Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper


"H..Hello?" I panted against the receiver, trying to stay composed, but grinding my hips as my son continued to work.

"Hey there dear, what's the matter? You sound out of breath." responded Chuck's voice from the other side

"Oh.. Oh God, it's nothing dear, just doing some.. nngh, chores around the house!" I exclaimed a little too enthusiastically. Jake was being a bad boy, doing extra good while I was talking to his father on the phone, his tongue now easily and repeatedly traveling up and down the length from my tight, bleached asshole all the way between my labia to my clitoris and back... Perhaps the very fact that I was speaking to Chuck while being eaten out by our son made it that much better. I kept bucking my hips against his talented tongue as I listened for my husband's response.

"Oh alright. Well how's Jake doing?" he asked.

"Oh god Chuck, he's doing Soo goood!" I moaned while spraying my nineteenth river of cum into our sons mouth. Listening for Chuck, I looked down to him past my bouncing globes. He was soaked. there was cum everywhere. His chest glistened and the sheets were a mess. I'd never get it cleaned before tonight, but I didn't care... I would handle it later.

"Well that's great darling. I was thinking I'd head home a couple of hours early tonight. Maybe the three of us can watch a movie after supper." he said monotonously, clearly distracted by something at work.

"Oh... well.. that sounds great dear..." I said, disappointed. I slowed my movement against Jake's face, but his tongue continued to work. In response to my slowed pace, Jake reached around my legs, pulling me against his face powerfully and plunging his tongue all the way up into my cunt, as deep as he could make it go. I moaned loudly into the phone, watching his powerful muscles, shiny with sweat and pussy juice, flex below me as I convulsed in the biggest orgasm I'd ever had, filling my sons mouth with my warm fluids and screaming against the phone "GOD... Jesus Christ.. I need to go Chuck! I'll see you when you come home!" and I quickly hung up the phone and let the convulsing orgasm take me.

I lifted myself from his face, looking down at him, strings of clear, sticky liquids stretching between his chin and mouth and my satisfied hole "You bad, bad boy! That was a naughty thing to do with your father on the phone. You'll give us away!"

"Sorry mom!" Jake grinned, but I could tell by his hard cock and the mess we'd made throughout the day that he wasn't sorry at all. I returned a tired smile.

"Well... It's done now, so no use dwelling on it.. Your father is coming home early... so we have to take a break for awhile while I make supper. You be patient like the son I've raised you to be." I gave him a tired smile, watching adoringly as hot, clear fluid dripped onto his face from my satisfied cunt. "I have a little plan to keep your father out of our hair... You're going to fuck your mother tonight, just like I promised. Now go get some water and get cleaned up."

"Anything you want, mom" Jake said back wistfully, clearly in a state of forbidden lust that I was strangely not ashamed of. I smiled to my messy boy before moving off of him, walking naked to the closet and looking for something to wear, shivering at the cool air against my wet legs...


A few hours had passed. Jake and I had showered separately to avoid temptation and changed into clean clothing. I left the soaking, sweaty mess up in my bed because I didn't plan on letting Chuck make it up there. If I had supper ready when he got home, he would have no reason to. Jake was wearing a clean pair of shorts and a fresh white T-shirt that was tight enough to show off his well toned body, which I reminded him of as frequently as he commented on how sexy I was. We would kiss occasionally, playfully goofing around like new lovers, but keeping it clean for the time being. I was wearing a skirt and a tank top. I felt so good in my body after being tongue fucked so thoroughly by my son that I couldn't stop smiling while I made supper. I had to make Jake go to the living room while I worked, as his presence made it hard for me to focus on anything. "Go play your X-Box or something honey, you're making mommy all wet again and I don't want your father to notice." I said, and he obeyed like a good boy.

Supper was ready within an hour. A delicious feast of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and a few other sides not worth mentioning. I had the table set with each plate in its respective place at the table. There was a little something extra in Chucks serving of mashed potatoes that I had eventually told Jake I would be adding. Four prescription sleeping pills ground and stirred in skillfully with butter and garlic.

Chuck came in not long after and made his way to the kitchen where Jake and I sat close together near my side of the table over our food, engaged in a well acted conversation about how sick he had been earlier. "Hey there kid, feeling better I expect?" asked Chuck.

"Definitely dad, mom got me right back up to par..." responded Jake, smiling innocently "Even got some homework done."

"That a boy. What was all that commotion about on the phone earlier Sharon? Sounded like you were struggling or something." he asked as he seated himself at his end of the table, starting in at his food immediately.

"Oh, I was moving the fridge out so I could clean behind it. I would have had Jake help me, but he was asleep, and I wanted him to rest. I'm sorry I had to let you go so abruptly" I responded slyly.

"Ah, gotcha. You're way too stubborn sometimes Sharon. I could have done that in the morning." he said, stuffing a large spoon full of mashed potatoes into his mouth.

