tagRomanceBrandy's Ride Home

Brandy's Ride Home


It was a Saturday night and Brandy was striding angrily down the side of the illuminated street, her fists still clenched from her anger. She had had enough of that jerk Chad to last a lifetime. And when she had stormed out of his car a few blocks back, screaming for him to stay the fuck away from her, she was pretty sure he finally got the message.

She was pretty much into her own thoughts as the headlights from the large rig behind her caught her in their bright light. Glancing back for a moment, a slender hand reaching up to shield her eyes, she stepped further off the road to let it pass, surprised when it started to slow down and stop just past where she had stopped. It wasn't like Brandy to take a ride from a stranger and where she would have just kept walking, the passenger door pushed open and she stepped forward a bit, if nothing else, to just glance into the truck. She was surprised to see a ruggedly good-looking guy looking down at her with a grin. He was dressed in faded blue jeans with a rip here and there and an undershirt that clung in all the right places. It was obvious that he took very good care of his body. His short, brown hair peeked out from beneath the faded trucker's hat that he had on but what she saw beneath it is what took her breath away.

He was gorgeous ... in that rugged, simplistic kind of way. Bright cerulean blue eyes gazed back at her over a rugged grin. Even feeling somewhat nervous about taking a ride from someone she didn't know, it was getting really too late for a woman, especially her age, to be walking down the road alone. He glanced around some before speaking in a deep friendly voice, "Everything okay, hon?"

Brandy's nerves were on edge enough with the fight that she and Chad had just gone through not to mention having to hike home the couple of miles back to her apartment. Moving towards the open door with a somewhat distraught look on her face, she rested one hand on the door as she looked up once more to the friendly guy that couldn't have been much older than her own twenty-four years. "I ... I stormed out of my boyfriend's car a ways back," she tried to explain.

"Well, hop on in," he said, offering his hand to help her up with a smile. "I won't bite."

Brandy's teeth toyed with her lower lip nervously as she hesitated for a moment and then gently slid her hand into his, pulling herself up into the truck to have a seat. Running a nervous hand through long blonde hair before reaching for the door to shut it gently, she managed to say, "Thanks."

"It's no problem, hon," he said as he started to drive again, his hand still clasped to hers as he shook it gently. "My name is Steven, by the way."

Brandy glanced over at him with a small smile, starting to relax some as her fingers tightened on his momentarily as he shook it. "Thanks for the ride, Steven. I'm Brandy"

"Well it's a pleasure, Brandy," he said, lifting her hand to his lips to place a gentle charming kiss to it before slowly letting it go. "So, where ya headed?"

She smiled gently, watching his lips lower to her hand and couldn't help but wonder why guys these days didn't show that kind of charm. Then glancing ahead at the road said, "Oh, uhmmm ... if you just drop me off at the first truck stop, I can call my friend to come get me and take me home. I wouldn't want to put you out."

"Oh it's no problem. I don't mind at all ... just a nice gesture," he said with a smile, getting a feeling that she was somewhat impressed with his manners. "I'm sure you would do the same for me," he added.

Brandy couldn't help but smile, charmed by the trucker's manners as she looked at him. "Well, if you are sure you don't mind ..." she trailed off as she pointed towards the next turn off. "My apartment complex is just down the road a couple of miles."

Steven followed the exit, turning off the highway, glancing over to the beautiful younger girl in his truck. His attention was captured for a moment by the shifting of her long sexy legs beneath the shortness of her blue jean mini skirt, his eyes traveling down her tanned legs to the strappy sandals tied around her ankles and then back up across her flat belly and the piercing that glimmered in the passing car lights, up over her beaded halter top to take in her long blonde hair. He cleared his throat some, turning his head as he tried to focus on the road. "So, what do you do Brandy? Got a job? School?"

Brandy watched the road some before glancing over to him with a soft smile. "Both," she said. "I'm taking the last of my college requirements for my master's degree but I work too. I gotta pay for my apartment somehow." She added a gentle laugh at the last part, thinking about her job as an exotic dancer and how there would have been a time she would have been mortified to do it but it DID bring in a lot of money. "Are you from around here or just passing through?" she asked as he drove.

