored into it as well. He treated them as young women with level heads. He hadn't hit them with useless curfews or anything like that. All he had asked is that he be informed of where they were at all times or that they call to check in.

"Uncle B's the best guy," Bliss said to Julee, her older sister. The raven-haired beauty smiled and nodded in agreement. "He's a great lover and we all love fucking him, but we need to show him our appreciation with some kind of great gift."

"This isn't going to be easy," Autumn said to her younger sisters. "Uncle B gave up a lot of time to take care of us while Mom was away on her trip. It shouldn't be some cheap, frivolous gift, right?"

Tabitha, her twin agreed and indicated as much. "Theo only problem with that girls is the fact that between us, we don't have a pot to piss in. Our fathers don't exactly fork over big bucks in child support, the four of us only work part-time and mom shouldn't have to chip in. She might want to give him something on her own by way of a thank you." The auburn-haired beauty was the thinker of the group and the one with the most money. Part of that was due to the fact she dated Chase, a young attorney who was very fond of the ground on which she walked.

"It doesn't help that Uncle B has everything under the sun he could possibly want -- including us," Julee giggled and then, sighed heavily. "We could have gone to a shelter and adopted a pet for him, but he has Colonel. He has nice jewelry and it's not like we can afford that anyway. He either wears clothes we could never afford to buy him or casual clothes that aren't worthy of giving him," she groaned. They all to a one loathed their uncle's T-shirt collection, insisting several times that he looked better dressed up.

"We could always go over and tidy up his house for him," Tabby suggested.

"Are you kidding?" Bliss laughed. "Do you remember what it was like when he lived here? He's more of a neat freak than mom; I think Gran must have programmed it into their brains."

"It's too bad there isn't something like the Girl of the Month club," Autumn teased. "Here's a gift from your nieces Uncle B, you can get laid every day for a ..."

Bliss cut her off. "Hey, you might just be on to something, sis. Suppose there was something like that?"

"It would be illegal and a form of prostitution," Tabby answered. "I know, I'm the one who dates a lawyer, remember?"

"No, not exactly that, but something like that," the petite blonde said. "Would you three be willing to help me with a crazy scheme of mine?"

"All of your schemes are crazy, Bliss," Julee laughed. "I think you get it from Daddy, Mom is very level-headed." Seeing Bliss scowl, she added "Okay, I admit it -- they've all worked to our benefit."

Bliss kept it to herself that she knew more about their mom's wild side than her siblings did. She was her mom's confidante, the one she went to when she was feeling down or needed a little cheering up. Over time, Victoria had confided a great deal of her past in her youngest daughter. Bliss knew how to keep a secret. She had things her sisters were totally unaware of in her life as well.

"Do you guys remember my friend Jo? Well, listen to this ..."

Brandon Williams was puttering around in his garden on a sunny Friday afternoon. He had completed all of his writing assignments and had time to work out of doors. The part of him that responded to his British ancestry loved living things and he tried his best. It was a shame that Victoria, his younger sister, seemed to have inherited the green thumb in the family.

A gentle female voice called out. "Oh, what lovely flowers. I love flowers, may I come and take a look or maybe, help you?"

Brandon looked up to see a very pretty young girl who appeared to be about the same age as his niece, Bliss, or perhaps Julee's age. She was wearing a big straw hat, a light blue sun dress and sandals with a slight heel. He had never seen her before, but she was very young and appealing. "I'm okay, thanks, I'll be done in about an hour."

"With two hands, it could be a half hour," the girl answered with a laugh. She opened the gate. "Please, I'm going crazy looking for something to do. My mother has company and asked me to clear out. I'd love to help." Brandon looked into the young girl's pretty green eyes and smile and nodded. She was right, with the two of them working at pulling weeds and transplanting the flowers, the work went much faster.

"May I offer you something to drink for all of your help?" Brandon asked the girl as they sat on his porch. "Lemonade, Coke, Pepsi or ..."

"A beer, if you have one," she answered. "I'd love a beer. We're out at my place. I'm old enough ... well, I'm not quite nineteen, but ..."

"I promise not to rat you out," Brandon laughed. "Two beers, coming up." He went inside and came back with two frosty glasses and two bottles of beer. "To your health, Miss ...?"

