tagInterracial LoveBreakfast on Sunday Ch. 03

Breakfast on Sunday Ch. 03


Jeannie laughed as she starred at Lenny. She continued to giggle as she held the black dildo between her legs. Lenny was stroking his cock as he watched Jeannie insert the rubber phallus between her pussy lips.

She was extremely wet and worked the cock deeper into her pussy until she was stuffed. She lay her head back on the pillow and arched her legs open and started to fuck herself with the thick imitation black cock.

She lifted her head to look down between her legs as she rotated the cock around her pussy. Her face showed lust and satisfaction as she held the dildo in her pussy. Lenny stroked his cock as he watched her play with her new toy.

Jeannie lifted her legs further back as she fucked herself with the cock. She was humping her ass into the mattress with her eyes closed. One hand held the cock in place while she rubbed her boobs with the other.

Lenny watched the expression on her face as she glanced at the black toy again. He knew her well and knew that she was dreaming about black cock at that moment. He could see it in her eyes every time they opened that she was wishing that cock was real.

Her body started to shake as she drove the toy into her pussy. Her legs were shaking and Lenny say her skin on her thighs quivering as she came on that cock. Lenny couldn't hold back any longer as his cum shot out over the bed. He watched the television screen and saw the way Jeannie finished that orgasm.

He remembered that night so well. They had visited an adult book store that afternoon when she picked out the toy. Lenny never really thought much about the color of the toy at the time but now he knew she must have held that fantasy in her head for a long time.

He remembered how aroused he was watching her play with that toy that weekend. He recalled seeing it in her drawer when he had packed his things during their divorce. It was her favorite toy.

Lenny closed his eyes as he finished wiping off his deflating cock. It was Saturday morning. He'd have another date with Jeannie for breakfast tomorrow morning. He'd want to hear about her weekend with Phil. He'd want to fuck her again!

It had been a month since he'd first learned of her new boyfriend, Phil. Phil had been away on business the past two weeks and he knew that Jeannie would be making up for lost time this weekend.

He felt lucky. He spent the last three Sunday mornings fucking his ex-wife and listening to her stories about her and Phil. He lay on the bed with a different feeling in his stomach this morning. Could he be jealous that his ex-wife was dating another man? He had to admit that something strange had come over him the first morning she told her story about her first night with Phil.

It was like watching her play with the dildo and seeing the lust and passion in her eyes. It was different then because they were still married. She was his wife! Jeannie belonged to him! Things were much different now and he could feel it throughout his stomach and head.

Yes. He was able to spend and enjoy time with Jeannie the past couple of weekends. She was lonely being by herself. Phil kept in touch with her in the evenings. He was traveling around Europe on business and called her at every stop. She told Lenny about their conversations but to him it was like listening to Jeannie talking about a book.

Lenny had a hard time excepting the fact that Phil was a real person in her life. He still loved her and she said she loved him. He couldn't explain his feelings about her. He was aroused listening to her as she told him about her love making with Phil.

Lenny wanted her back. Phil maybe her lover and boyfriend but he was her ex-husband. They shared their lives together for so long. They raised a son together. They did everything as a couple and Lenny wanted everything back to normal.

Lenny tried to think back in time. He remembered how they were going swing with another couple but changed their minds at the last minute because they were afraid their son would find out some how.

Lenny showered and dressed. He looked at the time. It was still early enough to catch her. Phil would be flying in this afternoon and Lenny just wanted to tell her how much he still loved her.

He arrived at the house near noon and let himself in the front door. He could smell the scent of a fresh shower and Jeannie's perfume as he walked into the bedroom. He turned the corner and saw her standing in front of the mirror.

He startled her as she screamed but held her chest as she quickly turned around and saw that it was Lenny.

"Oh my God, Honey! You scared the shit out of me! I didn't expect to see you until tomorrow morning."

Lenny smiled at her as he walked into the bathroom and grabbed her tightly and gave her a long passionate kiss.

"Lenny? What's going on with you this morning?"

"I just wanted to come over and tell you how much I love you."

Jeannie smiled and touched and held his cheek as she kissed his nose. "You're so sweet! I love you too."

Jeannie turned and leaned over the counter fixing her eye lashes as Lenny checked her out. She was wearing a black skirt. Her white top barely covered her boobs as they hung out in view. He was starring at her reflection in the mirror and could see her nipples through the thin white material.

The bathroom light shinned on her skin. Her breasts looked to inviting and soft as she played with her lashes. Her breasts would giggle every time she moved her arms.

"I like your perfume."

She turned to smile for a second as she replied. "I got it last weekend."

Lenny was trying to speak to her but found himself speechless until he said. "What time is Phil's plane coming in?"

"He already landed. He wanted to go home and take a shower from his long trip."

