Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper


'This game is getting a bit out of hand.' I thought to myself. How sick was I, seducing my only son? By now I was so far beyond reason though that I didn't care. I leaned back up and felt the tightness of my thong between my pussy lips loosen slightly, but there was still a bit of a wedgie. I turned to look down at him, smiling sweetly "This is all honey, just the two I suppose." and dropped it to him. He caught it surprisingly quickly considering the stunned expression he wore, and dropped it onto the other one.

He was as red as a beet, but after a pause he responded impressively "Yeah... yeah any time mom... right.. I better go do.. homework or something." and turned his back on me to head toward his bedroom.

I took the first two steps down the ladder and hopped gracefully to the floor before reaching under my dress quickly and pulling my thong back into place, soaking my fingers in hot juices in the process. Jake was halfway to his room when I brought my fingers to my lips, sucking them clean, coating my lips with my own cum, then saying huskily "Oh Jake dear..."

Jake stopped abruptly, turning only halfway to me, but enough to look back at me directly... "yeah...?". It was clear to me that he was hiding his erection. He swallowed nervously as I approached him. I leaned very close to him, pressing my cum coated lips against his in a warm, glossy kiss that I let last only just long enough to abandon innocence before whispering seductively "Thanks again baby.." only inches from his mouth with a string of liquid dangling between mother and son.

He merely stared at me with his mouth gaping for a moment, then closed his lips and curled them in to instinctively lick them clean, to which I shuddered with glee. His eyes fell slowly to my breasts. My nipples were clearly outlined, and I followed his gaze to notice that one of them had managed to set itself free from the dress in my rush to the bottom of the ladder. I took a step back from him and quickly adjusted my dress "Oopsie..." I said serenely with a smile. "Have fun baby."

I turned from him then, retreating to my bedroom as he retreated to his. We slammed our bedroom doors at the same time, and I collapsed onto my bed, throwing my legs open and reaching down to plunge my fingers into myself. I fingered myself for probably an hour and a half. I had more orgasms than I ever remembered as I moaned my boys name softly, knowing he was in his bedroom masturbating to perverted thoughts of his own mother.


I made supper that night alone, as Jake hadn't left his bedroom once since my silent seduction. I had changed out of my dress and ruined thong into a clean pair of panties and some daisy duke shorts along with a tank top, but still no bra. This outfit showed as much skin as the dress, so showed off my figure nicely, but not as seductively as the dress I had worn earlier. I didn't think I should push my luck tonight. It was already 8:00PM and I knew my husband was going to be home after 10. If I tried to get Jake to fuck me we'd be up well past that.

When the casserole I had thrown together was done I yelled up the stairs "Jake, get down here and eat sweetie! I want to have the kitchen cleaned up before your father comes home."

Jake didn't respond, but obediently made his way down to the kitchen. He must have been having the same inner battle that I gave up on shortly after I saw his massive erection that morning. He was quiet through much of our meal, giving mostly one word answers and keeping his eyes down as he ate.

"Jake, dear.. is something bothering you sweetheart?" I asked finally after ten minutes of this. He looked up at this question, his gaze lingering at my bra-less tits beneath my tank top for a moment before coming up to catch mine.

"No... I mean... just a lot on my mind mom..." he said, swallowing nervously. "I think I just need to get some sleep." he said finally. He was such a smart boy.. and so good at avoiding the subject that so obviously haunted him. I stretched a long, smooth leg out under the table, my bare foot rubbing gently against his ankle.

"I understand honey... I have a lot on my mind too.." I said with a lusty undertone with my big toe playfully tracing up his leg under his pajama pants. "Tell you what sweetheart... tomorrow morning I'll make you your favorite breakfast..." our gazes were locked together as I moved my foot even higher up his leg "You get some sleep sweetheart." I finished, pulling my foot back and watching him sweat. I gave a loving, motherly smile as he absentmindedly nodded.

He suddenly coughed to clear his throat, then said "I have like four favorite breakfasts mom. You're a great cook.. anything will be fine."

"Oh... it will be your favorite baby, trust me." I said slyly with a wink, and with that he gave me a confused look, then seemed to give up on trying to understand what was going on as he scooted back.

