tagInterracial LoveBreakfast at Michelle's

Breakfast at Michelle's


It was a breezy Saturday morning. The birds were chirping, the sky was blue, and the air was warm. It was the month of April and Spring had finally sprung which rendered the air warmer.

Michelle felt said warm breeze against her brown face. She stirred in her sleep as a piece of black hair fell onto her forehead from up under her silk scarf. She turned over onto her right side facing her doorway and bedside table with an alarm clock that wasn't flashing which meant she had gotten up before her alarm clock went off. She sighed and pushed her pale pink comforter from her body. She laid there, letting the wind breeze over her half clothe clad body. She wore a pair of pink silk shorts that stopped a few inches below her ass and a pink silk cropped t-shirt. She felt a chill rise through her dark skin as she finally sat up.

Her single roomed apartment was quiet as she put her slippers on and closed the window. She then walled into her small kitchen. She saw that her laptop was lit up with an email. She walked over to her Keurig and popped in her favorite dark roast and walked over to her laptop curiously.

She sat down at the small two seated table and checked out her laptop. It was a Facebook message. She opened it and found that it was from her best friend, Natasha.

Hey, Sweetie Pie. Still up for the gathering tonight?

Michelle felt her face heat up. In all her twenty one years of living, she had never felt her face heat hotter than that moment. Michelle looked down at the keys of her fourth generation Surface Pro 4 she had gotten from her mother as a house- er, apartment warming present. To say she was nervous was an understatement.

Michelle stood from her seat in the kitchen and walked into the living room and sat down on her rose gold fluffy couch where her phone was. When she sat, she picked up the large devices and used her fingerprint to open it. She scrolled to her messenger and then through it. She found the blip that said 'Nash'. Nash was Natasha's nickname. Nash swore that her mother either hated her or was high on meds when she was born to give her gay daughter a name like Natasha. Michelle always laughed and told her that there was no logical reason that any of that was true and Nash smirked begrudgingly and agreed.

Once the messenger screen appeared. She scrolled up through until a picture appeared. She tapped on it to enlarge the picture. It was a black and red background invitation. It was personalized to Michelle Towers and that made her even more nervous.

Michelle Towers,

You are cordially invited to the House of Black for a Night of Play with the theme 'Leather and Lace'

Hosted By: Natasha Edwards and Theodore Connors

Location: House of Black, 1432 Monte Station, North Mont Plaza

Date: Twentieth day of April

Time: 9 pm



Michelle had the physical copy of the invitation but looking at it made it too real. She bit her lip and began typing a message to Nash. I don't know she typed and waited. It was early so she want expecting to get a reply just yet. She laid her head back and sighed, almost regretting that Nash had found up.

Two years ago, a nineteen year old Michelle sat in her best friends black Old Victorian home. Michelle thought it was beautiful. Her twenty six year old, at the time, friend had wonderful taste in decor showcasing the colors black, grey, a deep red color. She and Nash were in Nash's bedroom. Nash was scrolling through her Instagram and Michelle was trying to organize her older friends' closet. Said closet was huge with red and black accents. It was split in two rows with rack and shoe space on both sides. She was almost done organizing the individual sides when she stumbled to a door. Michelle was confused. She realized the closet was huge but a door?

"Nash, what's this door." The small girl called out. What Michelle didn't see was Natasha's eyes widened as she stumbled and fell out of her bed. Michelle did hear the tumble but she assumed Nash dropped something and turned the shiny brass knob and almost fell into the- urm, room?

Nash was there in the doorway as Michelle walked deeper into the room. She was intrigued, they both were. Nash though that Michelle would've run away by now. Her lifestyle wasn't anything to be ashamed of but some people tended to take BDSM and turn into an excuse to abuse people, therefore giving her beloved lifestyle a bad name. Nash swallowed as she watched Michelle curiously look around what she called her Playroom. Nash was caught off guard, though. Michelle seemed way more curious than disturbed. She wasn't curious in the ' ooh, what's this do' sort of way but the 'I wonder how this would feel' sort of way. Natasha narrowed her deep brown eyes on Michelle.

"Its a specially made paddle." Michelle jumped at the sound of Nash's voice. She forgot where she was for a moment. She held up the black object and studied it. It's wood was smooth and it had holes in it. There was a black wrist strap at the end.

