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Breaking Benjamin


Authors Note: Breaking Benjamin is a popular rock band and their lead singer is Ben Burnley. I get my screen name, ShallowBay, from one of their songs. If you don't know or like Breaking Benjamin, please still give this story a try because I think you might like it. If the story is well received I may make it a series. The story is NOT porn without plot, but trust me, when ya get to the sex it'll be worth the extra reading! (or you can just scroll down to the sex!) Also, I'm new to writing erotic stories, so please be honest but gentle with your critiques! Thanks! ;-)

Grace was beyond excited. She was going to a Breaking Benjamin concert that night at a local bar. Grace had seen the band in concert twice before, but this would be the first time she would be 21 at a bar concert. Drinking + hot bar + awesome music... Oh the trouble she could get in to!

Grace looked at herself in the mirror. "Not bad..." she thought to herself. In fact, she thought she looked rather sexy. She was 5'5 with striking blue eyes, long blonde hair and a thin yet curvy body. She wore a snug black tank top that showed off her ample cleavage and a short denim skirt that hugged her curves. She completed the ensemble with silver "Fuck Me" heels and dark eye shadow fitting for a rock concert. Not the smartest thing to wear to a place that would surely include a mosh pit, but hey, she had to look good!

After all, she wanted Ben to notice her. Ben Burnley was the lead singer of Breaking Benjamin and SUPER hot! He was tall with dark, short hair and the sexiest eyes that seemed to look right into your soul. Tall, dark and handsome... what more could a girl want? But alas, Grace wasn't kidding herself. She knew the odds of a rock star falling in love (or lust) with a girl from her small college town were not good. And even if the guys in the band were looking for a little sex to go with their rock and roll, there would be plenty of competition! Even though Grace was gorgeous she was sure there would be girls there who would do ANYTHING to be with Ben. Could she bring herself to do anything?

For now, Ben was just a celebrity crush for Grace, not to mention the object of her fantasies whenever she found herself in bed with a vibrator between her thighs... She looked at the poster of Ben on her wall and began to remember all the nights with her vibrator. As she remembered her fingers idly traced down her breast and around her nipple. She would imagine his big, strong hands grabbing at her breasts as he kissed her passionately. They would find themselves tumbling down onto the bed in his tour bus, unable to control their passion as they ripped each others clothes off...

*BEEP* Grace snapped out of her fantasy as she heard a car honk. Lauren was here to pick her up from the concert! She had lost track of time. She quickly ran to the bathroom to clean up the hot wetness that was now dripping down her thigh. She looked in the mirror and saw how flushed her face had become. Oh well, natural blush, right? She did one last look over, making sure everything else was perfect, and then ran out of her apartment with butterflies in her stomach.

* * * * *

The concert was turning out to be the best one ever. Grace was having the time of her life. The opening band was actually really good for a change, all her friends were there, and the fact that she was being bought drinks left and right didn't hurt! With a mixed drink in hand, Grace made her way to the front of the balcony looking down over the stage just as the lights dimmed. All of a sudden a guitar rift broke through the silence, the lights came up and the crowd went wild! There they were... There he was... The band began to play and Grace was taken away by the music. She danced and sang with everyone else. The group downstairs threw themselves against each other as they moshed to the rock songs. The people upstairs, the "21 and over" crowd, all pressed up against the balcony railing, drinking and singing. After several fast songs, the rest of the band left the stage, leaving Ben alone with his guitar. He began to sing one of the bands few slow tunes.

The crowd moved and swayed as the song carried on. Grace saw lighters in the air and couldn't help but laugh. Then Ben looked up. He looked up at HER! He couldn't have heard that laugh above all the singing, could he? He smiled at her as he sang and she smiled back, her stomach doing summersaults. She turned to see if any of her friends had noticed but they all had the same dumb smile on their faces and were looking down at the stage. They all thought the smile was for them. Grace realized he was just looking at the crowd upstairs, not at her directly. She felt slightly dejected as the song finished and the lights went down. But, it had been an amazing night so she perked back up as they made their way out of the bar.

As Lauren and Grace started to exit the building, a big hand caught Lauren by the arm.

"Hey! Get your hands off of me creep!" Lauren shouted. Grace turned to help her friend and came face to face with a VERY big, bald guy in a black wife beater.

"Easy, baby," the big guy grumbled "I just wanted to stop you before you left. I'm one of the bodyguards for the band. Aaron noticed you and was wondering if you wanted a backstage pass?"

"Oh my god! I totally do! Oh, Grace, can you believe this?" Lauren squealed.