"Oh, where are my manners? I never introduced myself, my name is Jo."

Brandon cocked his head to one side and looked at the girl. "That's odd, my niece Bliss has a friend named Jo and you fit her description."

"You're Bliss' uncle? That must make you Brandon, she talks about you all of the time," Jo smiled broadly. "I think your niece has a bit of a crush on you and now, I can see why. You're a good-looking man." Of course, when setting all of this up, Jo had fully confided in her best friend about her true relationship with Brandon. The girl could see why Bliss had bedded him, he was hunky as hell.

"Thanks, but I'm a good-looking man who is old enough to be your father," Brandon said. "Let's not forget that."

"Pish, I don't care," Jo laughed lightly. "I'm into older men, older men are way cool. Better in bed, too."

Brandon was glad he wasn't drinking any of his beer at that second or else, he might have choked on it. "Well, you certainly aren't afraid to speak your mind," he said to Jo, admiring her candor a bit.

"My mother and I talk about everything, no boundaries," Jo said, sipping more of her drink. "My father was a lot older than she is. She said she isn't divorcing him because of his age or his ability in bed, she divorced him because he was a two-timing prick who kept having to prove he could cut it in bed," Jo told Brandon. She put her hand on his knee. "I bet you don't have that problem, do you?" She put her bottle down and kissed Brandon. He hesitated for a minute and then, he kissed her back. It was only a kiss and she was an adult. She was also a good kisser.

"Wow, you're a good kisser," Jo said, echoing his own thoughts back at him. She looked at him with those dazzling green eyes of hers and asked "Are you good in bed? I'd love to find out if you don't have anything planned for the rest of the afternoon?"

"Won't your mother ...?"

"She's `entertaining' a friend and likely won't notice if I don't come home for hours," Jo chuckled. Jo would have been welcome to stay, the friend in question was a lovely Latina named Lupe and she was very petite, fresh and appealing. Yet Jo had been tempted by a need for cock and her own curiosity. There would be another time for Lupe. "Let's go inside handsome and mess up your sheets. Ooh, I have an idea, let's have a shower first and clean off the outdoor grime. We can fuck in there first, I love sex in the water!"

Brandon gave Jo high marks for enthusiasm as she tugged him indoors. Once in the bathroom, she wiggled out of her clothes and was naked. She turned on his shower and got in. "Come on, get in here before the water gets cold!" She ordered him.

"You're a very demanding young woman," Brandon laughed as he shucked his T-shirt and jeans.

"I get what I want, yeah," the teen grinned as he stepped in the shower with her. Her hands began soaping his body and her own and when clean, she got down to the real reason she had wanted a shower -- sex under the warm spray. She bent down and got Brandon's cock and slid it into her mouth. She began sucking and the handsome bachelor nearly keeled over, it was so good. The walls of the shower held him up as the petite blonde sucked -- she was very good at what it was she was doing.

"Holy fuck, how did you ...?"

"It isn't polite to ask a girl questions like that," Jo teased him. She wasn't going to tell him about her experiences with handsome men and pretty girls like Bliss. Her best friend was her favorite lover, no need in letting every little secret be revealed just yet. She owed Bliss a few orgasms for this, her uncle was handsome and hung, just as Bliss had told her he was. Jo just knew that her sex with Brandon was going to be the kind she liked, sensual and long lasting. Brandon did not come across as the kind of guy who was in it for a quick fuck. She bobbed her head up and down on his cock until his cum went down her throat. She didn't know what his diet consisted of, but it sure made his cum taste good, Jo noted.

"I think it's my turn now," Brandon said as he returned the favor. She was almost bare down there, just the tiniest strip of blonde fur covered her adorable pudenda. Her pussy was pink and prominent and delicious, he ate her until her legs almost gave out. Then, he positioned Jo so that he could fuck her from behind and so that she could use the stall to support herself. He just hoped that neither of them would slip and fall. His cock was stiff enough to enter her and once he did, Jo let out a happy little groan. He fucked her to a very nice orgasm and was grateful when she came because the water was starting to get cold. Without even bothering to dry themselves off, they ran to Brandon's bedroom.