"Right.. well... thanks for supper mom." he said quickly, clearly in a rush to leave. He stood and turned at the exact same time, allowing me only to catch a brief glimpse at the enormous tent in his pajama pants before he rushed to his bedroom again.

I swallowed hard. My heart was a pounding so hard in my chest that I didn't know if I should stand right away. I had it all mapped out in my mind. I felt very confident that I had him in my web, as I was no novice at the art of seduction and men were very susceptible. I did feel guilty that this was my own offspring, but it also made me want this all the more. I wouldn't deny myself this selfish desire. I quickly cleaned the kitchen, leaving a plate in the fridge for Chuck and heading up to bed.


The next morning began the same as the first, except when I walked past the bathroom beside Jake's bedroom I heard the shower running already. Smiling, I whispered to myself "A little motivation goes a long way I apparently." at the fact that he didn't need my help waking up at all. He must have been very curious about breakfast, and I had a naughty little plan. This morning I wore only, and I mean only, a shorter silk black robe, tied tightly at my toned waist, a little bit of blush to subtract a year or two from my middle age, and bright red lipstick. I'd curled my long, silky black hair just enough that it resembled a young Madonna hair-do.

When I reached the kitchen I started a pot of coffee and made some pancakes for Chuck, but not enough for Jake, as I had a different plan for my sexy little man. I was flattered that I didn't have to wake him up early to ensure he'd beat his father down to the kitchen. When breakfast was done I placed a plate of food and a cup of coffee at Chucks end of the table beside the newspaper, then took a seat at my end. I reached down and stroked my pussy gently. I was already dripping wet. "Mmmmm.." I moaned softly to myself with my eyes closed, thinking about that huge cock I'd seen the morning previous.

Jake made his way down to the kitchen in a pair of shorts. Apparently he hadn't decided on a shirt yet because his gorgeous body was on display. That or he was actually teasing me... which would be adorable. I couldn't help but stare at his abs as he walked in. He paused as he entered, staring at me all done up for a moment, then said "M..morning mom.. So what's for breakfast?"

"Sit down Jake." I said flatly, pointing to his chair beside me as I heard the upstairs shower in the master bedroom turn on. Jake obeyed me nervously, taking his seat and looking to me confused and without a meal before him. I spoke very softly "Mommy wants to have a talk with you...", referring to myself as such for the first time since Jake was 9 or 10.

"Um.. alright... what's wrong mom... did I do something?" he stammered, staring into my dark brown eyes. I stared back into his intensely, silently savoring the gravity of what I was going to do.

Finally I said "No love... but you're going to do something. You've always been the best son a mother could ask for... Part of me feels terrible about this, but I need you to do something for me."

He simply stared at me, his expression now showing concern.

I brushed my hand against the table while holding his gaze, sweeping my fork onto the floor. It landed beside my foot. I inconspicuously nudged it with my heel so it slid right beneath my chair and said in a sweet, innocent tone "Oops... I dropped my fork... would you mind getting that for me son...?"

I saw Jake swallow hard, but he nodded slowly and bent down, tossing the tablecloth over his head and crawling under the table. This was a new tablecloth I'd bought the week previous, and I really liked it. It was like one of those fancy restaurant tablecloths you see in the movies that nearly hits the floor and needs to drape over your lap. I smiled to myself evilly, but nervously, and parted my legs slowly, just enough to allow my pussy lips to part a little. My robe fell open completely at the bottom, displaying a tight, clean shaved, soaked, and glistening vagina to my only son... this was the moment of truth, but I was still very confident after the day before. I heard a thud, his head must have hit the top of the table when he'd noticed my wet entrance. I said, shakily "I-I think it's under my chair dear... you'll have to move a bit closer." Then widening my legs a bit more as an invitation.

"R-right.." stuttered Jake, crawling toward me. I felt his shoulder brush against my shin and I reached under the table, brushing my slender fingers through his thick hair to the back of his head.

"Eat your breakfast, baby" I said in a motherly command as I now very gently pulled him toward me until I felt his mouth sink in between my lower lips. I groaned as Jake stuffed his tongue into me, moving it up and down between my slit and twirling about my clit with experience I had not expected. "Mmmm... That's a good boy..."

Just then I heard Chuck heading down the stairs, and Jake backed away in what I assumed was panic. I held strong to his head, pulling his face back into my cunt and moaned "Finish eating your breakfast like a good son, mommy will handle this."