"Just passing through," he said, keeping his eyes on the road this time as he spoke. "I actually don't have an exact home. I drive quite a lot so it saves me a lot of money. Soon I'll stop doing this and have a better job," he said, almost like he was dreaming out loud and then caught himself, shaking his head some before he glanced over at Brandy, catching her gaze on him and immediately got lost in the depths of her blue gaze. "But ... uhh, that's nice ... you know, about you ...uhh, getting a master's and all."

Brandy smiled gently as she found his eyes on her, their gazes locked momentarily as blonde ringlets of hair seemed to frame her tanned face and then breaking the moment, pointed again as her eyes shifted back to the road. "There it is!" she exclaimed. "Those apartments there ... on the right. Just drive through the main gate and press 6432 into the box. That's our code to get in and the gates should just swing open."

Steven shook his head some, trying to stay focused on driving instead of the girl's beauty sitting beside him. "Right ... right," he mumbled some, turning into the drive and rolling down the window. He had to lean somewhat out the window to reach the computer keyboard to punch in the numbers before they could drive through.

"It's just down the hill, around this first building and right across the pool ... building 14," Brandy explained, pointing out the way some as he drove, glancing over to him with a smile. "You're really sweet to bring me home."

"It really is no problem," Steven said as he parked in front of Building 14, stopping the truck and taking up more than one parking space. "Is this it?" he asked, turning some to look at her.

Brandy glanced up at the building and then smiled, turning to face Steven some as she gathered her purse from where it had dropped to the floorboard of the truck. He could see the sparkle in her blue eyes as the moonlight seemed to touch her face in a soft, bathing caress. "Yes it is. I don't know how to thank you for saving me from having to walk the entire way home," she said. There was a moment of silence as she glanced up at the building again, fumbling for her keys for a moment before she added, "Do you wanna come up? The least I could do is offer you something to drink."

Steven grinned, glancing at his watch momentarily like he had to be somewhere by a certain time but then surprised her with, "Uhhhh, yeah ... that would be nice." Smiling he opened the door and before Brandy could do the same, he had walked over to her side and opened the door for her. He could see the surprise in her eyes as again, manners ruled the night where he was concerned.

Taking his outstretched hand, Brandy slid out of the door, her short skirt traveling dangerously high on her thighs, giving him a momentary peek at a hint of her pink thong beneath the skirt before she stood, her hand straightening the skirt. The brushing past him, the hint of her perfume seeming to beckon him to follow as she said, "It's upstairs on the second floor."

Steven followed her willingly, almost as if in trance from the burning thought of the hint of thong lingering in his mind and the scent of her perfume lingering in his nose. "Do you have the apartment to yourself?" he asked as his gaze was drawn to the natural rock and dip motion of Brandy's hips, an appreciative smile appearing as he tried to keep up with her sure steps.

Turning her head to look over her shoulder, Brandy could see Steven following close behind, a sultry smile appearing on her lips as she stopped before one of the doors. Pushing the key into the lock and turning it, she said, "Yeah, I'm a neat freak so I tend to run off roommates." With a soft laugh, she pushed open the door and flipped on the light to illuminate a cozy but well kept apartment that smelled of pine needles and fresh air.

"Oh wow," Steven said, a smile forming on his face as he stepped in, his blue eyes glancing around before settling on the big screen T.V. that set in one corner. "You sure must make some good money in order to get a screen like that." And then in a surprise mood, kicked off his boots to leave at the door as he repeated, "Wow, this is really a nice place."

Brandy smiled, closing the door behind him and hung her purse on the peg behind the door almost tripping over his boots as she turned, a soft laugh erupting. "Well, my job pays pretty well," Brandy said, leaving it at that. She was pretty sure that now wasn't the time to tell him I was a stripper. "What can I get you to drink?" she asked. "Beer? Water? Tea?"

She could see him checking out her place, taking in the faded looking leather couch that seemed to beckon him closer. The decorations had an outdoorsy, woodsy feeling to them complete with a few scattered small artificial pine trees and pictures hanging in rustic wooden frames. "Uhmmm, well if I'm driving tonight I probably shouldn't have a beer but surprise me," he said. Drifting towards the couch, he slowly flopped down onto it and leaned back, amazed at how comfortable it was. It practically swallowed him as he lay his head back, closing his eyes briefly.

