tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBreakfast Meeting

Breakfast Meeting


Lydia felt especially naughty that morning. Even more so than usual, if that was possible.

Perhaps it was the fact that she was on her first overnight trip with her new man, albeit less than a hundred miles from her home.

Or more likely, was the fact that she had just gotten, as the Brits might say, "royally and properly fucked" by pre-dawn this morning.

Her new beau had asked that she accompany him on his mini-business trip. The plan was for Lydia to spend the morning at nearby King of Prussia Mall while her man attended his sales meeting. They would then spend the afternoon sightseeing in downtown Philadelphia.

So Lydia took the day off from her own work, traveled down to the western Philly suburbs, and joined him in his hotel room at the Homewood Suites in Malvern. Where they spent the better part of the previous evening and early morning fucking in what Lydia termed "sprints": hot, impassioned, explorative carnal sessions, punctuated by brief respites and recesses to gather their strength and endurance for yet another. And another.

The thrill of sex with a relatively new partner.

Rather than exhaust Lydia, however, these "dashes" served only to further rejuvenate her libido. At forty-seven, her sexual energy and cravings had never been more heightened. And her man was the perfect elixir to extract her fertile, adventurous imagination into reality.

So, with her pussy still virtually throbbing from the wondrous pounding and sensual licking it had endured just a short while ago, she had ventured down to the lobby to enjoy some of the complimentary breakfast that the chain provided.

It was late for breakfast, approaching nine-thirty, and the maids had already begun to remove most of the offerings from the buffet table. Lydia was more than satisfied, though, with some fruit and oatmeal and a hot coffee.

Because of the mid-morning hour, the lobby was almost empty. One man in the corner caught her attention immediately.

He sat with his back to the patio window and tapped casually on his blackberry, frowning occasionally. Such was his focus that he did not notice Lydia seat herself almost directly across from him.

She watched him, and smiled to herself, the incessant pulsing in her labia now beating a percussion rhythm in her loins.

He was a few years older than she, by her estimation, perhaps early fifties. He wore a starched, crisp white shirt with a lavender tie and tan pants, with shiny black wingtips. A conservative preppy, a look she always was attracted to.

He peered over his reading glasses at the device, the salt and pepper hair on his temples furrowing his brow in concentration.

Lydia eased her five-foot-seven frame into the comfortable chair and crossed her legs. She had on a light blue tiered chambray skirt this morning, and a white lace, sheer sleeveless blouse. Both her skirt and blouse had buttons, at the insistence of her companion, in the event "easy access" was required sometime during the day, he explained.

That was one of the many things that excited Lydia about her new lover. He constantly challenged her mind to entice her into adventures, including his penchant for exhibitionism and semi-public sex.

In the short time she had known him, Lydia had already been taken in places she never would have even considered until very recently.

It just went to prove, Lydia thought to herself, that the right partner at the right time can open up a lot of sexual situations previously considered taboo.

Lydia now found it increasingly erotic to display her own body surreptitiously, to perfect strangers. It aroused her tremendously to see the reaction of men as they admired her own displays, which were becoming more daring and pronounced by the day.

Lydia saw this as another opportunity to play. A semi-public setting with a strange, handsome man as a captive audience.

Her pussy, already glistening with moisture, further lubricated at the scenario. She placed herself directly across from the man, crossed her legs seductively, and waited for his inevitable attention, placing a ripe strawberry tenderly between her lips. Her sandals dangled off of her feet, displaying her painted toenails, a bright ruby red.

It didn't take long at all. Her feminine scent, a combination of perfume and natural arousal, wafted through the air and he glanced in her direction. The blackberry was suddenly forgotten as he saw her.

His gaze began at her pedicure and slowly worked its way north. Instinctively, her exhibitionist tendencies freshly honed now, she uncrossed her legs and her fingers eased down to unclasp one of the buttons of her long skirt. She left her legs apart for a few seconds longer than she needed to, a deliberate tease.

The man smiled, while not yet raising his eyes to the rest of her. It was as if he was unwrapping a present, yet unseen, with his eyes, and he wanted to sustain the suspense. His eyes, like lasers, bore into the small gap between her legs, intently enjoying her bare legs, the glimpse of a peach-hued thong beneath the tiered skirt.

His patience served only to excite Lydia. This was an experienced man who would not rush to anything. Not yet, anyway.

For her part, Lydia's blue eyes couldn't help but to peek at the bulge discreetly growing in the man's lap. It was not her imagination. No, it was definitely real. This further emboldened her, and she let the strawberry dangle down near her thighs, and watched him as his gaze followed as she lifted it back to her lips.

And sucked on it. Slowly. Taking the ripe fruit in her mouth, their eyes met for the first time, and she bit into the nub while flicking her light brown curly hair off of her shoulders. She felt her nipples, always the trigger of her arousal, stiffen imperceptibly under her lacy bra.

Lydia smiled a seductress' smile and licked the tangy nectar off of her fingers, using her tongue to languish around her fingertips. This was blatant bedevilment now, baiting the man like a fish chasing a meaty hook. She allowed the ankle that was raised over her other leg to kick back and forth leisurely, each kick displaying a bit more of bare flesh.

She leaned down to reach into her purse, which was on the carpet beside her chair, displaying her cleavage while doing so, and pulled out her own Smart Phone. She began tapping on the keys, while popping a small piece of honeydew into her mouth, her ankle and calf still twitching lightly over her other leg. Without even looking at him, she could feel the sexual electricity radiating from the strange man. Her own pussy leaked like a faucet.

It was then that she felt his presence hovering over her as she sat in her chair. His movement was swift, sudden, like a cheetah's stalking its prey. Only this was a prey that wanted to be caught.

