tagNonHumanBreakdown Ch. 02

Breakdown Ch. 02


"Where am I?"

"Don't worry Candy you are okay." Luke said.

"We couldn't fix your van on the side of the road so we had it towed to our place. You were sleeping so peacefully we couldn‘t wake you. I hope that is okay?" Michael said.

I sat up and looked around the room. It was huge. Luke was laying on my right side, completely naked and Michael was on my left also naked. The room was so beautiful as far as I could tell. I didn't really want to take my eyes off my new friends long enough to really find out for sure.

"What time is it?"

"It's about 6am. You really zonked out on us!"

"I am so sorry. I didn't mean to inconvenience you. When can my van be fixed? Do I need to call a mechanic?" I was trying to act like I didn't need any more sympathy sex from them, but I was dieing to have another go around!

"No need to do that. We are going to have to order the part that we need, but we can't do that for a few more hours. It should be here by tomorrow. You are welcome to stay here until it comes."

"I couldn't do that. You have been so kind as it is."

"Hell, we owe you. After everything you did for Michael and me. It is so hard to find someone we can trust. When I looked into your eyes I knew I could trust you. I knew you were who we've been looking for. It is our pleasure to help you out a little."

"Thank you. Can you read minds? Or do you have mind control like in the movies?"

Michael laughed a little at that. "It isn't really like reading minds; it is more like seeing into your soul. Since we don't have one it makes us more sensitive to a human soul. Like our mind is looking for our missing link. As far as the movies go, don't believe everything you see."

I smiled at him and said, "So what are we going to do today?" changing the subject.

"Well Luke and I thought we would show you around our house a little. It is sun rise so we can't go outside and if you don't mind our company we would love to have you spend the day with us."

"I would like that."

"How are you feeling this morning?"

"Great! I thought I would be weak or something but I feel energized!"

"That is another side effect from the feeding we had on you. It is so our snacks aren't so reluctant to help us out when we need them again. But don't worry, we will take it easy on you today, let you recuperate a little."

"Thanks, so how about that tour? I could really use a tour of the bath area. I feel a little sweaty."

So we got up and Luke and Michael showed me where their bathroom was. I went in and was in awe. It was beautiful. I felt a little self conscience walking around naked. I do not have a nice body and walking around with a couple of stud muffins wasn't helping my inferiority complex much, but they acted like it was nothing unusual and they made me feel right at home. And I felt at home. Safe like I belonged there. Looking around the bathroom I saw there was a Jacuzzi made to hold about 8 people. There was a shower bigger than my entire bathroom and a separate room for the toilet. The only odd thing was there were no mirrors in the room. It was probably a blessing in disguise, that way I couldn't see how awful I looked.

"Would you like to take a shower or a bath?"

"A shower sounds great!"

"May I wash your back?" Michael said.

"May I wash your front?" Luke said.

"You mean you guys aren't tired of me yet?"

"Never!" they said in unison.

So Luke leaned into the shower and turned on the water so it could get hot. I, myself, was already getting hot and wet. We stepped in and I noticed the shower was the type that had a stream of water running all the way up the wall to the shower head. It felt amazing. I was still a little sore from the night before. Sensing my discomfort Michael stepped behind me and started rubbing my shoulders. Luke stepped in front of me and started washing my front with a soapy buff. He was being very thorough with my chest area. I smiled at him and started rubbing his shoulders while he washed me.

"Hand me that buff and let me wash your front now." and I smiled at him as he handed it over to me.

He did it with a silly grin on his face like he had been doing something he shouldn't have. Oh I was enjoying this. He had such nice hard abs. I started at his shoulders and washed my way slowly down to my real destination. I watched his penis grow very large and hard before I even got to it. That encouraged me even more.

Michael took the buff from my hands and started soaping my back, from my shoulders to my ass.

With both my hands free I stopped pretending to wash him and started rubbing my hands down his chest to his rock hard penis. I heard him moan and that really encouraged me. I had him turn around to let the soap wash off his body. I loved watching the water trail down his ass as he turned. When he turned back around to face me I bent over and took his cock in my hand and licked the tip with my tongue.

Michael was still soaping my back and when I bent over to attend to Luke's cock, I felt him lean against me. He was so much taller than me I could feel his rock hard dick against my spine. He ran his hand and the buff around my front and started rubbing my nipples with the buff and my pussy with his other hand. I was getting hotter and wetter (and not just from the water).

I was trying not to be distracted by what Michael was doing to me, but it wasn‘t easy. I took Luke's smooth, hard member into my mouth and started to gently suck on it. I took him as deep down my throat as I could and ran my hand the rest of the way to his base. I continued to milk him this way for quite some time. My other hand was holding onto his ass pulling him to me setting the rhythm. I continued to suck and lick him this way for a while longer until I couldn't help but concentrate on what Michael was doing to me.

I felt him rubbing my pussy until I could hardly stand up anymore. My first orgasm came on so strong I screamed out around Luke's hard member.

"Whoa, that felt great! See if you can make her do that again Michael!"

"Don't worry I will take good care of her."

"Let me see if I can take care of you too." reaching behind me I took his cock in my hand and started stroking him while I continued to work Luke in and out of my mouth.

Michael slid his hand back around to the back of my ass cheeks and spread them. He started rubbing his dick, and my hand, from my clit to my ass and then he put the head of his cock in my ass.

I am not used to anal sex so I start to stand up but Luke held me down and says "Don't worry he won't hurt you. You set the pace for him."

Michael stood still with just the head of his cock in me. I continued sucking Luke's dick and stroking Michael's dick and felt the pressure of him on my ass and I knew I wanted more. I pushed back a little more and felt him slide further inside me. He placed his hands on my hips but still didn't rush me.