"What is this place, Nash?" Natasha walked into the room, studied around, and smiled. This room was red. The walls were red, the bed and suspension bars were grey. All of her toys were organized in groups of likeness and then alphabetical order within that likeness. She had a section where there was four pairs of handcuffs on the floor situated around a cushion built into the floor. There were scarves, masks, handcuffs, zip wire, ropes, and tape. The room was light and motion sensitive. There were also trigger played in the floor too. So in all. Nash was proud of her Playroom.

"My Playroom." Nash said proudly. Michelle turned, confused.

"Playroom?" Nash smiled at Michelle. She sees the curiosity in Michelle's eyes. She walked over to girl and took her hand to pull her out. She closed her Playroom, door and closet door behind them and sat the girl on her large bed.

"What you just saw is where I keep all my equipment." Nash said. She hoped Michelle would ask questions, or just give her a sign that she wasn't going to call their long friendship quits but she didn't.

"Equipment for what?" Nash sighed in relief when the girl showed genuine interest.

"My BDSM equipment. I am a Dom." Nash said and Michelle's eyes widened wide, almost in awe. Nash smiled and answered the rest of her questions genuinely.

Beep! Beep!

Her cell chirping brought her out of her memory. She picked up her phone and opened it. It was about an hour later that Nash responded.

Open the door for me, Princess?

She instantly rose to her feet and walked toward her front door. She opened the door to see her six foot best friend who coasted inside her tiny apartment.

"You don't know?" Nash said as Michelle closed her front door and swallowed. She shrugged her shoulders and looked down at her bare feet. It was easier saying no to Nash when it was over the phone or through texts but not in person. Natasha knew that she trusted her to have her best interest in mind, so Nash pressed.

"Why not, Princess?" There she went again. Princess. Nash only called her that when she wanted Michelle to speak honestly from her subspace. She spoke the most truthful from there, Nash noted.

"I- um, I..." The smaller girl trailed off not trying to making eye contact with Nash. Nash noticed this and tilted her chin upwards.

"Look at me, Princess. Why?" Nash's voice was gentle but her voice was stern and left no room for decision.

She saw something flicker inside Michelle's eyes as the girl blinked a few times. When she turned back to Nash, her pupils were dilated and her hazel eyes were wide and held innocence in them.

Subspace Nash thought as Michelle's bottom lip wobbled.

"I-I'm a-afraid." She finally admitted after a while. Nash chuckled at the girl. Of course she was. It was her first part as a Submissive. Well first BDSM party to begin with. Course she was afraid.

"You have absolutely nothing to fear. This party is hosted by yours truly. Its at my house, I have cameras for the safety of every Sub who walks through that door. There will be security and this party is invite only. No crashers, Princess. I promise." Nash swore solemnly. Michelle felt her throat tighten. She lived on promises. Especially-

"I pinky promise, Princess." Nash corrected fast. She knew that pinky promises meant the world to her. She would have to fill in any Dom Michelle showed interest in.

"P-pinky p-promise?" Michelle asked, trying to confirm what she heard. Nash nodded confirming her thought.

"O-okay." Michelle said, after careful consideration. Nash beamed at her. She honestly thought she would say no. She had to all the other parties since learning about BDSM and her status as a Sub. That's why Nash planned such a large celebratory party, so Michelle would finally come. She was glad it wasn't in vein.

"Oh, grand! I promise you'll love it. You might even find yourself a nice Dom." Nash winked and she swears she saw the brown girl blush.

She pulled her into her small bedroom and helped her pick out an outfit for that night.




So a million 'No's and several outfits that were askew about the floor later, and Michelle had settled on a pink lace trimmed cropped sweater. It had diamond shapes cut out the back and sides. She had also picked out a matching tight leather skirt that came a few inches below her butt. But Nash's favorite part was the black leather strapped collar. It had pink gem stones encrusted on it. There was one unique feature about her collar- the diamond lined capital 'U' for unclaimed because the collar looked like a collar of someone claimed.

