tagNonHumanBreakdown Ch. 05

Breakdown Ch. 05


"Okay, the Hummer is packed. I think we have everything we need. Do you think we should pack any snacks?"

Luke just opened the passenger door for me and said, "Hop on in Candy and we will have all the snacks WE need for the trip."

Michael laughed and punched Luke on the shoulder then he took my hand and helped me into the Hummer. "Candy is always a good snack for the road." and he patted my butt as I was climbing in.

I swear for men that were suppose to be 250 year old Vampires they were very immature, but I didn't mind at all. I was having the time of my life.

Michael got in the driver seat, I was in the front passenger seat and Luke was in the back seat kicked back and relaxing all set for a long drive. We had about 400 miles to go before we got to my sister's place on South Padre Island, Texas.

"Did you double check the connection like I asked you to? I Don't want to be going down the road and see Candy's van pass us on the road."

"Michael, will you ever learn to trust me? Of course I checked it. It is fine. The only way it will pass this car going down the road, is if Candy and I get tired of listening to you on the way and take off in it!"

"You don't want to do that. The Hummers windows are tinted to keep the suns rays from killing us incase we get stranded in the day light."

"Okay then, the only way it will pass us is if we kick you out and make you drive the van."

"Are you two going to fight the whole way?"

"I don't know, he IS a grouchy ass. Why don't you get back there with him and keep his mouth occupied so I don't have to listen to him whine."

We were already on the highway and just beginning a very long and possibly boring trip, so I thought to myself why not pass the time doing something fun. "Okay I will!"

Luke said, "Cool" and climbed into the very back seat and motioned for me to follow him.

I said, "We wont be very comfortable for what you have planned."

"Oh yes we will." He laid down the back seat and pulled out a blanket and two pillows.

"You had this planned the whole time didn't you?"

"Hey, I packed those, thank you very much and that's what I had planned while it was Luke's turn to drive!"

"Yeah buddy. That's why I didn't mind you taking the first shift of driving. I get her all to my self for 4 whole hours and you just get to watch and listen."

"Do I get any say in this?" I said smiling at them both.

Luke just smiled at me and said, "Sure you get to say, 'Yes! Oh Yes Luke you do that so much better than Michael!' and you can say that as much as you would like. Now get your butt back here."

Michael was glaring at Luke, "You just wait and hear what she has to say when I get to her."

"And to think I was wanting to stop at Wal-Mart and pick up some car games." Silly me! Little did I know I would need no car games from Wal-Mart to keep occupied on this trip.

Luke grinned at me with that sexy smile of his and said, "We don't need car games! We already have 'Candy' Land!"

So I crawled my big butt back there and Luke grabbed me and threw me down and proceeded to take all of my clothes off as quickly as he could. I couldn't stand the thought of being the only one back there naked so I started taking his clothes off of him. I have never seen anyone as good looking as Luke. He was even better looking than Michael, but Michael was much sweeter and gentler. Luke has long brown hair tied back with a leather strap, dreamy bedroom brown eyes, very broad shoulders and of course rippling muscles and a wash board stomach that I just couldn't help running my hands down. I could die happy right now. I can't control myself with him.

Luke was straddling my hips so I had perfect access to his body. I ran my hands up and down his hard abs and leaned up and licked and nibbled on his rock hard stomach while running my hands around to cup his perfect ass cheeks. He had an ass you could sink your teeth into. It is times like this I understand what goes through a vampires mind. He took my hands off his beautiful butt and made me lay back. He leaned over me and picked his jeans off the floor and took his belt out of them. While I stared wide eyed at him he took my hands and looped them through the belt and strapped them behind my head.

"Luke what are you doing to me?"

"Yeah Luke what are you doing to her?!" Michael yelled from the drivers seat.

"Shut up and handle the car while I handle Candy land. Isn't that right Candy? You trust me?"

"Yes of course I do."

"Then lay back and enjoy, if I do anything you don't like let me know and I will stop."

He spread my legs as far apart as they would go and took a cooler out of the back of the Hummer. He popped the lid open and pulled out two black drink bottles.

"One is for you and one is for me"

He popped open my bottle and poured it into my mouth. It was the sweetest juice I have ever tasted, it dribbled down my chin. He told me that he had to keep my fluids up.

'I wont be tasting you for a bit, because I don't want you to get sick." he leaned down and licked the juice from the sides of my face and kissed me briefly on the mouth, then licked his way down the side of my neck to my nipples that were already hard and very sensitive. When he rolled his tongue around the nipple and started to suckle me I could feel myself getting extremely wet between my opened legs, I could feel my wetness running on to the seat. I started rotating my hips to rub along his abs. He sat up and wrapped my legs around his hips and I could feel his rock hard cock against my butt. I wanted him to enter me so much but he didn't yet. He opened his bottle and squirted its contents onto my stomach and chest and started to spread it around,

"Oh my God that is so cold. What is it?"

