Brazilian Heat


At twenty-six I did something I had been trying to do since I was eighteen. I finally took the vacation I wanted. Ever since my freshman year of college I had been trying to get to Brazil for spring break. Spring Breaks came and went and never once did I make it to Brazil. All I knew was that I was in love with Latin women. I thought they were the sexiest creatures on the planet. Anyway, me my two best friends, Tony and Jay were coming along with me. So I knew we were going to have a good time.

As soon as we arrived we checked into our hotel and went to the beach. I spent the day on my stomach because every woman on the beach made me hard. The fellas and I made a pact to fuck a woman for every night that we were on vacation. After we left the beach went to the front desk and asked the guy if he could tell us where we could find the most beautiful women on the island. He told us about a club that was actually a block away. He said that every one that went there was guaranteed a great time. We thanked him and went upstairs to get some rest so we could could go out later.

After downing some shots in my room. We went downstairs and headed over to the club that the guy suggested. When we walked in we were surprised to hear them playing hip-hop. We looked at each other. Each of us thinking that perhaps we were in the wrong place. We had asked for and wanted the authentic Brazilian nightlife. Not a night that felt like we were back home.

“Lets get a drink…check the place out?” Jay suggested. “You never know we might get lucky here.”

We sauntered over to the bar and ordered three beers. I put the bottle to my lips and casually surveyed the club. There were actually a lot of beautiful Brazilian women walking around. I noticed one in particular on the dance floor. She was about 5ft 5. Long dark hear. Wearing a mini skirt and a half shirt that showed of the six pack that was her stomach. Even though the beat of the song was going fast she swayed slowly and sensually to the music. Listening to her own song playing in her head. I fell into a trance as I watched her move. I tapped Tony so he could look at what I was looking at. He already was.

“She is gorgeous.” I heard him say.

“I saw her first so I get the first crack at her.” I told them.

“Go get her tiger.” Jay said grinning.

I took a long swallow of my beer and moved out on the dance floor. First standing at the edge scoping her out. Really checking to see if any other guy was going to come claim her. The last thing I wanted to do was get in a fight 3000 miles away from home. I watched for a few minutes and slowly moved out on the dance floor. She saw me coming slowly towards her and she extended her hand and pointer finger, she slowly turned her wrist over so her palm was facing up then beckoned me to her.

I don’t even remember my feet touching the floor. The next thing I knew. I was in front of her. Now that I was close she was even more stunning close up. She had green eyes, pouty lips and at least a 36 C. Her hips were wide and her ass fat. She was a perfect specimen of Brazilian beauty. She put her hands on my waist and began to rock me back and forth in time with her motions. I instinctively followed her. We gazed at each other as we danced. She never actually let her body touch mine except for her hand on my waist. But you could feel the heat and electricity we were sending to each other.

The music changed and she turned around so I could get a good view of her ass. Her skirt was as short as it was low. Her thongs showed over the top of the skirt. Curving up around her ass to her waist before disappearing below her hemline once again. You could see that she tanned recently because the tan line followed that same route. I became instantly erect watching her move to the pulsating Latin rhythms that were now coming out of the speaker. The girl slowly backed her ass up until it rested in my crotch region. Reaching behind her to hold me in place. By placing her hands on the back of my thighs. We danced like that for several songs. Finally the music slowed again.

The girl turned to me and said in broken English. “Eees Good, U keep up.”

I strained to hear what she said, but she repeated it.

“Yeah,” I said beaming my most disarming smile. “I definitely keep up.” With that I glanced subtly down to my crotch area where my dick was still making a dent in my jeans. She followed my eyes down and right there on the middle of the dance floor. Gently rubbed her hand over my package. Sending volts of electricity through me. It even felt like I grew harder at her touch.

“U keep up here.” She said pointing to the dance floor. “Can u keep u everywhere?”

“Do you want to find out?” I asked.

“Si.” She said and grabbed my hand leading me off the dance floor towards the exit.

As she pulled me through the crowd I looked back towards the bar area where I could see my boys high-fiving each other while giving me the thumbs up sign.

