tagSci-Fi & FantasyBrass Balls and Hysteria

Brass Balls and Hysteria


Jessamine tugged the cap down low over her brow and rubbed her wool covered hands together as she hid in an alley next to a cigar shop. She knew when she had decided to sneak into the Monigold Hearth and Steam factory that it might dangerous. She just didn't think it would be so chilly.

"Balls." The young woman mumbled as she shivered in the gray pea coat she had "borrowed" from her older brother. It was a quarter past midnight and the majority of London society was abed.

If her parents ever found out they would be appalled. Mother would suffer from vapors and Father would bluster and shake his head. Amelia and Parker would most likely say "good show" and pat her on the back. Her two older siblings couldn't stand the Monigold cousins either. Amelia had once been adamant in her dislike for the two men, who were admired by the majority of unattached females of their acquaintance. But for some reason she had changed her mind and would even smile and nod at Bennett Monigold whenever he rode his chestnut mare though Hyde Park.

Jessamine did think Mr. B. Monigold was a dashing figure. His cousin and partner

was the one who grated on her nerves. Roderick Monigold made her angry to the point that the tips of her ears turned red whenever his name was mentioned. He had this horrible habit of sneaking up beside her during balls or picnics and taking over the conversation.

Jessamine shivered as the rain slashed down sideways. All she had to do was sneak into the factory and find out what the Monigolds had planned for the Industrial Steam and Light Symposium.

Jessamine snarled up at the dirigible flying high above in the late night sky. On the side of the machine was an advert for—"Monigold Hearth and Steam: the only steam run fireplaces available for eliminating soot and keeping a home smelling fresh."

Wasn't it bad enough they had cornered the market on fireplaces? Now they wanted to take over the dirigible aerostat field that had kept her family in business for over one-hundred years. As the turn of the twentieth-century was upon them, the Starlings had so much to look forward to as the aerostat industry kept evolving, Jessamine would do whatever she could to stop the Monigolds from stealing her legacy.

As the drizzle grew into a steady rain, Jessamine hunched down further into her coat, ran over to the metal fence surrounding the building and started climbing in her breeches she also had pinched from Parker.

The drop to the ground from the top of the fence wasn't far and she fell softly on the grass. Taking a quick peek around, she almost laughed. The Monigolds probably thought that no one would dare sneak in and try to steal their secrets. Well, the joke was on them!

Jessamine wiped away her damp forehead and pushed her dark braid under the collar of her coat. She rushed across the lawn and backed up against the wall, sliding around until she spotted a window slightly ajar.

She grabbed hold of the sill, propped herself up and climbed in on her stomach. She went down face first and fell on some boxes. She knelt and took a quick glance around. The main factory floor was covered in semi-darkness with only a few gas lamps lit on the far walls. There were many tables covered with belts, pulleys and gears, but no sight of a dirigible. Off in the far corner was an office most likely locked.

Jessamine slid down to the floor. She was almost soaked to the bone and her teeth chattered. She took off her gloves, pushed them into her coat pocket and fingered her tool set. Not only was she handy with fixing broken down mechanics such as miniature telectroscopes and semi-flying carriages, but many times when she had been punished and told to go to her bedroom, she would practice her skills at breaking the lock on her door. Her plan was to break into the office and search for any blue prints or ledgers for the secret dirigible project she had overheard being discussed last month by a few gentlemen during one of the many coming out balls.

She walked around some very large crates and boxes. A large boom of thunder and a flash of lighting lit up the floor, making Jessamine jump. She covered a gasp as she heard a low whirling sound. Jessamine backed against a crate and tried to steady her breathing, even though her heartbeat was pounding way too fast for her liking. She remained still until the sound disappeared.

Taking a peek out from behind the crate, she didn't spot anything out of the ordinary. It had to be her unsettling imagination responsible. Soon she would be jumping at shadows.

Releasing a soft snort, Jessamine slowly walked over to the office door, knelt down and took out her leather bound case of tools. The gold metal plate on the door with the engraved name of B. Monigold made her want to clap over her find, but instead she got down to the business at hand.

The lock was broken in no time, and when it made a small snick, she turned the knob, quickly opened the door and lightly shut it. Backed against the door, she pulled out a small light flasher and turned it on. The light gave the room a glow as Jessamine walked in further.