Brandy couldn't help but smile some, seeing how tired he really must be from the way he flopped down on the couch, thinking maybe he's been driving a bit too much lately. Stepping into the kitchen, she pulled open the door to the refrigerator as one hand reached down to untie the straps on her sandals, balancing on one foot as she looked for just the right thing to serve. Kicking off her sandals, she reached into the back of her fridge, pulling out a chilled bottled of red wine, figuring that one glass of wine wouldn't hurt. Glancing back to where Steven was relaxing on the couch, she smiled gently thinking that he could stay for a while just in case and then pulled down two wine glasses, pouring the chilled liquid into them.

Stepping back out into the living room, Brandy honestly hoped that maybe he would stay for a while. She could use the company after the fiasco of an evening with Chad, moving to take a seat beside Steven on the couch, sinking down quietly as she held out the glass. "One glass of wine won't hurt, will it?" she asked quietly.

Steven slowly opened his eyes, hoping that Brandy didn't notice that he had actually dozed off for a moment and sitting more upright on the couch for a moment, reached for the glass as a gentle smile appeared on his face. "Nah, not at all. Thank you for the hospitality," he said, taking a small sip from the glass. Not having any alcohol in his system for at least a year now with him driving all the time, he was trying to go easy. He glanced up at her, not being to help but think that Brandy had to be the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. Sipping on the wine, he couldn't help but think how everything on her was sexy looking even down to her bare feet. He swallowed a bit before looking back up at her. "I'm sorry about your boyfriend," he said, not really sure what to say as his arm snaked along the back of the couch behind her.

Brandy shrugged a bit, taking a small sip of the wine as her long legs crossed. Her bare foot barely brushed up against Steven's leg with the simple movement. She couldn't help but notice his gaze fall to her skirt that had ridden up further on her thighs as she sat back into the comfort of the couch. She could feel his arm around her from the back of the couch and looked at him with a soft laugh. "I'm not," she said. "I'm just sorry that I didn't dump the jerk while he was in my parking lot."

Smiling, Steven's hand slowly moved to her shoulder to rub it gently. He could feel goose bumps tingling along his skin just from the feeling of her foot rubbing up against his leg, even if momentarily. "Well, that's good. This guy sounds like a jerk. At least, I'm taking your opinion about him," he managed to say, wondering if it sounded as much like blubbering to her as it did to him. "But that's really the only opinion that matters, I suppose," he added, shaking his head at himself as his fingers gently massaged her shoulder. He hadn't even realized that in that short time he had practically downed the glass of wine and with a surprised look, set the empty glass aside.

Brandy smiled and started to relax under his hand as it moved to her shoulder. For some reason that she couldn't understand, she felt very at ease with this guy and glanced to the movement of his hand setting aside the empty glass. With a soft laugh she said, "I have plenty more where that came from," using her toes to gently rub up against his leg again. She saw his gaze drop to the soft shiny silver color that adorned her toenails, matching the silver twisted toe ring that gleamed in the light.

"I'll have more when you finish yours," he said, the smile unable to leave his face as he rested his head back against the couch. As Brandy's toes gently rubbed his leg, he could feel his cock begin to harden, causing a bulge in his jeans that he tried to hide, shifting on the couch. The last thing he wanted was the ruin the moment by thinking all he had on his mind was getting relief even though the thought was definitely crossing his mind.

Brandy smiled gently, taking another sip of her wine but wanting to be the best hostess she could be, stood, her hand pressing into Steven's thigh for leverage as she pushed up to a standing position. For a moment, her ass was level with his face as her hand tugged on her mini skirt, pulling it further down her thighs before leaning over him with a grin. She saw his eyes widen some as her halter top gaped open some, giving him a view of her lacy pink bra that lay underneath. Grabbing his empty glass, she said, "I don't mind," and moved back into the kitchen.

Steven could feel his jaw drop, thinking she was making it next to impossible for him to try and hide the growing erection in his jeans. All he could seem to picture in his head was her standing in front of him in nothing but her pink bra and matching thing. "I ... I really appreciate the wine," he managed to say. "Why don't you just bring the bottle?"