Nash hadn't given it to her yet. But she would before the party. They were currently at Nash's home. Michelle had her things in a garment bag with her steaming iron ready to steam away imperfections. It was 6:30 by then. Michelle had stepped out the shower smelling like Japanese cherry blossoms and Nash swore she was in love. There were very few people who Nash could easily take on as a permanent Sub and Michelle was at the very top of said list. She was the sweetest girl she had ever met. She was like a tiny Hershey's bar, the fun sized ones. She was thin but had a beautiful curve to her hips and the soft swell of her breasts made it a perfect handful for someone with larger hands. She was perfect. Even before Michelle knew about BDSM, she was always such a great Sub. Sir or Ma'am came easily for her. Her quiet and shy demeanor was also a dead giveaway. That and her down casted eyes. She was so sweet and soft spoken that her presence sometimes went completely unnoticed but when you realized she was there, all of your attention was differed to her and you wouldn't be able to look away.

Nash smiled at the girl as Michelle sat in her bedroom on an 'Out the Shower' bench in the corner that Nash had specially installed for Michelle. It was a steel bench with a drain underneath it on top of a concrete slab. Michelle was dressed in the pink satin half robe that Nash had bought her for her birthday. It stopped halfway down her thigh. She popped open her Japanese cherry blossom lotion up and started to moisturize her soft body.

About an hour later, Michelle was lightly made up, her hair was done and dressed in the pale pink lace two piece. She was messing with her hair when Nash walked up to her holding a larger box.

"This is for you, Princess." Michelle turned around as Nash opened the both and showed her the leather strap. Michelle gasped. Her first collar. She subconsciously felt her neck as she felt the cool, smooth leather. Nash noticed the small subconscious act of submission and smirked.

"Th-thank you, Nash." Michelle stuttered out. Nash said a quick 'Welcome, Princess' and wrapped the slightly chocking collar. She thought Michelle looked beautiful.

"You can a wait up here. Doms and Subs have different arrival times. Doms arrive earlier so we can go over standard protocols about how to treat and not treat a submissive at my party. Tonight is special. You, my dear Princess, are the newest Sub to be inducted into my private club. So I bestow this upon you also." She pulled out three different bracket clasps from behind her back. One red, one green, and one yellow.

"What are you looking for tonight, Princess?" Nash asked smoothly, her Dom voice coming to the surface. Even if this was Michelle's first party, didn't mean it was Nash's. In Nash's time as a Dom, she had thrown at least a dozen parties, easily.

Michelle looked at the bracelets. She and Nash had spoken about the bracelets and being the newest addition to Nash's House Black club. Michelle stood in her spot and thought about it. This was her first party and she was basically the guest of honor, so red was a no go. So that left green and yellow. She scratched her right elbow with her left hand in front of her. Nash noticed her thought process and smirked.

"Its been a little over two years now, 'chelley. I can see you crave a Dom and so will the other Doms. Its only natural for them to want you when you have that look in your eyes. But you have to let them know if you want them to pursue you. So, Princess? Red, yellow, or green." She felt like she needed to talk to her as a friend. A best friend, a place only Michelle reached. That softness and tenderness that she had lost so many years ago after to many failed relationships. But there was a softness that she drew out of most anyone she met and that's why she was such a wonderful submissive.

Michelle thought about what Nash said. She wanted a Dom. So badly, she did. Nash was a wonderful teacher and an even better friend but Nash didn't want to pursue her because she wanted Michelle to find a Dom organically. If in the future, if the young Sub wanted to Sub for Nash, the Dom didn't even know if she could say no. But the first time had to be a no.

Michelle finally swallowed and pointed to the yellow bracelet - ready for a discussion. Nash almost squealed. Almost, she was not some preteen aged girl crying over whatever celebrity was hot at that moment. She honestly though she'd pick red - Here with a friend/Not looking. She knew the girl definitely wasn't going to choose green - Looking for a Dom. Nash required all Subs to wear those. It cuts down on unwanted attention. All Subs invited are rehired to R.S.V.P. with their color choice.

"Princess, I'm so proud of you. Stepping out of your boundaries like this." She said clapping her bracelet. She put the other two away and smoothed the smooth leather of her skin tight leather spandex cat suite she wore. She also wore leather boots that reached above her knees up onto her mid thigh. She also wore an old utility belt that was specially redesigned to fit her chosen tools. Tonight there was a black whip, cat of nines, a flogger, cuffs, and zip wires. Michelle thought she looked striking. She always did honestly.