Lenny couldn't resist touching her and put his hand on her rear end and rubbed her round bottom. She playfully wiggled her ass back at him but kept working with her makeup.

Lenny finally circled his arm around his waist until she stopped what she was doing and turned and gave him a hug and kissed his lips.

"I just don't have much time right now. Maybe when you stop by tomorrow for breakfast we'll be able to continue this."

She quickly turned around before Lenny could reply and started to apply her makeup again as she spoke.

"Maybe it would be a good idea if we made our breakfast date a little later tomorrow."

Lenny felt disappointed and asked. "I could come by at my regular time and do a few things around the yard."

Jeannie kept working with a little brush on her eye lids as she replied. "We're going to a show right here in town tonight so I think Phil will be spending the night here."

She finished with her eyes and turned and said. "Phil will need time for a shower and it might be better if you came around eleven."

"Will he be gone by then?"

Lenny starred at the reflection of her boobs as she leaned forward to apply her lipstick. Her nipples were hard and the milky globes looked very inviting to him. She finished and smacked her lips and looked over at Lenny and said.

"You could drive around if you still see his car here in the morning."

Lenny watched as she put the tube of lipstick in her purse. That remark was so strange. She wanted him to drive around while her boyfriend was still here. She was fumbling in her purse for something.

Lenny still had his eyes on her boobs as they giggled around in her top. Lenny walked over and wrapped his arms around her from behind and cupped her breasts.

"You pick the strangest times to want to be romantic."

He was gently rubbed his hands over her boobs feeling her hard nipples. Jeannie placed her hands over his and closed her eyes as she started to breath heavy but soon stopped and turned around.

"I've got to get going before I'm late."

Lenny reluctantly watched as Jeannie took her purse and walked into the bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed putting on her heels as Lenny walked in with his hands in his pockets.

She was leaning over hooking the tiny clasp on one of her heels with her boobs hanging out again. He waited and watched while she hooked the other clasp. She stood up and smiled at Lenny.

Lenny followed Jeannie to the door where she blew him a kiss saying. "I don't want to mess up my lipstick. Don't forget to lock the door on your way out."

Lenny watched her car back out of the driveway. It felt strange standing there watching the woman he still loved and was married to for all those years leaving to meet her boyfriend.

Lenny slowly pulled the car past the house. He looked at his watch. It was eleven and Phil's car was still parked in the drive. Lenny decided to drive around the block and caught Phil as he was walking to his car.

Lenny pretended to be just driving by and watched as the tall black man got into his car and drove off. Lenny turned around up the street and pulled into the driveway. He wondered if any of the neighbors were watching as he walked up to the door and let himself in.

The house was quiet. Lenny could still smell Phil's cologne lingering in the house. The kitchen was still dark and Lenny walked into the bedroom.

Jeannie was standing naked with her back turned toward him looking through a drawer. Her long hair and smooth round ass looked so luscious.

Jeannie turned slightly and screamed as she held her chest then noticed it was Lenny. "Oh my God, Honey! You're making a regular habit of scaring the shit out of me."

Jeannie went back searching in her drawer as Lenny walked up behind her and circled his arms around her waist. He slowly raised them and cupped her huge breasts as she giggled.

She quickly turned around and placed her arms around his shoulders and gave him a loving friendly kiss then went back searching for something in her drawer.

"What are you looking for?"

"I couldn't find my matching thong last night. You know the one with the little fake diamonds sewn across the crotch?"

"The last time I saw those were in your bottom drawer over in your chest."

Jeannie walked over and opened the drawer and found them laying on top and picked them up and twirled them with her finger.

"You should have been here last night!"

Lenny half laughed at her remark. "That would have gone over really good!"

Jeannie stood and playfully tossed the tiny thing at his face as she walked past him. Lenny followed her into the bathroom as she turned and laughed and said.

"Do you mind? I have to pee?" "I'll wait!"

Lenny did just that as she wiped herself and stood up flushing the toilet. Lenny started rubbing her bare ass while she washed her hands. She dried them off then turned around to wrap her arms around his shoulders again.

She kissed him on the lips then took his hand and led him out to the bedroom again where she quickly climbed toward the center of the bed and wiggled her finger at him to join her.

That's when Lenny noticed the huge diamond ring on her left hand. He started to point at her hand while climbing in next to her and said. "What's with the big rock?"

Jeannie held her hand out then looked down at the mattress as she replied. "I was going to tell you this later but I might as well tell you that Phil proposed to me last night."

"What do you mean that Phil proposed? Don't tell me you accepted it did you?"

"Honey, I wouldn't be wearing the ring if I didn't say yes!"

Lenny felt hurt and looked away as she grabbed his arm. "Don't be this way."