"Morning dear" Said Chuck as he entered, sitting routinely in his seat across from his wife, completely unaware that their son was three feet in front of him with his tongue dancing between his mothers legs.

I smiled sweetly and sighed "Mmmm... Morning honey... sleep good?" I asked, my juices flowing freely down Jake's chin as he fucked me gently with his tongue.

"Yeah, just fine I suppose. Where's Jake at? I saw his door was open, figured he was down here with you."

Jake stopped for a moment, but I clasped my fingers into his thick hair and pulled his face a little tighter against my hungry pussy as I responded "He was just down here" my gaze lowering as I said it, "but then he disappeared to eat his breakfast." I smiled at this witty and honest answer to his question, looking back to my husband, then feeling Jake's tongue plunge into me and gasping softly.

"Oh... damn kid can't even sit at breakfast time and eat anymore..." he said absently as he read his newspaper and sipped his coffee.

"Don't be so hard on him dear. He said he didn't feel well today... I may keep him home from school. He didn't look so good.. It may be better if I just took care of him today."

"You're too soft on the kid, but with his grades I'm not about to worry about a day out of school." he said.

"I completely agree." I said huskily, shuddering as our sons tongue swam around inside of me, then I softly gasped "Oohh.." as something flicked against my clit.. was that..? "Chuck dear, did you know that Jake had a tongue ring? I literally just found out." I said with a quivering smile...

"That? Yeah I took him to get that when he turned 18.. adolescence I suppose. Anyway, I better head off to work babe." he said, standing up and walking toward me.

"Mmmm Sure dear!" I said a little too loudly as I felt an orgasm spasm through me, cum spraying into my sons mouth and down his face from my ecstatic entrance.

Chuck gave me an odd look, but seemed to dismiss it and leaned down to kiss me. I kissed him back, routinely as ever, but smiled with a satisfaction I hadn't had in years. "Have a good day dear, tell Jake to feel better" he said.

"Oh I'll make sure he feels good before you get home, don't worry.." I responded in a low tone. Chuck nodded and waved, heading out the front door and leaving for the day.

I pulled the tablecloth up, looking down to my only son and admiring the cum dripping down his chin and over his muscular chest. I grinned at him as he stared up to me in disbelief and I said "What a naughty boy you are, Jake, making mommy cum like that in front of your father. Was breakfast yummy?" I asked with a wink.

"My favorite, mom, just like you said..." responded Jake with a weak smile "So... I'm not going to school today?"

"Oh no, sweetie, certainly not... My son is going to be a momma's boy today... I'm going to make you feel good just like I told your father... and before the end of the day, you're going to fuck your mother." I said simply, never breaking my gaze with his.

"Jesus Christ mom... I can't believe this is happening. I never thought I would want anyone this bad." he responded.

I smiled down to him, cocking my head to the side and admiring his handsome, wet face again and saying in a warm, nourishing tone "It won't be a passing thing sweetheart... I'm going to make you wait all day... I want you to appreciate what mommy is going to do with you. I want it to be the best you'll ever have...". With that I reached up from his head slowly, taking the tie about my waist and gently tugging it. The silk bow easily came undone and my robe dropped open. My pale, naked body was completely and purposefully on display for my awestruck son. I then draped the belt around his neck, scooted my chair back, and pulled him with me gently. He did not resist, and we stood together. The bulge in his pants was overwhelmingly large, and I knew it would be difficult not to impale myself on it the moment I saw it. I turned then and, using the belt as a sort of leash, pulled him along with me as I started toward the stairs, swaying my curvy, motherly hips as I walked. He followed obediently as I took him all the way upstairs and into mine and Chucks bedroom like this, shutting the door behind us and then turning to my son, my breasts swaying as I did. I pulled him against me, my tits squishing against his muscular chest.