"It is my treat. O+ Blood."

I am normally very squeamish, but I was oddly turned on even more by this. He began licking it off of me. My nipples were even harder and more sensitive than before from the coldness. He spread my legs open again and squirted the cold liquid between my pussies steaming lips. I rocked against his mouth as he began to lick it off of my clitoris. As his tongue stroked me he would insert a finger then two, deeply inside of me. Bringing them in and out of me with each stroke of his tongue. Over and over again until I had my first of hopefully many screaming orgasms of our trip. He kept his fingers inside of me until I stopped shuttering then he started all over again.

"Oh Luke not again I don't think I can take it."

"Well if you are not sure lets just try again and find out."

This time he kneeled between my legs and wrapped them around his head and on his shoulders. Which put me at an odd angle, but of course he had a reason for this pose other than my pleasure. Even though it did turn me on more when I found out why he had me this way.

"Hey Michael don't kill us but watch in your rear view mirror how hard I can make her cum."

"Well at least make it where I don't have too look at your ugly mug while you do it."

"Okay Michael what ever turns you on." and with that said Luke made his reflection disappear so Michael only saw me in the air writhing around Luke and his fingers. The second time I came Luke undid my hand because he was afraid I was going to hurt myself trying to get to him.

When he released me I pushed him sitting up and against the side of the car and straddled him, I quickly slid him into me and proceeded to ride him as hard and fast as I could. I could just imagine what the car looked like going down the road, because it had to be doing some serious rocking. Luke wouldn't let himself cum yet so pushed me back against the seat so he could control himself more. He took my hands and placed them around his hips and ass and told me I could make him move how and where I wanted him too, but if I were in complete control he would lose his and he wasn't ready to stop our playing yet. I looked up and saw Michael watching us and trying to watch the road all at the same time.

"I have an idea Luke."

With that I got on all fours in between the front seats and wiggled my ass in the are for Luke. He quickly took the hint and began running his fingers inside of me and around my clit making me wiggle in anticipation. He slowly slid his cock inside of me. After a few strokes in this position I looked at Michael and he looked down at me and grinned knowing what I wanted. He undid his pants and released his dick, then he moved the steering wheel up so I could release some of the tension I could tell he was under. I took him into my mouth and started licking around the edges and took as much of him into my mouth as this position would allow.

"You know that this will only be fair if I get that on my shift too!" Luke said.

Luke scooted me closer to Michael and reached around me to rub my nipples with one hand and rub my clit with his other. I could feel another orgasm coming and I held Michaels cock between my lips and gently licked him while I moaned and shivered. It was too much for Luke when I started clinching his cock with my pussy with each wave of my orgasm. I could feel him stiffen up behind me but he kept rocking against me until he was spent.

"Okay Luke since you are done with her for a minute you drive while I play."

"Not yet give me just a minute, I need to get my self together."

"Its okay we can play some more Michael and he can watch. Just keep your eyes on the road and at least one hand on the wheel." With that said I moved to the passenger seat beside him and spread my legs for him. He would look at me then glance at the road. I took my hand and began rubbing my clit and fingering myself while he stroked his cock and tried not to wreck the car but still keep an eye on me. I took the hand he was using to stroke his cock and took his fingers into my mouth and gently sucked on each finger and led his had to my breasts and let him rub his fingers around my nipples and play for a bit. I took his hand even lower and inserted his fingers inside of me and around my clit.

He moaned and said, "I am going to have to pull over and try that if you don't take the wheel soon Luke."

I told him if he stopped the car I wouldn't play. He kept stroking my pussy running his fingers in and out and rubbing his thumb over my clit and when I couldn't take anymore I told him to set his seat back as far as he could and still reach the gas and break. When he was in a comfortable position I straddled him and began to ride him while he drove us down the highway. He was tall so he had no problem see where we were going thank goodness. I felt him lick my neck and begin to suck on it and I told him if he needed to I felt fine. With that said he sank his fangs into my neck and began to drink.

As soon as he teeth pricked my skin I began another orgasm. I moved my hips as fast as I could on his cock I felt him begin to shudder too and moan and pleasure. When he released me I felt lost again. It is so warm when they are taking from me that I feel cold as soon as they let go. I want to stay like that forever. I can feel everything more, his skin, his hands, his entire body feels like it belongs to me.