The office was spacious with a long leather couch off to the side and a massive cherry wood desk in front of a large set of windows. The far wall was covered with a white board where various drawings and blue prints hung. Jessamine stopped in her tracks and scratched her head as she glanced over near a large cabinet.

A contraption that looked much like a Gibson chair stood there. This was a typical one made out of leather and wood with mahogany and velvet pads. But it wasn't quite right. On the side of the chair was some sort of panel with buttons that were surrounded by intricate clockwork. A strange valve was also on each side. There was a small hole cut into the seat and down near the legs were tubes that had and brass gears on them. Four of these tubes hung over the back of the chair and had knobs that size of saucers one would serve a tea on. Jessamine walked closer and squeezed one of the knobs. It wasn't hard, as she first thought it to be, but hollow, and released a strange wheezing sound. She looked down at the seat, letting out a gasp when she saw a long and wide rubber tube that looked identical to a--

Jessamine didn't have any time to react as the door swung open and a beer-barrel object with a circular metal dome on top flew in the air. A set of red blinking eyes covered by small mechanical spectacles shot out a bright light on the floor. A puff of smoke went off in front of Jessamine and as she coughed, her head grew woozy. She had been hit with some sort of gas! As she slid down and fell to the floor, a set of tan trousers came into her line of vision. Her eyes rolled in back of her head and she passed out.

The last thing she remember seeing was a face with perfect dimples and dark wicked looking hazel eyes.


Jessamine moaned and blinked as she brought the room into focus. She tried lifting her arms, but they were stuck. She looked down and whimpered. She was sitting in the strange chair, with her wrists and ankles tied down, wearing only her camisole and linen drawers.

"Well Mac, it looks like we have an unexpected guest." The man wearing only a long sleeved ivory dress shirt that was rolled up under his elbows and an unbuttoned paisley vest spoke to the strange looking mechanical robot as it spun around the room.

"Oh no, not you," Jessamine moaned and dropped her head down to her chest. Having Bennett Monigold find her was one thing. But being caught by his cousin Roderick was another thing entirely.

"Oh yes, it is I Jessamine," Roderick said, tilting Jessamine's chin up with his fist.

Jessamine almost let out a very un-lady like curse. Not only did Mister Roderick Monigold say her Christian name without permission, but the way he said it made her shiver. Her name was pronounced Jess-a-meen, not Jessa-mine like he said. He made the word "mine" roll off his tongue in such a way that made her itch in places a woman dare not mention.

"Release me this instant you blackguard!" Jessamine tried to bite Roderick's hand, but he just laughed and gave her chin a squeeze.

"Now why would I do that Jessa mine? You are the one trespassing on my property."

"I would not have to trespass if you and your cousin were not low down dirty thieves!"

Roderick flicked a finger over his nose and rolled his eyes. "Did you hear that Mac?"

The robot flew over and landed on Roderick's shoulder. Its face pressed up to Roderick's ear and spoke with a few muffled grinds and whistles.

Jessamine pouted. A Mechanical Assisting Companion like Roderick's was a much wanted commodity that only the most of London's elite owned. It stung that Jessamine's family didn't have one. Or that her father never even considered owning one.

Roderick snapped his fingers in front of her face. She blinked. "Good to know I have your attention again. Now what in the world do you mean about me being a thief?"

Jessamine wiggled her arms and sighed. "Do not play dumb with me Mr. Monigold. I know all about your plans to unveil a new high class dirigible next week to try and make my family look bad. I had to stop that from happening."

Roderick crossed his arms and stared down at her. "You silly girl. You just had to put your nose in a place where it didn't belong. You will be more than mortified when I tell you what Bennett and I plan to "unveil", as you say it, at the Symposium."

"Oh really? Could it have something to do with this strange chair you have me tied half naked to?" Jessamine moved around, almost tipping the chair over, when Roderick leaned down and placed his hands over her tied arms.

"Yes. You need to be punished. But I don't think you will mind this type of punishment I have planned for you. You see." Roderick's voice dropped and he blew into Jessamine's ear, placing his lips against the side of her neck. "The Monigold Company has been commissioned by the London Board of Health and Medicine to invent a new machine to help stop the growing hysteria in females. The chair you are sitting on is a prototype we have created. The only thing left to do is to test it out on a female suffering from the horrible disease."