Lenny tried to move away but she held him from leaving as she added. "Everything will remain the same with us. I told you I still love you."

Lenny was upset and started to raise his voice. "How can you say that everything will remain the same when you're engaged to that guy?"

"Come here and lay down next to me, honey"

Jeannie was holding out her hand for him and he finally calmed down enough to take it. Lenny could feel the warmth and softness in her hand as she pulled him down onto the bed until his head rested on the pillow.

She was pulling off his shoes and socks then started to work on his pants as he closed his eyes for a moment trying to figure her out. Jeannie unbuckled his belt and quickly started to slip his pants down. She tossed them on the floor and started to unbutton his shirt with one hand as she stroked his cock with the other.

"Lift up and let me get that off you."

Lenny let Jeannie do all the work as he pushed his head back down as she tossed the shirt onto the floor. She began stroking his cock and put her mouth down a second later and began sucking his cock.

Jeannie swished her tongue around and sucked like a pro. She knew just how to get Lenny aroused after all these years. Her free hand was caressing his ball sack while she sucked.

Lenny propped his head up on the pillow and noticed that he could smell Phil's cologne lingering on the bed. That got his attention as he looked around the sheets. They were too messed up to see any cum stains for the night before.

He starred back at Jeannie and examined her breasts while she sucked. He saw the bit marks as expected. She loved it. That's what he'd expect to see on her skin. It wasn't anything different he'd never seen on her since he found out she was dating this guy.

Jeannie skillfully worked her mouth on his cock making him moan. He looked down at her ass the way she was kneeling. Her legs looked so soft. She finally got off her knees and moved the out along the bed close to his head.

Lenny took hold of her ankle and moved his body to where they could sixty-mine. She positioned her body so that she was lying on her side as she sucked his cock. He reached out and took hold of her ass while he buried his face in her mound.

Jeannie wrapped a leg up over his head as she scooted forward giving him better access to her pussy. Her pussy area smelled of sex. Lenny could smell the mixture of perfume and Phil's cologne on her body.

Lenny dipped his tongue inside her pussy slit. It was soaking wet and Lenny thought he tasted cum. Jeannie furiously sucked his cock while he ate her pussy. She was grinding her hips forward making sure he had good access to her open pussy.

She paused for a second. "Does it taste good?"

Lenny moaned into her pussy that it did as she went back sucking his cock. Jeannie kept grinding her hips and started to shake. Lenny held onto her ass while she came inside his mouth. She reached down and pushed his head into her mound as she tried to focus back to his cock.

Her body was still quivering as he licked her pussy clean. He stopped for a second to look down at her when he realized she had stopped sucking on him. Her eyes were closed as her body twitched.

"Come on up here, Baby." Lenny got on his back while Jeannie slowly mounted his face. She sat down and felt his tongue part her pussy lips and began rotating her hips above his head while he sucked. Lenny gave it all he had as he tried to bring her to another orgasm. He held onto her hands as she pushed her hips down into his face. She was straining now but Lenny could clearly see that she was about to cum again.

Lenny was right as Jeannie let out a loud scream this time as she bucked her hips squishing his head between the pillow and her ass. He was still holding her hands as she started to calm down.

Jeannie finally opened her eyes then slowly scooted down until his cock rested against her back. She lifted herself and reached around and inserted his cock head between her pussy lips. She slowly pushed down then started to move her hips as she rested the palms of her hands on his chest.

"That's it. I want you to cum for me, darling. Fuck me good."

Lenny starred up into her eyes. She was starring at him intensively like she was being a bad girl.

Lenny starred back then said. "You're cheating on your fiancé right now!"

"Yes, I know. Fuck me harder!"

Lenny kept starring at her eyes. She was getting off on this. She leaned forward so Lenny could suck her boobs. Lenny obliged and took one in his mouth and started to bit around the nipple.

"Bit them hard, darling."

Lenny did just that as he moved his face from one breast to the other. Her pussy was squeezing his cock as she rotated her ass above him. Lenny couldn't hold back any longer as he grunted and stiffened up as he shot his load of hot cum deep inside her waiting pussy.

Lenny didn't even have a chance to catch his breath completely. Jeannie moved forward and pushed her wet pussy down on his face. Lenny got into it and started to lick and eat his own cum from her pussy.

"Clean up my pussy for me. I've been a bad girl."

Lenny kept licking. He was just as excited as Jeannie right now. She was getting off on having him clean out her pussy. Lenny licked and sucked until she finally rolled off his face in total exhaustion and slapped her head down on the pillow next to him as she closed her eyes. Lenny lay on his side and brought his hand up to caress her belly.

Jeannie turned and smiled at him and raised her head for a small kiss. They fell asleep for a couple hours then got up and showered together. They finally shared breakfast together around three that afternoon.

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