I ate with my left hand and reached under the table toward Jake with my right, grabbing onto his wrist and pulling his hand between my legs. I looked directly at him and he stared back wide eyed as I brought his fingers to my naked vagina, then I looked to Chuck and said conversationally "So how was work, dear?"

Chuck yawned as he ate a leg of chicken and shrugged slightly before responding "Pretty good I suppose. Quarter end is over. Most everything is squared away now."

I sighed softly as two of my sons strong fingers moved in and out of my once more soaked opening. "Mmm.. good to hear darling... soo good.. I picked us out a movie." I responded, reaching over to slip my hand up our son's shorts to massage his giant rod.

"Oh... good.." said chuck tiredly "Think I might make my way to the chair then. Not sure if I'll make it through the whole thing. Glad to see your feeling better Jake."

"Thanks dad" said Jake as he spread the two fingers he had in my cunt apart, pushing them against my inner walls and forcing a soft whimper to escape me as he said "I may pass out too after this movie."

"Not before taking your medicine you won't, mister" I said, squeezing his erection gently, catching his gaze with mine and smiling evilly. I removed my hand from his shorts and backed my chair away from the table, feeling his fingers slip from inside of me. He brought his fingers up and put them into his mouth, sucking my juices from them.

"Tastes awesome mom... thanks for supper" said Jake playfully with a wink.

"Oh that's just one of many sweetheart. Let's go see that movie, shall we? I'll pick all of this up later." I said, suddenly aware that in my sexual excitement I was letting the house fall apart.

I was the first into the living room, taking a seat on the couch and crossing my legs gingerly before grabbing for the remote. Chuck followed me soon after, tiredly slumping down into his chair beside the couch and leaning his head back. I reached for the blanket that I usually cozy up in to watch movies with as Jake entered. I turned to him with a smile and gently patted the couch beside me to beckon him over.

Obediently, he came and sat beside me. I threw the blanket over us, snapped open the buttons on the side of my skirt to remove it, and immediately grabbing his hand, placing it between my legs again. I started the movie while my son continued to play with my pussy.

I looked over to Chuck, his head had rolled to the side and he was fast asleep, just like I'd planned. These were pills I was prescribed to take sparingly when I had bad insomnia. Nothing could wake him, and I knew it. I looked to Jake, grinning and edging closer to him, then reaching under the blanket and working to free that monster cock from his shorts as our lips locked in a very non mother and son sort of way. Our tongues danced together for a few moments and I broke it only to desperately rip off my tank-top, tossing it carelessly on top of Chuck's lap, then eagerly tearing off my son's shirt and treating it likewise before moving back in to kiss our son with my bare chest pressed up against him.

Jake reached up, playing with a hand full of his mother's breast as we made out on the couch while fingering my pussy diligently. I broke the kiss as I moved to straddle his waist. The anticipation was intoxicating and overwhelming. He moved his hands to rest gently on my legs now and we both stared down between us in silence and awe. His erection was standing at full, glorious attention and pointed directly at the very hole that he was born from. The heat between my legs was maddening, and every few seconds my soaked cunt would drip my fluids onto my child's twitching member. With my hands resting on his muscular shoulders, I lowered myself ever so slowly, just enough to feel the head of his enormous penis easily spread my drenched pussy lips apart wide. We both groaned loudly, but didn't stop staring at the spectacle between us. It was a moment that I can't put into words... And we savored it. My son didn't rush things at all, whether because he felt like I felt, because he was in shock, or because he was afraid he would cum. We simply watched together, bonding as mother and son, while hot liquid trickled down along the shaft of his cock from where its head hid within the folds of his mother's labia. I thought I would come right then and there, and that he might do the same. Finally, when I couldn't stand it anymore, I closed my eyes, wrapped my arms around his neck, buried my head in his shoulder, and lowered myself further down onto my son's lubricated, monster cock. "NNnnngh!" I groaned, muffled, into his muscular shoulder where I now bit. His breathing was labored, and I assumed he must be tortured by the anticipation, but he waited like a good boy. Again I waited, adjusting to sensation of having so much solid flesh inside of such a tight space. At last my lust overshadowed my fear for pain and I gave myself to gravity, crying out in crazed bliss as I bottomed out onto my son's giant, throbbing erection. The orgasm I had at that moment was life changing. I convulsed uncontrollably on my Jake's lap, ejaculating violently around the base of his cock. My juices drenched his balls and stomach and I just moaned and twitched for awhile even though we weren't even moving. My cunt hole had never, ever been so thoroughly stuffed.

I turned my soft lips to his ear and, with my voice husky and shaking, whispered "Fuck me, son. Fuck your mother like a good boy..." His breath was shaking as I continued, a bit louder and more desperately "... Like a whore, sweetheart... Fuck your mother like she's your whore!"