Jessamine trembled and closed her eyes as Roderick place his hands around her neck and rubbed his thumbs across her collarbone. Hysteria in women had grown over the past decade. Her aunt had been the victim of the disease until her uncle admitted her into an institution. In less than a month her aunt had been cured and went on to have four darling children after her uncle used the specific devices given to him from her doctors after she came home.

"Oh really?" Jessamine asked and licked her lips.

"Yes. You will be my first subject." Roderick pulled down the straps of her camisole, took hold of her breasts in his hands, and started kneading them. Jessamine released a sob, and when Roderick covered her mouth with his, she clenched her fists and her toes curled.

Her nipples grew hard over the way Roderick manipulated them with his fingers. His tongue lapped over hers with such skill that Jessamine was lost in the sensation.

"Jessa mine...all mine." Roderick whispered and pressed his lips down on her throat. Jessamine watched as he turned on some sort of switch.

The chair rocked slightly and the two chair legs were propped up until Jessamine's own legs were spread open. Roderick knelt in front of her as he continued to fondle with her breasts with one hand while he grabbed one of the tubes with the rubber suction knob in the other and did something so unbelievably shocking that Jessamine let out a hoarse cry.

Roderick tore open her drawers and pressed the suction cup right on top of her woman's flesh. It made a pocket around her pussy and moved slowly, releasing bursts of air along her nether lips.

Jessamine dug her nails into the arm of the chair and rocked against the cup as it sucked away. She rolled her head to the side and whimpered when Roderick placed his mouth around her areola and bit down.

The sensation of Roderick's mouth on her breast and the cup on her cunt made her vision go blurry.

"Please stop. I-I can't take it!" Jessamine screamed as her wetness coated her navel and slid down onto the chair.

"Oh, you will take more...much more." Roderick released Jessamine's breast and pressed up, ravishing her mouth. His tongue came out and licked at her lips as Jessamine joined in, using her tongue as a weapon against his own.

The chair vibrated as the cup continued to pulse against Jessamine's vaginal lips. She grew even slicker with need and banged her head against the back of the chair as a loud bubble of pleasure released inside of her.

"Ohhh!" Jessamine moaned, going limp even as Roderick ate away at her lips and the cup continued to bring alive all her nerve endings.

All too soon, a pulsing heat grew inside Jessamine again. She moved her face to the side and panted, "I want y-you, n-not this thing."

Roderick grabbed hold of Jessamine's face and gave her a hard stare. "You know that means you will be ruined and mine in truth."

Jessamine wanted to deny him, but another climax ripped through her body. She could barely see from the combination of steam and mist that rose up around her. The distant sounds of beeping and clinking came off from the side. Jessamine opened her eyes and gasped as Mac sat high on the cabinet and watched.

Before she could point out they had a voyeur, Roderick tugged off her wrists straps and untied her legs. She started to unbutton his shirt when he pulled her legs over each of his shoulders and his mouth joined where the cup sucked.

Jessamine slid down and grabbed hold of Roderick's hair as he pulled the cup away and placed his mouth over her mound.

Jessamine gasped and shuddered in delight. "Oh Mr. Monigold, your mouth and tongue is the only thing that can cure my hysteria!"

Roderick squeezed Jessamine's thigh and lapped over her pussy. He winked and tugged gently on one of her swollen pussy lips. Jessamine sighed again when he pushed his finger up against that little button of joy that had always given her pleasure when she touched it as she tried to fall to sleep at night.

"You will call me Rod or Roderick, lusty thief of my heart."

Jessamine felt tears fill her eyes and she wiped away her damp face over Roderick's claim.

Roderick continued to give Jessamine wet, succulent kisses over her pussy until she climaxed again. She sat there in repose and let out a deep yawn. Roderick lifted her in his arm and walked over to the far wall. He wrapped her legs around his waist. Jessamine laid her arms across his shoulders and placed kisses across his sweaty neck and chest.

"I can't wait. You're ready as you will ever be." Roderick hitched Jessamine up higher and unfastened his breeches. He pressed the head of his penis against Jessamine's core and let out a deep breath.