Luke was getting ready to cum I could feel it. He started slamming into my mouth and I took as much of him as I could and started milking him with one hand and gently rubbing his balls with my other. I was rocking so hard with him that I leaned back more and more until I was amazed to find that I was leaning completely against Michael. I was so shocked I moaned around Luke's cock and felt him push his cum down my throat. I took it down like a starving woman! After all I hadn't had breakfast yet.

I stood back up straight and leaned against Michael enjoying the feel of him inside of me. I felt so full and I knew It could never get better than this. I was wrong. He started sliding just a little in and out of me. Very slowly. I started rocking with him and increasing the pace.

"Come here Luke and let me touch you."

I ran my hands up his chest and around his neck and pulled him into a deep kiss. I felt Michael's fangs on my back and when he sank his teeth in I felt another orgasm hit. I drew back from Luke's kiss and leaned into Michaels embrace. Luke took the opportunity of my completely exposed front to run his tongue down my neck to my chest and around my nipples and he very gently started massaging my breasts. He took one of my nipples and ran his fangs across the top. He sank them in just to the right of the nipple and started to suck. Michael stopped moving behind me as they drank. All of a sudden they broke off their dark kiss and looked at each other. I guess they could tell I was getting a little weak. I wasn't going to say anything I was enjoying it too much!

"I am sorry we got over excited. You are just so beautiful and so tasty. We didn't mean to get greedy! Luke and I had decided to wait until tonight and ask you if we could help ourselves again. Are you okay?"

"I am fine. Just give me a minute to get steady again."

"Just lean back against me and I will hold you up."

Luke said with a wicked grin, "I will lean against you and help hold you up to."

Michael started kissing my right shoulder while Luke was kissing my left shoulder. Michael was still inside of me and started moving slowly again. Luke pushed me back against Michael and started running his hands all over my body. He ran his hand down between our bodies and started stroking my clit. I ran my hand down our bodies and stared stroking his cock (which was already rock hard again). He nudged my legs wider apart with his thighs.

"Michael hold still for a second, let's see if we can time this just right."

With that said, Luke slid into my pussy.

"OH MY GOD! This feels amazing!"

That gave them all the encouragement they needed. They had it timed perfect. They continued slamming into me until I felt Michael stiffen up behind me and hold my shoulders down to try to keep me still.

"I don't want to cum yet!"

"Sorry man I feel it to and I can't stop!"

Luke kept pounding into me and I felt another orgasm hit me. I began to shake all over and Michael groaned into my ear and I knew he had lost his battle. I felt my ass fill with his cum and it made me shake even more. Luke couldn't take anymore and he pushed Michael and me against the shower wall while continuing he brutal assault on my body until he worked through his orgasm.

"My god I didn't think anything could beat last night."

"You are an amazing woman! Now let's finish our shower and we will show you the rest of the house."

We finished our shower and dried off.

"Okay let me put on my clothes and I would love a tour of the house."

Michael and Luke just looked at each other then the floor.

"Okay where are my clothes?"

"Well they had blood on them so Luke took them off you last night."

"And Michael through them down the laundry chute without even thinking about it. So, they are in the basement. I will run down there and get them for you. Unless you want to wear something of ours?"

"That was very thoughtful of you, but do you have a robe or something I could put on, I feel a little exposed."

"You can wear mine."

"Luke you can't let her wear that rag! You can wear mine."

"You haven't washed that thing in three years! I will not let you put that nasty thing on this beautiful woman."

"Okay guys I appreciate your concern, but please something… anything. I am a little chilly too!"

Luke smiled at me and said, "I can tell, your nipples are rock hard! I would love to have another taste of them."

I just laughed at him and said, "Maybe in a little bit. I could really use a stroll to work out the soreness."

"Let's take her to Sara's room and let her go through her things. Maybe she could find something in there."

"Luke, I don't know man, it is still to soon for me. You can take her in there, but I just can't go in yet. Too many memories."

"Hey I can wear the dirty old robes. I am not picky I don't want to step on anyone's toes."

Michael said, "Don't worry about it" and left the room.

Luke said, "Come on." and took my arm like I was a real lady or something.

It was so sweet I just smiled at him and went with him. I knew I would follow him anywhere. I trusted him completely and I didn't know or care why. Which is odd because I am a very conservative and cautious person.

I said "So, whose room is this?" Indicating the room I woke up in.

"This is actually the guest room so I guess you could say it is your room for a day or two."

"That's cool I really like it. It is beautiful."

"Let me take you to Sara's room and you can have a look around her closet."

We left my room and made a right down a beautiful hall. It had paintings of beautiful women hanging on the walls.

"Who are they?" I asked.

"Memories." was all he said.

"Okay I can take a hint." and I smiled at him to let him know I wasn't offended.

He just smiled back at me and said, "I don't want to be rude but it just isn't something I feel like talking about right now. I have just had a wonderful morning and I don't want to talk about anything unpleasant right now."

"Hey, it's okay." I touched his arm and he surprised me by pulling me for a long hard hug.

"I am so glad you are here. We haven't had a woman in the house since Sara died and that was 3 years ago and it has been so quite here without her. We just couldn't bring ourselves to bring anyone else here.

"Okay, if you can't tell me I won't be upset, but who is Sara?"

About the time I asked the question, Luke opened a door to a beautiful room that had a huge canopy bed to the right of the room and a beautiful old fashioned fire place on the other side. Above the fire place was a painting of a beautiful woman. She had long black hair and amazing green eyes. The smile she was wearing told anyone who saw her that she was happy and content with her life at that time.

"This" he said pointing at the painting, " is Sara."

The End of Chapter 2

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