Jonathan ran a long thin finger up the back of Jacob's neck before moving in front of him. Jacob was tied to a chair, his mouth gagged with a hankerchef, and his eyes showed his fear. Jonathan laughed as he took in the site before him. Jacob had been stripped down to his boxers. He sat there, sweating, and wriggling his arms, trying to get free, but only succeeding in scraping up his wrists. Jonathan now sat before him, on the big iron canopy bed. His orange cat eye contacts staring holes in Jacob's muscular features.

"Have you ever had a man before Jacob?" Jonathan questioned him mockingly. He knew the answer to the question, but he enjoyed taunting the youth.

Jacob's reply was a fearful shake of the head and the muffled sounds of what could have been the word "NO!". He rocked the chair a bit, struggling against his bindings. Jonathan eyed the small scrapes on Jacob's wrists " might end up bleeding...what a mess that would be" Jonathan laughed again, amused by what he was going to do to his bound friend.

Jacob's mind reeled with fear and thoughts. The ropes dug deep into his flesh, and he knew there was no excape from his aparently insane roommate.

Jonathan walked slowly towards Jacob, all the while, looking at the young man's somewhat stiffening manhood. "Are you enjoying this?" Jonathan said cruely as he stood just inches from Jacob. "Perhaps I should do something about that.." Jonathan's eyes lingered on the stiffening member

Jacob didn't know why, but he could feel himself getting hard. He didn't understand why, he wasn't turned on...It was probably just the fear and adrenaline.

Jonathan began to undress, first taking off his silken black shirt, then his black leather pants, leaving him standing nude before the bound man's eyes. his body was magnificent. He was tall, thin, and pale. A gothic dream. His body had not a mark or blemish on it. He had a small patch of pubic hair, neatly trimmed into a small triangle. The hair revealed his true hair colour, which was a dark brown colour. Below the patch of hair rose a stately 7 inch cock, which was completely hard, and even showing some precum.

Jacob immediately started shaking the chair, muffled screams came from his mouth, and his eyes were wide with terror. He knew what was going to happen. and he knew he would not enjoy it.

Jonathan removed some of the ropes, freeing him from the chair, but not freeing his hands or feet. Even though he looked so thin, Jonathan was able to pick Jacob up, and using some of the extra rope, tied his hands to the poles of the canopy bed. his head facing the head of the bed. his feet were bound in the same fashion, leaving him prone to anything Jonathan had in mind.

Jacob gave up after that. He knew there was no way out of it. If Jonathan could pick up him, he knew there was no way for him to excape. He hung his head, and a tear trickled from one eye. He steadied his breath, and waiting for the terrible things to start.

The first sensation, was moments later. a cool sensation, and then a sharp, stabbing pain in his anus told him what was going on. Jonathan had worked a finger inside of him, and was now swiftly moving it back and forth. his other hand snaked around and played with Jacob's hardening member. Jonathan smiled, hearing the muffled cries of his bound roommate.

A second finger was soon worked into Jacob's tight hole, and soon a third. Jacob felt warm, and sick inside. He prayed that it would all stop, and tried to block out the sensations in his own cock. Jonathan was slowly sliding his hand up and down Jacob's shaft as he pushed those fingers as deep as he possibly could, stroking the spot that caused even the straightest man to shiver in pleasure. When he felt Jacob was ready enough, he slowly removed them, and without taking his other hand away from Jacob's now pulsing cock, slowly eased himself into Jacob's loosened anus. At that moment, Jacob's body completely stiffened, and a shout was heard behind the gag.

Jonathan burried himself inside of Jacob, relishing the quiet wimpers from under the gag, as he thrusted violently, without care for the other man. the bed shook, and banged aganst the wall. Jacob prayed that Virgil would hear the noise and inquire what was going on. But Virgil never came, and Jonathan just kept pounding into him. He tried to clear his mind. To step outside of this horrible act. He tried to block out the feeling in his groin, and the pulsing member inside of him. He knew that Jonathan would cum soon. He just had to block it out for just a little longer, and then he could get away from him.

Noticing that Jacob was trying to block out this atrocity, Jonathan thrust himself deeper and deeper. He would break Jacob. Yes. Break him right in two. If that's what it took to dominate him. Jacob felt as if he were being torn apart. He felt each violent thrust opening him, deeper and deeper. It brushed against his prostate, and his own traitorous member throbbed. He hated Jonathan. Oh how he hated him. The hate blocked out the pain, but not the pleasurable sensation in his loins. Soon, to his dismay, and Jonathan's delight, he was spurting white fluid in strings across the bed.

Jonathan laughed and wispered into his ear "You know...I'm centuries old...I'm old enough to be your ancestor...You could be fucking an ancestor..." He would ruin him yet. Upon hearing that, Jacob heaved into his gag, but since his mouth was blocked, the vomit slid back down his throat with a sickening thickness that made his stomach knot its self. A toothy grin slid across Jonathan's face and he pounded away with the satisfaction that his plan was working. Moments later his own member exploded inside of Jacob, but from it came not semen, but a thick blood substance, for Jonathan /was/ a vampire, and therefore could not expell normal, human, fluids. The blood shot though Jacob, and he felt the world spin. Something was wrong here, but he could not tell what. He saw blood drip from him, but he expected that was what happened when one was raped. Jonathan withdrew and re-clothed himself. Jacob muffeled from behind the vomit laden gag, but Jonathan ignored him, and after switching off the lights, he left the room, leaving Jacob nude, violated, and tied to his bed.

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