"Jessa mine, look at me," Roderick ordered softly.

Jessamine pressed her head back again the wall and looked Roderick in the eye. "Take me."

Roderick gave her a grin and slid inside.

Jessamine dug all ten fingers into Roderick's shoulders and tried to relax as she became impaled on his cock.

Roderick placed his forehead against Jessamine's chest and then looked up and pumped. She gasped and bit her lip. He laughed and molded his lips over her own, tugging on them, as he rocked back and forth.

Jessamine smiled and moved with Roderick, enjoying the feel of his hands under her buttocks as they moved together in almost perfect motion.

Roderick spread his legs out even farther and released Jessamine's lips as he stared at her, watching closely as he continued to pump inside her.

"If I give you my seed, there is no turning back." Roderick stated and leaned down to lap over Jessamine's nipple.

Jessamine hugged Roderick in close and looked over at Mac, who seemed to be dozing. "Even if you didn't give me your seed, we have a witness. I would say we are stuck with one another."

Roderick looked up and turned his head. He let out a booming laugh. Jessamine squeezed her thighs tighter together. He groaned and with one final push, she came so hard that purple spots appeared in front of her eyes.

The next thing she knew, there was blackness and nothing more.


"Oh balls, I can't believe I passed out in the middle of...well you know." Jessamine blushed against Roderick's chest as she lay across him in the nude on his leather couch.

"I should only be so honored that a lady would faint from engaging in such incredible passion."

Jessamine lightly slapped Roderick on the arm and sat up. "You are such a cad."

"But, I am your cad." Roderick placed his hands around Jessamine hips to keep her steady as she straddled his waist.

Giving him a kiss, Jessamine smiled against his mouth. "And I can certainly say you have cured me of my hysteria quite well."

Roderick wrapped his arms around Jessamine and tugged her down until she was lying flat against him. His cock rose up and snuggled in between her legs. Jessamine sighed and watched as Mac spun around the room, opened the door and zoomed away.

"Now he leaves after watching us the entire time." Jessamine muttered and glanced back at the chair that had given her such pleasure.

"He does his rounds ever hour."

"Oh, so that is why I didn't see any Watch?" Jessamine sat up again and tapped her chin.

Roderick lifted up on his elbows and pressed his hips up against hers. "Why would I need to hire actual people when I have something like Mac to give me all the security I need?"

Jessamine glanced over her shoulder again at the chair. "You are a very inventive gentleman. What else can the chair do?" she asked in a hushed whisper and tucked in her chin.

"Here now, none of that." Roderick tilted her chin back up. "Bennett is the mind behind that contraption. I am just the builder. And now that you have me, you won't need anything else."

Jessamine caressed the back of her hand across Roderick's cheek. He smiled and placed his hands on her breasts, squeezing them lightly. She moaned and titled back her head as his cock pushed inside her warm, damp cunt.

Keeping him snug inside her, Jessamine smiled as an idea came to her. "But I still think there is one last test we must do with the chair. Why only market to help hysteria in women when it would be also ideal to help gentlemen who may find themselves in need of some release also? Imagine what a chair like that could do for a man after a hard day of work?"

Jessamine squeaked as Roderick sat up. He gave her a loud smack on the lips. "Jessa mine, you are a genius!"

Roderick pulled Jessamine off his lap and threw his shirt around her shoulders. He stood and pulled on his pants as he scratched his chin and tapped his foot.

Jessamine walked up behind him and placed a kiss on his back.

"Perhaps we both can use the chair at the same time...all for the benefit of science and human nature."

Roderick turned around and grabbed hold of Jessamine's hands. "I think Miss Starling you will be a wonderful addition to the Monigold Corporation."

Jessamine took a step back and locked the door. For the time being she didn't want to be interrupted, and that included the mechanical guard Mac. She dropped Roderick's shirt to the floor and placed her hands on her hips. "Take off those pants and sit down."

Roderick just lifted an eyebrow and did what his future wife ordered.


Less than a half hour later, Mac flew back over to his master's office. He jiggled the door knob but it wouldn't open. He zoned in on the lock, ready to break it open when he heard a low moan and then a woman's high pitch giggle.

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