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Breakfast in Bed


The sun is rising over the Caribbean as she murmurs and stirs. Still rising from the depths of sleep she reaches across the bed to his pillow and finds only the dampness of last nights ardor on the pillowcase. She is not alarmed by his absence, sleepily she smiles. She knows that in all the years they have been together they have never missed greeting the day with love.

She turns over slowly, the thin cotton sheet falling from her, revealing the tan and firm breasts that he has loved for so long. He stands in the doorway and smiles down at her, his arousal plain beneath the wicker tray in his hands. He moves toward her as she opens her eyes and smiles again. She opens her mouth to say good morning but is silenced as he places a strawberry sweetened with honey on her lips. Breakfast in bed, her favorite meal.

As she slowly savors the rich fruit he places the tray on the table near the bed. Laden with the fruits growing just outside the door and decorated with a single orchid he has plucked before sunrise the meal fills the room with sweet tropical aromas. Aromas that blend perfectly with the lingering musk of last nights exertions.

Gently he chooses another piece of fruit and begins to rub it across her lips. She closes her eyes and tastes the ripe guava. He bends and kisses her sweet mouth. "Good morning" he whispers. "Hungry?"

Ravenously she draws him to her and kisses him deeply. As his hands begin to roam across her naked body the sheet falls unnoticed to the floor as her head falls back and his tongue probes deeper into her mouth. He reaches with one hand back to the tray, his hand returning with a small slice of fresh melon which he begins to rub across her hardening nipples. Squeezing the melon he drips a trail from her breasts to the small hollow at the base of her neck where he laps it from her skin as her eyes close and her head returns to the pillow.

He follows the moist and sticky trail of juice to her nipples and takes first one and then the other into his mouth. Cleaning them and gaining the sustenance he needs from both the fruit and the touch of her skin. She begins to writhe slowly as his hand moves across her flat belly and he presses a moira into her navel.

As he continues to travel across stomach and eats the blackberry from her navel his hand has found a slice of ripe mamey, as pink as her nipples and warmed gently by the sun now streaming through the window. Slowly he rubs the silken fruit into her thighs and across her hips, dipping his hand occasionally through her golden hairs and pressing it against her now moist pussy. He brings his hand back to her mouth and feeds her the scented fruit so that she may enjoy the taste of her that he longs for.

His head continues his travels and he begins to lick and caress the sweetness of her inner thighs as her heart races and her body continues to respond to the man she has loved so long. His lips travel slowly down her thighs until at last they reach her center and she is swept away as his mouth covers her and his tongue reaches deep inside her. She cries out and hold his head to her as she climaxes deeply.

As her breathing calms he takes yet another fruit and places it at her core. The slippery center of the caimito runs down between her legs and inside her as he moves once again from the tray to her body. She is dripping now, both with the nectars of the fruits and the wetness that she provides and she begins to moan as he slowly pushes the cool banana deep into her. His head and his mouth return to her and he begins to eat. The banana and her juices fill him with passion and as the last of the banana is drawn into his mouth he rises between her legs and enters her in one swift motion.

He remains still as another orgasm takes her, her hips rising from the sheets and her legs drawing back in Ecstasy. He does not need to move as her body takes over. Thrusting herself higher and higher she impales herself on him. Drawing from him the moans that feed her desire she turns over and raises her hips off the bed. Offering herself to him completely for she is his in any way he chooses. Behind her he bends and once again begins to lick. Her firm cheeks, her puckered ass, her dripping pussy all gain his attention in turn. As he feels her begin to quiver in anticipation he enters her once again. She presses her face into the sheets, her hands spread and seeking purchase as she throws herself back against him. Again and again he thrusts himself into her, filling her completely and then pulling nearly all the way out as he pounds himself against her.

Her back arches and a wail of joy escapes her as she begins to shudder once again and he can no longer control himself and begins to empty himself inside her. As his spasms slow he collapses onto her back, rolls to her side and kisses her tenderly.

"What's for lunch?" she asks with a grin.


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