She looked to her left and her face was inches away from a prominent tent in the man's pants. Without saying a word, he subtly dropped a napkin into her lap and returned to his chair.

He sat down and spread his legs so that his erection was clearly visible through his pants. He made not the slightest effort to conceal it. Lydia's eyes were riveted onto his crotch, and they would have remained there had he not gestured with his fingers, pointing to the napkin in her lap.

The card had a ten-digit number circled. He also had scribbled the words, "My blackberry number. Text me. Let's play."

Lydia never raised her head. Instead, her fingers undid another two buttons of her attire, one on her skirt and the other on her blouse, before tapping onto the keyboard a simple salutation, "Good Morning." She thought that was non-committal enough, considering that she was essentially slowly disrobing in a deserted lobby of a hotel in front of a strange man.

She watched out of the corner of her eye as his own fingers manipulated his personal device. "There's another personal device of his that I'd love to manipulate," Lydia thought to herself, watching the impressive bulge expand against his zipper.

The reply came after a slight pause that seemed excruciating. He was in no hurry. "You're being quite daring this morning."

And so the "sexting" commenced, like electronic staccato fire.

"You looked all alone. I thought you might enjoy some attention."

"That was thoughtful of you. I could use more attention."

Lydia raised her eyebrow at her phone and tapped. She was much quicker than he was on the keys. "What sort of attention were you seeking?" This was a clear invitation to escalate the festivities. Lydia didn't really know what had come over her, but this entire episode excited her greatly. She was soaking through her thong, ready to take requests, if need be.

The response was concise. "Open your legs, and keep them open."

Lydia glanced around apprehensively, to assure that no one was witnessing this clandestine encounter. He sensed her momentary trepidation and wrote another succinct text.

"For my eyes only, don't fear."

Lydia bit her lip in measured concentration and a bit of apprehension, but she did as instructed. Her skirt opened at the buttons, providing the man with an unfettered view to mid-thigh, partially showing her thong, now sliding into the cauldron of her steamy slit.

"How's that?" she asked simply into the keyboard.


Lydia hesitated a few seconds, not out of anxiety anymore. Rather, she wanted to tantalize. She spread her thighs apart agonizingly slowly until her legs were fully exposed up to her thong. She looked up at the man finally, pleased at the subtle smirk on his face.

"Thank you. You're quite willing to please, aren't you?"

"I can be, at times."

"Now is most certainly one of those times, isn't it?"

"It could be."

"You're very wet."

Lydia couldn't conceal this revelation. She pled no contest to the charge. "I am."

"Take your thong off then."

Lydia sat up straight at this bold request. This was a bit much, even for Lydia in her heightened state of arousal. "I can't, not here," she tapped nervously.

The man waited for Lydia to look at him. He took his own hand and let it linger down onto his lap. he watched as Lydia saw him stroke his cock through the outline of his pants. He heard her groan.

He removed his hand from one his personal device and returned it to the electronic one.

"Do you like what you do to me?"

Lydia suppressed a giggle and eagerly sent her candid answer. "I suddenly have become ravenous for a banana."

He smiled without looking up. "Splendid. But you can only eat if you take your thong off. Now. I'm not asking again."

He placed the blackberry on the small table next to him and crossed his arms across his chest. And waited.

This was the moment of truth, the point of no return, and they both knew it. If Lydia wanted to play, the stakes had been raised. He had made the "all in" call in this game of voyeuristic poker, and she had to call his bluff or fold.

Lydia had already made up her mind as to her next move, but like a true poker player, she played the "slow hand". She sat perfectly still for a long minute, drawing out the tension.

Then, with just the slightest upward motion, she lifted her pelvis off of the chair, reached her fingers under her skirt, and began to tug at the lace that hugged her saturated slit, hooking her nails into the material on her hips.

She stared directly at him as she maneuvered the long descent of the silky thong down her thighs, her eyes alternating between his own stare and the massive tent in his pants.

She watched as she let the thong rest for a while, nestled on her calves, the material stretched lewdly apart, and one finger eased up under her skirt and she dipped a finger into her bare, swollen slit, finger fucking her humid cavern, teasing him into near delirium.

Lydia's legs swung up suddenly, and she caught the thong in the heel of her left sandal, and drop kicked it onto his own lap. David Beckham himself could not have placed a more perfectly placed kick.

He was mesmerized now, enraptured by the wanton display of this erotic woman, whose wet, peach thong now hung on his erection like a coat hanger.

She had indeed called his bluff. She knew all along she had the best hand. After all, what beats a wet, naked cunt in public, she reasoned?

She watched him breathe heavily, his chest heaving in desire, small beads of perspiration forming on his forehead. She picked up her phone.

"Be careful what you wish for. Now, about that banana....."

He rose, stuffing the erection to one side, which made it no less noticeable. He took the thong and raised it to his nostrils, inhaling deeply. She shuddered as he enjoyed her scent.

With one hand, he reached out to her and she placed her palm in his.

They then headed back to the room that they had both shared the prior evening and earlier that same morning. His business meeting and her shopping excursion long forgotten.

When they reached the elevator, he kissed her deeply as the couple entered the cab.

"You've become quite the exhibitionist, sexy lady," he complimented her.

She dropped to her knees in the elevator, taking his hard, thick cock out of his pants, right there.

"You have created a monster, lover," she purred. "Now let me enjoy this banana."

And she sucked his cock, not stopping until he came deep in her mouth, ignoring several would-be passengers who waited outside the cab, lest they interrupted the public cock sucking display that ensued, her head buried in his crotch as he grabbed her long hair, face-fucking her.

Lydia had come a long way. She just needed the right motivation.

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