tagIncest/TabooBreaking Free Ch. 02

Breaking Free Ch. 02


Eric slowly drifted back from the world of sleep and dreams; his mind filled with images of a soft warm rain falling on his bare chest. His eyes opened to look down and watch as his mother left soft kisses along his bare skin, causing him to shudder at the touch of her lips.

"Oh My God" he whispered. "I wasn't a dream."

Emily slowly slid down her sons' nude body, until she lay nestled between his spread thighs. As she looked up at him, her eyes could see both his face and the thick cock that lay like a solid tube flat to his belly.

"Oh, it's a dream all right" Emily told him. Her hand reached out and gripped his throbbing shaft, lifting the column of flesh until it pointed straight in the air. "A dream come true baby."

Eric could only stare as his mother's head slowly lowered towards his aching cock. When her lips were only an inch away, she stared into his eyes.

"I haven't done this before" she gave a shy smile. "My son needs to teach mommy how to suck his big, beautiful cock."

"OH fuckkkkkkkkkk" Eric groaned as he watched his mother lean down and engulf the swollen head of his cock.

Emily's mouth slid slowly down his shaft, tasting her son. Her nostrils flared with the mixed scent of his male body and yesterdays' sex. After the pleasure her son had given her, she wanted to make sure he not only gave, but received. Gripping the throbbing shaft she sucked slowly downward again, as her tongue swirled around the ridged crown.

The sound of Emily's slurping mixed with Eric's moaning in the bedroom. Eric tried to watch as his mothers' head bobbed up and down on him, the tremors running through his body were only growing; as he could feel the start of that pinch deep in his balls.

"Ohhhh God, Mommmmmmm" Eric moaned.

With an obscene wet pop, Emily pulled her mouth from his pulsing dick. "You like that baby" she asked in a husky voice. "Should I keep going?"

Eric looked down at his mothers' face and a shudder rippled through him. The vision of her now kneeling between his spread thighs, her breasts swinging free, as her spit glistened on the shaft of his cock still in her firm grip.

"If you want me to cum" he told her "then yeah keep going" he added.

A smile spread across Emily's face, and then he felt her mouth literally slam black down on him engulfing him almost to the root. He felt one hand stroking up and down his shaft in time to her sucking lips, as the other cupped his full balls; gently kneading them, trying to milk his hot seed free.

"Oh Jesus....Mom..." Eric gasped. His hips lifted off the mattress as he felt the boiling in his balls suddenly erupt.

"Arrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Eric wailed as his body was set on fire with raw pleasure. He felt his hot cream speed from his balls, up his shaft, and explode into his mothers' waiting mouth.

Emily had drawn her lips back to the crowned head, pursing them tightly there. She held still, feeling him pulse in her grip, waiting for his release. The first this jet of hot cream burst into the back of her mouth, she almost gagged as she tried to swallow her sons' thick seed. Before she could even get the first round down, a second and then third thick rope pulsed into her mouth. She could feel a thick glob ooze out the corners and drip down her chin.

As Eric's hips slowly lowered back to the bed, Emily pulled her mouth free. Staring into her sons' eyes she swallowed the last of his cream in her mouth. She was amazed at how sweet his cream was and how much she enjoyed the act of drinking her sons' seed.

"Good morning baby" Emily whispered to her still dazed son.

"God Mom" Eric finally mustered. "I could wake up to that every fucking day."

Emily's eyes smoldered as she stared at her son. "Be careful what you wish for" she whispered softly.

For the entire day, the pair teased and explored each other. Emily was preparing them a lunch in the small kitchen of the apartment, when Eric knelt in front of her, sliding her shorts down her supple hips. She tried desperately to focus as Eric nibbled, licked and sucked her steaming womanhood; until her juices clung to his face and rolled down her thighs.

Standing at the toilet, emptying his bladder, Eric was shocked when his mothers' slender hand slid around his waist, replacing his wrapped around his cock. He stared down and watched as she gently held him, aiming the warm stream into the bowel. When he had finished, she slowly stroked his thickening cock without a word, until his hot seed joined the urine; and when he had finished emptying his balls with his bladder, she had softly patted his shrinking cock and left the room.

For the entire remainder of the weekend, neither of the two had even dressed, allowing the other total access to their body. Finishing their day wrapped arm in arm in the bed, the sheets soaked with their sweat and fluids; drifting off to sleep with Eric's slowly shrinking cock still buried inside his mother.