To this Jake lost control. He pushed me onto my back so my head rested on Chucks lap and my back lay like a bridge between chucks chair and the couch.

"That's my boy!" I cried, then wrapped my legs around our son as he moved into position with his cock buried so unbelievably deep in my wet hole, his knees on the couch and my thighs easily suspended in the air by his strong hands.

My slippery wetness dripped from the base of his cock. Slowly, so slowly, with my son in complete control, he pulled his huge, thick penis halfway out of my hungry cunt. I whimpered as I looked up at my sleeping husband, massaging my breasts greedily, pushing them together as our boy grunted and thrust himself back into my depths, pulling me against him even as he plowed forward. I screamed in ecstasy from Chuck's lap while our son's cock penetrated me more deeply now than his ever had.. then he somehow pushed it in further "Oh God! You're SO big baby, fill mommy up good!" I pleaded to him.

Our son held me in the air easily, his cock resting deep inside of me as he stared down at me lustfully. Then I moved my hips, moaning aloud at the amazing feeling of having my soaked pussy stretched so wide by my own kid. Jake pulled back slowly again, waiting there, savoring. I looked at him with a mixture of matronly discipline and lust in my eyes "You put that back inside of me young man!" I demanded, but I barely got the order out as he pumped it back into me hard. Finally he started to fuck me, and I won't lie, the whole experience was like one long, endless orgasm. I moaned loudly with every thrust, bucking my hips against my sons as he pounded his cock into me like a jackhammer, as if it were sinking in deeper every time I cried out. "God, Oh GOD son that's it. Good job baby, good boy.. Fuck mommy gooood...! oh GOD you fuck your mother so much better than your dad does..! Ooooohhh Gooodddd!!"

He pounded his erection into my ravaged cunt for a long time, his balls slapping against my ass repeatedly. The sloppy sound of a tight and totally drenched hole being squished full repeatedly could be heard amongst my moaning and his grunting. I screamed in ecstasy on my husband's lap as Jake filled me up with his cock over and over, forcing multiple orgasms to spray around the monster inside me again and again. Chucks leg moved back and forth with each thrust from our son, and it made it feel SO much better. Jake grunted and pulled out suddenly, grabbing me by my waist and flipping me effortlessly onto my stomach. I squealed and giggled as I reached out to catch myself on the floor, my head beside my husband's knee, and screamed aloud as I felt Jake's massive cock drive into my steaming wet cunt again from behind. I let myself collapse down onto my elbows, my head resting between my hands on the floor and my knees spread apart up on the couch still, my ass up in the air while my son repeatedly fucked his cock downward into me, grunting with each virile thrust. "Oh my GOD Jake, you're so GOOD to mommy!" I screamed, to which he thrust his thick meat into me even harder "Oooohh Sonnnn!!!" I yelled as yet another orgasm sprayed upward out of my pussy, coating his cock in even more of his mothers juices. "Ooooh.. Such.. nngh.. oh GOD.. a GOOD BOY!!" I screamed "Cum inside me baby! Fill mommy with your hot cum! I want to feel my baby's hot cummmm!" I yelled with my eyes closed tight, sweat dripping from both of us. I had NEVER been so thoroughly fucked in my life!

Jake gripped my hips tightly with large hands, pulling my body up every time he pounded his cock down into me. Sex shouldn't even be allowed to be as good as this was! Then suddenly his grip became tighter and he pulled me up against his cock with all of his might once with a grunt, to which I moaned loudly, then twice with a more desperate grunt, then, wrapping one of his arms around my waist and tugging upward, a third time, holding me tightly against him with his young, monstrous cock buried to its hilt inside of his mother. With a primal growl, stream after stream of cum exploded into my womb. I screamed so loud that the neighbors might have heard it, biting the pant leg of my sound asleep husband as our son's hot, thick cum flowed into my cunt like a waterfall "OH GODDD THAT'S IT BABY!!" I screamed, grinding my hips and squeezing my pussy muscles tight around Jake's cock, milking my baby of every last drop of cum possible, trembling with orgasm all the while, before collapsing onto the floor exhausted with my legs sprawled up onto the couch. Jake fell back against the cushions, his giant penis flopping out of my abused cunt hole. A waterfall of hot, white cum spilled out onto the couch in front of him as we lay there in defeat. I gasped for air on the floor, saying in rasping breaths "Such... a.. good...son.. Jesus..." and looking back to him.

"God mom... that was the best sex I've ever had... I can't believe this just happened!" said Jake, also out of breath as he watched his cum bubble out of his mother's cunt and run down her leg to the couch like a white river.

I smiled up to him and stated greedily "This... is your new chore. I want you to fuck your mother like this every day after school before homework and the gym. Oh, and I will, from this day forward, be a part of your breakfast.."

"Yes mother.." agreed Jake obediently, watching his mother panting from behind, staring one last time into the darkness of the now gaping, cum soaked hole he'd turned my pussy into.

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