When I slid off of him and crawled back into the back with Luke I had to keep telling myself over and over. That I am just a normal woman, Who 48 hours ago didn't know the people I was entrusting my life too. I was just a divorced mother of 3 who was going on a vacation to see her sister. Before I left home I dropped the kids off for their 2 week visit with their father and was feeling so sorry for myself. When the van broke down on the side of the road I knew it was just more of my bad luck. I am so glad I was wrong,

Luke was stroking my hair and asked me what I was thinking about. "I was just thinking how different my life was 48 hours ago and how happy I am my van broke down."

"We are glad too. I wish you didn't have to leave us."

"Me either, but I have a family that needs me. I cant leave them no matter what."

"Who said anything about leaving them? You don't have to give them up for us. You can have both. We have more than enough room for them at our place you could all move in there they could think you work for us and you will. You will be our daytime assistant. Isn't that right Michael?"

"That's a great idea Luke! I cant believe I just said that. I didn't think it was possible for you to have a great idea but you did. Candy please say you will come and stay with us after this trip! We will pay you whatever you want. Your kids will never want anything. If they wonder why they don't see us in the day much just tell them we are working or on vacation and that your job is to make sure the house runs smoothly while we are away. If you ever need more space we will build you another house on the property. What do you say?" Then he made puppy dog eyes at me and got down on his knees and with a tone that would rival my kids begging abilities, "Will you please stay with us?"

I was stunned. I knew there were a million reasons I should say no. I couldn't think of a single one right at that moment though.

"I would really love to, but..."

Luke sat up and held me down and looked into my eyes and said " Don't say but, please don't say but. Think about it first. Really think about it. We will do what ever we can to make it work, please just think about it."

Michael pulled over the hummer at a Rest Area and came to the back to sit with us. He took my hand and said, "Look I know it seems like we are asking a lot from you, but you are special and we can see that. It isn't very often that we come across someone like you. Just think about it and when we get ready to leave on the last day of our trip I want you to tell me your answer. Okay?"

"Okay, I will. I can't believe I am even considering this."

At that point we were about 3 hours into the trip, We got out and stretched our legs for a bit, then we got back into the car and the boys switched places and Luke started driving.

Michael laid down in the back and patted the spot beside him and said, "Lets kick back and relax a bit. Come and lay down beside me."

Of course I did. We napped for a while until Luke started hollering that we were almost there and he had just past Harlingen and you can smell the Ocean!

It was about 2 hours before dawn and I wanted to get them inside before the sun came up so I got into the front seat beside Luke so I could give him directions. 30 minutes later we were crossing the long bridge to the island.

We drove by all the tourist areas to the beach houses down the road. Until we found my sisters beach house, it is called the Queen of the Sea, I don't know who started the tradition of naming beach houses, but I love it. We un hooked the van and I pulled it into the 2 car garage and the boys pulled their car in beside it Sandy, my sister, wasn't there yet she was suppose to be there on Saturday so we had a few days before she got there. We shut the garage doors and started unloading the cars and taking everything inside.

We went in and I looked around at all the windows in the house and knew I would have to check the boys into the place I booked online for them tonight after the sun went down.

I looked at the guys and said, "I am sorry but unless you want to sleep in the laundry room downstairs, there is no place safe for you to sleep up there."

Michael looked and grinned that sweet grin of his and said, "I figured as much being a beach house and all. It is okay don't worry about it we will sleep in the laundry room today, it has an air conditioner so we will be fine."

They set up in there for the day and I realized that we still had an hour before dawn.

I changed into my beach combing clothes grabbed a flash light and told the guys, "Okay look we have about 1 hour before dawn so lets walk along the beach."

Luke said, " Sure sounds like fun, we have to stick close but that's okay! What do you say Michael?"

Michael just leaned over took off his shoes and took my hand and ran out the front door with Luke running after us. We stopped on the front deck and I was floored at the view even by moonlight. There were no clouds in the sky and a million stars in the sky and on the water. You could just see the white caps as the waves rolled in and listen to that gentle roll. We walked down the steps and Luke took my other hand and we went to the water and just sat down where the waves would just touch our toes as they came in. They laid back onto the sandy beach with me, Michael had his arm cushioning my head and Luke was holding my hand while we watched the moon get lower and lower in the sky. I can't remember being so relaxed and just happy to be in just one place.

Before long the boys both stood up at the same time and I knew we had to go inside and get the boys ready for the day. I got them settled into their "room" and went upstairs to mine. I fixed me a snack and drank plenty of liquids, I had to keep my strength up because I had the feeling that the next week was going to be even more exciting than I could ever imagine.

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