The lissome lass wrapped herself around him and gave Brandon the kind of fucking that only a turned-on blonde teen can give a man like Brandon. She showed him that she was not to be underestimated in the slightest. Jo managed to bend and maneuver herself into positions he would not have believed possible. She screwed him the way he liked to be fucked, not holding anything back, swearing profusely and infusing a bit of pain as she dug her sharp fingernails into his arms. When gorgeous little Jo was done with him, Brandon almost needed a nap and they were both sweaty and in need of another shower. This, in turn, led to ...

The very next afternoon, Brandon was enjoying a sunny afternoon outside when a soft, delicious voice said "You're going to get burned. Would you like some of my sunscreen?" He sat up in his chaise lounge and saw a lovely brunette wearing heels, beyond short denim cut-offs and a snug, low cut tank top. Her hair was ebony black and her eyes were spectacular. She walked over to him and held out the bottle. "My name is Daria and usually, I don't act this forward, but you're a handsome man and it's been a dull day," she smiled. "Here, let me get that spot for you." The girl's hands were as skilled as any masseuse and Brandon knew that he would have to be careful to hide his growing erection. Since the previous day's fuck with Jo, he had been in a constant state of horny.

"Please, don't hide that magnificent cock," Daria breathed. "I consider it a compliment that such a mature, handsome man could think someone like me is sexy."

Brandon knew the girl was playing a game because there was simply no way someone as gorgeous as she, in the outfit Daria was wearing, didn't know she was gorgeous. He made a point of turning over so his cock, now making a tent in his swim trunks, was standing at full attention. Daria licked her lips. "I fucking love big cocks, handsome," she purred to Brandon. "Are you going to share that with me or do I have to find a way to convince you?"

"You're gorgeous but no man with a brain is going to say no to a little ... convincing," Brandon chuckled. The young, leggy brunette looked around and made sure that no one could see them in Brandon's back yard. Then, with a smile that showed a sensuality beyond her years, she removed the entirety of her clothing. Her body was beautiful and olive skinned with nary a flaw to be seen. Her breasts stood high and firm on her body and her pussy was not shaved like some women of the day, but instead had a neatly-trimmed black tuft. Daria's most incredible feature were her legs, they seemed like they went on for miles. In spite of her youth, Daria knew her allure and her hold over men and likely, women. She seemed the kind of girl who would have admirers of both sexes.

"Any objections to fucking right here in the open?" Daria asked him. "I've always wanted to have sex in public, it'd be a huge turn on for me!"

Brandon knew that neither of his neighbors was home and likely wouldn't be for hours. He shook his head. "You just go ahead and do whatever your little heart desires, beautiful," he grinned at her.

"Ooh, careful stud," Daria purred, running her hands over his broad chest. "I'm a girl with a very vivid imagination. Of course, with your being an author -- I don't know, I might have met my match."

Brandon very much doubted that. He thought Daria breathed sex, it seemed to be oozing from her pores. He wondered just what was going on? Two hot women in two days? There was simply no way all of this was a coincidence. How had she known he was an author? They had not talked that long, nor was he that well known. Someone was setting him up, but whoever had put these beauties in his sights was owed a huge debt of gratitude.

Her mouth went down and surrounded the head of his now-exposed cock and she started to suck. Two killer blowjobs in two days, Brandon was at some kind of sexual peak. Daria knew what she was doing and when she was finished, his cum had slid down her eager throat. She swung her leggy body around and expected equal treatment. Brandon made sure that he didn't miss a spot on her frame, he tasted, touched and licked everywhere he could think of, including behind her knees. Daria went wild and her nails dug into his back. She certainly wasn't going to make this some kind of languid fuck, she was going to test his endurance, he sensed.

Daria wrapped herself around Brandon in a near-serpentine fashion. She was like a Boa Constrictor in the way she held him with her strong legs and body. As his cock moved in and out of the leggy brunette, she was the one controlling their pace. Brandon didn't make any objections because up to now, the sex had been intense and they were a good match. Men his age didn't get to have sex with girls Daria's age. He knew he really should stop thinking of her as a girl though. Only a woman could fuck with the skill this young beauty possessed.