* * * * *

Fifteen minutes later Grace stood alone in the parking lot. "Backstage pass my ass!" she cursed. Lauren and Aaron, the guitar player of the band, were NOT backstage. They were, in fact, in the one of the band's tour busses doing God knows what (though Grace could imagine). After the security guard had approached them, Grace and Lauren were lead to the back entrance of the bar where the buses were parked. Lauren was led into a tour bus and Grace was left in the dust. Not that she was too angry with Lauren... After all, if it was Ben who asked her "backstage," wouldn't she leave Lauren just as fast?

The answer was yes. But currently Grace was not in the best of moods. She was cold and starting to get a little creeped out by being alone in a dark parking lot. The door of the bar opened and a few guys who were obviously drunk stumbled out. Grace quickly looked at her feet and prayed they would just walk away and leave her alone. Being a college girl, she knew how stupid guys could get when they drank. As they got closer Grace thought she heard a familiar voice. She looked up just in time to be face to face with Ben Burnley! Grace's heart raced. There was Ben, amongst 2 bodyguards and the drummer of the band. Perhaps they sat at the bar after all the fans left?

"What's a hot thing like you doing alone in a parking lot after midnight?" one of the bodyguards asked as he stumbled a bit. Ben just looked at her and leaned against a car. Grace could not take her eyes off of him. He was just so...

"Hey, I asked you a question!" the bodyguard shouted, clearly intoxicated.

"Oh, um, my friend, and my ride, is in that trailer over there."

"Haha, with Aaron? Nice!" The drummer laughed. The guys made some more vulgar comments about groupies and gave each other high fives. But, all the while, Ben looked at Grace and stayed silent. He looked at her with his deep brown eyes; a look that made her melt.

"Come on guys," the other bodyguard said "Lets get out of here. We gotta get you to New York by 5am for your radio interview at 7."

"I'll catch up" Ben finally spoke. Oh, that voice. The guys looked at him for a second. He gave them a knowing look and they nodded and laughed as they walked away. "I noticed you tonight."

Oh my god, he did? Speak, Grace, speak! "You did?" she finally muttered.

"How could I not have? You're beautiful. And you have a great smile."

Was Ben Burnley actually coming on to her? Her knees went weak and an all too familiar feeling started to burn in between her thighs. He stood up and walked towards her. She closed her eyes and breathed deep. He smelled like a mixture of cologne and smoke. She opened her eyes again to see him inches from her face.

"I'm Ben" he whispered

"I, I know... I mean, I'm Grace."

"Nice to meet you Grace." He whispered, his face less then an inch from hers. And then it happened. He kissed her. Soft at first, his lips gently pressing against hers. And then with increasing passion. Ben hungrily fed on Grace's lips. His tongue sought hers and she opened her mouth. They kissed harder. Ben pushed her against a near by bus and deepened the kiss. The kiss was amazing. Grace was forgetting to breathe. Their tongues danced as the burning between Grace's thighs got hotter. Ben brushed against Grace's body and she felt something hard. She opened her eyes to see Ben's still closed as he continued to kiss her. Her mind was going 1000 miles a minute. Her body was begging her to throw Ben down and give him the ride of his life, but her head wasn't so sure. How many girls had Ben kissed like this? Was Grace willing to take this further and become just another notch on a rock star's belt? Her head said no. No way. She had pride and dignity. But her body... oh her body wanted him. This hot, famous guy who had already had her in so many of her fantasies... In the end Grace's body won.

* * * * *

"I want to be honest with you. You know what this is."


"You seem great and you are gorgeous, but this is just..."

"I know" Grace said. As much as she didn't want to admit it, she knew exactly what this was going to be, but her body didn't care. She was going to fuck Ben Burnley.

Ben had taken her to another of the tour buses and locked the door. They had just a short amount of time before he had to leave for New York. Their passionate kissing session had continued into the bus and they were now tumbling onto the bed. Grace was living a dream. He took off her tank top to reveal her red lacy bra. Her breasts were heaving with her breathing, hypnotizing Ben. He reached out to touch the soft, pale flesh encased in crimson lace. Grace moaned as his expert fingers began to tweak her nipples through her bra. She fumbled for his belt buckle as he artfully and quickly removed her bra. How many times had he done this? She abandoned her quest as she felt his hot mouth surround her nipple. His hands groped and rubbed her breasts hard as his tongue lapped at her nipple. As he sucked harder Grace began to moan louder, lost in feeling and lust.

Suddenly Grace had no other thought then to pleasure Ben. She pushed him off of her chest and had him lay back. As she moved to go down on him Ben stopped her.

"No time for that."


"Grace, as much as I would love for you to suck my dick, we're short on time, and I need to fuck you."