On Monday, Emily felt like she finally got some rest, as Eric left for work at the lab. She spent the day puttering around his apartment, then enjoying the sun at the pool. When her phone beeped near lunch, Emily opened the small device to stare at a picture of Eric. He must have found a bathroom and taken a selfie as he stood in front of the mirror stroking his hard cock.

"Thinking of you" she read below the enticing photo. Two can play at this game, she thought.

Eric almost came in his pants when he opened his phone at work to stare at a photo of his mother in front of the bedroom mirror. Two fingers were jammed deep into her glistening pussy as she fingered herself for her son. The word 'Ditto' glowed beneath the steaming picture.

By the time Eric arrived home, he wasn't sure who was in more of a haze, himself or his mother. Emily could feel her body at a fever pitch as she watched her son walk through the apartment door. She was shocked when instead of attacking her on the spot; he led her from the small apartment. She had expected him to ravish her on the spot but his control amazed the mother as he first drove the pair into downtown Atlanta, then spent the afternoon and evening showing her the sights.

Eric couldn't remember the last time he had spent a day in town just enjoying; and for Emily it was something she had never experienced. To be on the arm of a man who not only treated her as an equal, but proudly showed her off to everyone they saw.

Walking through the George Aquarium Emily marveled at the exotic fish, while reveling in the feel of her sons' gentle touch. Her hand, her cheek, the small of her back; everywhere his fingers landed they left a blazing trail across her skin.

As the pair strolled down dimly lit halls between illuminated tanks, Emily leaned over and whispered in her sons' ear. "My panties are soaked I want you so bad" she whispered. At first, she thought Eric had not heard her comment, and then was surprised when he pulled her down a small off hall between the tanks.

"What are you doing?" she quietly asked as he began to rotate her to face a small tank.

Eric turned his mother until she stood facing the tank, standing behind her. He never spoke a word as she heard the soft sound of his zipper lowering. OH my God, she thought, here...now. She felt herself being bent forward, until her hands splayed across the cool glass of the tank to support herself, her ass poking out behind her as Eric spread her feet further apart.

"Eric" she whispered over her shoulder. "We can't, not here, we are in public baby."

The only answer she got was the feel her skirt lifted over the curve of her ass in the almost dark space, while her son pulled the crotch of her panties to the side. She heard his deep breathing in the darkness as he positioned himself behind her.

"Babyyyyyyyyyyy" she tried to protest again. The last sound coming out in a guttural moan as she felt every inch of her sons' thick cock slide deep inside her. She could feel her walls stretching to fit him deep inside as the veins scrapped along them.

"Fuck that...tight, wet....cunt..." Eric grunted into her ear between strokes. He pulled his hips back until only the engorged head of his cock nestled inside his mother, and then, with a lunge, rammed his cock deep back into her. Emily shuddered at her sons' words. This wasn't making love; this was primal and hungry, a man who knew what he wanted and was taking it regardless of the consequences.

"Oh God...Oh Yes..." Emily could only softly grunt back with each powerful thrust. In the darkness she couldn't see, only feel, as the thick shaft filled her over and over; as she stared at the small fish that slowly drifted by in the dimly lit tank.

Her son's hot voice filled her ear "God you're so fucking tight" echoed in the dim light. The words were sending a tremor through her fifty year old body, as he fucked her slow and deep.

Emily opened her mouth to speak, when a deep thrust from behind drove the engorged head of his cock against her spongy cervix. "Oh Goddddddddd" was all she could manage to get out.

As she felt the fire in the pit of her belly growing, Emily heard a sound beside them. Turning she stared and watched as a young girl stepped into the dim light of the tank. Dressed in the uniform of an aquarium tour guide, the young blonde watched the pair for a moment.

"You shouldn't be doing that here" the girl whispered.

"Eric!" Emily urgently whispered to her son; her voice falling on deaf ears as he continued to pound his swelling cock deeper inside her. "OH fuck" she gasped. She watched as the girls' slender hand slipped inside the loose trousers she wore.

As Emily felt every inch of his cock splitting her nearly in half, she watched as the girl slowly fingered herself inside the loose cloth. The sight was quickly becoming too much for her mind to take in.

"Oh God baby" she moaned. "Cummminnnggggggggggggg" her body spasming as juices gushed out around his cock, splattering to the tile floor beneath her spread feet.