We stepped out side in the balmy air and the sweat slowly began drying on my skin. We went past the patrons trying to get in and walked towards my hotel.

As soon as we got inside the elevator she pushed me back against the wall and began kissing me. She was very aggressive like a dude. Her tongue darted to the back of throat, all along the inside of my mouth. Her aggressiveness turned me on even more. One hand held the back of my head while the other tugged at my belt and the buttons of my jeans. I held on with both hands to the railing as she took charge. The elevator came to a stop. By now her hands had found there way into my pants and she had wrapped her delicate fingers around my cock. Slowly pulling on in it in a downwards motion. I had to hold on to my pants so that it wouldn’t fall. I pulled the key out and prodded her in the direction I wanted her to go.

In front of my door I grabbed a handful of tits and squeezed. She yelped with delight. I slid my key into the door and waited for the green light to go off. Before entering. She led the way inside as I followed her.

Before the door even closed she turned around and pushed me back against it causing me to slam it shut. “Man, she was strong,” I thought to myself. She had dropped to her knees and I let my pants follow her to the floor. She slid my boxers down and then admired my ebony member before inhaling it. She didn’t slowly slide it into her mouth. She shoved the whole thing in until I was in the back of her throat and my pubes were tickling her nose. Then she slowly slid it out, coating it with a thick film of saliva. My knees buckled slightly. Then she pressed it up against my belly while she licked the underside of it. She licked from the head to the balls. Then she held it forward and licked the top of it. From the head to base. I was in awe as I watched her lips and mouth work over my cock. After thoroughly coating it with her spit she held it between each palm. It looked as if she were about to say a prayer. Then she began sliding her hand back and forth while placing just the tip of my head in her mouth. She sucked hard on the head but kept the massage gentle. The contrasting styles almost brought me to orgasm. I was going to come and I could tell she knew I was when she stopped.

She stood up and backed away from me stepping into the bedroom. I didn’t move. She began undressing herself. The only light in the room was what came in from the moon and the street lamps outside. She slid off her top and threw it on the floor. Next she threw off her skirt and threw it on the floor. Then she was left standing in her g-string thongs and her heels. My god she looked sexy. I slowly walked into the room where she had climbed up on the bed.

“U…Me.” She said pointing to her sweet spot.

“I …U?” I said, feigning ignorance. Truth be told I couldn’t wait to taste her sweet pussy.

“U…me?” She said again spreading her legs wide on the bed.

I stepped out of my jeans and pulled off my shirt. Leaving them where I stood. I made my way up onto the king sized bed. Slowly running my hands over her smooth but tone legs. As I neared her center she reached down and grabbed my hands. Stopping me from touching her. She pulled on me so that I would lay down on the bed. I did as asked. She flipped me onto my stomach. Then as she got up and went behind me she took some pillows and put them under my hips. I have had girlfriends play with my ass before so I wasn’t really apprehensive about her being back there. It just wasn’t one of my favorite things. I felt her hands on my cheeks as she spread them. Then I felt her tongue first on my balls then my ass then my balls again. This chick is impressive was my first thought right then. She continued to tease me before sliding her tongue deep in to my ass. Then she took it out and flicked it around the pucker of my ass.

Next I felt a finger try to invade my ass but it wouldn’t give. I moved letting her know that that wasn’t my thing. That’s when I heard her say.


She kissed and nibbled on my ass cheeks. I lay splayed spread eagle on my stomach and gave myself to her. She slid her tongue and a finger into my ass. It felt so good that I actually started to relax because I wanted her tongue to go deeper. Before I knew it. There was no tongue just a finger. Sliding slowly in and out of my ass. I started lifting my hips off the bed to meet her hands. If my boys could see me now they would swear I had gay tendencies. Her tongue would flick gently across my balls while her finger worked in and out of my ass. I couldn’t take anymore. I needed to fuck something. I jumped up and turned to her. I held her face in my hands and kissed her. Sucking on her tongue, tasting my true self.

“I…U.” I told her. She lay back on the bed her forearm folded across her eyes as if shielding it from something. I reached under her and she lifted her hips. I grabbed the back of her panties and pulled it down.