Grace just stared. The vulgar language and directness startled her, but excited her as well. She stood up and removed her skirt. Ben looked at her and smiled. A wicked smile that had Grace removing her little red thong as fast as possible. Ben let out a slow breath, his eyes devouring her. He stood up and removed his shirt.

"My God, he's perfect" Grace thought as she looked at his abs. He lowered his pants and boxers at the same time. Grace's eyes immediately went between his legs. His cock, all ready rock hard, was an impressive 7 or so inches and seemed the perfect thickness to Grace. He walked over to her and kissed her deep. As he took her lips his hands drifted down her body. His one hand grabbed a breast and the other rested on her ass. He squeezed her ass hard and moaned, pumping his hips against her. They laid back on the bed again. Ben climbed on top of Grace and looked down at her. His eyes never left hers as he entered her fast, with one motion. Grace gasped with lust, pleasure and a little pain.

Ben began to ride her fast. He was grunting as he thrust his rock hard dick into her over and over.

"My God, you're so tight." She was wet and hot too. Ben felt incredible and Grace felt even better. It was everything she fantasized about. Ben's dick felt amazing inside of her, slamming her pussy and making her flesh feel as though it were on fire. Their bodies began to glisten as they picked up speed. The bed was rocking as Ben fucked Grace with all he had. Moans and groans escaped their lips. Ben shifted slightly. That little shift allowed him to start banging into Grace's G spot. The feeling was like no other. She clawed at his back and bit into his shoulder as he rode her. Each thrust made her feel hotter. The pleasure was beyond anything Grace had felt. She knew an orgasm was coming.

"Ben, oh god, Ben!"

"Yes, you little slut! Does that feel good? God, you feel amazing Grace. Fuck, yes."

The dirty talk sent Grace over the edge. She lifted her hips as a wave of pleasure washed over her. Her pussy clenched and twitched as she came hard. Grace heard nothing but a buzzing in her ears and felt nothing but white hot pleasure as she screamed Ben's name.

"Yes, cum bitch" Ben moaned. He pulled out and quickly flipped Grace over. As he entered her from behind Grace felt exhilarated. She gasped loudly as he began to fuck her doggy style. Ben moved in and out of Grace's slick pussy as he rubbed her ass. She began grinding back against him. All of a sudden there was a knock at the door. Grace froze and looked at the door.


Ben hit her ass hard. She squealed and looked back at him.

"Don't stop slut!"

She began to grind again. Her ass burned where he hit her, but it made her wetter then ever.

"Go away!" Ben shouted and the knocking ceased. He continued to slam into her and...


He hit her ass again. And then again. Grace pushed back against Ben's dick as hard as she could and began humping wildly, loving the feeling of being spanked

He then picked her up and slammed her against the side of the bus. Grace had never been called these names during sex but found she loved it. The dirty names, the hot sex, the rock star... it was like something straight out of a movie. Ben began to fuck her hard against the wall. He lifted her knees up over his arms, giving his hard dick better access to fuck her deeper. He was filled with such need. Ben began to pump faster then Grace knew was possible. He leaned down and caught one of her large nipples in his mouth. He began to suck with earnest. Grace became lost in the lust. She grabbed Ben's ass, helping him slam her as hard as he could.

"Fuck me harder!"

Ben seemed to love hearing Grace speak this way. He abandoned her tit and began to moan in Grace's ear.

'You feel better then anything, Grace. Fucking Christ."

All of a sudden Ben stopped pumping.

"Now's your chance to suck." Ben panted. He quickly pushed Grace to her knees and entered her mouth. He pumped for a few second, allowing Grace to taste herself. She liked and sucked Ben's dick, tasting herself , his flesh and his precum. She moaned, sending vibrations over Ben's cock and sending him into orgasm. He cried out her name as he held her head tightly to his crotch. His hands entangled in her blonde hair as he came hard. Grace tasted his cum as it washed over her mouth and swallowed quickly. She continued to suck after he had stopped coming, making him almost collapse. He caught himself against the wall and quietly moaned as he pulled himself from her mouth. Ben lifted her up and kissed her hard, tasting everything she had just tasted.

"That was incredible, Grace."

* * * * *

Grace was clothed again and waiting for a cab outside the bar. Lauren had long since left. Grace and Ben had gotten dressed and had a quick kiss goodbye. He said he would look her up next time he was in town. Grace knew it was an empty promise but her heart couldn't help but flutter. She watched as the tour busses drove down the street and out of sight. She had had the night (and sex) of her life. Her knees still felt weak and she knew her pussy would be sore. But, she couldn't help thinking, "Will I ever see him again?"

That depends on reader response! View my profile and send me a message.

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