Her body rocked against his and she took as much of Brandon as he was able to give her. When they were finished, she didn't say very much but smiled an enigmatic, warm smile. She went inside the house and he found her reclining sensually in his bedroom. "As soon as you're up for it, I want to fuck you again," Daria smiled and licked her lips. "I was just getting a bit chilly out there and I didn't think you'd object to fucking in a big warm bed for a while."

"Sweetheart, for someone as gorgeous as you, I'd fuck in a snowbank," Brandon chuckled as he moved to join her in the bed. He had actually done that one time and didn't care to repeat the experience. However, his little quip had brought a smile to her lovely face. The slender, raven-haired beauty mounted him and showed him that she was far from done with Brandon and his cock. Her body seemed tireless and he guessed that she might be some kind of athlete. In a way, she reminded him of Tabby, his niece, who was also incredibly athletic and seemed to have boundless reserves of energy in bed.

Daria fucked Brandon for another hour before departing his home. He thought a nap might be a good idea. He wasn't so old yet that napping in the daytime had become a thing, but if he was to finish his work and get through the rest of the week, he'd need more strength than he currently had.

The following afternoon, he was doing some shopping. Brandon needed cat litter and food, meat, veggies and milk. While he had been looking after the girls, he'd let his own home go neglected. He was browsing through the aisles, trying not to be tempted by things he should not eat when yet another delicious temptation walked towards him. She was dressed professionally in a white tailored jacket and skirt and it was easy to tell she had class and money. She also had sex appeal in abundance.

"I saw you come in and I just knew you had to be Brandon," the tall blonde as she extended her hand. "My name is Sophie, I'm the store manager."

"It's nice to meet you, but how did you know I'm Brandon?" the attractive bachelor smiled at Sophie.

"Oh, Jo's description was quite accurate," Sophie smirked as she watched Brandon squirm a bit. "She's my daughter." Seeing his total discomfort, she laughed. "Don't worry, she's an adult and she makes very good choices ... very good indeed. We're very open with each other. Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me and talk a while?"

Brandon was still a bit nervous but there was something reassuring in her tone that told him he had nothing to worry about. Over coffee and dessert, he found that Sophie was only a few years his junior, separated from her older husband as Jo had told him. She was really enjoying life for the first time in years. "I can do whatever I want, eat whatever I want and watch whatever TV shows I want to watch," she smiled. "I can even fuck who I want and baby, I want to fuck you ... do I ever!"

Brandon was careful not to choke on his dessert or coffee as he listened to her. Why not? If she didn't have an issue with his fucking of her daughter, she was cool customer. Why not enjoy another sexy fuck? Three babes in three days, he might collapse from exhaustion, although he could always sleep more at night. He linked his arm through the statuesque blonde's and she escorted him to her nearby home. It looked as if the attractive woman would do okay if her divorce were finalized. You could play football in a home as large as hers.

Once they were inside, Sophie was all business. She took him up to her bedroom where she stripped down to lingerie that was as white as her suit and very expensive. Brandon could tell because she removed it very carefully, giving him a little show in the process. When she had stripped fully, Sophie gave him a very erotic lap dance and smothered him with soft, gentle, intimate kisses until he couldn't take anymore. He didn't want to be rough with the leggy blonde and he decided if she could tease, so too, could he. His mouth moved all over her naked flesh until her thighs were clamped around his head. Smooth and stocking clad, he enjoyed the feeling while his mouth was occupied with her shaved pussy. Once Brandon had made Sophie cum, he smiled at her. "Any ideas?" He asked her in a casual tone.

"Yes and some of them could get us arrested in certain places," Sophie joked.

"Then let's not go to those places," Brandon retorted. She smiled and straddled his waist. "This is still my favorite idea, fucking you for as long as you can hold out. Jo tells me you're pretty durable and I intend to find out for myself."

It weirded him out ever-so slightly that mother and daughter had discussed him sexually. Brandon decided if it didn't bother them, he wouldn't let it bother him. Perhaps someday he could convince them to share, as he had done with the girls. Brandon watched as the lithe blonde moved up and down on his cock. He decided to take his time with this one. She was a good lover, at least so far and a bit aggressive. He thought he had something to prove with her and controlled his movements to slow himself down. He wasn't going to cum any time soon if he could help it.

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