There staring me in the face was a man’s cock. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t immediately recoil because truthfully I was fascinated. It wasn’t anywhere near as big as mine. But it was cock nonetheless. I looked up and her hands were still covering her face. She slowly sank her ass back down on the bed then lifted it again. I didn’t move. She then repeated the motion. I still didn’t move. I was processing so many things in my head that I didn’t know what to do. As I thought about all the things that this meant I glanced down at my cock. It was still hard. As repulsed as I thought I would be. I realized now I was actually turned the fuck on like I had never been in my life. The next time she lifted her ass off the bed her cock slid into my mouth. I felt something slick and bitter on the end of it. Pre-cum. I licked it off and held her cock in my mouth. She let out a loud moan. I began bobbing my head up and down on her cock. Pretending it was of all things a blow-pop candy. She fucked my mouth slowly as I sucked on her cock. I pulled it out of my mouth making a smacking sound. Then I licked all around it. Pulling lightly on the skin exposing more of the head. I circled the head with my tongue and she moaned again. Bringing her hand down to hold my head steady. She began fucking my mouth with earnest. I kept my chin tucked to my chest and my lips tight. A wad of spit had formed in my mouth and some would leak out onto his/her belly when she pulled back. She went faster and faster and for some unknown reason. Like she had known when I was going to come, I knew when he/she was going to come and removed my head. She cursed out loud as her hips pierced the air trying to find the haven of my mouth.

She flung her hands away from her eyes and glared at me. I smiled back at her. After a second she gave me a sly smile and winked at me. With that she turned around onto her stomach. She reached back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks wide exposing the dark ring to me.

My dick ached it was so hard. I climbed up on her back positioning myself. I felt my head at the entrance of his ass. I paused because I was about to cross a line I had never even thought about crossing before in my life. Was I sure I wanted to do this?

Not waiting for my answer. She/he had slowly lifted himself off the bed and was already sliding my cock inside of them. The way his/her ass gave way so effortlessly surprised, fascinated, and scared me all at once. Lifting his ass off the bed as he was could only put my cock in just past the head. I slowly put my weight on his/her ass and sank the remaining inches into the smooth inviting confines. Once we were joined neither of us moved for what seemed like an eternity. I was scared to move because it would mean, essentially I would be fucking a man. He/she must have known or recognized my dilemma because they didn’t force me to move. I slowly lifted myself off his/her ass. Sliding my cock half way out before dropping back down into it. I repeated the motion again. Sliding my cock out half way before sending it back in. It was like I couldn’t help myself. I looked down at he small of his back. It was slender like a woman’s. The long flowing hair that was swept to the side cascaded like a woman’s would. My body kept lifting and dropping itself onto his/her back. All the while my brain kept processing the different information.

As I pumped my cock in and out of her. I felt animalistic. I realized I had never felt so free in all my life. She/he raised up like a cat cutting short my stroke, then turned on his/her side. She lifted one leg into the air allowing me to continue my plunder of his/her ass. She arched her back ever so slightly, giving me a target to really slide in to. As I furrowed his/her ass I reached across their stomach and touched his/her cock. Their hand was already on it. Milking it. I covered their hand with my hand and held on as they continued to stroke it. She spoke in her native language. None of which I could understand except the word Puta’. She/he would look over her shoulder each time this word would cross her lips. I continued to work my cock in and out of its ass. I was surprised that inside felt juicy just like a pussy would. It was almost like fucking a pussy. I started cursing at him/her. Spitting the word puta back at him each time I rolled my hips into the back of her thigh.

“Si, A si.” She started to mewl. Watching her writhe on my cock only intensified my want for her. I increased my tempo, going faster and faster until it culminated in the biggest, strongest orgasm I ever had in my life. I screamed as I cock spasm emptying its contents deep inside her ass.