Mother and son clashed in a deep, slimy kiss whose company included my cum from his breakfast. We held this erotic lip lock as he moved his hands between us to explore my tight body. One hand groped my right breast while the other slid down the front my body, my skin tingling in its wake more and more the lower it went. Rough fingers passed my naval and into the slippery liquids beneath it, gliding down in an arch to my waiting entrance. Powerfully, my son stroked my wet pussy with skilled middle and ring fingers. "Mmmmm" I moaned loudly against his lips as our tongues danced together. I reached down, ripping his shorts open desperately enough to pop off the button and bring the zipper to its base, whimpering as he fingered me. I let go of his shorts, which fell to the ground, and reached up to push him back by his shoulders, looking into his eyes with intense lust before pointing to mine and his father's bed. "Get those boxers off and lay down mister" I ordered with narrowed eyes. I wasn't about to lose control now. It took all my will power not to look down at the ten plus inches of meat that would eventually fill me to a point I'd never experienced.

" Yes mother." Jake responded obediently, quickly dropping his boxers and kicking them aside before moving to and laying back onto his parents bed. I wasted no time in throwing my robe to the floor and then jumping onto him, straddling his waist and laying down against him, my breasts mashing into his chest, kissing him again with a deepness a mother and son should never share. I moaned against his lips as I ground my hot, soaked cunt up and down the length of his huge cock, feeling the shaft glide back and forth against my hungry hole. I whispered against his lips "You want to fuck your mother, don't you baby?"

"Yes! God yes mom!" he responded desperately as he worked to move the shaft of his huge cock up and down between my spread pussy lips, matching each of my teasing movements. I buried my head in his shoulder, my silky, fragrant hair draped across his face while, with his powerful hands tightly squeezing my muscular glutes, he helped the sinful exchange along almost effortlessly.

"Hmmm.... My baby..!" I moaned against his shoulder, then, pushing myself up by his shoulders, composed myself with great effort to say lustfully "You've been a bad boy though, not telling mommy about that tongue ring.. a very bad young man. You don't get to fuck your mother until she's had her fill of that little instrument in your mouth..." Then without any warning save for a grin, I shifted my position, lifting myself off of him, turning around completely, then moving to straddle him in the other direction with my knees on either side of his head. I looked down between my dangling breasts, his enormous rod brushing against my hair, and declared mercilessly "twenty more times... twenty times you make your mother orgasm with that tongue of yours, and then you can fill me up with cum." I then sat back and mounted his face, grinding my pussy back against his mouth blissfully.

I groaned loudly as I felt his tongue, with my assisting weight, plunge deeper into me now than it was able to when he was under the kitchen table. I then turned my head up, my ruby red lips meeting and slightly parting against the head of his rock hard cock immediately and inadvertently. I was surprised again, but in no way unhappy, at how big he was when this happened. I pushed my lips firmly together, but pushed my head forward, relishing every moment as my sons huge penis slid into my mouth tightly. Skillfully, I reached just more than halfway down his long shaft, his cock filling my throat hole as I sucked eagerly, swallowing so that my throat muscles massaged the head before pulling back, muffled moans escaping me all along.

I kept that motion going, sucking my son's cock into my mouth over and over while he ate away at my eager cunt. His tongue and that wonderful tongue ring twirled about my clit and probed deep into my hole unpredictably, his smooth chin moving up and down against me as I ground my pussy into his face. I'd already cum all over his mouth and chin twice now, convulsing and screaming against his tool each time, and he was surely counting his way toward fucking his mother. I kept it up, sucking skillfully, purposefully, and with absolute joy. Finally, stream after stream of hot white cum exploded into my mouth. My son had stopped progress on my pussy now long enough to let out a muffled groan, thrusting his hips against my face, spurting his seed down deep into my throat hole. I eagerly sucked in every last drop of him.

With a belly full of cum, I let his cock flop from my mouth and ground my widespread pussy down against his mouth desperately "Don't stop sweetie! Keep it up! Eighteen more honey... You eat mommy so gooood...!" I moaned as he started again. This also seemed to bring him back to square one, for though his cock had softened for a moment, it was hard as a rock again and his tongue was once more working its magic inside of me. "Mmmm.. my baby has so much stamina.." I whispered with a gentle, proud smile.

Hours of this passed. The orgasms, while still intense, were coming more slowly due to thirst and hunger. He had cum in my mouth again three more times, and he only had two more orgasms to give me before I'd give him a break. Just then the phone rang, and I sat up, pressing my ass down onto my son's face, my pussy lips spreading wide enough now to allow Jake even deeper entry with his pierced tongue as I reached over to answer the phone.

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