Brandy heard him as she moved into the kitchen, pulling open the fridge and leaned in for the bottle of chilled red wine. The rush of cold hair swept across her tank top, making her nipples pucker and tighten beneath the thin layer of material and she could feel them pushing against the lacy material of her bra. With a bump of her hip to close the door, she moved back into the living room, a decadent sway to her rounded hips. She saw Steven's appreciative glance at her hard nipples before glancing down to her pierced belly button. Flipping a couple of leather covered tin lamps on and shutting down the main switch, in an instant she had bathed the room in a nice soft glow. "I hope you don't mind," she purred. "That light gives me a headache after a while."

He smiled as she reached him, his gaze lifting to her beautiful face once again as he reached for the proffered glass. "No, its more relaxing this way," he said, patting the place next to him on the couch as he took a sip of the wine and then a larger gulp before setting it aside. The way she smiled as she slid back into the spot next to him along with the wine was starting to relax him as he looked at her. "You know, you really are beautiful," he said.

The comfort of the couch gave way some so that Brandy actually wound up leaning against him somewhat. As her legs crossed again, her pedicured foot trailed down his weathered jeans a bit. Picking her glass back up, she took a slow sip and her blonde hair spilled over one shoulder to curl enticingly over one breast. She managed to blush softly at his words and whispered a soft, "Thanks" over the rim of her glass. Brandy couldn't help but take in his handsome form some before her free hand reached up to pluck the hat that was still sitting on top of his head. Grinning, she tossed it over onto the over-stuffed chair that was covered with steer hide. "I thought you might have some hair underneath that thing," she teased.

Steven grinned in response as he felt her body weight press into him on the couch. He knew what she had found under his hat was untidy but short and light brown. Using his hand to softly push back the hair that had fallen over her shoulder, the sensation of her soft hair and gentle face caused his eyes to gaze into hers. "I always forget my hat is still on," he said.

Brandy smiled tenderly, the soft touch of his hand on her hair and the brush of his fingers against the side of her face seemed to trigger her own hand to reach up. Fingering his untidy locks, she pushed her fingers through it some as if she could tame it. Laughing gently, the movement caused her breasts to push into his side as his arm was still on the back of the couch. "I can see why," she teased.

Closing his eyes, Steven's body slid down the couch a little bit as her fingers raked through his hair. He could feel her well manicured nails rub across his head and he couldn't help but breathe a bit heavier as he managed to say, "Mmmmm, that really feels good." He wasn't sure how much longer he could control the desires that were starting to grow inside for this girl as he felt her firm young breast press against his side. It was if her erect nipple was begging for some attention.

Taking a moment to look at his rugged good looks hidden beneath the scruffy beard that had to be the product of a few days drive, she watched him relax. Her fingers lightly stroked and scratched in soft passes over her head as if she had done this a thousand times with him before. It sure didn't seem like she had just met this man. Brandy somehow got the feeling that it had been a while since he had been pampered or taken care of as her fingers slowly trailed down the side of his face. Even as she reacted to him like they had been together forever, she didn't understand what really had her so relaxed and comfortable around him but to be honest, she was enjoying it just the same.

"You must be tired from driving all the time," she whispered softly as her cheek suddenly pressed to his shoulder and she could feel his hand curl around her shoulder drawing her close. Why did this feel so familiar?

"Mmm hmmm," he managed to say as he turned his head to place a soft kiss to her forehead. Damn, but she was intoxicating and he was more relaxed around her than he had been any woman in years. "Do you mind if I use you bathroom to clean up a bit?" he asked.

Brandy smiled, lifting her cheek from his shoulder as her legs uncrossed and bent to pick up her glass again. "No, of course not," she said. "In fact, feel free to use the shower or what not. I think Chad left an old razor in there. Just make yourself at home." She smiled again as they both stood at the same time and added, "I think I'm going to get comfy myself."

Steven was relieved for a chance to clean up, especially around a girl as beautiful as Brandy was. He hated that his first impression on her had been some scruffy, truck driver. "Thank you very much," he said, finishing his glass of wine before setting it down. As he started to walk across the room to the bathroom, he teasingly added, "I expect that to be full when I get back."

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