Afterwards I lay there. I pulled my dick out with a plop. I rolled onto my back. My hand massaging my temple. I felt her move away from me off towards the foot of the bed. I felt dizzy and sick and exhilarated. Then I felt something else. I felt my legs being spread and lifted into the air. Then I felt liquid drop warm then turn cold as it slid down my ass. I looked at the foot of the bed and noticed how sexy she looked standing there with a hard on and beautiful tits. Slowly she eased up on the bed letting my legs go on her shoulders then fall off the side around her arms. She pressed her cock against my cock mixing my cum, her ass juice and saliva. I held up a finger and wagged it no. She saw me do it and smiled. Then she pulled back and penetrated me. Upon entering she ripped some ass hairs out of place causing me to scurry away from her up the bed. However, she scurried right along with me. I pleaded for her to stop. Instead of pulling out she forced it even further in. I realized even with her small cock. She was still doing a lot of damage. I felt like I was going to shit on myself. I tried to push her off me but she hooked my legs pushing them back as far as they could go. Taking away my leverage. I looked up at her as she smiled down at me. It was as much sinister as it was sexy.

“My God. What did I get myself into?”

I was squirming around trying to work her penis out of me when she leaned forward and whispered one word as she had done earlier.


I took a deep breath and tried to relax my body. It was still uncomfortable for me. Slowly the pressure began to subside. I realized that she was withdrawing her penis. Slowly she slid back before sliding back in. Bringing with it the uncomfortable feeling. She repeated the action. This time when she slid it back in. It wasn’t as uncomfortable. She continued to pump in and out. Opening my ass with her cock each time. And slowly I began to enjoy it. I don’t know how much time had passed but ten minutes, fifteen maybe. And my ass had been opened as much as it was going to go. Still she had not increased her pace. She continued to slide in and out of me slowly. My cock had become engorged once again and was tapping my navel each time she pushed herself back into me. I looked up at her opening my eyes wide as if saying. “What are you doing?” She looked down at me and smiled. That’s when I knew she was teasing me. She wanted me to want her to fuck me. I began bouncing my ass off the bed as hard as I could each time she came down on top of me. She let me do this a few times before increasing her pace. I couldn’t believe I was hard. I couldn’t believe I was enjoying the feel of a man’s cock as it slid in and out of my rectum. She let my legs go and leaned forward so that she could kiss me. This turned me on even more. I was submissive and I liked it. No, I loved it. She tongued me down. I ran my fingers through her hair, across her back pulling her more to me. We stayed like that kissing and fucking until I felt him harden then soften inside me. I was surprised to feel that I could feel his cock engorge right before he came. If filled me up with want as his semen splashed around inside my ass. I wanted more and as if he sensed it.

He pulled out and climbed on top of me slipping my hard cock into his ass and plopping down on it. Cum still streamed from his dick as it lay against my belly. Leaving little rivulets as he began rocking his hips back and forth on my cock. It looked in the moonlight like a snail had trailed across my belly.

I couldn’t see my cock but I felt it inside his ass. I reached up and rubbed on her tits. Squeezing a nipple between my fingers.

“Aiiee,” She said throwing her head back and lifting her hair up with both hands before letting it cascade down her shoulders. She rocked and bounced on my cock working me up again. I stopped and flipped her off. Moving towards the edge of the bed as I did so. She saw what I was trying to do and followed me down there. I sat at the edge and she face away from me and then sat back down on my cock. I watched my cock disappear inside his/her ass and knew I was going to come soon. Seeing myself going inside made it all too real. I was fucking what used to be a man and I was fucking loving it.

“You puta Made’Cone’. You made me want you. You made me want to fuck your sweet ass. You bitch. You hot fucking bitch. Toma’ Toma’.” I said jumping off the bed and bending her over so I go as hard as I wanted. I watched my thick dick slide in and out of her ass and wanted to fuck her even more, even harder. I looked at her taut legs as she strained to keep her balance while I drove my cock in and out of her ass with wild exhilaration. I was fucking him her with all the lust I could muster in my body and she stood there taking it and asking for more.

“I’m gonna cum.” I cried. I pulled my dick all the way out before slamming it back home and unloading inside his/her ass. It was so strong I saw spots shoot in front of my eyes right before I collapsed. I was sweating, he/she was sweating and had also dropped to their knees. Head bowed panting. She was bent in front of me and I could see my cum mixed with this brown liquid running down her leg from her ass and wouldn’t you know unbelievably…I started to get hard again.

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