"Yes" the young woman hissed back at them. "Cum on your husbands' cock" she told them.

Emily felt Eric's cock swelling as he rammed hard into her, holding as he buried himself to the root in her spasming cunt.

"I'm not her husband" Eric grated. "I'm...her...SON"

"Ericccccccccccccc" Emily keened, as she felt her son's hot seed erupt deep in her belly at his own words. Molten heat filling her belly as his seed coated her inside, Emily shuddered through a second climax.

"Fuck that's so hot" the girl moaned beside them, as Emily watched her tremble through her own finger driven orgasm.

By the time the mother and son had cooled down enough to collect themselves, the young girl had slipped her now glistening fingers free from her own slacks.

"Thanks for the show" she called as the pair quickly hustled their way out of the aquarium and headed for the parking lot.

Emily had never felt as wanton or desired as she did right now. Arm in arm with her son she giggled all the way to the car, as their combined juices dripped down her bare thighs. After their brief voyeur act today, a seed planted in the hot mothers' mind, tomorrow was going to be an interesting birthday.

Tuesday morning, Eric awoke and entered the kitchen to find his mother standing at the counter as she poured a cup of morning coffee for herself. Dressed in a pair of lace pink panties that hugged the cheeks of her ass and one of her sons' shirts that barely came to her waist, Eric could feel the blood flowing into his cock already. She slipped up behind her and wrapped his arms around her warm body, filling his hands with her full breasts.

"Mmmmmm" she murmured. "Morning baby"

"Morning" Eric softly spoke, as his lips left a warm trail down her soft neck from behind.

"Shouldn't you be getting ready for work hun?" his mother asked.

"Nope" he told her. "I asked for the day off. So It's just you and me all day sexy lady."

Emily slowly turned in her sons' embrace, staring into his eyes. "Honey, you shouldn't; your work...."

"Shhhhh" Eric hushed his mother, as he placed a finger to her lips to silence her. "Today is about you. Not me, not work; this is your day mom, happy birthday beautiful lady." Eric slowly bent down and pressed his lips to hers, wrapping her in his arms at the same moment.

Emily didn't know whether to melt from the passion of the kiss she now felt, or from the fact her son had done something her husband never had, put her first. She did the first thing she thought of, wrapping her arms around this wonderful man, her lips grinding to his; as her breasts pressed against his bare chest, her groin pressed to that bulge between them.

As Eric pulled back he could see the lust in his mothers' eyes, feel her body tremble against his.

"I figured we could lounge at the pool, maybe hit the park, and then have some lunch later" he told her. "Today is your day, and I'm all yours."

"All mine" Emily whispered. Her hand lowered and one finger traced along the prominent bulge in his slacks. "Jesus baby" she gasped "are you always this hard."

Erick chuckled softly. "Around you, you better believe it."

A wicked gleam came into his mothers' eyes as she gazed back at him. He wondered what he had gotten himself into.

"Good" Emily said. She gently squeezed his thick shaft "I plan on keeping it hard all day baby; I have plans for it later."

True to her word, Eric stayed in what felt like a constant state of arousal all day, as his mother teased and tormented his young body. Spending the morning strutting around the apartment in only her panties and tight t-shirt; and then showering with not only the bathroom door open, but the curtain pulled back so Eric saw her every time he passed the bathroom.

At the pool, Emily made a point of having Eric apply her sun lotion; his hands grazing the side of her full breasts; kneading her tight ass as he spread the warm liquid over her. At the park, she kept bumping her ass into his groin, then sat on his lap at the park bench, doing a fully dressed lust filled lap dance in near public.

By the time Tuesday evening came, Eric was in a near frenzy of lust. Begging to fuck his mother over and over; stalling him time and time again. She had something in mind, he knew that, but couldn't even get a hint of her plans.

Sitting on the couch to watch a movie, he waited for his mother to come out of the bedroom. Just as the bedroom door opened, his phone buzzed on the small stand by the couch. Reaching over, he saw it was his father.

"Dad?" he spoke first.

"Where's your mother?" Eric's father asked. Again, there was no greeting, nothing.

Eric felt his mother approach the edge of the couch. "She's getting ready to watch a movie"

His father snorted into the phone. "You two always did like that shit"

Eric bristled at the tone but held his comment. "She should be here any second" the last word drawn out slowly as he raised his eyes to look at his mother. "Holy shit" he gasped.