"Alright, Princess. Wait up here until I come back and get you, ok." It wasn't a question. There was no room for a question. The statement held so much authority that she looked down at her feet. She knew Nash was preparing her. She wore the yellow bracelet and that meant she was okay with being pursued and commanded.

"Y-yes, Ma'am." Michelle whispered feebly. Nash smiled at her. God! Wait for me, Chelley Nash thought. She could always hear the shift in Nash's voice and hopefully she would be able to when it came to other Doms"Good girl, Princess." Nash said, kissing her forehead and making her exit. Michelle waited until she heard the door close when she released a breath she didn't know that she was holding. She was nervous. She smiled a shy and sweet smile. Her first party! And she hadn't bailed. She didn't even want to run away.

It was about 8 when Nash left. It wasn't until about 10:30 when Nash came back to the room. When Michelle heard the door, she immediately stood up and bowed her head.

"You at such a good girl. Waiting up here like I told you. You may look up now, Sweetie." Nash said. She was in her element. She can feel as the power courses through her veins and it was then that she was ready to present Michelle.

Michelle looked up and swallowed. Nash's posture was tight. She was floating on an air of power and all Michelle could think was this is what its like as she stood there waiting for direction.

"It's time, sweet girl." And Michelle nodded. "As you know, usually a Sub walks behind and to the side of said Dom. But since this is a special occasion, you will walk in front of me." Michelle nodded again. They turned to walk out of Nash's room and Michelle's death began to shorten. This is my moment she thought as Nash shut the door behind them. They walked down the long hallway. Michelle gulped as they approached the steps.

"Ready, Michelle?" Michelle knew she must have been shaking from the way everyone was looking at her. She swallowed as Nash escorted her down the long flight of steps.

It was warmer than she thought it would be. She felt an itch of uncomfort as everyone's eyes were on her. She felt like she was wearing a giant foam finger and pointing it at herself. She decided to preoccupy herself.

Michelle looked around curiously at the party. It was dark except for the strobe lights that flickered against her dark colored skin. She saw different stations set up. She remembered Nash saying that they have live demonstrations. She didn't think she wanted to see the pain sessions. Honestly, she didn't know what she wanted..

So she watched.

First she met a group of Doms who closely knew Nash from when she was a Sub herself. They talked and Michelle tried to make herself as small as possible. She was scared and she figured they knew that and only said 'hi' to her. One said he liked her bracelet, which to she softly stuttered out t-thank y-you, s-sir and kept her head down. She waited patiently until Nash was done speaking to the men.

Next she met a group of Submissves. Two boys and two girls. Two of them were gay- a girl and boy- and had their own special bracelet set - Pink for looking for a Dom, Blue for ready for discussion, and black for here with a friend or not looking.

"You may look up and speak." Nash commanded, coolly. Michelle wasn't going to lie and say she didn't feel a tingle.

They spoke and Michelle learned that they were long time players. Michelle also learned that she is the youngest there. When she heard that, she swore that she saw Nash smirk off to the side in her side vision.

She and Nash eventually left the group and Michelle was happy to not have to stutter anymore. The two were supposed to be headed to the bar until they stopped. Michelle fought the urge to look up. She simply stood in her spot and listened to the loud exchange.

"Theodore Connors!" Nash yelled and said man chuckled from what Michelle could hear.

"Natasha Edwards!" He yelled back and the two laughed together.

"Where have you been. You are being a terrible host." She complained and smirked when she saw Michelle squirm. "And you never even met Michelle." Michelle froze. She thought that she would go unnoticed, but nope. There went Nash acknowledging her presence.

She felt his eyes boring into her. She squirmed under his gaze and tugged at her skirt. Nash went to tell her to stop, because she was wrinkling it and Michelle had worked so hard to get it wrinkle free, but Theo beat her to the punch. She smirked when he did.

"Stop that, Kitten." Theo said, coolly but with a stern gentleness. Michelle instantly let go of her skirt and Nash was surprised. She doesn't even respond to her that quickly, so Nash was surprised.

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