Emily stood in front of her son wearing the one item that had taken her the longest to buy, her birthday present to herself. She wore a sheer white negligee that flowed down over her body, her dark areoles on clear display through the thin cloth that ended even with her mound. The lace ruffles doing little to hide the sheer thong panties that encased her sex from his eyes.

"Uhhh no dad" Eric tried to recover. "Just surprised by something I saw...on the television."

A smile crept across his mothers' face as she realized who he was talking to. Silently, she pressed one hand against his bare chest, pushing him gently back until he laid full length on the couch. His eyes grew wide as she reached down with both hands, and with a quick yank stripped his lounge pants down over his hips. A light slap filled the room as his rock hard cock snapped back against his belly.

Eric tried not to groan as his mothers' hand wrapped around his throbbing cock, slowly stroking him. "No, she's fine" he tried to answer his father, his voice strained. "No, she has been around the house or with me the whole time."

Eric could only lay and watch as his mother held his cock straight in the air, then throw one slender leg over his body until she rested on the couch straddling him. "Oh fuck" he couldn't help moaning; as he felt her velvet heat sink down onto him.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh" Emily moaned, as she felt her son stretch her to fullness. God his cock felt good inside her right now. Looking down at him as he struggled to keep a coherent conversation with his father almost made her laugh, if she wasn't stuffed full of his delicious prick.

"Give me the phone" she told Eric in a hushed voice.

"She's here" was all Eric could get out, and then handed the cell phone to his mother. "Jesus mom, what are you doing?" he tried to ask.

Emily placed her hand over the speaker to muffle the sound. "Fuck me" she gritted down to her son. "Fuck mommy good baby."

Eric rested his hands on her supple hips as his mother slowly began to rise and fall on his cock. Guiding her with his hands, he did the only thing he could at that moment; he fucked her, and fucked her good.

"Yes dear" his mother spoke calmly. "No dear, I am not being a bother." Her hips began to rise and fall, accompanied by the soft, wet sucking sound of her wet pussy gliding up and down him. Eric didn't know what her game was, but she was definitely dripping wet whatever it was.

"Yes, he took me out to eat" his mother replied. Eric could tell by her increased breathing, that his driving cock was having an effect on his mother. "Oh yes, he's taking good care of me" Emily continued. Emily ground her clit into Eric's pelvis to emphasize her words.

"He's getting desert right now" Eric listened to his mother. He lifted her up a bit higher with his hands, and then let her own weight drive her harder down onto his probing cock. "Ungh" his mother gave a soft grunt. "He should be coming any moment now."

Eric's mind was in a red haze. Here he was, stretched out on the couch, while his hot mother rode his pulsing cock; and at the same time talked with his father, her husband, on the phone. How fucking kinky could you get, he thought.

Emily began to increase her pace as her body rose and fell. She could feel the tip of Eric's thick cock press against her cervix as she shuddered against him. As her husband spoke into the phone, she could hear the faint giggles of a female voice. Bastard, she thought, think you can get one over me do you. She looked down at her son as raw lust blazed in her eyes.

"Is someone with you dear?" she asked innocently. She tightened her Kegel muscles as her walls milked at her sons cock.

So that's it, Eric realized instantly. He brought his hands back to rest on his mothers' hips as he began to match her pace. You want revenge, he thought; then here it comes.

Emily's eyes grew to saucers as her son suddenly rammed his hips up into her, Jesus was he deep. "He works very...hard" she almost gasped into the phone as her son reamed her cunt hard. She could feel her juices literally dripping out of her onto his taut body.

"Oh fuck...mom" Eric groaned as his balls were soaked in her cream. His cock spasming as her tight walls squeezed and milked his length.

Emily leaned forward and whispered in her sons' ear, holding the phone off to the side. "Do it baby" her breath hot in his ear. "Fill mommy with your sweet juice."

Eric's eyes rolled back as he arched his hips off the couch, his cock swelling as it stretched his mother wider. "Fucccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" Eric tried to moan, as it took every ounce of willpower not to scream as his cock jerked inside his mothers' hot belly.

"He's coming right now" Emily cooed to her husband in the phone; feeling the first hot blast of Eric's seed coating her walls. "Dear, I have to go now" she told her husband "Eric needs me. Yes dear, thank you; I will call tomorrow."

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